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    Scents: Sudha Segara, Fire Pig, Embalming Fluid Good notes: tea, milk, grapefruit/citrus, ginger, lychee, apple, pear Bad notes: amber, copal, and any related resins (except dragon's blood), possibly bergamot, cherry blossom


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  1. Coming back to BPAL after a decade of plenty of stress and looking to refocus on myself. I'm looking for something similar to Fire Pig, which was my go-to for several years when I had a whole bottle of the stuff. Thanks for any help -- know it's a very old scent.
  2. Esatres

    Sugared incense

    You might give Loi Krathong a try, though it is a very different beast from Snake Oil or the like. The incense in it is not like others I've tried...more of a wood undertone. I think the coconut bark gives it a nice sweetness.
  3. Esatres

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    Need a little help finding a substitute for Ether, from the Steamworks (listed as "Translucent blooms, ethereal white resins, and davana.") It's a little sharp on me, like a green chemical of some sort...and I have no idea what it is in the blend that does this. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  4. Esatres

    Cake, cookies, donuts, baked goods, even Cinnabon

    Chimera = Cinnabon. No doubt about it.
  5. Esatres

    Dragon's Milk

    I'm going to quote this review, because it is essentially how Dragon's Milk turns out to be on me: public restroom.
  6. Esatres

    Ars Moriendi recs

    Embalming Fluid is one of my favourites in Ars Moriendi. It's a really nice citrus tea that evokes 'summer' more than it evokes 'death', though.
  7. Esatres


    In the imp: Cinnamon EXPLOSION Wet on skin: Really warm cinnamon, with myrrh lingering in the back, providing a bit of smokiness. Very reminiscent of cinnamon buns, as many have already mentioned. So far, no hint of copal. Drying: Absolutely gorgeous cinnamon. Not dry or sharp. Very full and warm, which can probably be attributed to the myrrh and copal in the back. Honeysuckle drifts in and out, but the focus is definitely the warmed cinnamon. So far, copal is doing okay on my skin. If it is indeed similar to amber, then when dry, I can expect epic failure. 1 hour later, dry: Play-Doh. This pretty much proves that anything with amber, copal, or any related resin goes to play-doh on my skin. I can't wear it, but if your skin handles resins, this might be the perfect cinnamon blend.
  8. Esatres

    Rose Red

    My boyfriend always gives me the most amazing roses for Valentine's day (except for that one time when the roses came with other flowers that I was allergic to, but that's a whole different story). This perfume smells exactly like those roses. The strength of the rose scent is tempered by this fresh greenness and really presents as a well-rounded scent. As it fades, the "green" scent comes out on me more though, with the rose taking the backseat. I wish I slathered so that I could have an excuse to buy a ton of bottles of this stuff. Love it.
  9. Definitely fifthing (or whatever ) Candy Butcher. It's definitely the most chocolatey, even though its throw is inferior to Boomslang. If you're looking for 70% unsweetened cocoa, Candy Butcher is it.
  10. Esatres

    The search for "Clean" scents - general discussion

    I'd say: Aizen-Myoo Embalming Fluid Shanghai Kumiho Sea of Glass Obatala/Milk Moon 07 The Apothecary Yemaya Fire Pig Xanthe, the Weeping Clown Talvikuu Generally, when I think "clean and fresh", I think of aquatics/ozone and wet fruits...the composition of the list above reflects that. This is generally the category of scents I like to wear the most, since many of the notes are agreeable with my skin, so your mileage may vary with some of the things, most notably the "bubblegummy" note that some people get in Xanthe and Yemaya. Also another word of caution, Obatala and Milk Moon 07 smell exactly alike on me, though Obatala is more "fresh" when wet, I suppose.
  11. Esatres

    The Candy Butcher 2006

    In the imp: faint...chocolately and creamy, but faint. On skin, wet: Unsweetened cocoa, dead on. Very dry and dusty-like, but absolutely chocolicious. Dry: Stays true to the beautiful cocoa scent in the wet stage. Unfortunately, if I slather tooo much, a strange metal-like note creeps in there. I suspect this is the cream going wrong on my skin, as Dana O'Shee does this as well. Other than that...absolutely lovely. Loving this little imp, may end up buying a bottle. edit: Boyfriend says it smells like ether. He's dead wrong, but it is unfortunate that I can't wear it with reckless abandon around him. =\
  12. Esatres


    In the imp: wet coconutty goodness....very sweet. Drydown: Still coconutty...a little sourness coming out, probably from the milk. I seem to have a problem with that note. Dry: So I've put Obatala on one wrist and Milk Moon 2007 on the other. After the drydown, I can't tell the difference between the two. Obatala is absolutely a dead ringer for Milk Moon 2007 on me.
  13. Esatres

    Milk Moon 2007

    Imp: Creamy, fruity sweet. Really quite lovely. I definitely get some grape/pineapple feel here. Wet: About the same as in the imp. The honey comes out a bit more and sweetens the fruit. There is definitely a "tropical" feel here. I don't get any fig or pomegranate, but I get pineapple and grape. >_> Dry: Well...I think "urine" would be the most accurate description. I have no idea how a sweet, tropical, fruity scent dried to smell like urine, but it did. If someone wants this imp, I'm definitely open to giving it away. A total failure on me. *sigh*
  14. Esatres

    Fire Pig

    In the imp, it's definitely aaaall lychee. Very little citrus, and definitely no dragon's blood or peony...or anything else, for that matter. Wet, it's still extraordinarily fruity, but there's a little dragon's blood showing up, I think. It's something more "deep" than fruityfruitfruit, that's for sure. Dry, on me, it stays very fruity, but gets some kind of "dry" edge. Maybe the wood/resin/bamboo just backing up the fruit. Overall, this scent is...happy. That doesn't really describe it fully, but there's an intangible feeling I get when I sniff the scent. Or maybe I just really love lychee. Who knows. Love this though.
  15. Esatres


    I honestly have no idea what anyone else is talking about here. On me, all I get from Talvikuu is sweet berry with a slight woody touch. Maybe I got a bum imp or something (?). Fortunately, I love the berry scent and am glad that pine isn't flipping out and amping like it usually does on me. It's very refreshing and clean...not like the "death of the year" at all.