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  1. kuroitsuki

    SW Summer 08 Q&As

    Post #323 Little treats: Not much of a candy person m'self, but I love tiny (pocket-sized or smaller) school supplies and sketchpads! It's so hard to resist buying one whenever I go to the campus store/an art supply store. My favorites have plain brown covers and spines, but spiral bound ones are nice too. Hair: I once got my hair highlighted with red and violet... It was at a Japanese hair parlor. They had to bleach first because I have blackblack hair... and apparently my hair was traumatized by the experience. From now on the only chemical treatment I'm going to use is permanent straightening... BPAL storage: I use unfinished wooden boxes from Michael's with simple handmade cardboard partitions. I have three right now, but they're overflowing... But I don't really want any more boxes; they take up too much space. I might instead make second stories inside them. Checkout eye-catchers: Hmmmmm, iTunes cards maybe... Characters/theme: I've got a post about this on my BPAL blog Tada! My favorite characters/themes are my own -- a bunch of them are detailed here. I love stuff that relates to them, especially Moon (who sort of represents "soul" or "the child" to me), Uriel (gentle professor/tragic lover figure), Cosimo (spunky but complex nerdy mageboy), and Isaac (himself!). A couple of the "other people's characters" from that post: Zhang Liao (Dynasty Warriors, Romance of the Three Kingdoms), Lezard Valeth (Valkyrie Profile), Crowley (Good Omens), and the Spy (Team Fortress 2.) Used books, CDs, DvDs: Sure! The only exception would be video games that require (or practically require) you to register online. These are better new for obvious reasons. What are your favorite flavors? Oily, salty, deep-fried... errrr, you mean for candy and stuff? In ice cream, my favorite flavor is coffee. I like chocolate and French vanilla, too. What few candies I like, I tend to like citrus fruits. In general, I like things that are a little bit sweet, but not super-sweet. What's your favorite flower? Tree? Flower: Lavender. Tree: Apricot tree, 'cause my dorky Japanese name is 杏. Sports? Nope -- don't watch or play any. How do people feel about homemade items? And what about mix CDs? I welcome them! Pirates or Ninjas? ROBOTS Are you an indoor person or outdoor person? Totally indoor. I go outside sometimes, but I spend most of my day in my room. Think neurotic nest-guarding Cancer. Is any witchee opposed to "naughty" gifts? I explain here why naughty's not really my style. I don't mind it, it's just not my thing. What's your guilty pleasure? Do I have to pick just one? Video games... the guiltiest of the guilty are the horrible pink sparkly otome dating sims. Don't tar and feather me, please!! What's your favorite color? Brown, lavender, pastelly and grayish tints For wearing? Black, jewel tones, Flaming Fuschia, white For decorating? Uhhhhhh... Do you have a particular decorating style? I think my decorating style is "Gee, I don't have anywhere to put this. I guess I have to store it on the floor!" Do you have pets and what kind of gifts would be good for them? I have one beautiful, aloof, senile, dog-eating female Shiba at home. I looooove her so much, but she doesn't love me Either that or she's not the type to reveal her true feelings. Anyway, I can't seem to get her interested in toys anymore... She will steal tennis balls and carry them home if she finds them on a walk, but she never plays! Probably the only thing she's interested in any more is food, and she tends to be pretty picky. Not sure my witchee would be able to find something the Empress would deign to participate in, but you're welcome to try. ;; What sort of crafites do you do and what sort of crafty supplies do you like? I'm more of a digital person than a crafty person, but I do love sewing little felt dolls. The current generation is around 6" and almost totally naked, so I'd love fabric for clothing them. This is my gallery of them on my LJ. Ceri is now owned by a good friend of mine. Witch remain a secret? I would like to know who my Witch is! But she doesn't have to reveal if she really doesn't want. I hope that won't be the case, though. LiveJournal: mine is isaacblack. Are they up to being gifted with anime? Sure, I like some anime. I prefer comedy to action, deep angsty stuff, etc. And I'm sure my witchee knows from my questionnaire that I'm a history freak. #328 For those of you who play video games, what consoles do you own? I've got a massive PC, 2 years old now, that's been able to take everything I've thrown at it -- BioShock, TF2, etc., all look great! I've also got a PS2 and Nintendo DS. I'm permanently borrowing my brother's PSP because he never plays it. Not interested in other consoles... not yet. #354 How would you describe yourself--do you feel that you're shy or outgoing, laidback, high-strung... and in what ways? I am extremely weird. Not just in the superficial senses (super shy, nerdy gamer, crossdresser, illithid-lover, biggest crush ever on Al Jahiz,) but I feel I relate to people in strange ways and have strange aspirations. My dream is to make a particular story in the shape of a video game, "Moon's Apologia," about... all sorts of stuff. Though I have a tendency to get derailed by a gazillion other game ideas that just get out of control... Currently working on a Harvest Moon-style dog breeding sim set in a fantasy Arabia around 602. Errr... yeah. That alone should tell you a lot about me... Mailbox situation: At home, our mail gets stuffed in through the mail slot in the door if it's thin enough or left on the steps if it's too big. We've never had problems with people stealing packages, and usually someone's home to answer the door. Not sure what it's going to be like this summer, though, with dad in the hospital. What’s your favorite genre of books to read? History, biographies of really really really dead people. What’s a talent you are most