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  1. CiaoBonefish

    New Perfumes | April 2021

    Omg YAY! I'm so glad you loved the Bees' High Tea! It is SUCH a lovely scent, and I was really blown away by my initial foray into NCD! I'm still trying to decide if I want a bottle, but ugh it's just so good!
  2. CiaoBonefish

    New Perfumes | April 2021

    Wanted to do a quick review of the perfumes I purchased this past month so I would have a place to reference in the future: POESIE Twice to Tea (5ml) a strongly brewed cup of Earl Grey tea delicately infused with all natural lavender absolute, sweetened with vanilla syrup, and lightened with a splash of milk. I had gotten a sample of this before, and I'm so happy I finally strung for a full size. It's a sweet scent that has bits of tea, vanilla, milk, lavender, and that sweetness that comes with earl grey tea. It's not super foody but is more of a perfume version of a rather sweet tea if that makes sense. A favorite! Keep. Curiouser and Curiouser (2ml) daisy chains, blades of grass and a rabbithole, a blue cotton frock, airy vanilla clouds. Ok. I need a bottle of this one immediately. I hoped this would be stronger on the grass note, but it is actually stronger on the vanilla. It's fluffy and sweet with a hit of freshness keeping it from getting too heavy. It reminds me of a lighter, fresher BPTP Celeste. Keep, full size wishlist. Always Time for Tea (2ml) countless cups of black tea loaded with cream, treacle tarts, mini strawberry jam tarts. This is stronger on the treacle tart on me than the strawberries. It's like if Twice to Tea had a ton of molasses and a hint of licorice in it. I like it, but it gives me BPAL the Soldier vibes, and in general I prefer BPAL's the Soldier. Keep. White Rabbit (free sample) fluffy white fur musk, kumquat marmalade, lacy carrot flower, a wisp of hay and sweet fennel. This is all musk and hay on me. I got a touch of fruitiness when it first went on, but the musk is really the strongest note here. Unfortunately, "musk" notes (apart from red musk) usually just translate to powder on me. Pass. NUI COBALT DESIGNS Origin Story (5ml) Wide-eyed with wonder, a blank page awaits, our protagonist is poised on the threshold, brimming with potential and limitless possibility. Sunlit fields of oat straw and hay, linden blossom, elderflower, and lavender, late summer pears, and homemade rice pudding. Wear to refresh the mind and restore vitality. It’s particularly helpful in rituals of healing. Need to test. the Bees' High Tea (sample) An uplifting blend to forge lasting connections and cultivate friendships. Delicate vanilla cakes with rose petal preserves, elderflower wine, and Earl Grey tea with a dainty drop of spring harvest honey. Smells like BPAL Lady Una, but BETTER. I need to test this again, but wow how absolutely gorgeous. I might need a full bottle. ETA: after a second test, I don't think I need a full size bottle of this one. It's less "better than" Lady Una and more the juicier version of Lady Una. The honey and jammy rose plus elderflower wine is the strongest combination of scents here and it feels very lush. I think I might amp NCD's honey note because it continues to take over after a while which isn't something I am always in the mood to wear. Lovely, but not a forever scent. Keep. Busy Bee (free sample) A piquant potion for swift and efficient productivity. A blend of Oolong and Tibetan black tea with peach blossom honey, cardamom, and clove, sharpened with pink peppercorn and dry oakwood. Wear this scent for improved focus, diligence, and motivation. This is a sweet, light, honeyed tea on me initially. The peach blossom honey is the star of the show and the spices add a bit of depth without my nose really being able to pick them out. It has a light cozy fuzziness to it as well which goes a bit powdery. As time progresses the honey note gets a bit sharp and really takes over. I liked this initially, but the honey is just too much in this one. Pass. ALKEMIA (still letting this order rest) Acadia (nature's ambience sample set) Balsam fir pine needles and oceanic Atlantic fog tinged with seaweed, bay leaves, saltwater, and charred driftwood. Need to test. First Dandelion (nature's ambience sample set) A springtime daydream of sunny dandelion flowers, green dandelion leaves, and warm dirt. Stronger on the dandelion than the leaves and dirt. Does to powder on me. Pass. Mist Becoming Rain (nature's ambience sample set) Rainwater, mist drenched hazel wood, meadow grasses, sage blooms, orris root, ozone, grey amber. Need to test. Moss Maiden (nature's ambience sample set) A delicately feral blend of ferns, bark, lichen, crushed autumnal greens, and moss I liked this initially, but it turned to a powdery mess on me. Pass. Roll in the Hay (nature's ambience sample set) Dried hay, fresh green grass, early summer wildflower honey, vanilla grass, vanilla leaf, and wild poppy. Need to test. Sandscape (nature's ambience sample set) Sun warmed beach sand, Atlantic ocean breezes, the saline-aquatic scent of drying sea water on skin, and the faintest hints of tanning oil and seaweed. Need to test. Age of Aquarius (BYO sample set) Wild mountain mint, coriander, verbena, and mellow blue lavender bring a far out vibe to groovy green patchouli. Need to test. Sultan's Reverie (BYO sample set) A modern twist on a medieval Arabic perfume recipe. Green cardamom and cassia steeped in cognac, clary sage honey, dried rose petals and leaves, aged copper distilled patchouli, soft leather, sandalwood, vegetal ambrette musk. Need to test. Green Carnation (BYO sample set) A subversively mysterious philtre of carnations, dianthus, absinthe, green patchouli, and bay rum. Need to test. Patchouli Automne (BYO sample set) A hedonistic revelry of dark patchouli, sweet honeycakes, nutmeg, Ceylon cinnamon, ginger root, apples, and a whiff of vanilla incense. Need to test. the Romance of Lust (BYO sample set) The primal elements of desire combined into an alchemy of lust. Randy dirt-sexy patchouli, black vanilla, salaciously sticky honeycomb, and a darkly concupiscent amber infused with botanical pheromones. Need to test. Evil Temptress (BYO sample set) The essence of an inexorable seduction. A naughty elegance of saffron, pink pepper, Ceylon cinnamon, spicy carnations, bourbon roses, pears soaked in honey cognac, cashmeran, hay, tonka, dark caramel, a titilating flick of leather, black opium, and cardamon infused patchouli. Need to test.
  3. CiaoBonefish

