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  1. Sabir

    Survival horror!

    Baba Yaga and The Ninth Cage come to mind for metallic scents.
  2. Sabir

    Fall 2014 SW Q&A

    I keep a master post for SW questions I've answered before. If there's something you need to know, please feel free to ask! Would you mind (or like) being bombarded by pumpkins? Well it is the Halloween round! I'm ok with pumpkin food things, though I'm not super keen on them. I do like the idea of pumpkin decorated things though. Unfortunately, pumpkin is a BPAL note that doesn't seem to work on me. Boo. Canned goods / baked goods? I'm always terrified of these things going through the mail. I really am. No thanks. Trading Post wants? The Last Unicorn pendent, but it's so expensive. It would go with my signed shirt. Did I mention I'm a big Last Unicorn fan? I don't remember. I met Peter Beagle recently at a cross-country screening tour. It was like meeting God. @_@ I have the first imp pack, but haven't gotten around to subsequent imp packs (in case you need another gift idea). Uh, back to the Trading Post now... I also like the Carnival Diabolique Scent locket and maybe some soap (embalming fluid, miskatonic U, Port Au Prince). I don't really do bath oil or sprays or anything fancy. Would kitchen accessories make you happy? Not unless it's a bottle opener. Can I make you something creative? Is there any sort of art commission you'd like? Yes please, feel free to make me something! There's so many possibilities for things I'd like commissioned, but it depends on what you do (or hire someone else to do). I don't want to push you out of your comfort zone. Art Supplies? I think I really only need Aureolin Yellow for watercolours. I'm getting into Holbein, but Windsor Newton would be ok too. I also need to find some self levelling gel, probably from Golden. If you have no idea what you're doing when it comes to art supplies though, better let me handle it. I need very specific, high quality things. What do you do for fun? Hobbies etc? Worry. heh. No, that isn't fun. Um, I watch lots of movies, read, draw, make things (leather work, crochet), go for walks, photography, gardening (though the season will be over soon). I'm also playing a lot of table top RPGs right now. Oh look the next question is about table gaming! Let me answer you! I'm currently playing a Mage game (World of Darkness) and a Pathfinder game. I think I have all the minis I need, though I do like to collect them. Getting some minis for familiars would probably be nice (tiny hawk, owl, etc). I have a bunch of books on my amazon list. I'm looking for new systems actually, especially anything gothic horror. I'm good for dice. Really. I will not buy more dice. I will not buy more dice... What DVD / game do you wish would magically fall out of the sky into your lap? So I started re-watching Record of Lodoss Wars, but I only have the TV series and the not the OVA series. Both are out of circulation which is a shame since they're classics. I wish I had the OVA DVDs, but I don't even know where you'd find them these days (without paying an arm and a leg for them). I managed to download the OVAs but they don't play well on my media computer. What kind of snacks from other countries would you like to try? All of them. Favourite internet meme, character or pop culture fandom? I do love Grumpy Cat. Pusheen always makes me smile. I'm also Apple Jack from My Little Pony (because each of my friends has a pony that represents them). I'm sure there's more. How important is regular contact with your witch? I said medium contact on my questionnaire, so if you want to pop by and say hi every so often that would be nice. I really just want to know you are out there and thinking about me. I enjoy attention, but at the same time it's hard for me to enjoy because it's counter intuitive to how I feel about myself. I'm hard to get to know, just as hard to shop for and about next to impossible to make happy or excited. Now I feel sorry for whoever my witch is. I'm such a difficult woman. Do you like puzzles, riddle, treasure hunts, etc? YES! I LIKE PUZZWLRES! That wasn't even English... I guess I do get excited sometimes. Music in digital or CD format? Either is fine, though I probably prefer digital. How do you feel about a good luck trinket / charm? Sure, I like symbolic things! I don't know if I'd carry it around with me though, unless it was jewelry or something. I'd probably like something handmade or something that's had a lot of thought put into it. Are you superstitious about anything? My grandmother used to say having peacock feathers in your house was bad luck. They make me uncomfortable for that reason. Most "normal" superstitions I don't subscribe to though. That sort of happens when your birthday falls on the 13th. You start to feel like the "normal" rules don't apply to you, or at least they better not! How about apples? I love apples! Things that smell like apples, taste like apples, nomnomnom! Apples equal fall in my mind. Christmas (Yule) Ornaments? I'm almost always at my parent's house for Christmas and they have all the decorations they need. Hello Kitty? I was never a fan, though I do like cute Asian things. If you had a week free where you could learn anything what would it be? Another language. I'm linguistically impaired. A week is probably not enough. I've tried to teach myself on a number of occasions, but I only get so far on my own. Do you enjoy Poetry? Yes. I've never studied it or anything, I just like it. I like Shakespeare and Sappho. Would you enjoy receiving something related to a favorite Disney character? Elsa? ;________; Does want. I mean I have the Frozen DVD and a lot of the books already. I don't