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    Honey Hair Gloss

    I can definitely second PhantasmMysteria's review: this stuff truly blooms when it is in my hair, both because it is a floral honey and because it morphs upon wearing. In the bottle it was my least favorite of the four hair glosses I ordered (SO, Fig & Sandalwood, and White Tea & Sage) but I've just put it on and I simply adore it. It's warm and sweet with lovely flowery notes-- and I usually dislike florals intensely. It is distinctive but subtle-- almost how the sexiest hair in the world might smell naturally, or how a wood nymph's hair would smell. As such, I think it will work well when I want to use a gloss but don't want to clash with any perfumes I'm wearing. My hair is silky and soft. The gloss also seems to do a good job of taming teh frizzies.
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    The Changeling

    WOW. I had a feeling about this one and I was right! Creamy, spicy goodness. Everything I want in an autumn blend. It starts off almost a little too spicy, almost masculine... but then the vanilla and pumpkin come out to say hello and turn it into a gorgeous, toasty-warm foody blend without being cloying or overly sweet. I've had multiple people comment on how lovely it is already. I might order a backup because I really think these notes are going to age splendidly and I want to make sure I'm never without it. At the very least this bottle would have to be pried from my cold, dead fingers. ETA: Forgot to mention: good throw and lasts for a long time. I dabbed a little on my collarbones yesterday afternoon and could still smell it on my shirt today!
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    I can't believe I've never reviewed this blend. It may be my favorite GC, and is easily within my top 5 favorite blends of all time (including LEs!). During particular times of the month I sometimes can't wear it-- goes all powdery-- but so does everything else. It's buoyant, achingly lovely ambergris, sea moss, and lily all blended smoothly together. Aquatic but with a creamy, rich, non-foody vanilla to add depth and an unexpected twist. I smell this and I think of love and loss. I have a bottle that has earned a place in one of my three beloved big glass perfume bottles on display in my room-- it is my go-to for when I want to smell lovely, classy, chic, or just need to know that I'll smell beautiful. I will probably get an extra bottle in my next GC order.
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    I received this as a frimp with my recent Sprinklecake order. My initial reaction to this was, "I know this smell!" Lyonesse. On me, this is Lyonesse without the warmth or vanilla. I've even put them on side by side just to double check. It must be the ambergris and mosses. Essentially, I get a cool, cold ambergris. It's so hard to describe what ambergris smells like, exactly, but it smells very haunting and nostalgic to me. The mint adds a crispness, but isn't as prominent after the dry-down. It's almost like a more masculine version of Lyonesse! Definitely keeping the imp to wear on days when I don't feel like smelling particularly girly or sexy. It's a nice, clean, inoffensive blend. I must just really like ambergis.
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    I had really high hopes for this one, but sadly Morocco is a pretty big NO for me. The scent isn't bad-- actually quite lovely-- but really reminds me of something my grandmother either did or would wear. I can appreciate the balance of floral and spice (and some kind of nice creaminess in the background that I can't identify), but florals can be really dangerous for me. I guess I can list carnations along with roses as headache triggers now, because I think if I wear this any longer I'm going to get a migraine! Perhaps I will let it age a few months and then give it another whirl.
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    Interesting! It started out almost boozy on me (odd, I thought, for a child's birthday!), and definitely a bit chocolatey. It then morphed into a really lovely SUPEROMGSUGAR blend-- certainly not an everyday wear, but I was looking for something just like it! Unfortunately, it ended up smelling like the My Little Pony toys I had as a kid-- a sort of pleasant plastic scent. I have every confidence that this will mellow out with age, though, and I'm definitely going to keep my bottle!
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    Amaranth? Anyone?

    I haven't tried Dyan Moon, but I love Dana O'Shee's wonderful grainy smell. I have no idea if it has amaranth specifically in it, though!
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    Bat of Wealth

