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  1. broccoliwitch

    Elegant Couple at the Coast

    Fresh: right away i smell strawberries and what i think is coconut and the red currant. the vibe is very juicy red. i believe the vanilla is in the background smoothing things out and despite all the foodie notes this does not smell like food to me at all. it’s more like a very expensive fancy shampoo not soapy. i think it’s the white musk also helping give this an aquatic edge, that veers into atmospheric. Dry: the overall smell absolutely makes me think of water if not the beach and it reminds me Animals at the Bottom of the Sea from last year but that has a punchier smell whereas this is just smooth and everything blends together. in the dry down the honeyed leather comes out more for me and it makes this an easy favorite for me this year. i was expecting a more floofy foody/floral but im glad that i was wrong! elegant is apt descriptor.
  2. broccoliwitch

    Marshmallow Candy Canes Hair Gloss

    smells exactly as described without being cloying or sickly sweet. the mint doesn’t go toothpaste. the sweetness almost makes me think of white chocolate without quite going there. just soft floofy marshmallows and sweet candy canes!
  3. broccoliwitch


    strong lavender in the bottle, on the skin more sandalwood and bit of the pumpkin comes out. much sweeter and less herbal than expected with saltiness in the background. i really really dig it and find myself gravitating toward it a lot! i think this perfume is a great representation of the word "despondency" without actually evoking the feelinging because I find this scent to be very calming. layering surprisingly well with Anticipation!
  4. broccoliwitch


    first test fresh from the mail: starts out very sweet, wet on skin. all i can really pick out are the sugar cookies. the cookies are soft but not buttery, like lofthouse cookies with the frosting. as it dries more spicy carnation comes out. i don't get much rose but i'm hoping for more with time. this is definitely different enough from Alice that you can own both. i thought this would be a gentler scent based on notes but this is in your face pink and sweet. medium throw. this may end up being a good layering scent. i could see this being a good hair gloss. this is also growing on me more with age, it's becoming a little less sweet and a little more spicy and i can see myself reaching for this a lot come winter.
  5. broccoliwitch


    clean cologne, unisex leaning masculine. pepper and bergamot stick out at first but as time goes on more of the orange blossom comes out and it becomes a much brighter and fun scent. really lovely and interesting. almost smells like it should be a drink with alcohol in the best way. I did a group order with a friend and this was theirs but I had to decant off a tester because it smells so good on me! way different than my usual gourmands but the orange blossom satisfies that itch without being foodie. i need to get my partner to wear it to see how it smells on him. this definitely evokes a feeling of Anticipation with the brightness and pepper
  6. broccoliwitch

    Oda a la Luz Encantada

    citrus, clean, and pretty. really lovey and perfumey but not quite my speed. it has an effervescent "spa" quality to it that is really nice. i could see myself wearing this in the spring but i have other similar scents so i don't need it.
  7. broccoliwitch

    Dad! Let Me Do Your Make Up

    first test fresh from the mail: mostly getting cream and honey. maybe a bit of marshmallows. this is a very gentle scent that reminds me of a body wash without being soapy. it’s really lovely and sleepy. i'm not getting much tea but there is a powdery/waxy quality to the scent that makes me think of makeup products. i almost wish it was a hair gloss or bath oil. now that it's been some weeks later I get a lot more of a fresh bergamot tea and marshmallows, like the lime flavored one's my mom would get around easter. i really love this one!
  8. broccoliwitch

    Dulle Griet

    this is not my type of scent at all but my friend got it in our group order and I wanted to try it. in the bottle it's dry and green. on the skin, bay leaf is the strongest note and something about it makes me think of "Faint Scent of Blood Between Her Lips" but i don't think they share notes. this is more on the masc side of unisec but it's a really interesting scent. I definitely think this will need some aging to really shine but it smelled niced the longer it stayed on my skin. this is a fresh, medicinal/apothecary type of scent.
  9. broccoliwitch

    Pomegranate, Brown Sugar, and Tobacco

    very sweet like pomegranate syrup, almost to the point where it smells like candy. I agree that it's basically a pom single note. very nice but makes me think of something you'd find in Claire's or Bath and Body Works with all the sweetness and none of the tobacco. I grabbed a tester off my friend's bottle so I'm excited to see if it develops more over time. Overall though, I'm very happy with how it smells right now!
  10. broccoliwitch

