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    Notes: Anything vanilla,musk,myrrh,black cherry,cocoa,chocolate,magnolia,rose,blackberry,woods,red egyptian musk,lavender,tea,cream. Scents:Lilith Victoria,Dorian,Snake Oil,Lust,Sugar Skull,Black Lotus,House of Night,Haunted,Samhain,Lilith,Loviatar,Sticky Pillowcase,Pumpkin II,Bloodlust,Mme. Moriarty.

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  1. Vespar


    Mmmmmm...this is a really good autumn-y scent. Wet on me it smells like luscious red apples. After a few minutes,the delicious apple scent morphs into a warm apple pie kinda scent,with a creamy milk note around the apple and cinnamon and other cooking spices in the background.And stays so. Overall,this is a really warm,cozy scent that's capturing the essence of a cool autumn night,when all you want to do,is sit in front of the fireplace wrapped in a (wool?) blanket and enjoy a piece of homemade apple pie. Total win for me!
  2. Vespar

    Ichabod Crane

    I was most excited to try this one,because I have a secret crush on Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane,but I think Ichabod doesn't love me... In the decant:Fallen Autumn leaves. Wet on skin:I've never had such a hard time with a review or a BPAL perfume.Ichabod is very,very complex and weird on me.I even thought I must have gotten a wrong decant or something,because at first I smell no tea or wool.When first applied,this smells like rotten autumn leaves on me and I get a whiff of something really sweet that makes me gag and I'm guessing it's the candle drips?Not sure 'bout that,but the note I pick up that makes me go is very strong,sweet and overpowering. After 30 minutes:The weird note lasted up to 30 minutes on my skin before finally,vanishing into the night.Now,I can finally get a whiff of something other than death.I still get no tea,but the scent now gives me a fuzzy feeling,so I take it it's the wool I smell.It's soft and slightly creamy.If Ichabod Crane smelled like this from the beginning,I'd have bought 3 bottles! An hour later:It's pretty much the same as before,only it's a lil more powdery and I get a whiff of pepper now and then Verdict:I wanted to love Ichabod,but the candle drips were the deal breakers.If that note wasn't there,I would have bought a bottle in a jiffy.
  3. Vespar


    Luckily,I didn't have the review at hand when I wore this one,so my review is gonna be totally un-biased! In the imp:Rubbing alcohol?Vodca? Wet on skin:Wow,this scent really is a man's cologne.When wet,this one smells exactly like a cologne my brother or father used to have,but it's less alcoholy and has a velvet undertone that I can't quite put my finger on.It's masculine,yet very elegant.This is the perfume of a refined man in an expensive black velvet suit. Less than 20 minutes later:Hmm..this one has mellowed a bit and now smells like aftershave balm to me,in a good way.To my nose,it smells like a.ll sp.i.ce cologne,and I've always loved the sweet smell of that one. An hour or so later:Villain has a really strong throw.I only put on a dab and the scent wafts up to my nose even after over an hour.And I'm talking about some strong wafting here! I noticed a note that's in Loviatar as well.I know,that these two scents are completely different and I think they have no note in common,but I get a whiff of leather from Villain,even though it's not noted in the description.Weird. Verdict:It's a pretty interesting blend and I do enjoy it.I've always had a thing for men's perfume and this is one of the most beautiful manly perfumes I've ever smelled and it doesn't seem weird for me to wear it. I wonder Villain would smell on a guy.
  4. Vespar

    Blood Amber

    In the bottle,all I smell is thick dragon's blood and the faintest hint of red musk Right on my skin,it's exactly the same scent I get out of the bottle.Not impressed really,my nose only picks up plain dragon's blood and that's pretty much it. About 15-20 minutes later,it turns into Lust on me,thick myrrh and tangy goodness is what I get. About an hour or so later,this is very,very soft,almost powdery and barely there.Sadly,it vanishes pretty quickly and after two hours,I only get a tiny whiff of dragon's blood if I stick my nose to my wrist. I'm pretty sure I'll use up my imp,but it's not something I'd fall for.
  5. Vespar

