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    Island Ugljan, Croatia
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    Whitechapel - to be continued... Notes: White Musk, Annis, myrrh, to be continued...

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    perfumes (really???), civic sector, volunteering, non-formal education, youth work...
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  1. Ankica

    Velvet Tiger

    In the begining, it was like a mix of almond, pumpkin (which i hate) and now, after 4 hours, it is woody and calmer...
  2. Ankica

    Poisoned Apple

    Apple, apple, apple... just apples.
  3. Ankica


    Goddess of Strife and Discord, constant companion and sometime consort to Ares. She is a fickle, chaotic Goddess of Bedlam whose greatest passion is the sowing of dissention and turmoil. A suitably disjointed scent, bursting with gleeful mayhem: wet fruits and sharp mimosa with Martial spices and a deceptive flash of floral. For my taste - too fruity. reminds me of rubber candy
  4. Ankica

    The Bow & Crown of Conquest

    I love when lavender hides itself inside of scent... It is masculine a bit (or a lot)... I will give it to my husband to try... I like it and wouldn't mind wear it. maybe even mix it with another one.
  5. Ankica

    The Lady of Shalott

    Like a water full of flowers. Calm and warm.
  6. Ankica

    Bien Loin D'Ici

    I didn't find myself in it... I expected totally different smell... cannot even explain...
  7. Ankica

    Rose Cross

    Pure Rose. In the begining a bit warmer, later a bit thiner...
  8. Ankica


    I want to test how it smells on my husband because on me is very very dark and dry... Like a dark coffee bar with no ventilation
  9. Ankica

    To a Woman

    Specially in the beginning: It looks like a rose, with strong smell, left on a dusty road near woods... later: It is more calm, more patchuli, less rose (but still dominant) .
  10. Ankica


    First 10 minutes - I've remembered that I need to go to collect olives with my folks.. Don't like it. After, cedarwood calms down entire situation. It is very calm, I would recommend this scent everyone who is searching for some peace. Very nice. Too bad it disappears quickly...
  11. Ankica

    Love's Torments

    If this is how vetiver smells, than I don't like vetiver. And I usually do. One me... just like someone said: Dark green. Herbs. Like unloved tea.
  12. Ankica


    a bit of dust a bit of tropic a bit of evil grin
  13. Ankica


    Perfect description from creator! So dirty and earty that I don't know if I scratched my hand on the ground or I used this perfume Very very very interesting...
  14. Ankica

    Dance of Death

    Orris powder orris. Everything is in beneath it...
  15. Ankica


    Cherry Cherry baby Like dry Cherries... left on the grass...