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  1. wickedcookie


    I haven't worn it in a while to give a proper review BUT- I went to a Holi celebration over the weekend and some of the powders were perfumed. The scent was lovely and slightly familiar, but a little much when it went up your nose (surprise ) And then yesterday I passed by the dish on the shelf that holds my Delight imp and sniffed it just because I hadn't smelled it in a while. And it kind of reminded me of the scent of the Holi powder. We'd brought the remnants of our packets home and I sniffed them and 'lo and behold, Delight smells like a richer, more warm and balanced version of the scent in the Holi powder!
  2. wickedcookie


    Sweet white floral lovely, when first applied. Quickly became a little soapy in a rich expensive kind of way. Simmered down and hovered warm floral most of the day. I know at one point it wafted past and I thought "Oh! There's the hyacinth" About 8 hours after application, I got home from work and hubby buried his face in my neck and said "You smell like summer." This morning, probably 20 or so hours after application, it still lingered, something sweet and light, a little different than the day before, right at skin level. I love how it changes throughout the day.
  3. wickedcookie

    The Sun's Treasure

    This is totally off of memory and not actually comparing notes. When it is wet this has a touch of whatever is earthy / weird / off about Detritus Humain, I think. But, as it dries, everything sweet and spicy rises to the top. About ten minutes later a little hint of metal balances out the sweet. Definitely wearable.