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  1. Missy_killer

    Knockout Drops

    Going through my old hand written reviews... In the bottle: A very odd, fuzzy smell. Sweet and somewhat citrus-y. It tickles my nose like the bottle is filled with fuzz! On: It reminds me of Gennivre, same kind of mint. I wouldn't call it a fresh citrus more candy-like maybe? The longer it stays on my skin the stronger the citrus gets, and I can't pinpoint a specific kind either but I know it isn't lemon. I don't get any vanilla, any chocolate or absinthe. I really thought this scent would smell "colder" than what it does. Knockout drops stays fuzzy and cuddly, it works great as a nighttime/bedtime scent for me. The next morning there was still a sweet scent lingering on my skin.
  2. Missy_killer

    Cake Smash

    Going through all my old hand written reviews... In the imp: Very typical bpal-cake, but not as buttery as the ones I've tried (and sadly often disliked). I also smell jam! On: Lovely, moist cake, vanilla I think, with some nice berry filling. Reminds me a tiny bit of Monsterbait: Closet (one of few cake blends I adored). After a few seconds spices emerge, must be the Snake Oil and it better not ruin this!! Almost instantly after the spices I smell tea. It doesn't smell like Dorian, but I like this. Cake & tea, very nice combo! After a while all I smell is a lovely vanilla, this is truly beautiful and one of the few cake-blends that doesn't give me an instant migraine. 😍
  3. Missy_killer

    Single Note: Fog Machine Juice

    In the decant: It smells oddly clean, kinda like toilet cleaner or air freshener. The longer I sniff the more lemon I smell, and it's a sharp one! I also smell something that I want to say is melon? On me: I get this weird picture in my head of stepping into a newly cleaned kitchen inside the home of an elderly smoker. It's very specific for some reason, this very clean but smokey smell. It has that chalky smell that fog machines have! It's bringing me back to the disco fridays we had in middle school :D It's been sitting on my arm for an hour and now it smells like a mix of old peaches and that chalky smell. I'm probably not going to keep my decant, peaches just aren't my kind of thing.
  4. Missy_killer

    Mouse Circus

    In the imp: Popcorn and pink sweetness. I would say the pink is more chewy than a light and airy spun sugar smells like to me, maybe it's a pink marshmallow? There's also a warm and slightly buttery vanilla. On me: Popcorn! I absolutely popcorn and this smells just like the real deal. It mingles with the sweetness of the spun sugar/marshmallow (that doesn't smell pink on me) very well and creates that perfect "air-of-a-carnival-fair"-smell. At this point I don't pick up any vanilla or woods. It stays sweet sugar and popcorn for a couple of hours and then the sugar takes over. I am a little sad that the pink aspect never showed up on my skin, but that's about the only negative I have for this.
  5. Missy_killer


    In the imp: Smells like the champagne note in Bon Vivant but less sweet. Thalia also has a soapy smell. Like fancy Champagne soap! On me: Smells like champagne, you can almost feel the ticklish sensation of the carbonation in your nose. Thankfully the soapy note didn't transfer onto my skin! After just a minute or two a floral note makes an appearance (plumeria I presume) and it mingles with the bubbles. I honestly would have preferred no flower and I hope it goes away soon. The bubbles are almost gone after a while, the plumeria is still around and now Thalia almost smells creamy. It's nice, but not quite for me.
  6. Missy_killer


    In the imp: Smells like bitter almonds (or artificial cherry). Next sniff is all green apples. I really don't like the smell of bitter almonds so I'm not sure that I like this combo very much. On me: Almonds! And then some spices flare up and disappear. After that green apple peels takes the wheel. The scent is fresh and crisp, but not juicy. I'm VERY happy that the almonds went away!! There's another note in here too that I can't really place.. Maybe that's the "tree"-part? Have not gotten any apple blossoms either. After keeping it on my skin for a while it changes again and this time I'm not sure what I'm smelling.. None of the listed notes fits what my nose is picking up. The apples never return to full force. I catch a whiff of it every once in a while for an hour and then it disappears, doesn't have long staying power on me.
  7. Missy_killer

    Love's Philosophy

    2016 version In the decant: This is a weird smell... First sniff is vanilla and then.. Mint? Pine? A bit astringent and not at all what I expected from this. On me: So freaking weird. Pine and mint with an almost dusty smell. Vanilla is typically very dominant om my skin, so I'm surprised I don't smell any in here. There's also something that reads as commercial perfume, maybe alcohol-y? For a very short while the vanilla makes an appearance I get vanilla ice cream with pine. And then a blast of saffron. And then it goes back to dusty pine and mint. This is not at all what I expected and if it doesn't change with some aging, it is not for me.
  8. Missy_killer

