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  1. broccoliwitch


    I tried to convince myself not to buy a full bottle for several months after receiving a sniffie because it smells so similar to another perfume I already own a oil dupe of and never wear. But after getting an imp to try and tide myself over I decided to just get a full bottle anyway, whoops. While the other perfume has a sharpness to it that is almost headache inducing the tang from this that comes from fleur de lait is so much creamier. I love rose and so does my body, I can't tell if I amp them or eat them but I know that I tend to gravitate to rose blends in all aspects of my skin and body care and this is definitely ROSE. I think I might also like peonies but I can't really pick them out over the rose. The rest of the notes mostly get eaten up except for at the end of the day where I smell like goat's milk (leftover fleur de lait i assume) and amber (yum also i would totally buy that duet if it ever existed). Roses and milk... apparently that's what I want to smell like now... and somehow it's working. Also as a former Lush employee I think the comparisons to Rose Jam are accurate.
  2. broccoliwitch

    Blacklight Reactive Wolf Poster

    Green and clean but I agree that it's not soapy, because i actually enjoy it. I like how it smells on me ok and when I'm in a more masc mood I think i'd like it more. I definitely agree that this is a unisex scent and that end, it smells fantastic on my partner. I really love being able to share scents with them so that's a personal plus for me! I don't feel like any one note stands out more than another. I love the muskiness (brown musk?) and it definitely evokes a feeling of a furry animal in lush green environment. The weed is very gentle like nugs or shake instead of anything smoky like the description. I think the thing holding me back from really loving it is that i'm not a huge fan of pine but it's more tolerable in this iteration than most. It's a fun one to have in my collection and I'm another step closer to finding a green scent that I love.
  3. broccoliwitch

    Fuck It, Might As Well Lick It

    I cannot lie... I also bought this for the name. Thankfully, I also really love peppermint! To me this is a very gentle candy cane scent that's lovely to layer with and add some sweet minty goodness to whatever smells are already going on. My mom always has candy canes around so this also hits me a little in the nostalgia center as well.
  4. broccoliwitch

    my 5ml stash

    March 2022: Bright Red Dildo (Lupercalia 2022: Bag of Dicks) Spirit Fingers (Bitch Planet) Fairy Bites (Labyrinth LE) Penis Penetrating a Vagina in a Pickle Barrel (Lupercalia 2022: Novel Ideas for Secret Amusements) April 2022: Pumpkin Snake Latte (Halloweenie 2021: Pumpkin Patch, thanks Lill!) Sugar Cookies with Extra Sugar (Yule 2021: Box of Cookies, thanks doomsday_disco!) Lab Rat (thanks doomsday_disco!) Alice (GC) Snake Milk (2022 LE) Black Light Reactive Wolf Poster (2022 LE) May 2022: Penis Bound in Gold Ribbon (Lupercalia 2022: Novel Ideas for Secret Amusements) August 2022: Fuck It, Might as Well Lick It (Yule 2021, thanks Bluestblood!) Hoggle (Labyrinth LE, thanks artisjok!) Ghost Milk (Yule 2020, thanks, bheansidhe!) Imose-Yama (Lupercalia 2022: Novel Ideas for Secret Amusements) wishlist here!
  5. broccoliwitch

    Snake Milk

    gimme a bathe oil now! if i were to have a signature scent i could seriously see it being snake milk! plus it layers so well with my other scents, super win for me! i have nothing more to add than i very much agree that it smells like creme brûlée, condensed milk, and flan. any sweet custardy dessert plus snake oil muskiness. this smells better on me as time goes on and i’m very strongly considering a second bottle just to age it. also the first time i smelled it, it brought me right back to making eggnog ice cream with my dad at christmas. i might need two just for the nostalgia slathering i’ll do in december.
  6. broccoliwitch

    Penis Bound With Gold Ribbon

    right out of the mail the lemon (more rind than juice) was so strong and bitter i was aghast i’d considered buying a full bottle. the first time i tried it on it made me think of cleaning products but i tried it on again after work and i guess it needed more rest because this time on my skin... wet i get that lemon rind again for a few seconds and then it melts into a lemon cream. it’s almost gourmand but not. dry even more of cream comes through. oh man i like this. i'm back and forth on if i like citrus or not and it seems that i (surprising to no one) do in fact like foody citrus. i can’t quite pick out the amber or golden musk but there is something under the lemon cream that rounds out the scent and takes away some sharpness. it’s at this point that i'm once again considering getting a full bottle. another person said it reminded them of a Lush soap and to me it’s spot on for the lemony flutter cuticle butter. after about an hour what i think is the amber (deeper sweetness than the lemon cream) starts coming through as well as a “your skin but better” scent which must be the golden musk. i’ve been really into musks lately even though i'm usually i'm a spice and gourmand fan. it’s not quite a "me" scent and i was actually between this and Penis Penetrating a Vagina in a Pickle Barrel which is, to my nose, much more foody/edible and bright. i thought these would be too similar to own one of each but this one is much softer and sweeter and i could see them layering amazingly. of the decants i got this (and imose-yama) was my partner’s favorite so a big bottle may be necessary.
  7. broccoliwitch

    frimps & opinions

    loved like not love dislike *given away March 2022: Mata Hari Twilight* Pele* Alice Yggdrasil* Somnus Whitechapel* April 2022: White Rabbit* Bengal Come to Me Delirium* Jazz Funeral Wanda Snooty Rose Santo Domingo Les Bijoux* Sjöfn* Jack The Sea Foams Milk Lightning Ave Maria Gratia Plena Baobhan Sith Gaueko