    Spoopy Kid Assaulted by a Sunbeam

    first test fresh from the mail: sweet patchouli and honeysuckle. i can't really pick out other notes but it’s sweet in a non gourmand way. i might be getting a bit of the amber, maybe sugar cane. it someone how takes on a bubblegum quality. i really can't decide how i feel about it. this reminds me of a Lush style scent but more sophisticated. has the best throw of the bunch of Liliths I got and after some dry time i think i really like this one. approachable, non offensive patchouli. this is definitely growing on me as it's becoming cleaner, softer, and more balanced. now that it's been 2 weeks i can firmly say that i LOVE Spoopy Kid! It's one of those scents that smells better the longer it sits on you. I also really love how it smells on my clothes (all the sweetness comes out). I wasn't sure if I liked patchouli before but this has inspired me to try more patchouli scents and it's really becoming a favorite note. I almost want a back up bottle but one dot or swipe of oil usually does the trick so i think this will last and age beautifully!
  11. broccoliwitch

    KRAMPUSNACHT 2022 In Thread Questions

    I leave for a ten-day trip to Paris and London in one week's time and I'd love to bring back a goody or two if my Naughty/Nice Puss has any requests! I have family in London but I've never been to Paris, I would totally love something touristy like a magnet or local candy! are you interested in an advent calendar? What kind? (Dog cookie, tea, chocolate, etc.) I've never actually done an advent calendar before but they sound like fun! i know my pups would love a dog one. maybe i'll treat myself to a yarn one this year once i'm done buying swap things! Officially asking for your krampus preference, naughty children! hehehehe scary and vintage are my favorites but i love the kitty as well. i guess no preference here, feel free to have fun with it! I hand-make light-weight hair falls, the kind that is NOT meant to look real, but more like doll (or Dolly) hair. I use stuff like recycled silk, ribbon yarn and the like to keep them extremely light-weight and pretty. Is this something you would like? If so, tell me your color preferences (the more options, the better!) plus any allergies I should know about (wool, alpaca, silk etc), and length. i'm not sure how this would work with my hair (naturally tight curls, currently in locs) but if you want to experiment i'd love green or pink! i think i could also make red and green look cool because i truly do love christmas... Would you like a super ugly "Christmas" sweater with krampus all over it?? i am a connoisseur of Ugly Christmas Sweaters and i will never turn one down. The tackier the better 😂 Is there anything you particularly have your fingers crossed for on your wishlist? anything under decants! those are all the things i desperately want to smell so even testers are fine. i'd be happy to get a bottle or decant of any of the things on my OCYL wishlist but i'm also open to things you'll think i'd like based on notes. are you hoping for more perfumes or more non-smelly goodies? this is my first year of indie perfumes so i will totally take more perfumes! but don't feel like that's all you should focus on. i'm really open to anything you think i'd like, have fun with it! dear Victim, are you in need of a squishable krampus? (or other squishable?) i love plushies so absolutely yes! this is so cute! Anything from Penzy's to show you praise or to punish your wicked tongue? ooh the pumpkin pie spice looks yummy! my dad is Caribbean so I'd say my spice tolerance is pretty high other things that caught my eye: https://www.penzeys.com/online-catalog/outrage-of-love/c-24/p-4370/pd-s https://www.penzeys.com/online-catalog/penzeys-pepper/c-24/p-1927/pd-s https://www.penzeys.com/online-catalog/fox-point-seasoning/c-24/p-393/pd-s https://www.penzeys.com/online-catalog/mural-of-flavor/c-24/p-219/pd-s Do you