know what else you could get me. Fan art? *sparkles* How do you feel about cute things? Haven't we covered this? I'm made of cuteness. I wear shirts and bags with My Little Pony on them in public. I like cute things. I'm not big into stationary though. I don't think I've written an actual letter in ages. What is something you'd really like to receive from your witch? Please be as specific as possible. Your love. ._____. ugh... not the random shuffle question again... I'm listening to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (the album) as I fill this out. mmmm... Glitter? Why is there glitter THERE?! Because it's glitter, it gets everywhere. No thanks. Smut! Yes or no? If yes, what kink, er, kind? mmmm... porn. Of course I like dirty, sexy, smutty things. I don't really have kinks per se, but I am gay (the girl kind) so I guess that's a "special" consideration. I mean, hetero stuff is ok sometimes, but I kind of need a lady in the picture somewhere. Gay boy stuff makes me giggle. Sorry guys. You're lucky I'm drinking right now witch. Ebooks? I don't have a reader. If you were to get a custom bottle from House of Gloi made for you what notes would create your perfect blend? I've had to really look at this, because it's such a neat idea and I would like to try it, and I think their vanilla note MIGHT actually be ok on me! Hmm, this is hard... 1) Lemon, Cake, Sweet Cream, Vanilla Bean 2) Leaf Pile, Tobacco, White Oak, Woodsmoke If your witch were to take a photograph (or paint or whatever) of something just for you, what would it be? Landscape? Flower? Critter? Something to illustrate a favourite quote? I guess I like all those things, except the quote. What is your favourite Halloween animal or other symbol/decoration? Owls, bats, pumpkins. I've seen some nice things with ravens on them too. Witches and cats are good too, even though I hate cats in real life. Makeup, especially of the indie variety? I like lip balms, tints, glosses. I prefer the in a tube. I could use a good mineral concealer. How do you feel about profanity and off-color humor? Fuck. Hairsticks? No. LARP? I used to a lot, but then I moved, and then I broke my leg and I haven't been back in almost two seasons now. I'd like to get back into it again someday, but the distance is still a problem. I always end up playing "make-up races" meaning I'm covered from head to toe in fur or scales or something other than human type skin. I like characters that are exotic and very different form myself. I'm a human every day, I don't really want to play one in my fantasy realm when there are so many other cool options. I try to make my characters different from each other too, but my favourite kind of character is still probably the "hero." Would you completely freak out if I sent you a chocolate covered scorpion or some other food oddity? Freak out no, but I wouldn't know what to do with it. I think I had of those when I was a teenager, like a bug in a sucker. Ew. Gross. Nail Polish? I haven't worn a lot this season, but yeah it's ok. I like plain colours and sheers. No glitter or chunky, sparkly, weird things. Pearl colours are ok though. Not sure what colours I need/want. Pale yellow or purple. How do you feel about getting a special Halloween plushie? I don't really need plushies thanks. People keep giving me plushies but I don't have space for them. They just kind of sit around and collect dust. I feel bad. I'm in Japan, anything specific you might want from the land of the rising sun? Everything. I would love anything cherry blossom themed, they're one of my favourite trees. Are there any GC scents that you know you love, but for whatever reason, keep putting off buying bottles of? All of them? I don't own any GC bottles. I think the only ones I'd want would be Dana O'Shee and Kitsune-Tsuki. LUSH? I wouldn't mind more lip scrub. The Latte lip tint sounds good too. Any kind of scrub or soap or moisturizer (for dry skin) that they make would be fine. No bath bombs or anything like that though. Is there anywhere (in the US) that you are dying to get away to? New York. Florida wouldn't be a bad second choice. If you are ok with receiving t-shirts, what size are you, do you prefer tissue tees, normal crew tees, babydoll etc? Good question. I prefer fitted / babydoll shirts and I usually need a medium to large in these (large is on the safe side). My bust is 38-40. THINKGEEK!? Meh. Zombies? I like zombies, but I feel like it's "cool" to like zombies these days, which kind of takes some of the fun out of it. God I sound like a hipster. I should be going to the local zombie walk this October. I was sick last year. Would you like arm warmers/fingerless gloves? No. I can't get over gloves without fingers. I also hate the feeling of things on my forearms for some reason. Leg warmers are a different story though. I wear long socks and leg warmers a lot. I'm actually crochetting a pair right now! Significant animals/symbols? There are many! I have five significant totem type animals: dragon (which can manifest as dragonflies), salamander, deer (doe), wolf and falcon. I like trees in general but cherry blossom trees and yews have been significant symbols for me, particularly the ogham for yew. I also enjoy learning about obscure mythological creatures Paintbox Soapworks loves? I do like their Lavender Truffle, Blackbird and Indian Summer. I'd like to try Punkie Night and Whiskers and some of the hot processed soaps. Sample sizes would be nice though. How would you feel if your witch or a minion of your witch showed up in person at your house with goodies? AHAHAHAHA! No one will ever find me out here! If you did, you'd probably get creeped out by the banjos and paddle faster. Do you have a ravelry