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    Halloween 1914 — haunted — snow covered landscape — IMP — black ice — zorya P — leather and gingerbread — Samhain 2020

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    Alternative makeup/gothic genres of music/bpal perfume/singing and boogying on my shower chair in the shower 🤣
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  1. Lily luna lou

    PSL: Pumpkin Snake Latte

    This is definitely my fave pumpkin scent. It’s not strong both notes are subtle but definitely there. On the skin it warms up a bit and it really starts to make you feel like you’ve just walked into a barista caffe in autumn smelling like pumpkin latte goodness. Highly recommend this one for sureeee!!!
  2. Lily luna lou

    Dead Leaves, Blood Orange, and Dried Apricot

    It’s a very neutral scent it’s not warm and it’s not cold it’s both. I really love this one and dead leaf notes have a tendency to disappear on my honey suckle skin. This one lasted for hours an hours on me could still smell it on me next morning. Bothe the apricot and orange are on par with each other and one isn’t stronger then the other. The dead leaf note is subtle to medium strength. This is a good one to try for people that are trying out a dead leaf scent for the first time as it’s mellow but lasts a long time.
  3. Lily luna lou

    Wooden Recorder With Fruits, Skull, Books, And A Feather

    It’s a very neutral scent it’s not cold or warm. First you can smell all the fruits the the polished wood then the feather. It lasts up to about 6 hrs before it starts to smell like fruit shampoo which isn’t a bad thing. The polished wood note fades on me and I have skin that usually turns things more honey suckley and it didn’t alter too much on me. The fruit is slightly the strongest note along side the polish on the wooden recorder. The polish disappears on me and it goes more of a mixed fruit woody smell peach being the more dominant smell out of the fruits and then the cherry’s. Hope this helps.
  4. Lily luna lou


    Samhain 2020 literally smells like Halloween decorations. I don’t know how Beth does it but bpal perfume should be classed as an art form.