proud of? Hard for me to say... probably my ability to come up with new stories? I'll never run out of ideas. Of course, this is also my most hated talent. I'll never finish my ideas!! Can I send you chocolate and melty treats from Lush, or are they going to wind up being really decadent goo? Texas. They'll be goo. Also, I can't eat most chocolate. What was your favorite childhood toy? I loved tinker toys, but my favorite "toy"? Construction paper and scissors. I would cut out silhouettes of animals and trees and things and would arrange them in epic outward-spiraling pictographic stories, covering the floors of whole rooms. And my poor parents would pick up after me! How much do you still enjoy playing with toys? I like soft toys like my felt dolls and plush animals, but more for dressing up/arranging than playing. Nowadays my "toys" are on the computer -- Photoshop, RPG Maker, Excel (srsly), MIDI editors, etc. What practical goals to you have for the upcoming summer? I'm gonna work on my projects and do at least a little cooking. I'm not going to set any really heavy goals, though, at least until I've got a better idea of how my dad is doing. How would you describe your sense of humor? I'd like to say I utilize fabulously witty wordplay, but really I'm not that clever. I'm more easily amused; I laugh at a lot of things other people don't seem to find funny. Occasionally I come out with a riposte though, and I gloat for days afterwards. Things I find offensive? I'm pretty sure none of you are going to send anything actually horribly racist or queer-phobic or similar, so I'm probably safe. Except that I'd like to ask not to receive anything really heavy-handedly religious -- though I often find religious imagery interesting aesthetically, the messages sometimes make me uncomfortable. But as for phobias! Vomit-phobic Pretty much OK with images of spiders and bugs (don't send me live ones though.) Love snakes. What goodies do you love that you can't usually get? Pokka canned jasmine green tea. ! But I can get most other things I like at home, since it's a big city. My school is in a teeny tiny teeny town, though, and I have to mail order or mom-order almost everything! What is the hottest and coldest it gets where you live? At my home (where I will be during this round) it's usually 60F to 105-110F. At school, usually -30F to 80F. What's your most obscure interest? I'm not even sure I can answer my own question because all my interests are pretty darn obscure... Aforementioned illithids, Silla Korea & pre-Islamic Arabia, Takarazuka Revue are probably some of the stranger ones... and I've never met anyone trying to learn Venetian either. #404 favorite books as a kid? I'm having trouble remembering. I know my first book was Chicka Chika Boom Boom with which I was omgobsessed, but I don't remember childhood/preteen books very well, other than a few like Trumpet of the Swan, Island of the Blue Dolphins, ... a bit of Jack London when I was slightly older... ... ... nope, amnesia. But I can tell you about my: Favorite TV shows as a kid. Nature. Nova. And Bill Nye the Science Guy. ... This may have contributed to the development of my weirdness, watching lions tear apart their prey on TV and all that. And I knew aaaaall about reproduction way before sex ed. I never understood all the hype and giggles... ... ... in fact, I still don't really... #466 Rice Krispy treats, yes or no? Homemade or prepackaged? No thanks, too sweet for me! Religious preferences and such: I am an utterly unspiritual atheist, while at the same time I love to read about mythology and like a lot of the imagery, like I mentioned before. Pictures of angels, goddesses, sacred animals, and so forth, they can all be quite beautiful. But I hate being proselytized, don't want to hear about how your god(s) love me (or don't love me,) etc. Chex Mix or Puppy Chow? Chex Mix I guess; Puppy Chow sounds too sweet for me? I'm a big soap fan, so which kinds of soaps do YOU like? I am not a big soap fan, but I loves me some Silk Road Trading Company! I love Clear Wind Rice, lovelovelovelove. I like Chogori, too. #557 What's hanging on your walls? What do you want hanging on your walls? I've got a poster of one of my other deadguycrushes, Zhang Liao! I think I might like to add something by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, but I can't decide on one. Or maybe something by Arthur Rackham ... Raphael... but again, having to pick is hard. What things (that you can put in a box) make you giggle wildly, catch your breath, and touch you deeply? Tentacles for me, too My Witch from last round, likie, did this for me with the most amazing Dante and Shakespeare cards. Squee! It's hard for me to say, though, since the best things tend to be surprises! Things that are just me, but that I never expected. #602 Other forms of burned media? I prefer legal things in general, but if it's something rare that only appears on ebay once every 3 years and goes for hundreds of dollars? (There may or may not be such things I want O_O) #686 Maple syrup? I like it OK, but I can only stand teeny amounts at a time. Sweet!!!! as for Corset or Cami? ... Um... no. Not for me! #895 Incense or candles? I wrote about this in my questionnaire; I can't have them in my dorm and I'm too afraid to burn them at home although I use tarts as potpourri-type-stuff sometimes. Tattoos? Piercings? No tattoos, piercings, or other body modifications here. Washable only for me! Receiving (NEW AND UNUSED/non-crunchy) cute undies in a SW package: awesome or creepy? ... Crunchy? How... how does underwear get crunchy -- no, don't tell me. No. I guess it depends on what "cute" means here. Nobody's ever going to see my undies but me, so something cute/sexy but uncomfortable's not for me. But cute as in octopus-print boxers? Yes! Yes! #1157 Anything you really absolutely don't want to get? There are a few things I can imagine... but I don't suspect that my witchee, having read my questionnaire, would send. Giant