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  1. Lyanna

    Pink Snowballs

    ...... I have the distinct feeling that the 2011 version is different than the 2009 version. I almost didn't recognize it when I sniffed the bottle and had to check the label twice. There is a strong ash-like scent underneath the rose, sugar and vanilla. Maybe the lab gave the 2011 version a stronger "snow" scent? I don't know ... I'm sad though, cause I was ecstatic to finally be able to get a bottle. I need to retest, cause I tested this after a long long day in the office, on a very cold arm and in a cranky mood. Also, it came straight out of the package with no possibility of warming up first. Possibly it smells completely different come tomorrow, so I'll come back and edit when I've thoroughly tested it. It could also be a question of aging.
  2. Lyanna


    Ooooh, I love this scent! Wet on it's a huge whammie of grapefruit and orangeblossom in tha face! Wakes you up instantly. Upon drydown, some warmer scents creep up and ground the scent firmly. I love how it's zingy and bright and pinky orange, and warm and golden and fuzzy at the same time. I don't think it has a huge amount of staying power but eh, slathering it is then. For me this is definately a keeper. Yes, it turns a little bit soapy, but I'm weird and I actually kind of like that. So yup, I'm on the lookout for a bottle
  3. Lyanna


    I just received the 2011 version in my mailbox and it is the first incarnation of this scent I've had the pleasure testing. I can already tell that this will be one of my favourite fall perfumes in the time to come. It's a very dry scent, and I understand the references to leather. It's not as bitter as leather though - but it definately has that ring. I smell mostly dry wood and leaves, mixed with a sweet and warm patchouli and some cloves and spices lingering in the background. No apple or fir for me. It's that perfect blend of warm dry wind in the autumn air when the days are starting to get chilly but the sun still has the capacity to warm you up. Very, very lovely. A definate keeper, and I'm glad I ordered this unsniffed. I also have the idea that this will age really beautifully - the blend will become more rounded I think and the sweet patchouli a little softer and warmer still.
  4. Lyanna

    Autumn Cider

    I just got this in the mail and it was the one scent I was dying to try. I'm going to edit this over time, since I've just thrown it on. In the bottle: whoa cherry? Hmmm ... I thought this was supposed to be apple? I think it is probably the cinnamon that goes a little cherry like and reminds me of those hot cherry/cinnamon fireballs. I get not much apple nor any butterscotch or orange. Wet: ahhh, there is the apple! My nose still insists there is cherry in there too. Inhaling deeply the cinnamon actually stings the back of my throat - it's the nice and dusty kind that I really love. I'm now also getting a zingy edge which is probably the citrus in there and some of the allspice and cloves. No butterscotch to be found. Dry: oh booh this turns into sweet 'n sour candy for me, with no apple or juicyness or cider anywhere to be found. And here I thought this might be my holy grail apple scent. Alas, not so. I think this will be one I will not wear often, so it goes on the swap pile. I'm having my hopes set on the glittering/black/green apples that are still coming my way. I has a sad now
  5. Lyanna

    Harvest Moon 2011

    This is a pretty spicy scent! My collegue came to my desk and wondered why she was smelling clove and peppernuts/pepernoten (a typical Dutch Sinterklaas/Santa Claus kind of treat which are just hitting the stores around here at this time). It's a very apt description of this scent. Clove, spices and the dry leaves are definately in the foreground, making this a dry scent. I can feel the woodsmoke in the back of my throat when I sniff deeply, it's a little peppery. The scent is not bitter though, there is a sweetness that lingers around which most likely is the plum. I've been wearing this for three hours and it is now a very nice well blended scent which still has a considerable throw - since my collegue could smell it from five feet away. I think this one will age beautifully. Definately a keeper and I'm glad I ordered a bottle unsniffed.
  6. Lyanna

    Blue Morpho

    I just received this, and I am already pretty sure that this will be one of the scents I will grab very often. I am completely in love with the cool, crisp, juicy quality of this beautiful blend. In the bottle it is sweet, bright, fresh and very, very well blended. I suck at picking out notes, but the pikake and honeysuckle are obvious, but luckily they are not so heady that they are headache inducing. On skin it first turns a little louder and sweeter and then dries down to a beautiful sweet acquatic floral with a considerable throw. I had just put it on when my SO walked into the room and his very first comment was: boy, do you smell good! Win! And crushed that I did not order a backup bottle.
  7. Lyanna