    Testing the Collection 2021

    I need to go through my collection, thoroughly test everything, write down my thoughts, and figure out once and for all what I will keep. This blog post is going to catalog my process. I've split all of my perfumes into three categories and will be testing each category before moving on to the next! TOTALS (58) Keep (8) Let Go (7) Need to Test (43) FIRST CATEGORY Scents I Love But Need to Get Reacquainted With Alan McMichael Black Opal - (4/28) Crisp mineral-esque vanilla with a bit of airy powdery feeling. I love this scent, but it does take a hit to settle into the skin and lose it's slightly sharp edge. It's a warm weather scent for me, and even though it goes a bit powdery it's a keeper. It's also difficult to get a hold of so I don't want to sell it and regret it. Keep. Chimera Dragon Chorus Eat Me Endymion the Fairy Market Golletes - (4/20) Lovely, pink, and foody. Of all the foody scents I have, this is BY FAR my favorite. It's just delectable without being too heavy. I knew I loved this. I still love this and need to wear it more! Keep. Hungry Ghost Moon - (4/21) Delicious ginger, ho wood, and rice wine. Slightly sparkly, slightly warm, absolutely divine. I love this perfume. It does go ever ever so softly powdery but not enough to keep me from wearing it. I love how delicate and sophisticated this one feels while also have some playfulness to it. Ok, it's been a while since those last thoughts and unfortunately this goes more and more powdery as it dries. I think my skin just doesn't agree with sandalwood anymore as those perfumes keep going powdery on me. Sigh. Swap/Sell. Inez (5/5) - Sadly I think as time has gone on sandalwood and musk notes now translate as powder on me. I used to loooooove this scent so much, but our time has come. Pass. Kit - (5/4) Straight up woods. Deep, warm, round woods. I like how this doesn't do powdery on me. I want to compare this to other perfumes like Inez and CT: Woods to see if I prefer either of those to this one because I really only need one warm woodsy scent in my collection. This might be it, but it might not! Lady Una - (4/24) I adore this scent. It's soft berries and honey and milk and an absolutely comforting scent. However, Nui Cobalt Design's the Bees' High Tea smells JUST like it... but BETTER. It also lasts way longer on me than Lady Una. I will keep this for now because the scent makes me nostalgic, but I might make it a goal to finish this one up sooner rather than later. ETA: I retested this alongside tBHT and low and behold I actually prefer Lady Una. The honey is more understated in Lady Una and it's more of a creamy but slightly fresh scent while tBHT is more juicy and honey berry. Keep. Lantern Ghost of Oiwa - (4/21) Soft florals, a hint of wood and tea over a bed of rice wine which smooths things over, and a bit of mint to brighten the whole thing. The florals are a bit powdery if I get in close, but the general waft is really lovely. I need to compare this to Hungry Ghost Moon because I remember them being similar, but I'm not sure if I need both. Just tested HGM, and yeah it's just way more my vibe with its added ginger while giving me a similar feel to LGoO. I think it's the ho wood and rice wine that ultimately connect them in my mind, but HGM is less powdery. Swap/Sell. Mag Mell - (4/21) Mag Mell, Oh how I loved you but now I think our