heavy stuff, cheese, etc. Live animals? How conventional/weird are you comfortable with? I guess it depends on what "conventional" and "weird" here mean. I often seem to have pretty conventional tastes, but I am also myself pretty weird. I don't really like either hoity-toity or kitschy-flashy, but I like unique, cute, clean, odd... What kind of socks do you like and wear? I mostly wear black dress socks. I don't wear a lot of knitted things... Most coveted BPALs at the moment: I'm actually pretty much OK right now... just the usual Gaimans and untried GCs. The only one for which I have an ongoing melancholy longing is Chokmah. Are you a good witch or a bad witch? I'm a bumbling, good-natured Switch Wizard! what's everyone's favorite new music find? Not applicable, though I've been searching... #1191 First concert? I'm... not much of a concert-goer... Top 10? Here's mine! #1319 Most obscure vacation? Possibly Kakogawa in Japan. Apparently it's considered "countryside" by our Osaka and Kobe friends. For several years we went in the summer and stayed in a house that belonged to the parents of one of mom's friends. It was really nice... much more comfortable than hotels, for sure! Who are your favorite Disney characters? I'm not that much of a Disney person anymore, but my parents would take me when I was little. I tended to attach to supporting characters, though, not the heroes or heroines. Like-- ... ... ... Actually, you guys have just given me a deep revelation about my psychological development. Lumiere. Holy crap. What's your idea of a great weekend? Waking up late, working on my own projects until late, and going to bed late. There's nothing better in the world. What about makeup? Not really -- eyebrow pencil for drag, and I own a concealer stick but I almost never bother using it... Do you play online games? I don't really play browser games, but I play some computer games online (mostly just TF2, occasionally NWN or NWN2.) #2392 Do you like hair things? Hair's too short for stuff! Plus I usually wear a hat... Lip Balm? Don't usually do anything fancier than ChapStick types of things... Nails? It's a good day when I remember to clip them How do you feel about leather/leather scraps? I am not veggie, but I don't really care for real leather for a variety of reasons. Even though I like the scent in perfume... o.O Do you prefer one large package, a couple of medium packages or a handful small ones spaced out? I like to get lots of contact, but these could be a bunch of ecards and then 1 package, so... whatever my Witch likes! Plants? I wish I could say yes but we're too busy/distracted to take proper care of them, I'm afraid... Stuff for kids? Well, we've got one 19-going-on-20-year-old kid at home here who loves video games... What insects do you delight in where you come from? Not many... O_O Ladybugs sometimes. How do people feel about feet. I don't like my own feet for TMI reasons... What are five simple things that you just can't get through the day without? 1. Proper food and drink; if I have to fast I get super-cranky 2. A word processor or notebook so I can record things 3. The internet or some books so I can learn things 4. Alone time, pretty much as much as possible (ideally I'd interact with other people for only 1-2 hours of the day) 5. Uhhh... not sure. Those four are the most important. What is your favorite beverage (adult bev. if you are of age)? I am not of age, so: tea (Pokka canned jasmine green tea, Earl Grey, oolong, genmaicha, etc., tea plant tea,) orange juice, apple juice, citrussy fruit juice blends with orange, pineapple, etc. I like these things for their taste. I'm not a tea addict... I don't seem to need it, and I don't notice any effect from it, actually -- juice, with the sugar, seems to wake me up just as much. I don't like coffee or vegetable juice. Who here reads comics/graphic novels? And Which ones? I used to read a lot of manga but sort of stopped when I got into college because they were a pain to get and really expensive to buy. The last manga I followed all the way to the end was Angel Sanctuary, which I loved even though it wasn't the typical comedy fare I like. Is it rude to send soap that's been opened to sniff? If it's BPTP soap? I don't have any problem with it! Gemstones? What's your favorite? And why? (including precious and semi-precious). My favorite decorative thingie is mother of pearl, which is not really a stone, but I love it. I also like pearl, lapis lazuli, opal, etc... I don't like crystally stones (brain fried, not sure what the correct term would be ^^ ; ) like ruby, aquamarine, etc. More opaque, milky-colored things appeal to me. ...Though I don't really wear jewelry... Earrings? No pierced ears here! New question! Anyone need scent lockets? I would never refuse one, but I'm not sure how I would wear it, 'cause I'm usually wearing a tie. Maybe scent pocketwatch...?! Do you like spicy/asian food? Asian food seasoning, anyone? I don't like spicy -- my stomach is pretty delicate and cranky -- but I love the less spicy Asian foods. I like a lot of my mom's Korean food, for example, but we leave off the hot bean paste or whatever. How adventurous are you when it comes to food/candies? Not terribly adventurous, but I'll try new things. what websites MUST everyone visit at least daily? My webmail, LiveJournal, bpal.org, and Wikipedia. The other ones switch up depending on the day. Beloved TV shows? MythBusters! And Nature and NOVA still, depending on program. I love all sorts of programs relating to animal behavior, emotions, intelligence, etc.. Tarot? I don't use tarot, but I love the symbolism and the art is often quite beautiful, so I'm thinking of getting a Shadowscapes tarot when they become available. Who likes hats, and what styles? I love fedoras! I have only one proper one, a black with a medium-size brim, but I would really like a white-with-black ribbon (or maybe light gray with black, or white with dark gray) especially if I can find a white suit