    Pink Snowballs

    I absolutely adore this scent. I neither have Snow White nor Rose Red, so can't compare, but it smells a lot like MMU's Rose Cuddle to me - which is one of my favorite scents and sadly no longer available. Pink Snowballs is the perfect combination of vanilla and sugary roses to me and I absolutely love myself when I wear this - it makes me feel womanly, happy and upbeat. The perfect smell for when a day starts out wrong and you need a pick me up. It has considerable staying power too, though in the end the sugary vanilla dissipates and a soft sweet rose remains. I hope for a return come Yules, and if not, I am forced to find a bottle elsewhere
  8. Lyanna


    This was a frimp from the lab, and because of the name I left it alone for a long time since I expected a cold chilly graveyard kind of smell Boy was I wrong. I get vanilla and something sharper that almost smells like tobacco, but is most likely the cedar. It morphs on my and turns into a combination of vanilla and a chocolatey note underneath which has me sniffing my wrist constantly. It's an aged frimp, almost two years old, and it really shows - the blend is so well rounded and lovely. It lasts quite a while on me too - but after several hours the deepness of the smell fades a little and it becomes warm, vanilla and comforting. This is definately a keeper and great for colder weather.
  9. Lyanna


    I so much wanted to like this, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. In the imp: whoa, predominantly leather, mixed with patchouli and sandalwood. Quite bitter. Wet: Here come the musk and vanilla, but they are still dominated by the leather and sandalwood. It's a very masculine smell on me at that moment, but not bad. Dry: my skin unfortunately eats all the sweetness and leaves me with a very strong leather smell. So much so that it made me nauseous, and this actually was the first BPAL smell ever that I had to wash off. meh So sad, cause I think the concept is awesome.
  10. Lyanna

    The Peacock Queen

    I've found it. My rose signature scent. Absolutely lovely - nothing artificial, old lady or soapy about it - just one beautiful lovely fresh bouquet of roses scent and it has a staying power to last you all day. This just dropped on the doormat today and I'm glad it's the first imp I tried out in the package, I've been smelling my wrist all day. I need a bottle. Hell, I need backups!
  11. Lyanna


    I think my skin eats roses. Or better, it first amps them, then eats them. Meh. Bottle: whoaaa roses roses roses. Wait, is that cinnamon? Wet: Rose rose rose rose with a very vague dusting of something sweet and spicy which must be the cinnamon. I like, but I would have liked the cinnamon to rear it's head more. Dry: Rose rose rose ..... fading rose. Very slight rose. Soapy rose. What? Wait, where did it go? Close, but no cigar. Would have loved it if the cinnamon was more prevalent and if the staying power would have been a lot longer. I am keeping on to the imp though, because I DO quite like it, even though it's not my holy grail rose scent.
  12. Lyanna


    I absolutely need a bottle of this - it's a gorgeous smell. From the get-go there is ferns, herbs, absinthe, flowers and a sprinkling of sugar on me, and the smell only deepens and blends the longer I wear it. The stingyness of the herbs and ferns recedes a little, leaving me with a wonderful fresh, sweet and clean smell that I just love wafting around me all day. Which it actually does! Good throw, longlasting, lovely!
  13. Lyanna

    The Lady of Shalott

    Yes, I like this one. It's not up there in my all day favorites, but it's nice enough to wear. The tangy undercurrent again reminds me a little of celery, but not as badly as in Szepassony, and it fades quickly. What I extremely like is that it has staying power — I can still smell it! It now has faded down to an incredibly fresh scent that reminds me of fresh laundry, nice.
  14. Lyanna


    From the description on here, I had expected to love this as most of the descriptions talk about fresh, acquatic, rain on flowers etc. I don't think the scent agrees with my skin — from the get-go it smelled like a celery stick on me unfortunately. A little salty and stingy with a slight sweet undertone. By now it has dried down to something mildly sweet and unoffensive with a touch of ozone, but the first two hours it smelled really off. It must be a reaction with my skin. Too bad! On the swap list this goes.
  15. Lyanna

    Strawberry Moon 2009

    This is ok. In the bottle it's "whoa what the hell" — a very tart, tangy, sour smell where I can barely detect any strawberries. In any case it isn't the artificial strawberry smell you have on strawberry candies. Wet: pretty quickly the extreme tartness wears off and in it's place comes the tangy fresh sweetness of picked strawberries with stems and all. Not bad at all! Dry: pretty much the same. It doesn't have a huge throw and I won't be surprised if it doesn't last all that long. I like it, but it's not something I would reach out for and wear very often. For now definately a keeper.