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BPAL Madness!
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Testing the Collection 2021

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I need to go through my collection, thoroughly test everything, write down my thoughts, and figure out once and for all what I will keep. This blog post is going to catalog my process. I've split all of my perfumes into three categories and will be testing each category before moving on to the next!



Keep (8)

Let Go (7)

Need to Test (43)



Scents I Love But Need to Get Reacquainted With

  1. Alan McMichael
  2. Black Opal - (4/28) Crisp mineral-esque vanilla with a bit of airy powdery feeling. I love this scent, but it does take a hit to settle into the skin and lose it's slightly sharp edge. It's a warm weather scent for me, and even though it goes a bit powdery it's a keeper. It's also difficult to get a hold of so I don't want to sell it and regret it. Keep.
  3. Chimera
  4. Dragon Chorus
  5. Eat Me
  6. Endymion
  7. the Fairy Market
  8. Golletes - (4/20) Lovely, pink, and foody. Of all the foody scents I have, this is BY FAR my favorite. It's just delectable without being too heavy. I knew I loved this. I still love this and need to wear it more! Keep.
  9. Hungry Ghost Moon - (4/21) Delicious ginger, ho wood, and rice wine. Slightly sparkly, slightly warm, absolutely divine. I love this perfume. It does go ever ever so softly powdery but not enough to keep me from wearing it. I love how delicate and sophisticated this one feels while also have some playfulness to it. Ok, it's been a while since those last thoughts and unfortunately this goes more and more powdery as it dries. I think my skin just doesn't agree with sandalwood anymore as those perfumes keep going powdery on me. Sigh. Swap/Sell.
  10. Inez (5/5) - Sadly I think as time has gone on sandalwood and musk notes now translate as powder on me. I used to loooooove this scent so much, but our time has come. Pass.
  11. Kit - (5/4) Straight up woods. Deep, warm, round woods. I like how this doesn't do powdery on me. I want to compare this to other perfumes like Inez and CT: Woods to see if I prefer either of those to this one because I really only need one warm woodsy scent in my collection. This might be it, but it might not!
  12. Lady Una - (4/24) I adore this scent. It's soft berries and honey and milk and an absolutely comforting scent. However, Nui Cobalt Design's the Bees' High Tea smells JUST like it... but BETTER. It also lasts way longer on me than Lady Una. I will keep this for now because the scent makes me nostalgic, but I might make it a goal to finish this one up sooner rather than later. ETA: I retested this alongside tBHT and low and behold I actually prefer Lady Una. The honey is more understated in Lady Una and it's more of a creamy but slightly fresh scent while tBHT is more juicy and honey berry. Keep.
  13. Lantern Ghost of Oiwa - (4/21) Soft florals, a hint of wood and tea over a bed of rice wine which smooths things over, and a bit of mint to brighten the whole thing. The florals are a bit powdery if I get in close, but the general waft is really lovely. I need to compare this to Hungry Ghost Moon because I remember them being similar, but I'm not sure if I need both. Just tested HGM, and yeah it's just way more my vibe with its added ginger while giving me a similar feel to LGoO. I think it's the ho wood and rice wine that ultimately connect them in my mind, but HGM is less powdery. Swap/Sell.
  14. Mag Mell - (4/21) Mag Mell, Oh how I loved you but now I think our time is up. I've just had this bottle for too long. This used to be my favorite bright spring scent with ginger and sage and and amber. It was my favorite, but I think I am now in need of a fresh bottle because it's gone to powder in the past 10 or so years and I really think this has just gone off. I prefer Arcana's Gehern over this one for when I want a fresh ginger verbena scent. Dispose/Recycle.
  15. Midnight on the Midway
  16. No. 93 Engine - (4/22) This honestly has just gotten even better with age. Herbs, resin, besswax, and benzoin. It's golden, spicy, and rich, and it's really mellowed out with time and isn't so sharp anymore. Keep.
  17. Old Moon 2008 - (4/22) Wintery, forestry goodness. Smells just as lovely as the first time I wore it. It makes me so nostalgic as it was the first bottle I bought off of the forum. It's more of a room scent to me than a perfume sent, but it's absolutely perfect for winter. Keep.
  18. Paduan Killer Swarm - (5/2) I forget how much I love this scent. It's sweet, cozy, resinous, and warm. The tonka and licquorice are at the forefront when it is wet, but when it dries down the spices and woods come forward to make it feel a little less juicy. I wish the woods and spices didn't overtake the juiciness so much, but it's still an absolute cozy favorite of mine, perfect for fall. Keep.
  19. Roses, Pearls, and Diamonds
  20. Sunflower
  21. Tarot: the Star - (4/21) This honestly smells like a lemon version of Mag Mell but with more musk and without the . This scent is pretty sentimental to me, and until I find the perfect lemon scent, this one will be staying in the collection. I honestly just find it difficult to let go of. I'm curious how layering this with more foody scents will go? Keep.
  22. Theodosius the Legerdemain - (5/4) I like the idea of this scent, but it doesn't really smell like tea to me. It smells more fresh and laundry-esque with a hint of woods. I don't mind this scent. Especially when it has been a while, it's quite nice. It's just not something I think I really want to wear as a perfume anymore. Pass.
  23. a World Where There Are Octobers - (5/2) Paper-esque, peppery, a bit sharp. It's a crisp autumn day. No sweetness, just straight up atmospheric vibes. I don't wear this often, but I think I need to break it out more as a layering scent with more warm or juicy blends. I feel like it would temper them in a way. Especially warm autumn scents! It's so unique and definitely a keeper for me. Keep.



Scents I Haven't Worn in Forever

  1. Alice
  2. Ava
  3. the Bear Prince
  4. Carnaval Diabolique
  5. Clara (Arcana)
  6. CT: Woods - (5/5) Just straight up woods with a foody bready vanilla note to it. I like it, but I'm pretty confident I would never actually wear this one. Pass.
  7. East African Black Patchouli
  8. Edith Cushing - (4/20) I enjoy this on initial application, but over time this just turns to powder. This is mainly a powdery sandalwood with a hint of vanilla underneath it all. Too powdery for me. Swap/Sell.
  9. Fluffing the Bunny (Arcana)
  10. Love Makes Monsters of Us All
  11. Ranger
  12. Samhain 2011
  13. Samhain 2013
  14. Samhain 2014
  15. Smut
  16. Sumatran Black Patchouli
  17. Talvikuu
  18. Yucca Giant Skipper



Scents I Know I Love and Wear

  1. Adam
  2. Astrid's Diadem (Arcana)
  3. Celeste
  4. Gehern the Troll (Arcana)
  5. Haint (Arcana)
  6. Hand of Glory
  7. My Little Grotesque
  8. Samhain 2010
  9. Snake Oil
  10. Snow Flakes
  11. Snow White
  12. the Soldier
  13. Tamora
  14. Temple Viper
  15. Tristran
  16. Wulric the Wolfman
  17. Zombi
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