jacket to wear this summer. How important is BPAL in your Switch Witch packages? Not important -- of course I love it, but I wouldn't mind if I didn't get any. "Used" BPAL? Ugly BPAL? Empties? Love 'em! deadly sin? My primary sin is Sloth: Getting myself to do anything (other than work on my insane schemes) is a chore. Eating, exercising, meeting friends? Bleeeeeeh, too hard! Secondary sins are Avarice, Wrath, and Pride. Lust and Envy aren't too troublesome for me, and I need to figure out how to induce Gluttony in myself What did you sing along to in the shower this morning? "Honor To Us All" if you could meet anyone living and anyone dead, who would it be? I should totally answer this question but it's too hard!!!! There are so many awesome people! Webcomics: I used to read Order of the Stick, 9th Elsewhere, and Mind Flayed, but fell behind and ended up stopping last semester. #3042 How much would everyone want their Witch to be in touch with them? I like lots of little bits of contact, but whatever is most convenient for my Witch is fine! I'm not too needy. What things make you feel as though you have brought a pleasing sense of order to the world? Organizing my BPAL and related spreadsheets! How much personal swapping/purchasing do you plan on doing this round, and what if your witch gets you something you've already ordered? As far as BPAL goes, I don't think I'm going to do all that much -- we'll see. But I don't really mind getting duplicates of BPAL. Do you use scent diffusers? I didn't much because I lived in a double last year (but now, roommate no more!! Squee!!) but now I have the opportunity. We'll see if I do. what flavored hard candies do you or don't like? and are you willing to try different things like green tea or some other strange flavors? Green tea is a "strange" flavor? Well, I'm willing to try most things once. I prefer to stick to my favorites, though: apple, citrus, coffee, and a couple other things. what is your favorite time waster? Wikipedia *thud* Favorite mailable food-items? Hmmmm... Senbei? Strangest dream you've ever had? Wow... Well... Most of my dreams don't seem that strange to me, but they're apparently all pretty strange. I don't generally dream about things happening to me, but I dream narratives (video games mostly) in which I'm both a character and the author or player. (When I'm the player, I often restart from the last save if things don't turn out right. ; ) Some of the weirder ones have been stuff like a Valkyrie Profile and Pokemon crossover and one dream where I had to dodge bullets made of yogurt... What is your favorite cuisine/food? Mom's home cooking! After that, probably Japanese. #3219 Favorite Halloween costume: Not sure. I've sure been having a lot of fun these past few Halloweens, though, 'cause it's a great opportunity to do drag and not be stared at (too much.) A scent that you adore but have decided that it's impossible to find? I don't have too many of these. Maybe Sugar-Slathered Candied Apple. Is there a perfume company that you've never tried that you are curious about? I Hate Perfume, maybe. I'm interested in trying mainstream perfumes with the notes I like, too. If you could design your own perfume oil, which notes would it have? Man... I'd have a hard time choosing between Moon-blend, Uriel-blend, and Isaac-blend. They are: Moon - snow, pear, cucumber, honeydew, blackcurrant, lavender, lychee, bamboo, pine, and myrrh. Uriel - lavender, cocoa, coffee bean, frankincense, myrrh, agarwood, benzoin, tobacco leaf, and rosewood. Isaac - ozone, coffee, vanilla, leather, white musk, and a bit of cocoa. #3566 As far as Vintage goes, I don't mind it at all -- I've got a few items, like an old kimono, that were worn by untold, unnamed musky men in the previous century... Scarf: skinny or fat? Medium-fat, I suppose, although I have sooo many now -- don't need any more for a while! What's your purse preference? I have a black shoulder-bag with lots of pockets. It's reasonably manly and doesn't clash too badly with my outfits. Pecan brittle? I like brittle OK, but I can only have a bit at a time 'cause it's sweeeet. But I like pecan, sesame, all different kinds! Salty food? Yes please! What bpal didn't work on you? Man, a lot of BPALs don't work on me... I have around a 30-40% success rate! Plum and white florals tend to go especially weird on my skin. Homemade body care products? Sure! Why not? #3708 What kind of peni... err... pens do I like? Hmm... rollerball pens and those whatchamacallit fine line drawing pens. I like to draw and write with the same pens. I'm not a pen geek though, since I do most of my work on the computer. #4600 So, bath products. I mentioned in my questionnaire that I am bath-challenged and don't have the slightest clue what to do with most exotic fancy stuff... soap, shampoo, conditioner, that's it for me. But I can tell you about my favorite textures in soap: I don't like things too exfoliating because my skin is apparently really sensitive to scratching, but just a wee bit of texture is nice. I don't care for gooey.
  2. kuroitsuki

    Golden Priapus

    I love my Golden Priapus so very much; it fulfills so many of my needs. Sometimes I wear it shyly and sometimes I wear it with vigor and enthusiasm. I wear it to bed and even out in public! I had my doubts at first, but now I don't know what I'd do without it! It starts off feeling a little strange -- the vanilla is a bit plasticy and the evergreen a bit harsh. Once it gets comfortable, though, it becomes smooth and gorgeous. The vanilla is the central note: it's bold but delightfully sweet. And not at all foody, perhaps due to the influence of the woods, which have receded to the background where they lend support and energy to the blend. The amber behaves nicely and doesn't go to baby powder on my skin. The overall feeling? Golden, creamy, soft, slightly wet and ever so slightly sticky. So lovely it seduced me from the vanilla-hater camp. Do try it; you may be in for a wonderful time...