like homemade fudge if it is Krampus'ed up? fudge is one of those treats that i rarely eat so i'll say a tentative yes... would you like a piece of Krampus themed art? Either watercolor, resin, polymer clay, or wire wrap? i would love something that could go on a wall! I'm probably going to place an order for October 33rd once I get paid next week. Are there any BPALs (recently released or otherwise) that you would love to get on St. Nicholas Day? i'm still waiting for my Weenies order to ship so i'm good on Weenies! there are some GCs in my wishlist that I wouldn't be opposed to though Is there anything you'd be interested in from Loreworks? (Please note, the body wash is marketed as body wash/bubble bath, but it DOES contain SLS for those who avoid it.) things that caught my eye! https://www.realmoflore.com/soapsandscrub/horchata-lip-polish https://www.realmoflore.com/shea-cream/mystic-shea-cream dear victim, are you interested in a microwavable bowl cozy? heck yeah! Dearest Victim, might you be a fan of the glorious old punk band, the Damned? I'm seeing them perform on Friday, so there might be things like tour t-shirts or stickers available- would any of this be of interest to you? (if not, no worries, I can worship them enough for the both of us!) never heard of them but now i'm listening! Dear *ahem* Victim *snicker* ... Would you enjoy a 2023 wall calendar? absolutely yes Victim, is there anything you would like from the Zeep holiday collection releasing on November 1st? (see this post) omg! GRINCH COOKIES!! yeah, i need that in any form. i might have to place an order for myself because How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a favorite of mine and i love all things peppermint scented and flavored. Are you interested in boozy homemade fruitcake? i'm not much of a fruitcake eater but my dad would sure love it! How about booze itself, specifically, moonshine whiskey infused with spices and fruits? yes! it's something i've never had but would love to try Brown sugar shortbread? "Plain" buttery or flavored? Favorites include lavender and chocolate orange, but I could definitely do a holiday spice or peppermint batch or two. i LOVE lavender shortbread. ooh and a peppermint one sounds amazing as well! I want to make altered altoid tins for Christmas. Would you like one? absolutely! they are so cute! What kind of homemade cookies do you like? peanut butter cookies are my favorite, i also like white chocolate macadamia nut and, iced oatmeal cookies, and sugar cookies... yum Are you interested in having any freshly dried apple crips? (Golden Delicious and Fuji -- sliced, dried apples with nothing added.) sadly, i'm allergic to apples 😭 Is there anything you're eyeing from Paintbox Soapworks' winter update? I've never tried this brand but these are the things that caught my eye! https://paintboxsoapworks.com/the-golden-orb-organic-hand-and-body-lotion-milk-honey-ginger-turmeric-smoked-sandalwood-yuletide-limited-edition/ https://paintboxsoapworks.com/the-golden-orb-bath-streusel-milk-honey-ginger-turmeric-smoked-sandalwood-yuletide-limited-edition/ https://paintboxsoapworks.com/sugar-on-snow-bath-streusel-maple-syrup-open-fire-freshly-fallen-snow-yuletide-limited-edition/ https://paintboxsoapworks.com/poinsettia-bath-streusel-pomegranate-cranberry-champagne-lemon-peel-yuletide-limited-edition/ Haus of Gloi just dropped their Yule update- like what you see? https://www.hausofgloi.com/collections/yule?page=1 I make infused vodkas! The one I am most proud of right now is a spiced hibiscus liqueur. I make this as a jelly, too. As far as the Liqueur, We have been making an autumn Moscow Mule with it, and the other day I made a Mai Tai! Its yummy! If I can find the recipe, I want to make my grandmas Orange Slice Cake. Its a super yummy cake but a bit difficult to make as far as cutting up all the oranges. If you would like a mini cake IF I make it, lemme know!
  12. broccoliwitch