time is up. I've just had this bottle for too long. This used to be my favorite bright spring scent with ginger and sage and and amber. It was my favorite, but I think I am now in need of a fresh bottle because it's gone to powder in the past 10 or so years and I really think this has just gone off. I prefer Arcana's Gehern over this one for when I want a fresh ginger verbena scent. Dispose/Recycle. Midnight on the Midway No. 93 Engine - (4/22) This honestly has just gotten even better with age. Herbs, resin, besswax, and benzoin. It's golden, spicy, and rich, and it's really mellowed out with time and isn't so sharp anymore. Keep. Old Moon 2008 - (4/22) Wintery, forestry goodness. Smells just as lovely as the first time I wore it. It makes me so nostalgic as it was the first bottle I bought off of the forum. It's more of a room scent to me than a perfume sent, but it's absolutely perfect for winter. Keep. Paduan Killer Swarm - (5/2) I forget how much I love this scent. It's sweet, cozy, resinous, and warm. The tonka and licquorice are at the forefront when it is wet, but when it dries down the spices and woods come forward to make it feel a little less juicy. I wish the woods and spices didn't overtake the juiciness so much, but it's still an absolute cozy favorite of mine, perfect for fall. Keep. Roses, Pearls, and Diamonds Sunflower Tarot: the Star - (4/21) This honestly smells like a lemon version of Mag Mell but with more musk and without the . This scent is pretty sentimental to me, and until I find the perfect lemon scent, this one will be staying in the collection. I honestly just find it difficult to let go of. I'm curious how layering this with more foody scents will go? Keep. Theodosius the Legerdemain - (5/4) I like the idea of this scent, but it doesn't really smell like tea to me. It smells more fresh and laundry-esque with a hint of woods. I don't mind this scent. Especially when it has been a while, it's quite nice. It's just not something I think I really want to wear as a perfume anymore. Pass. a World Where There Are Octobers - (5/2) Paper-esque, peppery, a bit sharp. It's a crisp autumn day. No sweetness, just straight up atmospheric vibes. I don't wear this often, but I think I need to break it out more as a layering scent with more warm or juicy blends. I feel like it would temper them in a way. Especially warm autumn scents! It's so unique and definitely a keeper for me. Keep. SECOND CATEGORY Scents I Haven't Worn in Forever Alice Ava the Bear Prince Carnaval Diabolique Clara (Arcana) CT: Woods - (5/5) Just straight up woods with a foody bready vanilla note to it. I like it, but I'm pretty confident I would never actually wear this one. Pass. East African Black Patchouli Edith Cushing - (4/20) I enjoy this on initial application, but over time this just turns to powder. This is mainly a powdery sandalwood with a hint of vanilla underneath it all. Too powdery for me. Swap/Sell. Fluffing the Bunny (Arcana) Love Makes Monsters of Us All Ranger Samhain 2011 Samhain 2013 Samhain 2014 Smut Sumatran Black Patchouli Talvikuu Yucca Giant Skipper THIRD CATEGORY Scents I Know I Love and Wear Adam Astrid's Diadem (Arcana) Celeste Gehern the Troll (Arcana) Haint (Arcana) Hand of Glory My Little Grotesque Samhain 2010 Snake Oil Snow Flakes Snow White the Soldier Tamora Temple Viper Tristran Wulric the Wolfman Zombi
  4. CiaoBonefish

