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  1. gamermouse

    Rendezvous With Her Lover Behind the Rice Straws

    I smell like horchata. This is a good thing. I am the most delicious and creamy horchata today.
  2. gamermouse

    Harvest Moon 2021

    My observations regarding this scent are similar. Fresh in the bottle, I was disappointed by what smelled like a Dead Leaves SN. I have plenty of dead leaves as well as last years October and Samhain. it reminded me of those so much that it almost immediately went to the destash. Then I considered that and remembered it was unfair to judge a fresh perfume without giving it time to rest. Magic occurred during the recent days. Fruit has emerged, and it is much stronger, pleasant however, in that way that makes me feel like I'm standing beneath a peach tree surrounded by dropped, ripened peaches, and autumn leaves have already begun to dry and fall. Today, roughly 72 hours after that, I notice another fruit has come forward with the peach. I can't quite name it, but I do believe after reading the previous poster's review that it may be the apricot. If cherry appears also, I'll be ecstatic.
  3. gamermouse

    Showers of Gold

    I do not know how to describe the smell of Showers of Gold. It is a sweet perfume and somewhat effervescent to my nose, like the essence of a cool spring day in the shade, almost. It's very light with a short to medium throw. It's a pleasant, somewhat cool-toned aroma. I used it to anoint a small candle shortly after it arrived, a day after failing a test for a job I was trying to get. When I took the test again two days later, I blew through it and got my position. I'm an RN. It's nice pay, and perhaps the best job I've ever had in six years of nursing. I used Showers of Gold again because I was still having money issues. Then I finally received the audio book contract from Dreamscape I'd been waiting for, with a $1500 advance for a novel I haven't even completed yet. I anointed another candle and engraved what I needed with my fingernail perhaps two weeks ago. Sunday night I looked into my account and saw an additional 2 stimulus checks for my kids due to a clerical error. I have it confirmed by the IRS that I do *not* have to pay it back, because it's an issue on their end that has occurred for a few other people. Showers of Gold works. edit: 4:28, random deposit of backchild support for $3,700 yoinked from an ex-husband who hasn't paid it in years. They got his stimulus. Now it is mine. edit: 5:8:2021, played the stock market. made about $225 of investments into DogeCoin over the past two months. Investment value raised to almost a grand. Just sold $700 worth of DogeCoin and my original investment is still there.
  4. gamermouse

    Gingerbread Wolfman

    Wolfman decant arrived and he was just nuts. Then he calmed down. I don't know what I expected but it was a blast of everything nutty, outrageously nutty, and no gingerbread. Weeks later, this is smooth and sweet and very enjoyable. I don't need a full bottle but I wouldn't mind another decant or at least a half bottle.
  5. gamermouse

    Queen of the Honeyed Heart

    Queen of the Honeyed Heart may very well be my favorite new floral and honey blend. It's like a warm hug from a gentleman caller bee here to present you with a bouquet of wild flowers because he wants you to be his hive's new queen. For me, it was instantaneous love. Red musk and honey and gorgeous hibiscus and fruit. Beautiful straight from the mail in a way that I can't describe. I can't say that I smell blue yarrow or know what it even smells like. The hibiscus are not tropical, but the overall sense that I get from this is jam and flowers. Very jammy flowers sweetened with natural honey, but not such an overwhelming honey that nothing else comes forward. The red musk is lovely, somewhat vegetal, but not overpowering.
  6. gamermouse

    Gingerbread Wolfman

    I thought of all of them, this would be one I loved. In the bottle, it smells wonderfully of cookies and nuts, but on my skin, I can't even suitably describe why it is a pile of no. I get no honey. No gingerbread. There's some chestnut mostly and a lot of nutmeg. It's spice. Just spice and sorrow.
  7. gamermouse

    2015: Lace Phoenix

    Lace Phoenix is perfection. I've finally given it a month to rest after its arrival and my concerns about it being simply carnival incense have been abated. Usually I am not a fan of the lab's incense note and find it a little overpowering, but now the rickety old wood smell of Crimson Peak's manor is finally coming through. It is a strong wood with a subtle aroma of clay permeating it from its decaying wood. This does, in fact, smell as if it belongs in the Crimson Peak collection more than a lace. As a collector of those, I'm glad I traded for this because it's a beauty and will only become more fine with age.
  8. gamermouse


    Thouros is what I've been searching for a long time. Prior reviews made me worry, but perhaps because my bottle is 10 years aged that has affected the overall impression of the blend. I still have no idea what cistus smells like and my nose isn't developed enough to pick it out. In the bottle, it smells mostly of sweet rose. Lychee seems to be a rare component of BPAL oils but when I saw it combined with my beloved rose otto I couldn't pass it. On skin, the fruit is sweet and primary to the rose, which is a sweet rose—not a green rose like that of peacock queen. This is a rose that has been candied and dusted in sugar. In the drydown, 10 minutes after application, I smell mostly lychee on my wrist, and a pleasantly even blend of rose and lychee in my inner elbow.
  9. gamermouse