  3. kuroitsuki


    Villain is a really wonderful, delicate, refined prettyboy cologne on me. It's all citrus and lavender at first, bright and clear but not really "sharp" to my nose. It then gently mellows out into a well-blended, slightly powdery lavender-lilac-white musk scent, smooth and soft. The color that comes to mind is a lavender-tinted milky white. It is very light and inoffensive -- which might be points against it for some people. Clean, mild, and quickly-fading, it's not really a good blend for making a statement. I find it incredibly comforting, though, and love to wear it for myself.
  4. kuroitsuki

    More SW help

    A more traditional-style SW help post! Here are things I love, but I don't add to my wishlists because they're general wants (like doll materials) or, in the case of the etailers, things that look interesting but I'm not motivated to buy for myself. Adult package warning I'm 19 and I live alone or with other people over 18, and we're all pretty liberal folk, so an R-rated package (or higher ) would be okay in the sense that nobody's going to be offended by it. But... I'm afraid I might not get bawdy/raunchy gifts. I'm really rather disinterested in and ignorant about sex, so while some naughty stuff might make me laugh, most of it is not really my style. Doll materials and accessories I love to make itty bitty felt dolls (the current generation is 6" tall) and would love to find clothes and accessories for them! I have a gallery for them at my LJ. I also have Uriel's measurements. Clothes and accessories that suit the character would be welcome, but so would random things that are the right size! Useful supplies would include swatches of fabric (solid colors are lovely - very nice, subtle patterns would be nice too,) thread in various colors, tiny buttons and beads, etc. Tea I love tea, but I am very picky. I like black, green, and oolong tea; I really don't like chai and herbal/other non-tea plant tea. Other favorites... Earl Grey, genmaicha, Ti Kuan Yin oolong, jasmine green tea... You can get a sense for what I like from my LJ tea tag. I now have a teapot so I can make loose tea, yay!! Menswear I love crossdressing (I do it so regularly it doesn't really feel like crossdressing anymore) but my family is a little bit disturbed by it, so I don't like to put suit-type things on my wishlists. I love neckties (silk preferably, in solid colors or subtle stripes,) pocket squares (don't really need any more, though,) and SUITS *_* and sport coats. I really want a pocket watch -- currently trying to find one that looks nice, is functional, but also not too expensive. I also like cufflinks! O'course a lot of these things are way too expensive for Witching, but accessories or just, like, fashion tips would be awesome! Bath & Body I am an extremely unglamorous girl -- I almost never use makeup and don't know what to do with most bath products. But I'll take anything that is useable in the shower, and I might be persuaded to try things for the tub while I'm at home. In general, I just use shampoo, conditioner, and soap in the shower, occasionally a fragrant body wash. If you send me one of those four things, it will be used. I also like alcohol-free lotions (cocoa butter especially) Other things may require written instructions. ! I have an LJ soap tag but there isn't much under it, mostly just SRTC. I went around looking at some different sites and found a couple of items that looked like they might be good matches for my scent preferences... Because I am not a really enthusiastic bath person, I probably won't be motivated to buy these for myself... which probably makes them good Witching goodies! Black Phoenix Trading Post (might buy these for myself): Miskatonic University Soap, TKO Soap Silk Road Trading Company (actually I just went and bought all the ones that appeal to me ) Villainess: Antihero things spotted on Soap Box Company: Magic Hands Workshop - Turkish Mocha Soap, Magic Hands Workshop - Spiced Mahogany Serpentine Hair: Forbidden Fruit, Kahlua, Medusa (maybe) Wylde Ivy: North, Tough Guy, White Lavender, Quince & Currant, and from the Deli Soaps I liked the looks of Deja Vu and Green Apple Peel Bathed and Infused: something like lotion or body wash, in Lilac & Lavender, the Playwright, Clean for Men, Clean Laundry, Black Coffee, Feng Shui Wood, Bamboo, Full Moon, Honeydew Melon, Lavender Bouquet (this one sounds amazing), Leather, New England (omg) General guidelines for scented products: Good: lavender, fougeres, non-sweet citrus, woods, tonka, "snow" scents (my favorite winter holiday is the BPAL Yule update ), gentle leather, mild woodsmoke, frankincense and myrrh, -- shop for me as if I were a man Bad: ROSE! VIOLET! sweet vanilla, sugar, white florals, florals in general, heavy patchouli, alcoholic/booze, butter (oh gods no), foody scents in general (except coffee scents, which I LOVE) For more details, refer to my note notes. See also my favorite things
  5. kuroitsuki

    SW Help... maybe

