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    Reading, books (lots of books), tarot, knitting, animals, dogs, cats, gardening, cooking, baking bread, music, movies, playing the ukulele, fountain pens, notebooks (the paper kind), books, more books. Also, analog photography, sketching, and walking barefoot.
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    Living Flame, Dorian, Sudha Segara, Hetairae, Black Forest, Old Scratch, Wings of Azrael, and some others - but mostly I like variety in my scents! Jasmine and I don't get along, just like most fruits and berries. Dragon's blood is often bad on me as well (which is a pity because I love the name!). I tend to do well with vanilla and amber, and I like fig (although not when combined with other fruit, it seems). I think I like violets, most resins, some nuts. Ginger and mint are often great. Aquatics and (white) florals tend to go shrill on me; roses are nice, but can become a bit overwhelming. Still haven't figured out which musk works well and which don't. I'm unfortunately allergic to cinnamon!


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  1. Hedera


    This imp is at least five years old, so the scent might be different from a fresh one! Edit: well, I've just found my notes from five years ago - and they are exactly the same as these! Word for word the same in a lot of cases, even. Guess the imp (and my taste) didn't change much with age! - In the imp; Nice, a bit sweet, light and cheerful. A hint of almond, but not too much. This is promising! I like almonds, as long as they're not too dominant, and I'm always looking for a light, sweet smell. - On me, first 10 minutes: alas, all almond disappears immediately. I get a short whiff of something nice, a bit musky, a bit ambery, but that is gone within minutes. What is left is a sweet, light, generic floral smell; not unpleasant, but not remarkable, either. Sort of like you'd expect a handcream to smell, something inoffensive that people won't notice too much. I continues to smell faintly floral for about an hour or so; it's not a strong scent at all, with very little throw. It doesn't have the harshness that some florals can get on my skin, so I guess that's good. There's nothing not to like really - it's just that there isn't much to love, either. - On me, after an hour and a half; it's almost completely gone now. Oddly, now that the flowers have mostly left the stage, there is the faintest trace of almond left on my skin; like almond dust at the bottom of a box that used to hold dried flowers. It's really quite nice, in a slightly dull sort of way, but very hard to detect. Conclusion; I might hang on to the imp for a while, but probably I'll just frimp it to someone. Too bad, from the name I was expecting something much stronger and more sultry!
  2. After discovering Alice recently, I think it would do the same for me. Also Dorian is very cheerful and comfortable, and Maiden, and Santa Muerte, which is like a huge, sunny, yellow rose on me.
  3. Hedera


    Curiouser and curioser indeed, since the first thing that hits my nose is sweet almond. Not unpleasant, but it does make me feel like I'm a puff pastry. The almond immediately fades almost entirely though, and what is left is a very light, creamy scent, which I love. I don't specifically smell any carnation or bergamot, maybe a bit of rose now that I know it's supposed to be in there, but it doesn't get amped up on my skin the way rose usually does. It's just a very pleasant, light, familiar scent, probably the closest to 'me, but better' I've found so far. It also reminds me of a lighter, more subtle and more flowery version of Dorian; this is what the baby would smell like if Dorian and me had a child together. I was a bit worried yesterday if it wasn't too light, if I would even notice it, but I put a bit more on this morning and I think it will be fine. There will probably be a bottle of this in my next order, unless I can get my hands on some before that, since it's a perfect summer scent for me!
  4. Hedera

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Oh, wow, thank you so much for showing those! I love Midway too, it's wonderful. Can't wait to see it irl!
  5. Hedera

    Scents for late summer into autumn

    Regan reminds me of those last warm, sunny days, when the light is all golden and comes in at a low angle. Sort of late August through to September, when the light hits the trees with their already changing colours.
  6. Silk Road, to me, is like a hot blast from an exotic country.
  7. Hedera

    Blood Pearl

    Eeep, my first review! (well, the first I post, anyway) - In imp: Mmmm, interesting. A little sweet, a little red flowers, a little freshness. Not bad! - On skin: Yum! A warm, rich scent which reminds me a lot of Living Flame, with a little less amber and something a bit sharper mixed in. - 5 mins: Hm, very nice. Still a lot like LF but less sweet - there's something else there I can't place, something dark. Could be the orris, or the blood musk. - 30 mins: Still very nice. Some sandalwood too perhaps? There's something firm and strong here, not quite dangerous, but it could be, if it wasn't held in check by the amber. I might need a 5 ml of this... - 1 hour: all in all, it's quite similar to LF but less friendly and comforting, a bit more stern and wily. It's rather powerful and heavy, with a good throw and staying power, but it also has a gentle, sweet side to it. - 4 hours: Still quite a lot of scent left. It goes well with sweat, too, which came in handy the day I tested it. Theoretically, I would have thought it too heavy for warm weather, but in pratice it mingles nicely and doesn't get overwhelming. All in all, I think this warrants a bottle. It's warm and spicy but not too heavy, a little floral and ever so slightly fruity. Not cute sweet little white flowers, but big, lucscious, sultry red flowers. The fruit - ripe grapes, perhaps, purple and swollen and juicy in the summer sun? There is an almost serious undertone, too, which carries the sweeter notes and gives it an interesting edge.