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Ohh I want to play! My top five are probably... 1. Samhain 2. Hand of Glory 3. Tristran 4. Mag Mell 5. Zombi
  5. CiaoBonefish

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    It looks to be the most recent, just without the latest Plague update! It's really a fantastic spreadsheet! I'm currently using it to compile a separate spreadsheet that is a little more organized for myself with separated tabs for Yules, Lupers, Weenies, Retail Exclusive and Event Exclusive, GC, GC Unimpable, etc. It's taking a while, but once I'm finished it is going to be so great to actually be able to see everything in neat categories
  6. CiaoBonefish

    A Low Candle-Lit Room

    Wet on Skin: This starts off pretty strong with the beeswax. It is golden and warm and sweet, sweeter than just plain beeswax like in the Lights of Men's Lives. It feels like it may have something heavier rounding it out. I can't really smell the wood, leather, and ash, but they seem to give the scent a bit of weight and a ton of throw. This was really strong! Dry: When this first dries it is still that round golden beeswax scent with a ton of throw. At this point it is a little nondescript and perhaps a little much. After an hour or so, however, the musk, wood, and leather really begin to make an appearance. They give the scent a hint of dryness and smoke to it. It has an almost parchment quality to it mingling with the sweet beeswax. It is far more to my taste now and is less sweet and less powerful. It sticks a little closer to the skin. Overall: I adore this scent, and if you like beeswax heavy scents this one will really appeal to you. The reason I tried this initially was because it has beeswax and leather. This is a favorite combination of mine because of Hand of Glory, and I was hoping it would smell similar. It does smell a little similar though this one doesn't have much leather in it, just a tad. In the wet stages the two aren't similar, but as it dries and sits on the skin I see more and more similarities. I love this scent! If you are looking for a sweet golden beeswax scent that has hints of musky smokiness and leather grounding it, this one is for you. I bought a bottle
  7. CiaoBonefish

    Lovers and a Fan

    Wet: This is predominantly coconut and saffron. The combination is almost chocolate like which is interesting. It is very smooth and creamy, and if this scent had a color it would be white. Process of Drying: This seems to get more nondescript as it dries on me. The chocolate note is gone now and it is more sweet and papery in a way. It's like the scent has dried up a little and isn't creamy. I can also smell the coconut more now and less of the saffron. Drydown: STOP RUINING ALL THE PRETTY LUPER SCENTS FOR ME COCONUT! I'm amping the coconut like crazy and all I'm left with is dry sugar coconut, very nondescript. Overall: It was revenge of the coconut on my wrist today. First with Ivory Vulva and now with this one! Alas, the coconut in them just amps on me and because of such they are just not for me. I've noticed other reviews being similar to mine about the dusty coconut, but since the scent started out with this interesting chocolate and milk and saffron kinda vibe I'm chalking up the fail to my skin chemistry.
  8. CiaoBonefish

    Ivory Vulva

    Wet: This is pretty foodie when wet. Oddly enough I feel like I'm getting a not-sweet rice pudding type note with a hint of spice and may be some milt creaminess. I think the amber is giving it that almost spicy quality to it, but honestly the spiciness smells like really nice subtle cardamom to me. This smells kind of like a middle eastern (Pakistani or Indian) dessert right now! Yum! Process of Drying: This smells kind of like Kheer which is a Pakistani rice pudding type of dessert. It is sweet, but not quite as sweet as it was when I initially applied it. The notes are melted better together and it has a very warm toasted quality to everything. It also has a hint of nuttiness with the macadamia milk and the amber, but it isn't bad. Normally I can't stand nutty scents, but this one is nice because of how dessert like it is. I will warn you, however, that the coconut note in this is now a little dry and is trying to take over everything. Stop it coconut, just stop it. Behave! Dry: I hate you coconut. You've taken over everything. Just stop it! Yes, I like smelling like coconut, but I wanted to smell more like that gorgeous rice pudding spicy nutty toasted coconut dessert that you were at first. Sigh. Overall: My skin chemistry is really finicky with coconut. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and sometimes it just takes over. In this scent it really just took over and I'm left with a nondescript dry sugary coconut scent. You had so much potential Ivory Vulva, but clearly we were just not meant to be.
  9. CiaoBonefish

