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  1. bunnyechoes

    The Unquiet Grave

    In the bottle: A cold, chilly scent of flowers laying on a cold grave. Wet on skin: The floral notes show a sharp facet. I suppose that’s the frankincense or sandalwood peeking through but they don’t make the scent warm at all. The white roses do leave the impression of being frozen, and this image is only strengthened by the white gardenia note, which doesn’t go soapy. The frankincense and roses remind me a bit of mint but it’s not overpowering. Dry on skin: As the blend dries down, it seems as if the bouquet itself dried out and the petals fell on cold marble. Much later on, I only detect vanilla orchid and perhaps some sandalwood or frankincense. It's very lovely and I'm happy I bought it.
  2. bunnyechoes

    Sonnet D'Automne

    It starts out as a wave of white musk, accompanied with dry leaves. There is some detectable sweetness in this blend. There is perhaps a hint of incense but my skin mostly screams MUSK, which turns out to be just a little bit soapy. That’s a bummer. However, the soapiness is sweetend by a minty freshness that is later somewhat masked by vanilla/cocoa combination. It gives the scent a certain, although faint, creaminess that becomes more prominent for a smidge while the soapiness finally fades. When the blend is totally dry it turns into a full-on laundry detergent. Not a keeper.
  3. White musk is almost always a disaster on my skin. Sjofn & Oberon are my two WM Unicorns. No soap, no high-pitched unpleasantness. Good, from the RPG's, is almost a Unicorn. I keep trying my imp, and it's really nice, but eventually the WM starts to rub me the wrong way because it seems to be longer-lasting than the notes that were balancing it. The sounds really good, especially Sjofn and Good! I will have to try them.
  4. For those of you whose skin turns white and blue musk to soap... Which perfumes with musk notes play nicer with your skin (ie. don't go to the soap territory)?
  5. bunnyechoes

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    I'm afraid it's something like 45 days for us internationals... Fingers crossed it'll start moving again very soon!
  6. bunnyechoes


    In the imp: sweet champagne with green notes that I can't really recognise at this point. Wet on skin: it's not green anymore but kind of sparky, sweet and fresh. Is there grapefruit in this? It smells grapefruit-y. Dry on skin: For some reason it turned sweet/sour but then back to sweet with a teeny tiny, tiniest hint of powder. Yum. I suppose the powdery feel is due to the white musk. It's got some nice throw. It's not huge but it's all around me. It definitely lingers on for a while.
  7. bunnyechoes


    In the bottle: cocoa, intermingled with vanilla and rice milk. Wet on skin: It starts off as a very concentrated cocoa, which is noticeable right upon application (it's rather sticky, too!). The oil itself is chocolate brown. I get some spiciness, possibly from those Indonesian oils, whatever they might be. Rice milk gives it a lot of creaminess so that the perfume becomes foodier than its older cousin Snake Oil but also smoother. Dry on skin: it doesn't morph to much but it does get less sweet with time. Cocoa is present throughout but rice milk goes away in favour of teakwood. It gives off a polished, warm quality. However, this wood doesn't have a homely scent; it's rather dark and mysterious. Like that big wardrobe in your strange uncle's house in which he stores various peculiar items. Cocoa works with it nicely.
  8. bunnyechoes

    Abduction of Proserpine on a Unicorn

    In the decant: basically all three notes, melded together. I can't tell which note is blackcurrant or pomegranate but sandalwood acts like a nice woody but also incensy base. It's a bright and playful scent but not in your face and not "young". I imagine an elegant grown-up wearing it. Wet on skin: sandalwood is in the front but it mingles with blackcurrant quite nicely. Pomegranate is the shiest of the bunch, just occasionally peeking through. At this point it reminds me of coffee for some reason. It's as if this grown-up person decided to chill out a bit and have a cup of coffee. With perhaps a slice of a blackcurrant and pomegranate cake that actually avoids being foody. Sandalwood is kind of sharp, though. Dry on skin: Hello there, pomegranate! Now it's in full bloom and it smells so lovely. The perfume still doesn't smell foody, although it's sweet. The other two notes are hidden somewhere, letting pomegranate shine through. Later, I can detect sandalwood again. I think it smells slightly like pencil shavings on me. Longevity and throw: The throw isn’t something to write home about but it’s potent enough. I can smell it around me for a while but then it transforms into a skin scent. I reapplied it during the day but I can safely say it lasts for more than 6/8 hours. Awesome.
  9. bunnyechoes

    Midnight on the Midway (2015)

    Lightning splits the sky, illuminating the skeletal skyline of the carnival rides: sugared incense, flickering blue musk, and night-blooming flowers. I received this one straight from the lab a bit less than 10 days ago and wore it today for the first time. In the bottle: it smells like sugared incense with sharp floral notes. I can't actually pinpoint the flowers because I don't know which flowers bloom at night nor what they smell like. Wet on skin: Right upon application, I get a sense of electric storm ravaging a carnival. Something in it goes soapy on my skin almost immediately, though. It's either blue musk or maybe ozone but it could also be some sort of rose if it is in this perfume. Otherwise it's sweet and incensey but at this point, soapiness prevails, which saddens me a bit. Dry on skin: The soapy note had calmed down a bit. Now I can detect the ozone and some night-blooming flowers in the distance. The storm had passed. Blue musk had turned a bit powdery but it seems rather cuddly to me. After a few hours I can't smell the soapy note anymore. I actually quite like this perfume but it sure needs some aging. I’ll retest it next month.
  10. bunnyechoes

    Sugared incense

    Great, thank you both! I think this'll be a nice scent for me – I like sweet fragrances that aren't heavy on fruit so this one should work fine!
  11. bunnyechoes

    Sugared incense

    I'm about to order Midnight on the Midway. Is the incense here anything like nag champa? I find that one sort of sweet and I love it so I wonder whether MotM would be a good choice for me.
  12. bunnyechoes

    Deadly Nightshade Honey

    In the imps: it smells like a dangerous, herbal honey. Not sure how to describe it with other words! Wet on skin: it mostly smells like dark honey, strongly so, with herbs hanging around. It reminds me of something medicinal as others have already said, and it's quite strong. Dry on skin: it doesn't morph much so there really isn't anything else I feel like I need to add. However, once it's fully dried and winded down, it reminds me of something plasticky note but it's not really unpleasant. In fact, I believe this scent is just the remaining trace of honey. It never was particularly sweet or bright. Conclusion: I could still smell some honey 12 hours after application, and that's what makes me like it. I like my perfumes long-lasting, haha. When freshly applied, it has a good throw but when it fully dries down, it stays closer to the skin.
  13. bunnyechoes

    The Grave-Pig

    In the bottle: it smells kind of sweet, mixed with some mushrooms. It's an intriguing scent and completely new to my nose, perfume wise. Wet on skin: at first I can smell some sweet fig, joined by oakmoss soon after application. I can’t smell the mushroom caps and patchouli just yet, I don’t think. It smells kind of like tobac. There is no tobac note in the perfume, as far as I know, but whatever it actually is, reminds me of tobac. Dry on skin: the perfume's sweeter than in the bottle, and there’s also more patchouli, finally. In general I don't love patchouli but I like it here because it doesnt drown out the rest of the notes. I can still catch the smell of oakmoss, and I like it. It’s a nice scent. Kinda on the sweeter side but also mossy and not really fresh. It’s unusual but I can see myself wearing it most of the times, especially during winter.