account? Meh. I use it for finding patterns. I don't really yarn obsess. Sock Dreams? I love sock dreams, though I don't know if I need anything from them right now... of course it's more a want than a need right? I need to go through my socks before winter and get rid of old ones. I JUST used up my gift certificate from the last SW round cuz I'm a derp and forgot about it. I was wearing a pair of knee highs that I got from sock dreams yesterday and I got four compliments. Probably should wear what I have more often! I'm rambling. About socks. Knitted items like scarves, shawls, dishclothes....yay or nay? Favorite fibers? Favorite colors? Get me knitted socks and I will love you forever. I also would like to receive leg warmers! I do NOT need more scarves, dishclothes, or hats! Ok, maybe you can make me a scarf is you are really stuck, but dishclothes or towels will make me turn into a giant green rage monster. Fibre-wise, it doesn't really matter what it's made out of as long as it isn't scratchy and won't shrink! I like to wash things. Colours, I like peachy pinks (coral?), red, orange (fall colours), purple and turquoise or light blue. I guess for socks or leg warmers the colours can be darker too. I might even be ok with black! Is your Amazon WL up-to-date? YES. .________. If you were to receive handmade caramels, would it matter if they were made with raw cream (unpasteurized)? *starts to panic* Does not want! Would you enjoy getting a sampling of quality incense taken from various sources? Are there types of incense you know you don't like? Would you want a burner for loose incense and a few charcoals to get you started with that, or would you rather stick to simpler types? Sure! I'd love to get a nice burner, like a real one! I used to burn loose, but my living situation isn't what it used to be, and I don't feel comfortable burning loose here. Sticks or cones would be better for me right now. I don't really like anything synthetic smelling ("rain" scents or whatever). I like sandalwood, amber and I miss dragon's blood. Would you like handmade stationary or cards? How about a quill pen? I still have some that the lovely vanillabean made for me a round or two ago. I don't use stationary that much anymore. I think I'd just end up breaking a quill pen. :/ On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being "gimme that ghost pepper!" and 1 being "oh, that's a bit too much black pepper for me" Where is your heat tolerance? I cannot handle spicy. A ghost pepper might kill me. I like black pepper though. That's a normal spice that should be put in food. I guess that makes me a 2 or 3. What is your favourite type of Halloween candy? I like candy in general, but I don't like candy corn at all. I don't know if there's any other "Halloween" type of candy out there? Do you need or want any cosy footwear, like fluffy slippers, or slipper socks etc? I don't really like slippers, though I like socks. What do you most look forward to each Fall? The temperature. I don't like it when it's too hot or too cold. I like wearing pants and jackets, but I don't like being cold. Fall is such a good time for cuddles too. Too bad I'm single. What gadgets do you use in your everyday life and would you like a cool case for them - with your favourite fandom or artwork or saying? A DS Pokemon themed case? I have an ipod that probably should be in a case, but cases are always for the thicker models or phones. Are there any beauty accessories you need or would like? Yeah, I don't really have make-up brushes. I should probably own some. I could use a pumice stone too and probably a new nail file. Would you be disappointed to get one big box, or would you prefer a bunch of little ones? And would you be disappointed if your witch actually had it together early and sent it to you sooner than later? Are you for real? I don't see how getting presents sooner would be a bad thing! Honestly, it's up to you. I don't mind either way. I'm not that organized myself. My witchee ain't getting nothing for a while yet. Stores are putting out their halloween PJs and undies! Would you be happy to get any in a package? And if so, what size? For PJ pants, do you like cotton or flannel? *wiggles bum* I need both of these things. I can't even. Where do I buy Halloween pyjamas and panties? Is this an American thing? I'd very likely need a size large to xl. I dunno, if they look small best to be on the safe side. I'm a size 14 roughly. Do you like M&Ms? I don't dislike M&Ms, but I think there's candy I like better, like Reese's, or chocolate bars. How about wax melts? No. Would you like a subscription for Spotify? No? I don't even know what that is. What scents from the Lillith update would you like to try? I'm curious about Amicitia, Hearts for Ghost Friends and Very Pink Surprise Cake. There's not much that grabs me. I'm kind of waiting on Weenies. Would you be interested in receiving a box of sugar cube skulls? No. Skin care routine? Poor. I dunno, I wash, occasionally I use scrubs and I usually moisturize (unscented or something sweet). I use lip balm all the time. I have pretty dry skin. I wouldn't mind getting lip scrub. Is there anything you would like from Salem MA? A hotel reservation? heh. I'd like to visit. I guess something witchy from Salem would be fun. Would you be interested in any of the items in LisaNut's etsy shop? No thanks, I do my own yarn crafts. Spiders (as in cute knit kind) yes or no? No. Pillows (the mostly decorative type)? I hate decorative pillows. It wasn't so bad when I actually had a couch, but right now... I'm good. Any kind of bags - big, small, medium, purse, grocery, etc? I love bags! Anything! Small purses would probably be best. I have a lot of larger ones. Is there