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    Knitting, gaming, knitting some more, spinning (wool), SCIENCE! and math books, Ancient Greek and old French literature.
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    Myrrh and opoponax, musk, ambers and copal, galbanum, lavender, rosewood, fig, champaca, coconut, opium, cypress, galangal, high john essence, olive blossom, sometimes ozone, honeysuckle, narcissus, black currant, and vanilla. I tend to smell best in dark, resinous scents, though I also tend to like snowy scents and sun-aspected scents, though I'm scared of the real day-ball. Fruity and foody aren't my bag and any of their notes tend to jump out of a blend and scream at me, though apricot and honey can usually hang around without causing a ruckus, and I'm finding myself obsessed with coconut all of a sudden. I try to avoid vanilla, but I'm still sort of a sucker for it. Cajeput, civet, milk, cedar and linen go bad on me. I have not yet found any scent I like that's got anything to do with blood (dragon's or otherwise), wine, dirt, or patchouli, which makes me sad because that's about a half of the catalog. Favorites at the moment are: Seance, Hades, Anubis, Death of the Grave Digger, Masabakes, The Lion, Tzadikim Nistarim, Mercury, Sol, Sylph, Gemini, Chimera, Urania, Yog-Sothoth, Frau Holle, Lyonesse, Defututa, Coyote, Eden, Brown Jenkins, Event Horizon. But I am always curious and willing to try something I haven't tried before. Gimme your best shot!


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    Sun in Gemini, Moon in Libra * Ascendant in Sagittarius, Jupiter in the Eleventh House * Venus in the Fifth House * Sun in the Seventh House * Sun Opposition Ascendant * Mercury Opposition Ascendant * Moon in the Tenth House * Saturn in the Tenth House Jarvenpa's brilliant (and flattering!) read: http://www.bpal.org/index.php?s=&showtopic=41153&view=findpost&p=482522
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  1. aedes

    Lead Phoenix

    Boom! Deep, dark, plum - smells like a timpani sounds. Base note junkies take note. Herbal elements emerge steadily - first tobacco, then cypress, then hemlock as the plum becomes more of a memory. Every sniff seems different from the last. In the end, I think I smell the lettuce as an almost menacing high note in a big, serious chord. This is a scent for war, sh*t-kicking, the final showdown, no more Mr. Nice Guy. If I had to kick down a door with a gun in my hands, this is what I would wear. I love it.
  2. aedes

    Gold Phoenix

    I agree with previous assessments - reminds me a lot of Sol Invictus. A somewhat sharp, assertive, masculine gold scent. I think it's the verbena. The acidity slowly fades and the ambers take over in the end, but I think I'll stick this one on my guy.
  3. aedes

    Quicksilver Phoenix

    Predominantly lavender at first. After a few minutes, a dusty, dry, papery yet acrid, almost musty smell on me. Unfortunately I think my chemistry's just not right for this one. It ends up smelling like moth balls on me.
  4. CDXXXVIII High John Snake! Definitely smell High John Essence, or something just like it, mixed with Snake Oil. I love high john, so this is perfect-o.
  5. aedes


    A strong shot of fresh, wet pine with hints of some kind of nutty wood and a mild berry behind it. I'm guessing something like chestnut and blackberry or maybe black currant. Not cloying or too sweet at all, just a very subtle, lovely accompaniment to normally harsh pine. This may be one of my favorite pine blends so far.
  6. And what I get is a big, beautiful blast of lily of the valley. Maybe narcissus or some other spring flower. But, yeah, that heady, springtime, slightly peppery lily makes O its backup singer. Really nice! Perfect for this time of year and I think it was a judicious partnership of notes. I'm calling it "O o' the Valley" in my imp box =)
  7. CLIII Ginger Snake! Definitely got the spicy playfulness of ginger, with what I think is a creamy copal dry down, mixed of course with the spicy smoothness of Snake Oil. What a keeper!
  8. aedes


    Oh man, I was loving it, then it turned masculine-soapy on me. Shoulda known, what with the ambergris, woodmoss, and naked dude and all. Silly me!
  9. aedes

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    MCCCV (1,305) The person I got it from described it as bright, possibly resinous and ozone, and I think I agree! It's funny, though, when I sniff it in bottle, I get a prominent note of... mustard? Spicy mustard? Not impossible, I'm sure, but I don't like mustard, so I got very worried. But on, it blends out to a bright solar-type scent. Probably lemongrass or bergamot, amber, and possibly a little frankincense and yellow flower like marigold, sunflower, or chrysanthemum, with maybe a bit of ozone. The sun and the sky. Either it's incredibly faint (it's got to be over a year old by now) or I'm getting a cold, or both. But I like it!
  10. aedes

    Al Azif

    I just get maple syrup. Not evil maple syrup. Not maple syrup poured over dark amber gods and their offerings. Just maple syrup. I mean, GOOD dark amber maple syrup that you buy from the sugar shack up the road but still costs more than printer toner. I don't like foody, but this is off the beaten path enough that I think I'll keep it, especially for when syrup season starts up.
  11. aedes


    Interesting! I don't like foody scents, but this is pretty good! Apricot-y and warm. A lazy summer afternoon or a cozy sweater. I think the white musk gives the impression of softness and haziness and keeps it from smelling too foody.
  12. aedes


    I smell cedar, patchouli, and coconut. Now, I love coconut, but I can't get over the dirty smells of the other notes. Earthy scent lovers, take note!
  13. aedes


    Starts out honey-sweet, then quickly goes playdoh and... spearmint? Weird!
  14. aedes

    Event Horizon

    Oh, AWESOME! Total instant classic for a base note junkie like me. Got the black, prickly, somewhat spicy and clean scent of labdanum and benzoin, and the opium and opoponax take it on home to dark creamy goodness. The orchid isn't too strong, just enough to keep it from being too masculine. Reminds me of Hades without the cypress or Laudanum without the sassafrass. Totally stocking up on this one.
  15. aedes


    I got straight up lavender + patchouli, which makes a lot of sense symbolically. Air + earth. Get you there and back again. Keeping you alert but relaxed and grounded. I love lavender and all, and I travel enough that I really want a scent just for those times, but sadly my nose just can't abide patchouli. I keep trying, but I can smell even the smallest amounts of it from a mile away and it just stands out to me. I would be way too self-conscious wearing this in an airport. All I could do is think "patchouli. patchouli. I smell like patchouli. does anyone else smell it? are they trying to avoid the girl over there who smells dirty? patchouli." So I'll have to stick to my lavender + cinnamon Mercury for traveling.