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  1. gamermouse

    Couple Reading Erotic Scroll

    I don't know why this isn't more popular. Out of the mail box, it's fantastic. Juicy blackberries and sweet rice. The bergamot isn't that noticeable, but there is a fizzy undernote creeping in the longer I sniff it. On the skin, the bergamot emerges for a citrussy blackberry smell that is absolutely delicious. It's a smell reminiscent of fruity bubbly or champagne and the tea is delicate. A whisper in the background.
  2. gamermouse

    Beltane 2008

    It's a flower festival and warmth and everything that I wanted to love about Samhain but made for the spring. The mint comes out to play in the early stages but eventually fades away. Mugwort comes in and out at fleeting intervals, here for one sniff then gone for the next. It's a beautiful and lively scent. I love this most once it has dried down and the mint is gone. That is the best stage, when it's all flowers and wood.
  3. gamermouse

    Firethorn Berry Tea

    Fresh from the mail, it is perfect. I only expect it to improve in the coming days as it settles from the long journey to me. At first smell in the bottle, it was pure, concentrated black tea made of currants with a slightly toxic quality shouting, "NO, THIS IS NOT FOR DRINKING!" Upon application to skin it developed into a cool berry tea with a subtle undertone of vanilla. It reminds me very much of my pomegranate and vanilla tea from Republic of Tea. In fact, it smells just like it with a different fruity note instead of pom. I love it. It's wet and cool and delightfully fragrant like making iced tea you've steeped over night with three times the bags necessary. I'm not detecting the bitterness now that I've worn it, but it does smell delightful. Added a tiny smidge of the 13 that's all sugars and now this is magnificent. Smells like a fresh cup of tea is on my desk.
  4. gamermouse

    Mother's Hot Ghosts

    I see one reviewer said it smells like feet. Not quite accurate for ME. I wish it had been only feet I smelled. To my nose, Mother has pooped herself in the nursing home and the staff has not come to change her. The initial pungency had me like the Kombucha meme lady, initially grossed out, then I considered it, then I decided once more, no. No. Then in the spirit of all oudhs I've worn, within 5 minutes that poopy, intensely fecal odor diminished. Fossilized amber and pettigrain remain with a feral animalistic undertone that isn't unpleasant at all. Once again, I'm glad I endured the opening raw-butt smell. The result is lovely.
  5. gamermouse

    Emerald Lace

    Green green green invigorating green in the bottle, sort of like Irish Spring lace. That's not awful. On the wrists, the green cognac emerges and the grassy aroma dies down. In the crook of my elbow, it's magical. I smell less of the green grass and more of the sweetness of the lace tempered by a little opium poppy. The scent in my elbow is my favorite variant of this.
  6. gamermouse

    Fruit Moon 2020

    Upon opening the bottle I was hit with a wall of fresh, ripe banana. A real banana scent, not chemical odor, as I had to explain to a friend. On the skin, it develops enough to allow the other scents to come forward. The guava emerges with sugar and tonka bean and the banana now lingers in the background as the musk and amber slide to the front. It's fancy and sweet. I would drink this as a $7.99 smoothie cup at a stall in the mall to cool off on a summer day.
  7. gamermouse

    All That I Possess

    This is gorgeous. Was lucky that another person found the smell off putting and now it's in my clutches forever and ever. Initially, at first application, this is the scent of a jacket loaned to you from a sex, good-smelling dude, just because you said you were cold. I smell no clove, no amber, just a warm leathery scent and a hint of linen. As it dries down, some of the warmth fades and it becomes cooler, the linen notes coming forward with a hint of something colder, the emptiness that is mentioned by others, and it is now the smell of a leather jacket that's been hanging in the closet all year until now, worn now for the first time this season. I can't stop smelling it. I love it.
  8. gamermouse

    The Sleeping Draught

    Strangely comforting. My bottle arrived as a second hand find. I was reluctant to purchase at time of release because oudh scares me. The fecal order is often too much to endure to get to the good part. Yet, I saw it and nabbed it. Upon receiving it, I opened and received a faceful of pungent diarrhea covered in potpourri. I capped it and put it away. A few days later I tried it on and bore through the intense aroma, enduring the unpleasantness for about ten minutes until it faded and the most beautiful opium and lavender smell emerged, leaving the ghost of poo behind in its wake. Weeks since purchase, it has aged and cooled in the dark. Now when I open it, the poop smell is gone. Glad I kept this.
  9. gamermouse


    This smells like chilling with a bad boy from the 90s who rides a motorcycle while wearing a leather jacket to peddle his mixed tapes. If someone could bottle the essence of Uncle Jesse from Full House I guess this would be it. I like it. The dust and plastic is a minor note that emerges every so often, the leather most prevalent.