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  1. Thanks everybody! The other person on FB who got the same imp isn't getting Boomslang from it. I could see Candy Butcher, although it's been so long since I've tried it. Or maybe a 13....
  2. white_jenna63

    Leviticus 27:19

    I don't get coffee from this at all. On me it's a lovely unisex-veering towards masculine cologne that I'm not able to pick the notes out of.
  3. I'm hoping this may be a place to find answers. I did the Goblin Grab Bag and my mystery imp is the most viscous brown oil I've ever seen, even after rolling. In the imp it's Bliss but on the skin it's a darker chocolate with a slight floral/powder note. Any ideas what it might be?
  4. white_jenna63

    Squelette et Fantôme

    Surprising hit of the Travelogue. Blackcurrant is one of my favorite notes. The white musk is never screeching, and I never got the cacao. It dries down to a soft white musk/blackcurrant with just a little bit of wood for grounding.
  5. white_jenna63

    Cock Cage

    Ugh. This is stinky cat pee/jasmine when it's wet, and I don't know where it's coming from. The neroli? The oudh? There's apple over top of it for sure, and it's not as bad when it drys down, but I still washed it off within 10 minutes. After scrubbing, it's traces of leather and...dryer sheets. Disappointing, I had high hopes for this one based on the notes.
  6. white_jenna63

    All Hallows Chaos: Dead Leaves

    I don't see this anywhere else, so here goes! I got #79. Starts out as almost a DL single note, from what I can tell from previous blends. It's got a sharper note when wet, but dries down to warm and smooth and fuzzy. I'm thinking musk and/or tobacco. A perfect fall scent!
  7. white_jenna63

    Eve's Big Apple II

    A perfume-y apple. Not as complicated or deep as some other BPAL apple scents. I can't even pick out the other notes. Will be rehoming.
  8. white_jenna63

    The Curtain of the Temple was Torn in Two

    I got the cassia and cinnamon on first whiff out of the imp. This actually made the crooks of my elbows break out. I had to scrub it off within five minutes of application.
  9. white_jenna63

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    CCCXX=320 Two previous reviews can be found earlier, mentioning coconut and a tropical feel, a scent that would be at home in the Tiki Lounge. Nine years later, and this is rose. That's about it. *Maybe* a little sweetness from coconut, but nothing that I could pick up and identify before reading the reviews.
  10. white_jenna63

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    CCXLI (241) Previous reviews can be found on pages 6, 11, 12, and 14. A friend gifted me with a TON of old imps, and this is one of them. So, nine years later, we've still got a sweet cake batter smell. Maybe a touch of dry cocoa, but nothing I could have named without the previous reviews. I can also smell the Fruit Loops/dry fruit smell that was mentioned earlier. A touch of powder at this point. Nothing I'll be keeping.
  11. white_jenna63

    Dead Leaves, Black Pepper, and Sandalwood

    Not the same dead leaf note as DL and Tobacco, DL, Vanilla, Myrrh, and Sonnet d'Automne note; it's not nearly as sharp. The whole blend is almost floral. I don't care for sandalwood by itself, but I got the tester pack for the DL scents. Husband seems to like it okay.
  12. white_jenna63

    Dead Leaves and Tobacco

    This is the same dl note that's in Sonnet d'Automne. It's very sharp at first, and seems almost to be a single note. I had originally set this aside for my husband; while I like the dl note, I can get it in a softer form from SdA, but the tobacco finally came out after about an hour and quieted things down nicely. I'm keeping it for now, but it still might go to him at some point, like...
  13. white_jenna63

    Dead Leaves, Bourbon Vanilla, and Myrrh

    Oh my yes. Same dead leaf note as Dead Leaves and Tobacco and Sonnet d'Automne, but the vanilla and myrrh are present right away. A lovely soft scent with staying power; I was still getting whiffs of it this morning from yesterday. I may have to consider getting a big bottle of this.
  14. white_jenna63

    Blood Moon Full Lunar Eclipse

    A sweet red musk. You can definitely smell the pom, although I'm not able to identify it as such, just sweet fruit. I never got much of the woods or incense. There was very little throw, surprising for a red musk blend. Definitely a keeper; hopefully the woods and incense will come out more as it ages and give it some depth.
  15. white_jenna63

    Chaos Theory VII: Oriental

    These scents possess sensual, languid bases, including amber, benzoin, tonka, balsams, and dark, warm vanillas. #151 In the bottle: cherry cough syrup. Wet and dry: maybe closer to pomegranate than cherry? A touch of something else, maybe a darker wood? Incredibly faint; I can barely smell it with my nose pressed to my skin.