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  1. white_jenna63


    I'm sure I've tried this sometime in my BPAL journey, but I'm not up to shifting through 19 pages of reviews to see if I wrote about it. A very soft, light, musky amber scent. Very pretty, but not one I'm keeping at this point.
  2. white_jenna63

    Dwarven Ale

    Got this as a frimp in my Luper decant order. I got hit with a blast of...something yeasty? I can definitely smell the pumpkin that others mentioned. Despite putting on the smallest dab, I had to wash it off right away. Not for me!
  3. white_jenna63

    Pomegranate, Kyphi, and Oud

    Disclaimer: I have no idea what kyphi smells like. My skin ate the pom immediately. Once it was on my skin, buh-bye. Now I've got...something that's like a sweet oudh, but then it morphs sharp and back to sweet again? I don't know if I *like* it, but I keep smelling my wrists? 'It makes no damn sense. Compels me, though.' I think I'm going to throw it in the imp box and see what my thoughts are when it comes up next time.
  4. white_jenna63

    Pomegranate, Golden Sandalwood, and Amber

    This is strong pom right out of the gate, but it quickly dries down to a...dry pom, if that makes sense. Not a wet and juicy fruit blend. On me, this dries down to what would be a very nice Winter Pomegranate body wash, but I don't think it's what I'm looking for in a perfume oil.
  5. white_jenna63


    I honestly can't recall if I've tried this before, but I'm trying everything again these days due to perimenopause skin changes. Whee.... Opening the imp, and it's aggressively pear. Almost artificial, but mostly just *strong*. It immediately morphs on my skin to musk and floral and darned if it isn't tickling some long ago memory, but I can't place it. Now it's dried down to a nice floral soap. If it had stayed in the first couple stages, it may have been a keeper, but hopefully someone else will love it.
  6. white_jenna63


    Appropriately, I tested this while shoveling the driveway....just came in last night, so minimal time to settle down. I didn't get a chance to do a full throw/lasting test due to the activity, but it's still clinging on faintly after one hand washing. This is a lovely, soft gray white scent. I don't know that I could have picked out any of the notes individually, but since they're all kinda similar, that doesn't really mean anything. I wore Cat at the Table several weeks ago, and I remember it being brighter as well. Blizzard is a lovely gender neutral scent that really would be perfect for just about any occasion. Definitely worth picking up if you've been on the fence about it. Perfectly evocative of the name, if you're safe and cozy inside watching it.
  7. white_jenna63

    Seven Word Story: Lust

    Yeah, I'm getting pom dryer sheets.
  8. white_jenna63

    Tonka Bean, Madagascar Vanilla, & Agarwood

    This wasn't as sweet as I was expecting. A nice unisex blend with staying power of over 12 hours!
  9. white_jenna63

    Frankincense, Bourbon Vanilla, & Hazelnut

    What it says on the label. It very much reminds me of a coffee blend. And it's got some wear to it. It was still going strong 15 hours after application (including sleeping), but for the most part it didn't have much throw.
  10. white_jenna63

    Fire Scene at Night

    Welp, I forgot that daemonorops draco was dragon's blood resin, so that was a surprise! This is a strong red and black scent. On me, it was very heavy on the dragon's blood and red musk, to the point where I had trouble picking out the other notes.
  11. white_jenna63

    Elegant Couple at the Coast

    broccoliwitch is spot on with the very expensive fancy shampoo comparison. Sweet but not foody, with a salty/aquatic feel. On me there was a ton of throw; I could smell it on my wrists through my mask without bringing them up to my nose.
  12. white_jenna63

    Dried Peach Incense

    Oh goodness, am I first? On me, this is a dry, thin scent. As it dried down, it reminded me of peach dryer sheets. Not the 'clean' note, but the overall impression. It disappeared completely within a couple hours. I was really hoping for something similar to Peach VII (dried peach, black musk, North African spices), which is a dead ringer for incense I used to get from Pier 1 Imports 20 years ago, but alas, this was not to be.
  13. white_jenna63

    Al Azif

    I imagine at some point over the years I've tried this, but with perimenopause skin chemistry changes, I'm trying everything again. This is a lovely sandalwood blend that reminds me of And Though They are with You... I definitely prefer the addition of the vanilla in the latter, so I think I'll pass this one on to my husband. Thank you to the Labbies for the frimp!
  14. white_jenna63

    Sleeping Cat

    This is definitely a balsam-y amber. Reminiscent of Yuletide at Heathrow and Es Lacht der Mai.
  15. white_jenna63

    Cat at the Table

    This is a lovely white tea with some warmth and weight behind it.