    Venus Verticordia

    Wet: Sweet sweet florals. These are gorgeous sparkling sweet florals that aren't heady but are fresh and joyful and so effervescent! I'm not getting any honey which is good because honey tends to go really weird on me. Dry: This scent dries extremely quickly! This scent isn't quite so in your face now. The sweetness has mellowed out a bit, but it is still predominantly sweet wildflowers and meadows. It is a really gorgeous floral scent. It is robust without being heady and floral without being refined. It has this almost untamed quality to it that is so appealing and pretty. I can feel the honey adding a tint of golden sweetness to everything at this point, but it isn't going weird on me which is really good! It just adds another layer of prettiness to everything if you know what I mean. Overall: I liked this scent. I think the wet stages and the initial dry down are when this scent is at its best. As time goes on, this scent gets closer and closer to being heady and loses some of its youthful tone. After a while it is just too much for me. I wish it had a bit more softness and subtly to it, but it is still lovely. I don't think I could wear this for prolonged periods of time because the florals are pretty sweet and I don't think I could take it, but if you are looking for a wildflower scent, this is really the one to try! It has a really lovely fresh sweet quality that is pretty unique compared to other florals I've tried. The florals ended up turning a little powdery and heady on me after a while, but that is probably just my skin chemistry. Regardless, I'm happy with my decant and will not be needing a bottle.
  10. CiaoBonefish

    Venus Murcia

    Wet and in Decant: This starts off very bright, grassy, and springy! This scent is almost effervescent! It reminds me a lot of Mag Mell at this point actually because it has a similar tone to it. I almost feel like this has a bit of gingery bite to it. I'm not really getting any honey here and the scent has a touch of sweetness, but hardly any really. As it Dries: As this dries the grass and the musk become more prominent. It isn't as bright as before, but is instead more herbal feeling. I think that this is even less sweet than before, but it feels a little more mellow. Fully Dry: The grass and musky notes have mellowed down and are no longer sharp at all. The scent also has a delicate sweetness to it. It isn't as rich as honey, but it is almost airy and like wisps of honeycomb. I'm also not getting much ginger any more, and it is smooth and really quite pretty. Overall: I know I said initially that this reminded me of Mag Mell, and that wet stage really did, but as this dries down it turns into something else. The dry down isn't smooth and warm like Mag Mell, instead it is sweet and green and musky while still feeling bright and fresh. It's a very pretty scent! I'm not sure if this one will be a bottle purchase, but the more it wears on me the more I like it!
  11. CiaoBonefish


    In the Decant: Wet cool and slightly minty, not the peppermint kind but more of a fresh snowy mint if that makes any sense. I also detect a hint of something floral, it isn't lavender though, something slightly warmer than that. Right now this watery mint note is dominant. Wet on Skin: The mint immediately dissipates into more of a cool snow scent which is clean and ozone-esque. There is something slightly musky about this, a green or blue sparkling kind of musk, may be white musk in combination with something else or may be some kind of blue/indigo musk that Lycanthrope mentioned above? This warms up considerably on my skin and the floral note is far more prominent now, it is kind of like a soft warm floral. A white warm floral? It is sparkly and musky with whips of clean floral and now after a while right before this dries down completely the mint is making more of an appearance. Dry Down: Weird. Toothpaste. Inky blue musky kinda thing with may be a hint of papery dry floral. This one does not like my skin apparently. Overall: This isn't for me. My skin doesn't like it and the floral and toothpaste is just not doing it for me which is so sad because for a while this seemed promising and the musk is pretty, but that toothpaste mint is just not going to work.
  12. CiaoBonefish