anything special coming up in your life? I'm going to China in 2015, but that's a ways away. I have lots of art and craft show coming up this fall. They are already stressing me out. @_@ Christmas is promising to be a big event this year with all my cousins (and their families) visiting. Which one scent would you want from each of the following updates: Metamorphosis, Lilith and GC? Uh, Red-Spotted Purple I guess. None of the Metamorphosis scents really jumped out at me. I think I've answered the other two already. Would you enjoy any of these couple rings? No. I'm single. Would you like some chai, lemon, rose water or other flavoured sugar cubes? No, I don't really use sugar cubes for anything. If you had to choose one currently available book (used-but-obtainable counts if you do used) costing $20 or under for your Witch to buy for you, what would it be? Any of the RPG books I have on my list would be good choices. I might even had to add 5th edition (D&D) to the list, since our game went well today and we might play more. Are there five things under $25 at Birchbox you would like? Witch, you're making me work! https://www.birchbox.com/shop/featured/25-and-under-1/stewart-and-claire-lip-balm (^Tiki flavour!) https://www.birchbox.com/shop/featured/25-and-under-1/c-o-bigelow-lemon-lip-cream https://www.birchbox.com/shop/featured/25-and-under-1/gena-pedi-pro-file https://www.birchbox.com/shop/yes-to-grapefruit-daily-facial-scrub Does this place really not have any lip scrub? I can't find any. Do you want anything from the Fatherhood update at the Post? *has to go look* Captain Lilith and Flying Kites sound like something I could try, but nothing really jumps out at me. Street Art? About as relevant as any other form of art. Depends. I really appreciate this campaign though (I already have a t-shirt): http://stoptellingwomentosmile.tumblr.com If you could only pick one note that you love (e.g. Vanilla, Orange, Lavender, Rose) & you could only wear/have perfume, etc in that note, what would it be? I think Myrrh would be varied enough to keep it interesting, but oI'd probably have to say Dandelion because it's the happiest note of all. What are you interested in from the NYCC exclusive list? Miss Fanny Phippany sounds really good. The rest sound interesting, like The Gas Lamp's Flare, but I'm unsure about most of them. Most anticipated "Weenie blends? Probably Hallow-e'en 1914. I think I'm really going to like it. And of course SN Bonfire! I've ordered decants, so we'll see how that goes! Caffeine or no? And is this a health or preference? I've only started drinking coffee recently and I'm so sure it's bad for me and I want to stop, but I can't. I'm pretty sure caffeine is bad for me, but I won't reject it. Are you interested in anything from the MAC Rocky Horror or the e.l.f. Disney Princess make up collections? This is where a link would have been helpful. I'm not into Rocky Horror, but I'm sure the Disney Princess collection would appeal to me, especially if they have Frozen things. *rolls around* Frooooooozen! I pass this shop every day, If you were my witchee would you like a custom chocolate bar? What would you choose? Plain, white or milk and with what? Everything? Just make me a massive giant chocolaty gooey mess and send it to me! Ok fine, I'll actually look at the yummy chocolate... The heck is "caramel" chocolate? Otherwise dark all the way! Mmm crystallized lemon peel, strawberries, crystallized rose and violet petals, FUDGE PIECES OMG, meringue pieces, mini marshmallows, shortcake crumble... ;___; I want it all. So cruel making me read all that Witch... on my period too. *sniffle... reaches for chocolate bar to stuff in face* Would you like to try chocolate covered Turkish Delight or flower flavoured things (Rose and Violet chocolates)? YAAAAAAS ALREADY! Did you know Witch, I've been to Turkey. It was a long long time ago, but it was wonderful and the real Turkish Delight made fresh is so wonderful! It's not so good when it gets stale or the Westernized version, but I'd probably appreciate it anyway. Mmmm. I'm always curious about flower flavoured things! For those of you who like Fantasy or play Dungeons and Dragons... would you be interested in a custom painted miniature? Sure! It would be cool to get a pirate figure painted as a catfolk (tiger) girl. I'm not sure about my other campaigns right now to be honest. Are there any local or national charities that are close to your heart that you know would appreciate a donation in your name? Not really. Unless there's something that would plant a tree in my name. Maybe. I have two partial (Backup) bottles of some scents on your wishlist, Witchee. However, the labels aren't perfect, due to a tragic imp explosion. Would you still be ok with getting them? It's what's inside that counts. Do you like incense? Or are you more of a fan of essential oil aromatherapy/fragrance oils a la Yankee Candle/B&BW? Or all of the above? What scents do you prefer for those kinds of things? [etc, etc] Haven't we covered this? Yes I like incense! Some sandalwood or dragon's blood would be nice. I don't really keep essential oils around, though I suppose some peppermint couldn't hurt. Small, small bottles. I don't think I'd use them often. Trading Post Weenies are up!! What's everyone interested in? Sadly I don't really do a lot of what the TP does like sprays and bath oils. Candles would be nice. Lots of good choices like Samhain, Dead Leaves and Dark Incense, maybe even Black Pine and Pale Incense. Are you interested in anything from my mom's Etsy shop? No thanks. Do you need any travel mugs, coffee mugs, tea makers, rock sugar, coffee or tea syrups, etc? Hmm, I guess a travel coffee mug wouldn't be a bad idea.
  3. Sabir