    KRAMPUSNACHT 2022 Questionnaire Answers

    BASIC INFO Pronoun (she/her, he/him, they/them, etc.): they/fae Birthday (like, will it be during this swap?): nope but its 7/20 🙂 Pets: 1 fluffy grey cat, Beatrice; 1 Australian Cattle Dog, Sunny; + 1 Golden Retriever Puppy, Dewey Children: none Religious Orientation if any and if you want to share: N/A Favorite Holiday: Christmas! SEASONAL SPECIFIC QUESTIONS Do you celebrate any winter holidays? What and how do you celebrate? Please give as much info as you'd like. Christmas, Yule, 3 Kings Day any sort of gift giving fall/winter holiday I love! Do you decorate for the holidays? Please give all the info about with what and your style. * If so, would you like seasonal decorations? I’m a halloween year round person so Nightmare before Christmas style holiday decorations is my thing. I would love decor! What is your favorite thing about the holidays? Gift Giving! Also christmasy foods and scents Favorite holiday memory? My dad and I used to make eggnog and/or peppermint ice cream every December Have you been Naughty or Nice? Mostly nice 🙂 BATH & BODY Favorite BPAL: Alice and Zombi for GC, Snake Milk, Imose-Yama, & Spoopy Kid for LE Favorite non-BPAL perfumes: Arcana Wildcraft/Craves & NAVA! I want to like Alkemia so bad but everything i try is too light 😫 Favorite notes for perfume or bath & body: love: rose, carnation, vanilla, tea, milk, cream, ozone, soil, coffee, peppermint like: lavender, musk (all), ambergris, amber, coconut, sandalwood, pumpkin, jasmine, almond/cherry, sugar, honey, mint Least favorite notes or notes of DEATH: picky: patchouli, fruits, leather, rum/booze, incense, smoke/tobacco, white/milk chocolate, ginger, strawberry dislike: pine, cedar, fir, dry woody/forrest scents, mint chocolate Other favorite Bath & Body brands: Lush! I usually show at Ulta for these kinds of products but I’m always open to indie brands Favorite B&B product types: Body scrubs, soap, bath bombs Product types you nope out on (i.e., don't want.): Lotion, unless it’s unscented (gotta let the perfumes shine!) Allergies or ingredient restrictions related to bath & body: n/a Skin type (oily? dry? t-zone? eczema?): Oily/combo Hair type (bald/shaved/long/short/david bowie labyrinth mullet? dry/oily? straight/curly? fine/full?): Thick, curly, and on the dry side! I have shoulder length locs. Shower, tub, bathing in a river/by waterfall: Shower and bath Would you like nail polish? * what brands and/or nail polish colors & types do you like? * do you need a base or coat? * how about other nail accessories like stamps, files, stickers, wraps, etc.? I have so much gel nail polish that I do not use BUT I’m not opposed to nail stickers or wraps Would you like makeup? *If you would like makeup, what sorts would you prefer? *Any favorite makeup brands, colors? *Any hated/not-preferred makeup brands, colors, or products? I have way too much makeup that I don’t use lol so I’m good How do you feel about receiving homemade B&B products? No thanks! CLOTHING & JEWELRY Personal clothing style: Back and forth between casual goth and kindergarten teacher Favorite Colors to wear: Black, pink, rainbows/tie-dye Least Favorite Colors to wear: None! Would you enjoy receiving wearables (shirts, socks, arm/legwarmers, scarves, shawls, cowls, hats, etc.)? * are you allergic to any types of yarn or fabrics? * Sizing on wearables? (socks, head, hands, scarf width/lengths, shirt sizes, pj bottoms, etc.) No fabric allergies, I’m a knitter so I never get clothing gifts. I wear a size M/L shirt, L pants, and size 8 shoes (for knitters, I usually cast on 64st for socks) Do you like jewelry? * What types do you wear? * What sizes and/or lengths do you prefer (wrist, ring, neck, ankle)? I LOVE long layering necklaces and stacking rings, silly earrings (I have a pair of broccoli ones that are my favorite). I usually go for silver but I also like mixing metals so I often wear gold/rose gold and silver together. Rings I’m a size 6/6.5 What medium do you prefer for adornments? (ribbon, cord, leather, silver, gold, hemp, cotton, etc.) * Are you allergic to any type of jewelry materials? No preference and no allergies! Favorite gemstones or types of beads? Don’t have a favorite but my favorite colors are green, pink, orange, purple, blue and black. Are you open to knitted or crocheted jewelry? (necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, earrings - could be yarn, wire, hemp, ribbon) Sure! Do you need or want hair adornments? (head bands, clips, barrets, hair sticks, scrunches, combs, pins, elastics, hair falls…) I wear a lot of bandanas and scarves How do you feel about receiving gently used CLEAN jewelry or clothing items? (obviously not undergarments or socks.) Totally ok! I love second hand items. How do you feel about receiving handmade wearables or jewelry? Hell yeah! HOME & LIFESTYLE What is your home decoration style, or what would you like it to be? Every day is halloween for me and I usually keep a Christmas tree up year round. Favorite Colors for home decor: Black, grey, orange, dark green, plummy purple Least Favorite Colors for home decor: Warm colors other than orange Things you collect? (For example, I collect NMBC cookie jars, Gargoyles/Grotesques, Starbucks City Mugs, yarn, BPAL, Neodymium Depression Glass, etc.) * Do you have any special affinities for any sort of “thing” (i.e. you’re really into dolphins, mushrooms, skulls, mermaids, dragons, etc.)