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  1. torikitty

    Pumpkin Spice Blood Kiss

    Yes, mulled wine! I mostly get cherries and wine. Maybe a hint of clove, but not much pumpkin spice. And considering I tried Blood Squib Snake Oil on the other arm, which is super cherry, this feels like a dusty, “antique” cherry. I guess I associate wine with “antique”? I’d recommend this for wine lovers, maybe clove lovers, but not pumpkin spice lovers. Sweet and fruity lovers could be hit or miss.
  2. torikitty

    Thirteen (13): April 2018

    This smells great in the bottle. Like wine, maybe some chocolate. I agree that there's some similar notes from Tzenzon Tchotochin, spicy and herbal like that. And something that smells a bit like the leather in Perversion. Unfortunately, there's something in here that goes to oud on me, not sure which note. Not super cat pee, but something that sticks around and overpowers the wine notes.
  3. torikitty

    Frosted Apple Gingerbread Atmosphere Spray

    I LOVE this! I wish I could find more. It's such a comforting holiday scent that is evocative of baking, and I can vaguely pick up on the apricot. But none of the spices feel overwhelming or artificial, which makes it even better.
  4. torikitty

    The Kangaroo

    I think I was expecting something different. This totally reminds me of brown sugar and cinnamon instant oatmeal.
  5. torikitty

    Waltzing Matilda

    I had a similar experience as soupy twist. It's like a green fig, and possibly grass. Or something earthy that is starting to decompose. I can see "dead leaves" fans, who don't want a foodie experience, really digging this.
  6. torikitty

    Popcorn Ball Snake Oil

    Yes! Someone else already mentioned it, glad I wasn't the only one that noticed it, too. I wanted to come here specifically to mention it's super similarity to Snake Can! If you didn't get a chance to snag that, this comes in close second. Not that there's a 1:1 similarity between popcorn and salted nuts, but I think there's something between how they interact with Snake Oil that is similar. Salty and sweet? If you're a Snake Oil lover, or a Mouse Circus lover, this is wonderful!
  7. torikitty

    Butterscotch Latte

    I agree, coffee is an afterthought. This is mostly butterscotch. It's great, and the sillage is nice. It hangs out for a while.
  8. torikitty


    Wet: definitely cake. pumpkin spice wiggles it's way forward slowly. drydown: dry and spicy cake wet: the vanilla goes plasticy, sadly. It's a nice pumpkin cake/bread in the background, though.
  9. torikitty

    Goblin of Yuletide Present Atmosphere Spray

    Can’t believe I forgot to review this! Still enjoying it immensely! It’s a bit lighter when first sprayed, but once it dissipates, a lovely cinnamon orange clove fill the room. So lovely and festive!
  10. torikitty

    Sweet Potato Musk

    Trying out the 2019 version. In the bottle, it smells like the yumminess from Sweet Potato Souffle that one might encounter over the holidays. Not quite pumpkin, but the same buttery, spicy, food thing. ♨️ And my skin is warming up slightly from the cinnamon, so people with sensitivities do need to be careful. The red musk becomes more apparent as it dries down. I can pick out the oat thing that people mentioned previously. It's a really pretty blend that I think most foodies will adore.
  11. torikitty

    Coffee Bean, Cardamom, & Vanilla Pod

    Sweet cardamom, light coffee, hint of vanilla to round things out. It's surprisingly not overpowering, and the cardamom stays as cardamom with my chemistry. Oddly enough, this ends up smelling a bit perfumey from far away. I guess designer perfumes use cardamom? It's pretty, and I can see this being a gateway perfume for getting people into BPAL.
  12. torikitty

    In Necessarias Unitas

    The oud and vetiver immediately stand out to me. It does warm up with the honey, but it still stands out as cologney to me, too.
  13. torikitty


    2019 version. cinnamon, spices, citrus. kinda smells candley. I can see spicy punch. I was expecting more wine, but this doesn't quite deliver. Still smells great, it would make an awesome atmo!
  14. torikitty

    Gingerbread, Tobacco, & Tonka

    delicious, chewy tobacco hiding amongst the sweet, cakey gingerbread cookies. Tobacco starts out strong, gingerbread eventually catches up. I've never been able to pick out tonka, but the tobacco probably overpowers it anyway. So good!
  15. torikitty

    The Knave of Hearts

    Huh! I haven't reviewed this yet. I think this is hard one to nail down, and reading reviews kinda skews my perception of it. This might be the only rose scent from the lab that I can stand, and I can tell I'm still amping it. So, yes, rose, but like rose perfume sprayed on linen. This reminds me of my grandmother's house. The currant tart definitely turns this on it's head, though. I don't get sweet bread, I don't get juicy berries. It's like someone took a red currant linzer cookie, and mashed it into a linen napkin that had been sprayed heavily with rose perfume. And I'm sure my chemistry is heavily affecting my perception of it. Turns out, this is GREAT mixed with The King of Hearts, and turned into an atmo spray. The berryness and pastry really comes out then, and feels more like raspberries, with the rose and rosewood from King, just supporting it.