    Need some help! Maple? With floral?

    Elegy IX: The Autumnal might be worth a shot? I don't know, that's a wide mix of notes you've got there. I don't think I've seen anything quite like it.
  4. Sabir

    Devils Night Wedding 2016

    Witch Dance did come to mind, as well as Bonfire Night. There are lots of LEs that could fit the bill to be honest. For GCs maybe Black Forest, Oblivion, Rumplestilzchen, or Voodoo.
  5. Sabir


    Shy is a pretty, pink scent but soft and well... shy. I get the sugar and carnation with hints of pear. The vanilla doesn't come out until later and it's fairly understated (thankfully). BPAL Y U tease me with this scent?! It could have been a favourite, a bottle contender! I do hope it's released as more than just a sample in the future. It's a lovely blend!
  6. Sabir

    Meditation in Autumn

    Weird, this is a light, green floral on me. It's the opposite of dusty, desolate and bleak. Others have mentioned a soapy clean, aquatic scent. I don't know where it's coming from, but I have to agree.
  7. Sabir

    Complementing scents for a couple...

    I have to ask, what about woodsy scents? Or does that fall into the spicy/musky category? I'll second Embalming Fluid, Shanghai, The Apothecary, and The Dodo. Kuang Shi and Zephyr could work too, but they have a bit of a musk to them (white musk, but still). I recommend Amsterdam for something light, crisp and clean, even though it has a bit of a floral component. If he's are feeling adventurous, he could also try Anubis. I find it very light and clean but I'm not sure how the myrrh would work for you. For you I'm thinking Bastet and Poisoned Apple. Either of you could probably pull off Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat.
  8. Sabir

    Bonfire Night

    When I saw this brought back for the 2012 Weenies I knew I had to have one! WOODSMOKE! I've had a hard time finding a BPAL smoke note that works on me. This one does even though it seems to fade a bit. I think I'm surprised how sweet this blend is. Must be the treacle, but it could be that the beer and tar are sweeter notes than I expected. I get nothing boozy or bitter from the beer. The scent is kind of warm, brown and sticky, with smoke flavouring.
  9. Sabir