    I bought this based on the notes alone. I love heliotrope, I love berries, I love bergamot, I love patchouli. What could go wrong? Nothing, as it turns out! I don't have much to say re: the scent because it basically smells like a gilded heliotrope (which has a distinctly vanilla flavor on me) and sweet, perfect berries with a grounding of patchouli. Right after application is disappeared for a few minutes, but it's back now. It's light but full and rich. It stays pretty close to my skin, which makes it a perfect sophisticated work blend. I can imagine myself wearing it with a pencil skirt and pearls. Maybe interview quality since it's lovely but unobtrusive. Delicious! And thanks to the patch, I believe it will age wonderfully.
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    This was a frimp from a very kind forumite who clearly has psychic powers as I've really been wanting to try this one! Reading the notes, I really, really want this one to work. It sounds divine, and I love the name, too! On, I'm surprised by how light this is... I was really expecting something darker, though now that I look at the other reviews my surprise is clearly not unusual. My initial on-the-skin reaction was to literally say, "Oh, wow..." It's so sweet and light and a little foody (in the fruity sense, not the bakery sense). Not something I'd usually go for, but lovely anyway. A few minutes later I am less impressed. Lemon Zinger tea, is that you? Whyyyy? But wait! Apple blossom, you say? But where are my musks and leather and amber and my beloved BPAL patchouli? Drying down, Heroine is fading away. I think the skin musk is amping a little bit, because this doesn't smell the same as when a blend is just disappearing. Fingers crossed for a little magic morphing. Hmmm. I want to like her. I really do-- but I don't, at least not now. I actually predict that she will really come into her own as she ages... I think she'll deepen and the rhubarb and apple blossom will fade a bit. However, I'm not convinced enough to buy a bottle to age (would rather get some favorites to age instead). I'm going to keep the imp and try again in a month or two; give her another chance to show me her tough side. I do think if she's threatened with discontinuation I would bit the bullet and nab a bottle. I really believe she could blend into something marvelous someday. It's like she is a budding wannabe adventurer right now, all fresh-faced and determined to spread good in the world without knowing the cost that can have. She's all mama's apple and rhubarb pie and with a touch of the dust of the road in her hair. After a while she'll gain more experience, kill some monsters, live the tough life of a heroine on the road. Only then might she become a true, bad-ass heroine smelling of leather and patchouli and musk--all the while keeping the essence of that innocent, wrong-righting girl she started out as!
  10. I broke down and bought a bottle of Mme. Moriarty just before we found out the Carnaval was leaving town. Today, I got a purchase in the mail from a lovely forumite who frimped me an imp from Summer 2010, so I'm lucky enough to be testing fresh and aged, one on each arm, today! Fresh (well, less than three months old): She is very, very musky and heady. Dark and deep red, with a hint of juicy sweetness underneath. Vanilla is toying with me. This is so sexy. I can't wait to try her out some evening... Aged: Woah, is this the same blend? Now I've got nummy squishy fruits swirling in my nostrils. There's still some musk, but really far in the background. More like support for the pomegranate and plum. She's still sexy, but in a different way. This Mme. won't be supplanting Snake Oil as my "go get 'em" blend. I am a recent convert to fruity blends and am thrilled that I've got the aged imp to use until the bottle gets to this point-- I'd wear aged MM all day and still be happy to use her at night, sometimes. Perhaps with an extra SO zing! I may always want to keep a bit of fresh around, too, when the Carnaval gets back. I miss the musky smokey sexiness of the fresh. Maybe I'll find a way to keep getting fresh decants!
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    Mmmmm, I like this one. It morphs a lot during the drydown, which keeps things interesting-- my right wrist seems to be giving me a little chocolate peppermint while the left wrist is sticking to its red musk guns with a touch of vanilla. I put this on because I'm in a really sad mood today and since I don't have a puppy I thought this might help. And it does! The warm fur scent is really comforting and snuggly-nice.
  12. Is it just me or are Goblin and Banshee Beat eerily similar? I prefer BB-- I think it has more vanilla and is therefore sweeter, which I like-- but I tried Goblin tonight and wow. Really smelled familiar.
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    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    I'd never even considered Tombstone! The sassafras made me think it would essentially smell like a root beer float, though if you don't think it's foody then I'll give it a shot in my next imp pack. Lyonesse has been on my "to try" list for a long while, though I didn't imagine it as a big vanilla scent either (many people seem to say it's mostly amber/musk) - it'll be interesting to see what my skin chemistry does with it, considering the amount of notes. BB seems pretty popular, but I'll keep a watch for it nonetheless. Thank you! You're welcome! Regarding the sassafras, I don't really pick it up at all in Tombstone. I just bought Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener after reading the comparisons to Tombstone and yikes, it's entirely root beer float on me-- so I don't think I absorb or amp sassafras in particular. The wood notes could be of concern, but I really find that they smooth out after a few weeks of aging. My new bottle smelled just like my imp did when I first got it and didn't like it, but is already much nicer (after only a month). This is all part of the fun of bpal, though; it's fun to figure out what works for you individually! I know lots of people don't get vanilla in Lyonesse, but it's the main note for me (my sister smells it as mainly vanilla on me, too!). I'm dying to try Black Opal... perhaps as an imp soon!
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    Orange Blossom and Neroli Recs

    I've never tried the single notes, and also there is the issue with every blend smelling different on everyone... however, I've spent a lot of time in FL (and also adore the scent of fresh orange blossoms) and so far the only blend that has smelled, on me, very heavily of orange blossom is Lolita. It smells just divine, not at all fruity.
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    Dragon's Milk

    I'm really pleased I took a chance and ordered a full bottle of this. It's one of the few blends that I loved instantly from the moment I dabbed it on my wrist (most blends for me are growers, not show-ers!). It starts out ridiculously heady and full. I am getting a floral feel, but I don't know what florals they could be. They usually give me a headache but this is fine. What I assume is the dragon's blood resin adds a richness and depth, and the honey is thick-- not like runny honey but deep, almost spreadable honey. I could see this going to cherry cough drop on someone else's chemistry, but I guess I'm just lucky this time. After a while the vanilla is starting to make an appearance, but it's so well blended I can hardly pick it out. It definitely has a vanilla feel, though. The throw is excellent. I keep getting rich wafts and I've only applied a dab to one wrist! This is not my usual type of blend as I like vanilla/patch/spice/food, but I think that's why I'm so thrilled. My collection had a gap that's been filled-- this is going to be my go-to blend for when I want something floral-esque. I'd wear this on a proper, nice date (as opposed to the snake oil/o combo I wear when, well, let's just say I don't have fancy restaurants in mind, rawr). I can't wait to see how it ages.