    It Was Just a Cat

    Worn on one arm while testing The Small Brown Cat on the other. These two are similar. Not sisters, but cousins maybe. The underlying fur note is warm and the kind of scent that you'd want to spray as an atmo on your blankets then wrap up within them on a cold winter night next to your fireplace. At first, I was concerned—warm and spicy baby powder with myrrh. Myrrh and I sometimes do not get along. But as it dried down, I decided I needed more than a tester of this. As an aside, I wore this on a semi-drizzly day once and as I got in my car, I caught a brief, fleeting whiff of wet kitten. It was some of the weirdest nose fuckery I've encountered with a BPAL, but it was a LOVELY whiff, not a eugh wet fur, whiff. I test elbow and wrist, and find this smells spiciest in my elbow than on the wrist. A bit more than medium throw, long wear. I've woke up in the morning and still caught a whiff of it.
  10. gamermouse

    The Small Brown Cat

    Worn on one arm while testing It Was Just a Cat (Weenie 2020) on the other. The cedar is initially prominent and gradually fades to the background, allowing the vanilla to seep through. The smell of fur is cuddly soft, the smell of a kitty you want to bury your face in and hope it doesn't claw you to death. The brown musk is comforting. Not for someone who dislikes cedar, as it dances in and out in varying degrees of strength throughout the wear but is a complementary component that doesn't overwhelm the entire blend on my skin. I've had this on for about four hours, decent throw.
  11. gamermouse

    Petite Planchette

    Reviewing a brand new 2020 from Blood Milk. It's the perfect blending of honey and polished wood. Not the strongest of wood scents like bookcase passage and other woodsy notes, but it's softly in the background. The honey is also muted, but sweet, and this is a myrrh that doesn't take over on my skin or go all funky spice as myrrh often does on my skin. The bourbon vanilla rounds it out and on me, with my chemistry, is the strongest component of the blend. I could roll around and lounge in this smell.
  12. gamermouse

    The Manuscript

    This may be my all-time favorite book scent. It is gorgeous and far superior to the others I've tried prior to it. This is the ideal blend of leather and pages, with a splattering of ink that summons memories of drafting class in art school. I love the smell of the paper, but what I find most intriguing about it is the "ghostly chill" emanating from the pages. To my nose, it is cucumber melon, and that is absolutely fine with me because I wore nothing but cucumber melon throughout my high school days. This perfume unites precious memories, of books, of art, and writing.
  13. gamermouse

    The Final Darkness

    I'd forgotten I bought this and put it away for the past year or more. I don't recall what notes led to me purchasing it but I'm glad that I did. I usually shy away from Myrrh as I find it overtakes a lot of perfumes on my skin, but this accentuates the fragrance without overwhelming it. It smells dark and heavy and intimidating. Darkness given a scent. The smoked oudh is perhaps my favorite part of the fragrance. It's smoky without being incense like, and the warm amber smells fantastic alongside the moonflower. A year of aging did something beautiful to this.
  14. gamermouse

    Étienne De Boray Oak

    Etienne De Boray Oak smells precisely like it's described. Woods and oak bark, mushrooms—which I hadn't realized had a particular smell until now—and a subtle ghost of honey that slips in and out, reemerging every so often. The moss and green, earthy smells are most prevalent and the lavender sits on the sidelines, seen but definitely not one of the star players. I like this just as much as I hoped I would and am glad I have a full bottle.Etienne De Boray Oak smells precisely like it's described. Woods and oak bark, mushrooms—which I hadn't realized had a particular smell until now—and a subtle ghost of honey that slips in and out, reemerging every so often. The moss and green, earthy smells are most prevalent and the lavender sits on the sidelines, seen but definitely not one of the star players. I like this just as much as I hoped I would and am glad I have a full bottle. 7 weeks later, edit: Etienne de boray Oak finally relaxed while on the shelf and it's so much more wonderful, though I still smell no lavender. This is legitimately the smell of earthy mushrooms in the cool and dark space beneath the boughs of an oversized oak, and maybe the trunk is inhabited by a hive whose bees who have produced so much honey it's spilling through cracks in the bark.
  15. gamermouse

    Couple Reading Erotic Scroll

    I don't know why this isn't more popular. Out of the mail box, it's fantastic. Juicy blackberries and sweet rice. The bergamot isn't that noticeable, but there is a fizzy undernote creeping in the longer I sniff it. On the skin, the bergamot emerges for a citrussy blackberry smell that is absolutely delicious. It's a smell reminiscent of fruity bubbly or champagne and the tea is delicate. A whisper in the background.