    First of all, my wishlist! thethingsiwant - the password is "Ethan" And here's a list of my favorite things, so perhaps you can get an idea of what new things I might like My favorite things... Favorite webcomic: 9th Elsewhere http://www.9thelsewhere.com/ and others I like: Inverloch http://inverloch.seraph-inn.com/ , Mind Flayed http://www.mindflayedcomic.com/ , Order of the Stick and Erfworld http://www.giantitp.com/ , Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic http://yafgc.shipsinker.com/ Favorite video games: Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth & Silmeria, Suikoden II, Shadow of the Colossus, ICO, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Angelique Etoile, Team Fortress 2 other games I enjoyed, roughly in the order that I played them: Final Fantasy VII, the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask, Final Fantasy Tactics, Pokemon Blue-Silver-Crystal, Dynasty Warriors 3-5, Final Fantasy IX, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy V, Neverwinter Nights, .hack//GAME, the Sims 2, Suikoden III, Suikoden I, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Xenogears, Katamari Damacy, Radiata Stories, Final Fantasy III DS, Neverwinter Nights 2, Pokemon Pearl, Bioshock Favorite anime/manga: Angel Sanctuary (the manga, vol 4 or so on), Slayers NEXT, Ouran High School Host Club I also liked: .hack//SIGN, Fruits Basket, Excel Saga, Magic Knight Rayearth Favorite books: Universities of the Italian Renaissance (Paul F. Grendler), la Vita Nuova (Dante), the Divine Comedy (Dante), Good Omens (Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett), the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Luo Guanzhong), the Importance of Being Earnest (Oscar Wilde) Favorite Shakespeare: Merchant of Venice (for how it maps onto my Italian characters...) Favorite sci-fi/fantasy: Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling) Favorite old dead guys: Cao Cao, Zhang Liao, al-Jahiz, Dante, John Dee I also like: Seondeok Yeowang, Giovanni Boccaccio, Leonardo, Galileo, Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, and probably a lot of others I've forgotten. Favorite time periods to study: Almost anything before 1700, including Three Kingdoms in China, Three Kingdoms in Korea, Golden Age of Islam, European Renaissance. And some European Victorian/Edwardian stuff, and the Scientific Revolution. I do like some steampunk in my fantasies, but Apologia is more "magepunk". Favorite characters from other people's work: Zhang Liao (Dynasty Warriors, Romance of the Three Kingdoms), Lezard Valeth (Valkyrie Profile) Other characters I love: Pesmerga and Yuber (Suikoden), Gremio (Suikoden) Martin (TES4: Oblivion), Luva (Angelique), Vincent (FF7), Vivi and the Black Waltzes (FF9), Citan (Xenogears), Yoshimitsu (Soul Calibur 2), Genius Weissheit (Radiata Stories), Arc (FF3 DS), Sand (NWN2), Zelgadis and Xellos (Slayers NEXT), Uriel and Zaphkiel (Angel Sanctuary), Lina and Zelgadis (Slayers), Haruhi and Nekozawa (Ouran HS Host Club), Akito and Shigure (Fruits Basket), Snape (Harry Potter), Eiji (9th Elsewhere), Elan (Order of the Stick), Claude Frollo (Notre-Dame de Paris), Crowley (Good Omens), the Spy (Team Fortress 2) ... and Abra and its evolutions in Pokemon, and black mages in Final Fantasy I prefer to play mages in video games. Favorite class in D&D video games is sorcerer. Favorite living artists: Kristina Gehrmann: http://www.mondhase.de/ Stephanie Pui-Mun Law: http://wwww.shadowscapes.com/ Linda Bergkvist: http://www.furiae.com/ and other I like: Natascha Roeoesli http://www.tascha.ch/ , Linda Tso http://www.stickydoodle.com/ , Jason Chan http://www.jasonchanart.com/ , 北原 http://mmy.parfe.jp/lg/ , Eloisa Scichilone, Yoshitaka Amano, Amy Sol Favorite long-dead artists: Painters: Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Caravaggio Illustrators: Edmund Dulac, Warwick Goble, Arthur Rackham, Charles Robinson, Anne Anderson, Aubrey Beardsley, Harry Clarke Favorite music from my iTunes: "Song For Bassanio" and "Bassanio's Palazzo (Tarantella)" from the Merchant of Venice 2005 soundtrack by Jocelyn Pook, "La Serenissima" from the Book of Secrets by Loreena McKennitt, and "Revived Power" from the Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack some favorites of other genres: "Evolution" by Hamasaki Ayumi (J-Pop), "Black Is the Color" by Cara Dillon (Folk), "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" by Andrew Lloyd Webber (Musical Soundtrack), "番場の忠太郎" by Hikawa Kiyoshi (Enka) other favorites from special playlists: "Up Is Down" from the Pirates of the Caribbean III soundtrack (Cosimo's playlist), "How Wicked Ruler" from the Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria soundtrack (Eschaton's playlist), "Suteki da ne" from Final Fantasy X soundtrack (Uriel's playlist) Favorite smells: lavender, bergamot, eucalyptus (in essential oil form) Crowley, Dee, Talvikuu, Vicomte de Valmont, Hunger Moon, House of Night, Casanova, Bow & Crown of Conquest, Theodosius, Villain, Herr Drosselmeyer, Sloth, De Sade, Incubus, Herbert West (BPAL) Eucalyptus Spearmint, Black Currant Vanilla, Lavender Vanilla, Cool Citrus Basil (Bath & Body Works) Favorite colors: browns, grays, lavender, desaturated violet, desaturated blue, mint green, white, soft peach (in general and for art) black, white, dark jewel tone red (for clothes) Favorite tea: Foojoy Monkey-Picked Ti Kuan Yin (oolong), Yamamotoyama oolong, Yamamotoyama jasmine green tea, Twinings Earl Grey, genmaicha What I like in... Movies: Sheer beauty -- an incredibly beautiful scene, or a scene of really intense emotion, will reduce me to tears. I generally to prefer