    Past SW Q&A

    A place for commonly reoccurring SW questions! Which GC do you live in mortal terror of being discontinued? Most of my favourites are LEs anyway, but I would like to get a bottle of Dana O'Shee, just in case. I should probably get a bottle of Kitsune-Tsuki too. What three hard to find scents would you love to try? Buck Moon, Leo (2007), Katrina Von Tassel Is there a lunacy shirt you would like to have? *flail* WOLF MOON! I would likely need a large. I might fit a medium though, their size chart confuses me. Do you like sample sized things? Yes! I rarely make it through regular sized products. Gift cards? A-OK! I have some suggestions in my amazon wish list, but you can't go wrong with Chapters or Shoppers Drug Mart. Gently used items? A-OK! E-books? I do not have a reader, so I'll have to pass for now. Are you interested in audiobooks? No. What movie you keep meaning to buy, but never get around to? There are several (check my amazon wish list), but the one I've put off the longest is probably Beauty and the Beast. I'm picky, I want a DVD with the original theatrical release, NOT the one with the new added song in it. *eyeroll* Songs you keep meaning to buy? I just bought a bunch of CDs, but I'm always open to new music selections! Do you like Tea/Coffee/Hocho/other drinks? If so what do you like? I lurv tea! I prefer non-caffenaited drinks so I mostly go herbal (honeybush is a favourite), but I do enjoy white, green and black teas too. Loose or bagged doesn't really matter. I have the stuff to prepare loose leaf. I'm always looking for a nice decaf chai tea. I also like hot chocolate and cider as long as they're not full of sugar (which the cheep ones tend to be). I love coffee but it's bad for me, so I try not to drink too much. How about snacks/candy/chocolate? Go ahead and surprise me! I love all kinds of treats. The only thing I have to watch out for is MSG (monosodium glutamate) which tends to be in processed snacks and meat products. I adore chocolate. The darker the better. With stuff in it or plain. Doesn't matter, I will eat it, though life's too short to eat cheap chocolate. Marzipan? Oh god yes! Booze? As much as I like to drink, I don't think you should send this in the mail. Favourite restaurant or places to eat out? I love sushi and Japanese food in general. I also like Thai, Chinese, and pizza. Recipes/herbs and spices/cooking things? I don't really like cooking, and right now I use my parent's kitchen so I don't need spices or gadgets. I'm open to recipes if they are idiot proof. I'm from Canada/Australia/Timbuktu, is there anything from these exotic locals you would want? I'm open to trying any kind of foreign snack foods you think I might like. (I'm Canadian and good for maple syrup thanks.) Knitted goods and Amigurumi? I crochet, so I don't have much need for knitted things, except for socks! I won't turn down knitted socks! I make amigurumi, so patterns would be awesome! I have enough yarn right now to knit myself a second house, though having more is tempting... Plushies/Dolls? No thanks. I barely have enough room for my handful of stuffies. Knick-knacks? We hates them. Nail Polish? I started painting my toe nails last summer! I'm not big on sparkles or Franken polish. I usually stick to flat colours or sheers. Lip Gloss/Balm/Stick? I normally wear a clear balm, but I'm open to trying other things. I prefer sticks to tins because I hate digging it out of a tin. Tints and flavours are fun to try. Shower Gel? Nope. Piercings and related jewelry? I do NOT have my ears pierced like most ladies, and I don't plan on ever having my lobes done, so no earrings. I have my ear cartilage pierced though and I do like cuffs! Do you like to dress up? Yes. Who would have ever guessed there's a girl under there? Turns out I do like dressing up, even if my dressing up is sort of off the wall. I love boots and skirts and jackets and hats. Maybe that's why I love fall so much? Would you like to receive a Handbag/purse? *shuffles towards bag like zombie* Bag. BAAAAAAAAAAG! Do you enjoy outdoor activities and exercise? I sure do although I have not done much lately. I love camping, hiking and swimming. Gardening? Oh yes. This season has seen me grow a variety of vegetables in containers. Who knew Kale was so hardy? I also have a fascination for "black" varieties of flowers. The season is kind of over, but seeds are ok as long as they are still good until next year. Significant animals/symbols? There are many! I have five significant totem type animals: dragon (which can manifest as dragonflies), salamander, deer (doe), wolf and falcon. I like trees in general but cherry blossom trees and yews have been significant symbols for me, particularly the ogham for yew. I also enjoy learning about