    Ask The Nearest Hippie

    In the decant: Strong, earthy scent. I have never smelled cannabis so I have no idea what that smells like. I do however smell patchouli and vanilla that is trying hard to struggle through the strong earthiness. On me: Super strong earthy patchouli. I also smell tobacco anda bit of.. coconut? There is a sweetness in this scent that isn't your typical vanilla or sugar. It's a very smokey coconut..But with a "moldy" twist. It's been sitting on my skin for over 30 minutes and there's still no chance. Meh. I really thought the vanilla would be more prominent.
  9. Missy_killer


    In the decant: Pale lavender-purple, if that was a smell. Slightly floral, sweet and pleasant. On me: Florals, soft and purple. Reminds me of Prunella after the plum has settled to me. I can't really smell any of the other notes. When it starts to dry down the florals are dry like potpurri. The myrrh comes out to play, it often has a metallic twang to it and this is no exception. I get no vanilla whatsoever. After it's been sitting on my skin for about 30 minutes it's all potpurri and myrrh. Meh.
  10. Missy_killer

    Impressions of the Floating World

    In the imp: First thing I smell is the patchouli with hints of... coconut? There's a smokey vanilla going on too. Honey doesn't smell like it usually does, this is not syrupy or goopy at all. On: Smokey patch and vanilla. I'm not smelling any honey at all (which usually show up quickly on me). But then there's a faint smell of Play D'oh that scares me and makes me think this shares the same honey as Womb Furie does, and if so this will smell horrible on me. After a couple of minutes I had to wash it off. It got so sweet and strong with the Play D'oh-honey that it made me nauseated. I also wonder if that type of honey always smell terrible on me, or if it has anything to do where I'm in my cycle when I try it? I shall have to test it again and report back.
  11. Missy_killer

    Adante con Fantasia

    In the imp: Honey! Thick and sticky honey at first sniff, with some bitter lime as a close second. It's nice, the bitterness cuts the sweetness of the honey. On: Thick honey, almost verging into Play Doh-territory, but the lime quickly swoopes in to save the day! I don't really get any lilac, which I'm not sure if I like or not. This is a much heavier and stronger scent than I imagined it. I thought it would be like White Rabbit (bright lime green and sunny springtime) but sadly it isn't. The lime gives up rather quickly, after about 5 minutes the only thing I smell is honey and vanilla. This sure has staying power though! To me this smells a lot like Capax Infiniti (without the lavender) or A Wonderful Light (but without the oranges). It's neat but nothing spectacular on me.
  12. Missy_killer

    The Book

    In the imp: A screeching sharp, soapy rose with a soft smokey background. The smoke is not sour like cigarettes, but it still gives me a mental image of some secretary wearing a rose perfume (or liking to wash her hands with a white rose soap) while working in a dark, smoke-filled room. On: One swipe on my wrist and the sharp rose is immediately there. For a second there was something else around, taming it. Probably was the vanilla, but it was short-lived. I really wish some of the other notes would have made the biggest appearance, they were the biggest reason why I bought this. I figured since it has both leather and bourbon vanilla I would be safe from soap-hell. I was wrong The sharp rose makes me incredibly tempted to wash this off, but I was so curious to see if any of the other notes would ever make an appearance that I let it stay. 2 and a half hour later The Book smells gorgeous! No leather, but lovely rose marshmallows with vanilla confectioner's sugar. It makes me sad that it took SO long for it to be this pretty.
  13. Missy_killer

    Elizabeth of Bohemia

    In the imp: Strong rose, pretty soapy. Smells like the rose is lightly coloured.. Like white or cream. On me: SOAP! Holy heck, this is a white soap. Come on rose, don't leave me like this! I have even started to like some rose-scents, don't do this to me now Unfortunately Elizabeth never changed from the white soap-stage. After putting it on my skin there was not even a trace or rose left, just soap. Darn it.
  14. Missy_killer


    I've been trying out rose-heavy scents to try and finally find the right one for me. In the imp: When sniffed directly from the mailbox it smelled like a big red rose with a strong touch of leather. After it's been resting for a couple of days it smells very different. For half a second it's a big rose, and then it goes super strong soap! There's the leather trying to break through but the soap is STRONG. On: Not even a rose soap, it's just plain and white. Leather is typically a very strong note but not even that can break through here. 30 min after applying and we're still a big white soap. Over an hour later the soap FINALLY gives up the spotlight and the rose comes out stronger. I'm however not really a fan of waiting over an hour for a scent to become wearable.
  15. Missy_killer

    Rosy Maple

    In the bottle: A lovely sugary lemon. Not as bright as, let's say Sticky Bat. The colour I see when I smell this is more of a light peach tan bright yellow. There might be some floral in here too, like a soapy rose. But it's not strong enough to bother me. On: Bright and fruity. Reminds me a lot of another butterfly-scent that I own but this could be a little more mellow. Lemon is the most dominant of the notes, really thought the rose would try to take the throne (like it always does). It stays the same, mellow lemony scent for as long as it stays on my skin. Which isn't long I might add. After 3 hours it's completely gone. Very pretty for spring/summer days.