cleaner, Romantic-type beauty to abject-beauty, but there are exceptions. Examples of scenes that moved me - from Whale Rider, Pai's speech, and the shot of the longboat after the fade from white; from V for Vendetta, the last fight scene; from the Lord of the Rings, the aerial shots of the massive battles and the wedding; the statue-carrying sequence from Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring; the last parts of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind; and, like, ALL of Hero. I like decent plot and acting, but beauty is the most important. Music: Similar to movies, intense emotional charge and eerie beauty (good examples from "favorite music" above would be "Revived Power" and "How Wicked Ruler".) I don't like lyricy music; I focus on the sound. Anime, manga, and (fiction) books: Intriguing, deep, and pitiful characters with an intellectually stimulating (but not pompous) plot -- AND I like very silly humor. Video games: The qualities of BOTH my favorite movies and books -- beauty, good characters, good plot -- with some degree of "moral freedom". I really hate being forced to take a certain moral position (especially when I find it WRONG) or to take only one interpretation of the plot. Freedom in general is also good, but I can love a one-storyline RPG if it gives me the freedom to interpret. And the game should also be fun to play -- fun and engaging in general, easy controls, leisurely and sensible level of challenge or ability to customize difficulty levels, etc. I'm a "casual" gamer. Imaginary boyfriends: Gentleness, intellectual orientation, compassion, honesty, loyalty, but some serious, pitiful weaknesses -- personality weaknesses or physical weaknesses (I am rather attracted to physical weaknesses ) that can be healed or transformed with help. See the "favorite concepts" section. Favorite concepts/the conceptual side of Apologia as all my favorite concepts are a part of Apologia. I really like a particular... "narrative"? "emotional trajectory" in fiction? of healing that begins with a pitiful wounded one who then has a sublime and mind-opening experience and emerges from it majestically. He is aided by another character for whom the reader/player (hopefully) feels empathy; she changes from pitying the wounded one, to merging emotionally with him at the sublime moment and sharing his pain and happiness, and finally to a sense of awe and peace at seeing how he has grown beyond her. Healing and growth founded on a loving relationship. The ultimate noble character in my stories is someone who is weak but chooses, not out of duty but free will, to suffer grievously in order to lessen the suffering of others. This self-sacrifice can be melodramatic, or much smaller and simpler -- it's most commonly an awakening to the suffering of another and a small act to help him, which is shortly followed by someone else sacrificing to help the helper, and so on and so forth, the formation of a chain of compassion and helping. Most of my stories focus on the desires, emotions, and interactions of characters (rather than "plot.") The interconnectedness of characters is very important. Some of the biggest concepts probed in Moon's Apologia: the formation of meaning, knowledge, morality, and identity; existence, relationships and relativism; the nature of thoughts and emotions. The theme of "Am I human?" comes up a lot... there are a lot of androids, demihumans, and imaginary half-beings running about in the story. I'm generally interested in delicate and ephemeral things. The emotions I'm most interested in are pity, tenderness, sadness, empathetic suffering, love, affection, eudaimonia, and sublime ecstasy. The main characters from Apologia, who are extremely important to me. An example of how they could apply to Switch Witching: I'm generally not interested in trying perfume from other companies than BPAL (I already have so many more GCs to try!) BUT if there's a scent that perfectly matches one of my characters, I want to try it!! Moon - A half-Dream gynoid, an ethereal magical construct. Extremely gentle, subtle and nearly invisible, shaped by those who care about her. Uriel - An intelligent, gentle, dignified professor and alchemist-perfumer. Outwardly cynical, inwardly romantic. Cosimo - A selfish, energetic, nerdy young intellectual, a magical and mathematical genius. Outwardly aggressive, inwardly shy and jealous. Isaac - An android (bioroid) on a quest for justice. Outwardly coolheaded and suave, inwardly anxious and sensitive. And others... Light and her Incubus, Jin, Seondeok, Tenran, Eschaton, the Bard, Izumi/Reisen/Setsushi, Ante, Yshayya, Arazari, Seri, and so many others Go here for pictures and descriptions of them, and what they would smell like! That's all for now...whew!
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    C. Auguste Dupin

    I agree with the others -- this scent is leather leather leather. I'm comparing it to De Sade on the other wrist, and the leather of Dupin smells much harsher and crisper... it reminds me of horse tack, actually, and that's not really a good thing. However, I do smell a light, gentle lavender as well with maybe a hint of clean citrus. It's gorgeous, but those notes fade quickly on me, leaving behind the ultra-aggressive leather. I'm going to keep an imp of this but give up the bottle.