    Lilith Victoria

    I bought a bottle of this,even though I've never smelled Dorian or Snake Oil before! I got the label of the little girl in the red cape,holding some playing cards like Mme.Moriarty does,it's so cute! In the bottle,I get lavender.However,it's not the usual lavender that makes me cough and stings my nose and reminds me of cleaning products.It's a velvety lavender,soft and aromatic,very purple indeed,but soft and somehow powdery. Wet on my skin,it's a baby smell,baby powder and lavender with light florals.In seconds,the scent shifts and becomes the perfect Snake Oil with a very smooth and creamy powder and toasted vanilla.Dorian comes in to say hello too with his elegant tea.It gives me the picture of Beth and Ted holding hands with Lilith (I know,I'm a dork).It has great throw too.I wore it today,just a few drops though,and my mom who was out in the balcony (I was inside) told me she could smell my perfume even though I was 10 feet away. The drydown is mellowed and cozy.Makes me wanna snuggle! This scent is well blended,but its scent is separate at the same time.There's mom,there's dad and daughter holding hands but each of them has their own personality,if that makes scence. I dare say it's sexy,but not in a slatty look-at-my-sexiness way.It's elegant and soft.Just lovely.I definately need another bottle,it's so good.
  6. Vespar

    Snake Oil

    I got a 5 ml. of this,without ever having tried it.In the bottle it smells sharp of baby powder. The weirdest thing about this oil is that it smells different on differents part of my body. For example,when I put some on my neck it smelled more like vanilla and subtle powder,but on the back of my arms it smelled sharp powder and on the crooks of my elbows it smelled more incense-y.When I first put it on without rubbing my wrists together,it was so strong that it stang my nose.So,I decided to try it again and this time rub my wrists together.Well,I didn't expect it to work,but it did and I got a full vanilla scent without the sharpness! I'm not sure whether I love it or not.I certainly do not hate it,actually,it starts to grow in me.It's sexy,yet innocent and playful.For all I know,I'll be keeping my bottle and let it age and I'll be getting a couple of imps with my next order to fullfill my cravings for SO till my bottle is aged and gorgeous.
  7. Vespar


    I bought an imp of Dorian along with a Lilith Victoria,just to compare the two scents since I've never before smelled Dorian and honestly,I didn't think it would work on me.I do love tea,but I can't imagine wearing a perfume that smells like tea. Anyhow,I tried some yesterday before going out and I was like OMG. Dorian is a very charming,noble and elegant scent indeed.On my skin,luckily,it doesn't smells like tea but like sweet lemon.And when I say sweet,I don't mean a sugared lemon or a glass of cheap frozen lemonade.It smells freshly sweet,like a lemon that you grew in your garden and was freshly cut,juicy,tangy and yummy. I get lemon mixed with light florals and tea in the background and a swirl of smoky musk,It gives me the picture of a handsome man in a fine black coat and long hair,walking into a vampire club filled with cigarette smoke,and he smells like woodsy and sweet incense-y cologne. Each stage is very complex and beautiful.When first applied it's fruity and vanilla-ish,but not candy sweet. After 20 or so minutes it's soft musk and tea and I even get a hint of Snake Oil.After and hour or so it's incense-y and more powdery. Did I mention it lasts forever?I wore it early in the morning and I could still smell it after 8 hours. I'm sold on this,it's a brilliant perfume,infused with love and sweet thoughts.I'm more of a musk/incense/myrrh girl myself,but this one pleasantly surprised me.I'm definately coveting a 5 ml right now.
  8. Vespar

    Pumpkin II (2008)

    In the decant: Yummy,thick caramel.Smells like gluttony in the bottle. Pumpkin II starts out with a beautiful and yummy caramel note mixed with creamy butter and some woods in the background.After a couple of minutes it turns into a mix of leather (in the background) with the pumpkin barely peeking through the dark notes.I get a whiff of something delicious that I can't quite put my finger on.I'm guessing it's the tonka beans?It's yummy,definately creamy and rich.It's foody,yet dark and autumn-y.I'm so sad I didn't buy a bottle of this.I definately need a bottle,it's just divine!
  9. Vespar

