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  1. DraloreShimare

    Queen Alice

    In the vial - A weird spicy floral. On the skin - Still weird and spicy - obvious carnation note, and a hint of oddly plastic cider. Has quite a throw, though. Dry - Soapy. :|
  2. DraloreShimare

    Huesos De Santo

    In the vial - A little like butter rum, but with more spice. On the skin - Honey cakes! I can smell the orange glaze, and the buttery sweet scent of cake! YUM. Dry - Soft vanilla honey cake. Still yum~ Definitely a bottle for me!
  3. DraloreShimare

    Lick It

    In the vial - Peppermint. On the skin - Peppermint sticks. Dry - Fades quick, but is pure peppermint stick while it lasts.
  4. DraloreShimare

    All Souls

    In the vial - A sharp, spicy almost aftershave. On the skin - Incense and sharp currant sugar. Dry - Smells like Nag Champa incense.
  5. DraloreShimare

    The Infernal Lover

    In the vial - Sweet, soft, musk with a juicy undercurrent. On the skin - Sweet and soft, with just a hint of musk under the honey. Dry - Honey musk. I have had TERRIBLE luck with red musks. Most of them smell gross after the initial application, but Infernal Lover is a gorgeous scent that goes honey and fruity with just and undercurrent of musk that's completely bearable AND doesn't go gross on my skin.
  6. DraloreShimare

    Blue Pumpkin Floss

    In the vial - Pumpkin, with just a touch of sweet blackberry and a bunch of spices. On the skin - Spicy pumpkin. Dry - Creamy spices. I really love this scent, but I don't get that much blackberry past the beginning. My skin might be sucking that part up...But what I do get is a fantastic spiced pumpkin sugar. Yummy!
  7. DraloreShimare


    In the vial - Creamy soft and sweet. On the skin - Creamy vanilla yumminess. Dry - A deep creamy lingering vanilla. I actually snagged some of this for my SO, who is always using vanilla & creamy scents. But I may have to keep this one for myself, I like it that much.
  8. DraloreShimare

    Sugar Skull

    In the vial - A blast of sharp sugar and fruit. On the skin - The sharp sugar mellows a bit, allowing the fruit to come forward. Dry - Light fruit and sugar. I have a terrible time with sugars, but this has just enough fruit in it to make me consider an actual decant now that I've been able to test it. Hm.
  9. DraloreShimare


    October 2010 In the vial - Sharp, green pines. On the skin - A blast of sap. Dry - Smoky sap, which smells a lot like men's cologne. This is way too green for me. I was hoping for a lot more smoke, and a lot more dry, and got neither one.
  10. DraloreShimare


    In the vial - Citrus & a musky spice. On the skin - Woody oranges! Dry - More of the same, but more spice, less orange.
  11. DraloreShimare


    In the vial - Sweet & fruity. On the skin - Bright and sweet! Definitely bergamot, and maybe a bit of peach. Yum. Dry - Smells a bit like blueberries, actually. Bergamot deepened by musk.
  12. DraloreShimare

    Juke Joint

    In the vial - Soft mint. On the skin - Soft sugary mint, followed by a whiff of booze. Dry - Powdery minty booze. Weird. But I liked it so much wet!
  13. DraloreShimare


    In the vial - Cold florals, I can definitely smell rose in the mix. On the skin - Jasmine. And there are some other faint florals in the mix. But… Dry - Powdery, fruity, weirdness.
  14. DraloreShimare


    In the vial - Blackberries w/rustling grass & herbs. On the skin - Sweet & tart blackberries. :3 Dry - Fades quick.
  15. DraloreShimare

    Frumious Bandersnatch

    In the vial - Spice, sugar, light juicy flowers. On the skin - Juicy spicy floral. Dry - Fades after a couple of hours, though. : (