?? I love mushrooms, cottage core, fairies, folklore, witchy things! I am a yarn connoisseur with a massive stash and I will always take more (no acrylic please) Do you have any fandoms? * favorite characters from any fandoms? I love horror books and movies! Steven King and Wes Craven are my favorites. Also all my pets are named after A Series of Unfortunate Events characters. Would you appreciate decoratives or art for your home? *Are there any restrictions (no naked people, no breakables, that kind of thing)? I love naked people. Do you have favorite artists or a favorite style of art? I love sketchy field guide art but I’m really not picky Do you have room for wall art or would you prefer to receive it as something else? (stickers, pins, buttons, wearable, travel mugs, bags/totes, shower curtains, rugs, etc. I'm thinking of the types of things from Society 6 or Redbubble, etsy, etc.) * Do you want to receive art (in the medium of your choice described in above question) based on your affinities or fandoms? I’m ok with any of the above but I especially like stickers and pins. Do you scent your home? * candles? what types? * room spray? * incense? * wax burner? * do you like different scents for home than you'd wear as perfume? If so, what are they? I like all of the above but I don’t currently own a wax burner. If I ended up with wax melts though I’d be willing to buy one. I also use an essential oil diffuser. With home scents I like the same smells as my perfumes but I’m more tolerant of forest-y smells. What sort of music do you like? * Favorite groups? * Are you okay with burned music CDs or music on a thumb drive? I am a musical theatre nerd. Little Shop and Heathers are my favorite. I also like psych rock, punk, surf rock, r&b/groove. My favorite band is probably Belly! And hell yeah! I haven’t gotten a burned CD in forever Favorite movies? People Under the Stairs, The Jerk, Across the Universe, Beetlejuice Favorite TV shows? Current Favorite TV shows are Criminal Minds, Psych, Abbott Elementary, Reboot, and the new iCarly. Also I didn't grow up watching The Simpsons so I've been watching a lot of that lately Do you have VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray...Betamax? * does your player of choice have region restrictions? * do you want to receive such media? I have a DVD player, not sure about region restriction but probably just DVDs from the US. Not opposed to getting a dvd at all. Favorite authors / genres: Stephen King, Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, Octavia Butler. I’m a horror and romance fan What reading medium (ebook type, magazines, paperback, hardback) do you prefer? Audiobooks are my favorite but I’m not picky Book wishlist link or authors/books/magazines you'd like to read? Here’s a link to my Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/106974714-bryce Hobbies / Crafts done? * Are there any hobbies or crafts you'd like to learn? I do all the fiber arts so I probably could stand to chill * Do you need any supplies for your hobbies or crafts (beads, paint, canvas, project bags, ink, brushes, thread, yarn, needles, hooks, soap molds, etc.) I don’t need anything but I love getting watercolors and yarn * How about patterns or books relating to your hobby/craft? Here’s my revelry page: https://www.ravelry.com/people/broccoliwitch Do you have gaming consoles or play computer games? * any games you need game codes or supplement packs for? I have a Switch, I like games like Animal Cross, Stardew Valley and the Mario franchise How about tabletop gaming? * any games in particular you'd like to have or supplements for games you already have? I’ve always wanted to get into tabletop games but I have 0 experience with them What kind of technology do you use to access things? (tablet, laptop, phone, pc? android/iOS/windows/unix?) * do you need any type of technology accessories? cables, skins, cases, stickers? * if so, please give model of tablet/phone/laptop to make sure things work or fit properly. I don’t need any accessories but I’m an Apple product casual fanboy How do you feel about receiving gently used movies, music, books, games, crafting items, or home decor items? Totally fine! FOOD Vegetarian / Vegan? Nope Other Food Restrictions? Sadly allergic to apples 😞 I can eat the flesh (cooked or raw) but the skin gives me a reaction Favorite Flavors: Sour candy, ginger, peanut butter, spicy Least Favorite Flavors: Cherry Favorite foods, snacks, or treats: Gummy candy, cookies Anything you especially love but can't find in your area? Mexican candies, japanese candies, basically any japanese candy. Do you cook or bake? * need any kitchen items? * need any spices or speciality flours/sugars/salts? * anything else you would be able to use? If you see a fun spice or hot sauce you think I’d like, I’m down! Favorite beverages? * Coffee? Whole bean, ground, roast? My partner is the coffee drinker, he likes ground medium roast. Whatever has the most caffeine * Tea? Loose leaf, bags, green, black, tissanes, flavored? Mint tea is my favorite, no preference on bag vs loose leaf * Alcohol? If so, favorite kind / flavors? I like wine, gin, tequila, and stout beers How do you feel about receiving homemade food items (baked goods, jam, dried fruit, liqueur samples, etc.)? Sure! Just be careful with apples please EVERYTHING ELSE What are five inexpensive things you always appreciate receiving? Stickers, little candies, pins, gum, post-it notes Is there anywhere that you would like a giftcard or online credit for? BPAL of course! Do you have any allergies, intolerances, or lifestyle restrictions/requirements that weren't already covered? (cigarette smoke, animal allergies, environmental allergies? Whatever you want your swapper to be aware of environmentally. Food and Jewelry allergies were covered above.) My apple allergy comes from a birch/pollen allergy but I don’t think that will affect anything here. Is there anything you absolutely do NOT want to receive? (like say you have 5,000 bars of soap, coffee cups, or socks…) No makeup or nail polish for sure, I’d feel so bad if I didn’t use it. Please place your wishlists and moodboards here (or link them in your signature) to give your swapper great ideas of what you like): Links are in my signature! My instagram (also in my sig) is all of my fiber arts which gives a good sense of what I like Is there anything else you would like to say to your swapper? Feel free to try and surprise me with something I haven’t mentioned that you think I would like!
  13. broccoliwitch