obscure mythological creatures. Candles, incense and other smelly goodies? I like candles and incense. In fact I'd love to make my own incense. I make my own loose smudge, but if I could get a binder that works, I'd be happy to try and make my own sticks or cones. I don't really use tarts or oils or other melty stuff, even though I have a burner. Do you like rocks/crystals/gems? Oh wait, I forgot, I'm also a rock nerd. No really, I studied geology in school a long time ago! I like rocks, minerals and fossils! I prefer naturally occurring minerals and crystals, but polished (lapidary) stones are ok too. I collect different varieties of pink minerals (I have plenty of rose quartz). Would you like herbs or "witchy" things? Interesting question, I'm not sure about mailing organic stuff like herbs, so I'll pass. I'm good. I tend to make my own things or find them or grow them. I would like to get a good cauldron/charcoal burner though. Tarot? What's your favourite card? I have two decks already that don't get much use. Depends on the deck but I generally like the Sun. Astrology chart? I've already had this service done in a past SW round by Greenwoodtree thanks! I do generally enjoy astrological things though. Are you a gamer? Where are the Cheetos? heh heh *snort* heh heh. Yes. I'm especially into table top gaming these days. Board games are ok. I'll play them once in a while with friends but I'm not really into them. I've played some collectable card games like Magic, but never quite got into them. I used to be heavily into LARP (live action role play) but I've been out of the LARP circuit for a while due to distance and injury. I'm not playing any LARPs right now, and the future looks uncertain. I generally hate video games (I'm terrible at them). The only exception is the pokémon franchise. I have a 3DS and I'd like to collect ALL the pokémon games. My amazon wish list has a list of everything I'm looking for. I'm currently playing a Mage (Awakening) game and a Pathfinder game. One of my gamings groups is also experimenting with rpg games by doing one shots, so if there's a system out there you think is cool I'd be up for trying it! I'd especially like new Gothic Horror type game systems. I'd love to find a "Werewolf the Apocalypse" book in good condition. What's your Fandom baby? I am a nerd. I love comics/graphic novels, LARPing, reading, cheesy werewolf movies, fantasy, and ancient Egypt. I'm still a bit of an anime nerd as well. I love to dress up in costumes and do crazy make-up with prosthetics and everything (zombie walks or live action role play). I craft a lot of my own things from blankets to period armour. I love art and art history. If you have any questions about any of my hobbies, please ask! I am NOT into Star Wars, Dr. Who, Buffy or any major league sports. Disney fan? Funny how my answer to this has changed with Frozen. I'm strangely obsessed with this movie. I know it's not even that good, but I had to see it about three times in theatres before I could properly process the emotions it made me have. I'm very much like Elsa and my relationship with my sister has some eerie parallels to Anna and Elsa's. Frozen has become a comfort thing for me. I watch it when I'm sad or need to calm down, and I listen to the music a lot. I also spend a lot of time on tumblr, basking in the fan art etc... but you didn't hear that from me! Otherwise, I grew up during the Disney Renaissance, so I love a lot of the movies from that period (The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast), without feeling that it's weird or special to like them. I'm sort of trying to come to terms with the whole princess thing. I never felt very girlie growing up. In fact I rejected most things feminine, like princesses and the colour pink, so I'm kind of "rediscovering" them now, which is exciting but makes me feel like a big dork. Hogwarts House? I've been told by friends and strangers alike that it is Gryffindor. No question about it. Jane Austin? It burns us! Take it away! Is there a particular mythos/time period you like? I'm an Egyptophile. I love ancient Egypt, their mythos and history. I also like Victorian era asthetics. This program may contain nudity, sexuality and coarse language: None of this offends me, in fact I encourage it. Stripper name? According to former co-workers it would be Ginger. Is there anything that scares you or that you don't want to see? I'm ok with spooky/dark stuff, but I'm terrified of ferrets, millipedes and other things that are bendy and crawly. Would you like your witch to reveal their identity? Yes please. Don't feel obligated if you don't want to, it's just to satisfy my curiosity. What's one thing you want, right now, that you're having difficulty finding? Motivation.
  10. Sabir

