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    I like spicy scents, and complex blends a lot. Mixes of spice and sweet are especially nice. I do not like heavy florals very much though. Favorites: Agony of Longing, Hymn to Proserpine, Vasakasajja, Gennivre, Dragon's Milk, Hecate Hate: Honeysuckle, that sickly sweet smell of death! xD

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    I am a published erotica writer and I love talking to other writers!
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  1. Nidaba

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    Does anyone know if any of the whole foods or other stores in the bay area sell bpal? I'm in San Francisco today only and would love to grab a bottle
  2. I got my decants today! Here are reviews of the first 3 I tried. CCCXXVI: Almost smells like cough syrup in the imp. It calms down a bit on the skin, but still smells of something like cherry liquor and patchouli almost. Not a winner for me. To the swaps pile. CCCXXIV: This one has a strong liquor smell at first too, settles down on the skin, but ends up smelling like body wash. Good body wash, with fruit and almond maybe, but a soapy background. Probably another swap one. CCCXXXI: Smells a little resiny in the imp. A bit strong and promising, woods and resins and spices. On the skin- it disappears. Haha. If I stick my nose right against my arm I smell a bit of a Snake Charmer thing, which is great, but it is crazy faint. May swap this one too. =/ ETA: Gets a bit stronger with time.
  3. Nidaba

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    I just want to add my own love for the BPAL spreadsheet <3 Really helps keep me from trying scents that I hated already. Cockaigne is marked with an all caps Do Not Want now
  4. Nidaba

    Black Phoenix

    Heh, I love reading how different this scent is on everyone. Wet: Sweet almond and something really heavy and thick. Almost reminded me of patchouli but I don't think that is it. Drying: Something spicy has come out. Now it smells like almond, cinnamon? and still that heavy scent. Also a touch of cherry and cola. Dry: Going powdery, and mainly spicy now. I don't love this, but my husband just told me I smelled good on his own. That has only happened a very few times before so I think I will keep at least my imp. ETA: Nevermind, way too powdery now. I keep sneezing.
  5. Nidaba


    In the imp: Strong, as everyone says. Wet: wow, very strong honey and alcohol and fruit. Very sharp and sweet. Starts to go sour on me. Dry: Sourness left! Yay! Very strong, cloyingly sweet honey now with the bitter bite of red wine. Very interesting. I will keep my imp, but not a bottle purchase for me.
  6. Nidaba

    Gift Certificates?

    Bumping this because I am still looking for a way to put specific bottles on a wish list. =]
  7. Nidaba


    I have never had a scent morph as much from wet to dry stage as this one did. Wet: Oh wow, so delicious! The sweetest cakes with fruit (which must be the wine). This is a perfect foody scent, sweet and rich. Dry: Oh wow, so disgusting! This turned to sour/spoiled baby formula, and dog biscuits on me. Made me crazy nauseous and I spent hours trying to scrub every bit of it off. If I could wear this wet I would, but the dry stage was too horrible to even risk trying it in a scent locket. Such a bummer.
  8. Nidaba

    How to remove scents from your skin

    Doh, thanks. I searched for scrub and remove, but not washing or removing. And I'm going to run home (I live next door) and try some rubbing alcohol and lemon!
  9. Nidaba

    How to remove scents from your skin

    I tried searching, but I didn't see a thread like this. I just tried on Cockaigne and at first, it smelled delicious. Then it turned to sour baby formula and dog biscuits on me and started making me sick. And I can't get it off! I have scrubbed my wrists and hands three times now with soap and I can still smell it. How do you guys get off a smell you really can not handle? I need this off of me immediately and I am at work so I can't really take a full shower or anything. I've tried rubbing with a papertowel too. Are there any things that counteract perfume? Rubbing alcohol or something? Nevermind, they put that in perfume, it wouldn't work. >> Is there something that might neutralize the scent though? Any experience you guys have would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the help! I mainly get the orange and cream from Zarita, and the problem is, most the other creams don't show up on me like they do in Zarita. Pink Moon 07 I liked because it had a similar vibe, but Alice is really faint and bland on me, and Fairy Market is pretty, but really just a different scent completely on me. Hunger sounds like it might be the next one I try! I did just try Lady Lilith, and oddly enough, Zarita is what it most reminded me of!
  11. Nidaba

    Lady Lilith

    When these scents came out I had a really hard time choosing which to order. I didn't have the money to get all three, and finally went with Lilith Victoria, which I love. I kept wanting to try this one though, so finally got a decant of it this week. Wet: At first it is more floral than I expected, and I am a bit bummed. There is something slightly astringent, which I think is the tea. Drying: Oh my god, this just became amazing. It is actually a bit like Zarita on me now, mandarin and vanilla cream and gentle florals. It is amazing! Ooh, the tea is there now too, and this is just the perfect blend on me, smells like vanilla, cream, tea, and mandarin with just a touch of the florals and musks. Dry: Not quite as nice, very close to the skin and with little throw, but if I stick my nose right along my wrist I can smell the vanilla cream and florals. A great scent, I just wish I could have it permanently in the stage before fully dry. I will try it in a scent locket tonight.
  12. Nidaba

    Water Phoenix

    I was excited for this, as I am very attracted to water, but aquatic scents rarely work for me. Wet: Very salty and marine like, smells a bit like the ocean and I am getting excited! Dry: Laundry detergent. All of the salt is gone and instead it smells like dryer sheets dipped in laundry detergent.
  13. I love Zarita the Doll Girl, and am not looking for an exact same scent necessarily, but just similar ones. Are Katrina Van Tassel and The Gaoler's Daughter similar? They sound like it and I'm tempted to get bottles of each unsniffed.
  14. Nidaba

    Fire Phoenix

    Wow, I tried this without remembering or looking up what the notes were in it, and I am way surprised it has no cinnamon. I wonder if it is the pink pepper I am smelling. On me this is actually a lot like Chimera, which is odd since they do not share a single note. This is all hot and sweet cinnamon on me, very spicy and nice, which is not bad, but not really what I was hoping for. I want the lemon and fruit others are getting or else the rootbeer from the sarsaparilla. Haha.
  15. Nidaba

    The Fruit of Paradise

    I love pomegranate so I was really excited about this scent. This is very thick and deeply fruity, not a light and sparkly fruit like some. It was sweeter than I expected, normally pomegranate comes across with a strong bitter touch, but this one is just wonderfully balanced. Yum. Not a lot of throw, but a keeper for me!