    Summer Rain

    definitely a rain scent. herby, wet, and blue. slight creaminess from the coconut milk but does not smell like coconut specifically (kind of wish it did but i’ll live). it also doesn’t smell specifically like lavender. just green things in the rain with a little cream behind it. i don’t think it smells like cement but i can see why that would come to mind, there is something stoney in the background. another clean without being soapy scent coming from the Liliths this year! yay! finally clean scents i can wear! i would totally use this as a body wash (or bath oil, hint hint) low throw, i will probably be using this as a sleep scent.
  14. broccoliwitch

    Poolside Perfume

    JASMINE. it reminds me of the kind of jasmine in Lush’s Lust perfume. as it dries the sweetness of tea and a bit of lavender and the peonies comes out more. this is a fantastic, non oppressive floral. i can’t quite pick out the blue musk but there is definitely a quality to it that makes me think of swimming in a pool on a hot night, especially out of the bottle. also i think this confirms that i do in fact like jasmine. so if you’re a jasmine fan, this will probably be a win. i though this would be my least favorite from the bottle sniff but i foresee this aging well and im considering a backup bottle… side note: this reminds me A LOT of the GC Twilight but my bottle is barely a day old so that may change with time.
  15. broccoliwitch

    Mean, Green Production Project

    fresh from the mail impression: green musk? this is green and fruity instead of green and forrest-y so it’s already going better than most green scents for me. there is something sophisticated about this scent. idk what exactly i mean by sophisticated but it doesn’t feel like “little kid” perfume. it’s out of my comfort zone for sure as i usually go for sweet gourmands but i can see myself wearing this when it’s hot. i can make out the guva but not berries and something herby that’s probably the bruised lavender. it’s on the clean side of green so i hope this sweetens up as time goes on but im definitely keeping this at least until the spring just to see how it goes with warmer weather. medium throw. oh… had to let this really dry on my skin but once it did, this is good stuff. the berries are coming out more and the green musk faded to the background. i think this is going to need some rest and it’s going to stellar come spring/summer. a lovely and refreshing fruity green.