    All Souls

    All Souls 2013 Wet on Skin: This starts off very food and bread like with a fruity edge. Pretty much, it smells like Eat Me, but the fruit here is a bit more robust and tart. Once this begins to dry I detect the incense a lot more. It is a pretty incense with a sweet edge to it, almost sugared, not unlike the one in Midnight on the Midway (the two scents have very different feels to them by the way, not dupes, just saying). I'm losing the fruit now and am mainly getting sweet slightly sugared incense with a hint of a food cake-like edge. On the Way to Drydown: This is such a morpher! Now I can definitely smell the currant more and the incense is definitely sugared. The foodiness is definitely on the side now, barely noticeable. Dry on Skin: This is all sugared incense all day every day, the same sugared incense from Midnight on the Midway and Fairy Market. There is a soft currant scent mingled with the sugared incense which gives everything a bit more of a juicy feel, but I don't get any more foody cake like notes whatsoever. Overall: I am surprised by how much this scent did a one eighty. I was hoping for sugared incense + currants + cake/Eat Me, but instead I got an almost purely sugared incense scent. Now, don't get me wrong, I love sugared incense, but I have other scents I love more with the note like Midnight on the Midway and Fairy Market. I don't think I'll pick up a bottle of this, but I would be very tempted if I didn't have either of those scents mentioned above. The sugared incense note is very beautiful, I just wish there was more cake in this! I may try layering this with Eat Me though, and if that combination proves amazing, I may actually pick up a bottle of this.. The Weenies this year, man, they're killing me. So many amazing bottle-worthy ones!
  13. CiaoBonefish


    Wet on Skin: Initially this is all vetiver all the time. I find vetiver to be very deep, earthy, and even slightly smoky with a hint of nuttiness about it. I am getting a hint of woods, the balsams I think which are smoothing the edges slightly and making the vetiver a little less feral. I don't get a hint of clove at all which is great because I'm not a fan of clove at all. This vetiver is surprisingly alright so far because usually I find vetiver heavy scents too overbearing. Dry on Skin: As this dries the vetiver deeps into the background and relinquishes some of its nuttiness. I'm surprised by how much the patch and the balsams and the oak moss are coming out now! It smells like a lovely combination of deep leafy woods and vetiver. It is a rich warm scent without much dryness at all. I think the most prominent note is the patchouli on me with vetiver coming in second and hints of balsam peaking through here and there. Overall: Wow! I love this more than I thought. It reminds me of Samhain without the apple and with added vetiver and woods. Samhain but deeper and more eerie, more feral. I don't think I will pick up a bottle of this, but I do enjoy it quite a lot, far more than I expected. In all honesty, any kind of variation of Samhain can do no long in my opinion, but nothing will ever beat the original Samhain!
  14. CiaoBonefish

    Alice in the Pumpkin Patch

    Wet on Skin: Oh this is so pretty! I didn't even realize I would love this so much! I am getting a milky vanilla with some rose and pumpkin. I feel like there is carnation helping to blend the rose and the pumpkin together better, but wow. So pretty! Also I detect cinnamon, but it is more like a cinnamon sugar and I don't really smell any other spices. I'm getting an almost sparkly quality from this scent. Dry on Skin: The carnation is much more prominent now and what I'm getting full on Alice with this slightly food slightly bready pumpkin. The pumpkin is really subtle and is more of a food tinge really, but it gives so much depth to the milk, rose, carnation, sparkle combination that I love so much in Alice. The rose, carnation, pumpkin combination is more beautiful than I expected. Overall: Oh, I love this. I didn't think I would love this as much as I do, but I think it may surpass Moroccan Pumpkin Patch as my favorite Pumpkin Patch of the year! I think I may need a bottle. I often wear Alice to sleep and this to me is definitely a day time Alice to wear while out and about!
  15. CiaoBonefish

    Samhain in the Pumpkin Patch

    Wet on Skin: Like a softer Samhain with a bit of extra pumpkin. It is far warmer than the original and less patchouli heavy. I am finding that the spices-quality in the scents is becoming more apparent in this pumpkin patch version. Also, this one is slightly sweeter than the original Samhain. Dry on Skin: The patchouli blooms more on my skin as it tends to do with my skin chemistry and now this smells almost exactly like Samhain, but only slightly slightly softer. Almost like Samhain which has been aged for a few months. Overall: Well, on me this smells almost exactly like Samhain. I think if you found the original Samhain to be too harsh, then I would suggest giving this a go. As for me, I always get a bottle of Samhain every year because it is my all time favorite scent (I go through about half a bottle of it each winter/fall which is really crazy for me) so I won't be needing a bottle of this! I'll keep a hold of the decant though just because it is Samhain