    Sticky Pillowcase

    In the decant:Mmmmm...sugary heaven.Did I mention how much I love the BPAL sugar note?I wanna live in a house made out of BPAL's sugar note!! On,wet:To my surprise this isn't the sickly and sticky sweet scent I thought it would be.It's yummy.Foody?Yes.Candy like?Yes.Is it sticky?No.It's like a grown up bag of candy. Later on:On me Sticky Pillowcase smells like Sugar Skull with some red fruit,which I guess i's berry and raspberry.It's just lovely,soft with a tangy candy effect and sweet.IMHO Sugar Skull is more sugary and at times it gets cloyingly sweet,but this one doesn't.It's yummy,fruity-sugary-tangy candy goodness. An hour or so later:The sugary note has softened and it's in the background.The prominent notes I get now is strawberry,lemon and berry.I get a picture of a frosted glass of lemonade with berry and strawberry juice in it that give it a red color. Verdict:Definately a keeper.Why was I so stupid as to not buy a bottle of this???Need one or two before it's gone.
  10. Vespar

    Graveyard Dirt

    In the decant: Soil.Pure,dry and dirty soil. On,wet:Ew,this one stings my nose.I get lots of loamy soil that's wet yet dry at the same time.It does give me the image of a tombstone somehow. Later on:Hmmm,this has soften a bit,yet it still stings my nose.It does indeed smell like graveyard soil and I get a whiff of moss in the background. Verdict:This is definately not a scent I'd wear.The soil note stings my nose and I don't think I wanna smell like dirt anymore.
  11. Vespar


    Huh?This one smells exactly like Lust on me. Ofcourse they share many of the same notes,like the ylang ylang,myrrh and patchouli,though I think Malice is a little sweeter (why everything turns into sugar on me lately?) and just a tad more spicy.The drydown is a soft,musky note,with the myrrh barely making its presence known.It is indeed a lovely scent and I love the almost black color of the oil.I'll definately use up my imp.
  12. Vespar


    WOW!When I took a sniff out of the imp,I thought "Here's another perfume that'll never see the light of day again".Normally,I love sweet scents,but lately I find myself wanting to try something more grown up and sexy.I was SO wrong to judge this divine scent by a simple sniff.Lilith is a very beautiful,really amazing and complex scent.It's soft,yet powerful,sweet,yet fierce and seductive.When I put it on,I fell in lovge and now I crave for a big bottle of this. All of the notes are so well blended that's almost impossible for me to distinguish each of them separately.It has a light fruity undertone to it that's barely noticeable,but keeps the scent from being too heavy on wine and myrrh.It's lightly musky and sinful.Oh,beloved Lilith.
  13. Vespar


    In the imp:Pepper. On,wet:Pepper,leather and incense.This is a hot,spicy scent that's dead on sexy. Later on:This doesn't change much on me,it's just a little more muted yet still quite spicy. Verdict:It's a gorgeous scent that's sure to give you the kind of attention you crave for.I'm not sure I want a bottle.I shall try it again as my sinuses are a little messed up these days,but I'm pretty sure I'll use up my imp.
  14. Vespar

    Snow, Glass, Apples

    In the imp:A cold,airy scent. On wet:Green,crispy apples mixed with snow and water.I get some light florals too that are well blended with the apples.No mint here.THis is the phase of "apples" 3 hours later:The scent is more soft now,musky and musty,and the snow note is more prominent.It's sexy in a sophisticated way.Yep,this is the "sexy vampire" phase. Verdict:I've never smelled anything quite like it.It's very complex and beautiful.I'm happy I'm not head over heels in love with it cause I'd be devastated if I were not able to find it ever again.I'll definately be using my imp though.
  15. Vespar

    Katrina van Tassel

    In the imp:Soft,feminine and fragile.The essence of Katrina in a bottle! On wet:Soft and delicate florals,the white rose is prominent but sweetened by the honeyed cream.My nose is glued to my wrist! An hour or so later:The rose and cream have mellowed and are very soft,airy and comforting. Verdict:A beautiful scent that's not overpowering.Sadly,it reminds me of a hair styling gel my brother used to wear and though I'm loving Katrina,my memory links this scent to the gel. I'm not sure if I'll buy a bottle,but I'll definately use up my imp.