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    Notes on notes

    Current chemistry mystery Actually, I'm not sure if it's my skin chemistry or my nose chemistry, but there's something horribly wrong with a number of blends -- Drink Me, the Hanging Gardens, Jack, White Rabbit, the Knave of Hearts, and Pumpkin III -- that makes them turn to sickening, burning butter on my skin (and sometimes even smell like it in the imp.) Two share pumpkin and two share pomegranate, but that's not quite enough to explain the butter of death. Quantitative note analysis I wrote a little Java program a while ago to analyze my BPAL spreadsheet. In my spreadsheet, I list the known notes of the blend, give it a 4-5 word review, and then give it a numerical rating; greater than 4 is good, less than 4 is bad. The program searches for a keyword, then averages the scores of blends that contain that keyword. "verbena, mahogany, birch, oakmoss, leather, tonka, ozone, snow" are the highest scoring. "white musk, ambergris, lilac, lavender, cherry blossom, fir, cedar, grapefruit, linen, amber, sage, thyme, rosemary, mint" form the next highest set, and... "musk, patchouli, wood, rosewood, pine, juniper, lemon, bergamot, cherry, berry, vanilla, frankincense, resin, green tea, black tea" slightly correspond with positive scores. "chrysanthemum, rose, ylang, plum, fig, pepper, sugar, milk" slightly correspond with low scores... "black musk, black patchouli, chamomile, violet, muguet, gardenia, pomegranate, apricot, cocoa, nutmeg, clove" score slightly worse, and... "olibanum, cream, pumpkin" have very low scores. Qualitative note analysis This number-crunching program isn't that intelligent, however; it counts "rosewood" as both "rosewood" and "rose," for example. So here are some subjective additions and clarifications: I love fougeres and various "cologne" notes. I also love a masculine tonka/vanilla base note so long as it doesn't get too sweet. I hate foody, cakey vanillas... and sweet and foody scents in general. Exception: coffee scents. I love Miskatonic University and El Dia de Reyes. Other sweet scents... generally no. I absolutely hate rose and violet; they get really vile on my skin. I also just generally don't like florals, especially white florals. I do like lavender and lilac, but those are pretty much the only exceptions. I also have a poor record with "sexy" blends like Snake Oil, O, etc. And I generally don't like things with heavy patchouli (the program was skewed by my love of Crowley) or other "New Age"-y incenses. I do love frankincense and myrrh, though.
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    Who are the authorized resellers?

    Heavenly Love & Earthly Love NOOOOOOOO I wonder if I can persuade a relative to get me a holiday gift? Hitchhike across the USA?? Aiiiieeee!
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    This is an amazing scent. It may just be the my new favorite. There's an initial burst of fresh but not overly sharp citrus followed by the scent of a smooth, refined cologne. There's an interesting interplay between the just-slightly sweet vanilla and a slightly harsher note, the mahogany perhaps? And then the leather appears, wrapped in smoke. That's the most important difference I notice between my beloved Dee and Crowley; while Dee is sedate with a slight hint of incense, Crowley is smoldering. Burning. On fire and coming at you at 80 miles per hour. I can almost see the smoke rising from my wrists as I type. Of course, this smoke is the sexiest, most intoxicating smoke scent I've ever smelled, and it seems to have an effect on me roughly analogous to that of catnip on cats. I was worried about musk and patchouli, but they're smoothly and inoffensively blended. This scent is just gorgeous through every stage with the best elements of all my favorite masculine blends. I would absolutely recommend this if you like Dee or other smoky leathers. Just don't lick it.
  10. I think I still count as a teenager... ^^; I agree... I think teenagers can experiment with just about any scent. All my friends have different tastes and chemistry. I, for example, don't get along with florals or foody scents, which means a lot of the "sexy" blends don't work out on me. I like resinous and woody scents, but some of my friends' favorite notes are jasmine, lotus, and vanilla, which don't work on me at all... But I do think that citrus scents are quite popular among teenagers. Not sure why; it could be that we're conditioned to think citrus is appropriate for our age, or maybe we feel oily and self-conscious. As for gifts appropriate to teenagers, I agree with Blood onmy hands. A wide variety is good, especially if they have little/negative experience with perfume. It could open their eyes (nose?)
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    Dee was both an instant and lasting love for me. The archetype and imagery it conjures for me are intensely vivid and beautiful. Wet, it's a stinging smoke smell with a bit of sharp bitterness, perhaps from the rosewood. It gives me the image of glowing incense, burning quietly, emitting thin trails of gray smoke. With time it becomes softer and softer, as if that gray smoke dissipates through the room, curling around dark aromatic woods. There is a smoothness and sweetness that must be from the tonka, a sort of rich brown crackle that is my impression of leather, and a tangible warmth that wafts up and curls around me, coating the area around with a deep orange glow. Something about it seems a bit... rough-edged, not so suave, especially when it first goes on. This, however, makes it even more charming; it is not so smooth and soft that it rolls over you without leaving an impression. It's strong and familiar and comfortable, warm and secure, gorgeous.
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    Of the oils I've tried so far, Casanova is one of my favorites. Wet, I smell lavender and bergamot with a trace of lemon. As it dries, the citrus fades and the leather and tonka become prominent. As others have said, this is a very smooth scent, with a soft, sensuous texture. Oddy, I get a very calm, reassuring feeling from it. On me, Casanova may have a suave and sexy exterior, but a gentle heart. It's playfully naughty, comfortable and familiar, wry and delicious. I feel content when wearing it. Strange, huh? I wish it lasted a bit longer on me, though; it fades after about 3 hours on my skin.