    Colder and Colder

    This scent is very subtle. When I first sniffed it in the decant it smelled like cold, wet stone. It's different on my skin but still a "cold" scent. I love the mints, but I'm not too sure about the elemi. The white musk is there somewhere in the background rounding it out. It's too close to turning into floor polish on me unfortunately, otherwise it's an interesting scent.
  11. Sabir

    Oak Moon

    There is definitely something nutty in Oak Moon in the bottle and while it's wet on my skin, but this disappears on dry down. Otherwise, Oak Moon is a fairly "green" scent. I smell more of the sap and leaves than I do of the bark. I don't get any "berries" like others have mentioned, but I can see where a certain "edibleness" comes from. It's not quite vanilla, but there is something sweet to it.
  12. Sabir

    The Night Hag Visiting The Lapland Witches

    As Edens Sixth Day pointed out, I think there might be two batches of this. My decant was extremely piney, but I kind of liked it anyway so I bottled up. OMG, what I got in the bottle is even better! The pine is strong, but it's not overpowering the other notes. I'd say it even fades over time. The sandalwood, cypress and frankincense mix extremely well together giving the blend that creamy/smokey-ness others have mentioned. I'm not getting much nutmeg, if any from either my decant or the bottle. On the whole, I'd say this has a very masculine cologne feel to it. The throw is strong and the lasting power is excellent. Two thumbs way up!
  13. Sabir

    Scents to go with coffee shop smells

    I have to admit, the first thing that came to mind was Velvet Dogs playing poker (which is in a similar vein to A Bachelor's Dog). I also think the Phoenix in Autumn would work well. For GCs I've got to say Ogun. I think it would blend well with the coffee smell, but it's strong enough to hold it's own and it's wonderfully masculine. I also think The Lion might work well with the coffee shop smell.
  14. Sabir


    Definitely try The Lilac Wood. Eros also has a nice lilac note in it.
  15. Sabir

    Muse of the Night

    I waffled a lot over throwing this scent into my order. I'm fairly disappointed with the results. The florals are way too overpowering on me in the beginning. All I can smell are the rose, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine. Now that it's drying down the flowers are receding and the current is coming out. I can finally smell the musk too (which is yummy). It's ok dry, but I don't think I'm going to need an entire bottle.