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  1. sighanne

    Honeysuckle & Wisteria

    This is exactly what it says on the tin, though the wisteria takes a backseat to the honeysuckle. I also have the Wild Honeysuckle single note from a while back, as well as the Ménage à Trois: Night-Blooming Jasmine, Wild Honeysuckle, and Wisteria, so I compared the three together. Where the Wild Honeysuckle SN has a chalky quality that H&W does not. the jasmine in the Ménage à Trois stands out while the other two blend into the background. All in all, H&W is my favorite of the the three. The wisteria makes the honeysuckle more itself if that is even possible and it has some serious staying power. There is a divine lusciousness to H&W: it smells like flowers blooming on an evening breeze.
  2. sighanne

    Orange Blossom & Driftwood

    I blindly ordered a bottle because I love orange blossom more than anything. This one does not work for me in its wet stage - there's something off to my nose and I swear it reminded me of bug spray. I decided to test with a toothpick, and again, the scent on the toothpick was not for me, nor was the wet version on my skin. The dry version, however, holy crap. This is a super sexy, and I would say masculine leaning or friendly scent - but I'm keeping mine because it's the kind of perfume that would work for men, women, or gender neutral individuals. There is nothing girly about this on my skin, and it is gorgeous. On the toothpick, the dry version is closer to a fancy men's cologne. On my skin, it's deeper and dead sexy. Musks, especially white musks tend to sing on my skin and I think that's happening here. There's a sparkly, glittery quality to it. It reminds me a little of Wilde from the general catalog, like a cousin of it maybe.
  3. sighanne


    When it's wet, I get the very familiar BPAL white tea note, and white musk underneath. Upon drydown, something extraordinary happened - it became a perfect clean, soap scent. Like the most beautiful, expensive French-milled white bar of soap. It may be only a quirk of my skin, but it is absolutely gorgeous. It's already fading after a couple hours so it doesn't last long on me. I'm considering getting a bottle because the dry state of this perfume is so extraordinary on my skin!
  4. sighanne

    Mrs. Wright

    61 Elizabeth St. has a very pleasant established house of assignation; quiet and orderly and everything that makes time pass agreeably. A quiet and orderly, agreeable scent: clary sage, blonde tobacco, myrrh, white sandalwood, and mate. This is a beautiful spicy, incensey scent. When wet, the blonde tobacco is very prominent. On drydown, it gets less spicy on me and very much reminds me of Celeste and Morocco. I think it's the white sandalwood - it tends to just sing on my skin. It's divine!
  5. sighanne


    KLARA Honey dusting powder, mandarin, iris, ylang ylang, tea rose, and carnation. I ordered a bottle of this one unsniffed, as I am a huge fan of sweet florals named after ladies such as: Katrina van Tassel, Zarita, the Doll Girl, Hope and Faith, and of course Alice, who is the queen of this group. I must say that Klara absolutely reminds me of Alice. Both have a beautiful underlying base of rose and carnation, with hints of honey. I think Klara is sweeter, and Alice smells woodier to my nose (from my 2005 bottle), but they are extremely close in scent. All lovers of Alice should try out Klara!
  6. sighanne

    White Pumpkin Extrait

    Yummy buttery pumpkin cookies! This is a foodie dream, and though I'm generally not a foodie, I still love it. And a little goes a loooong way. This is amazing, and since it's a new thing, I'll also say that I sprayed my inner elbow and forearm (just one little squirt is all it takes), and it seeped right into my skin and did not leave any residue at all, just beautiful fragrance. It would be a fabulous thing if BPAL or BPTP were to release popular oils in this form. I think they would be extremely popular.
  7. I tried my imp of Daphne Honey, and for two days I just couldn't place what it reminded me of. Then, wearing it to bed last night, I figured it out! Daphne Honey = Morpho (Ode to Aphrodite 2009) I have such trouble with the jasmine based scents - Morpho is my one true jasmine love. Most of the time I get the awful 'cat pee' stench that jasmine haters talk about, but Morpho is glorious. Wearing them on separate wrists at the same time, Morpho is refined and lady-like, and VERY strong, and Daphne is like her playful younger sister - candy-like and chalky, if that makes sense. Both blends have honey, and I'm certain that both use the same jasmine note. I'd love to ask Beth what kind of jasmine it is, and what other blends have it, because all the other jasmines that the lab uses simply do not work on me at all. Morpho's notes: Jasmine, honey, labdanum, rosehip, ambrette seed, delphinium, and white ginger. There are no notes listed for Daphne Honey.
  8. sighanne


    I knew as soon as I tried this at Bat's Day that it was for me. It's a beautiful sophisticated floral blend, just like pretty much everyone has said upthread. For me, though, I get this undertone of a swampy green mossy scent, which sets this blend apart from all the other floral soup blends. I love florals, but I tend to respond to blends where a specific note or just a few notes dominate and the others take a backseat. Victoriana Goth is extremely well-blended. The strange green undertone is what makes this blend so completely beautiful and unique.
  9. sighanne

    Hod v2

    Well, I finally got around to putting Hod v2 on my left wrist and Hod Res. on my right wrist, and I thought I'd do a review. I'd just like to say that Hod Res. is one of those that whenever I wear it, the girls at work invariably ask me sometime during the day "WHAT are you wearing? You smell SO GOOD." I thought Hod v2 would just be a more creamy version of that. My reasoning? Because wet in the bottle it smells like a SN Butter if there ever could be such a thing. It's almost unrecognizable as Hod to me. I thought, oh, it'll just mellow out on my skin and smell like a Katrina van Tassel + Hod Res. baby. Woo! Uh, no. Wet on my skin, it's olive brine. OLIVE BRINE. And, more specifically, GREEN olive brine. I then hoped that it would morph or something when it dried. But no, I'm now wearing a dry and dusty green olive brine perfume on my left wrist. What the hell is wrong with my skin chemistry?
  10. sighanne

    Roses, Pearls, and Diamonds

    I got to sample this at Bat's Day, and it only took ten minutes for me to realize that it was for me. Actually, the description convinced me, but one must always skin-test. The rose is red, fat and juicy, and the orris seems to be keeping the coconut at bay (it doesn't dominate like BPTP White Rose, though there are some similarities). The musk shows up at dry-down, and it is beautiful. Though I must say that lighter musks simply sparkle on my skin. It does remind me very much of Katrina van Tassel, as someone said upthread, and I'd go as far to say that it should be listed as a smell-alike on the LE equivalents thread. I had to buy a bottle at the event, I just had to. I have an imp coming, and I'll do the same thing I do whenever I get imps of my GC favorites: I'll put it in my train case with the rest of my travel stuffs! This is one of those blends that I think was made for me. It just doesn't get any better than this; it's pretty much perfect.
  11. sighanne

    Ü Mütter Museum

    As soon as I read 'library' and 'old books' in reviews and other threads, I knew I had to get this. I am not a librarian, just a library tech (sheet music cataloger, actually), but I love books very, very much. Oh my goodness, it's amazing! It does have some aspects of old books, paper, and leather, especially in the bottle. On, it's divine! It has a very raw, woody leather scent, and the vanilla makes it sweet, but it's very well-blended, and spicy, as other reviewers noted. It smells beautiful on my skin, but I think that it would also be great on a guy. It has wonderful unisex possibilities. This is a keeper for sure. It's very sophisticated, and grown-up style of scent. This is LOVE.
  12. sighanne


    Is it just me, or does this smell like a lemon-lime (more lime than lemon for sure) version of Champagne and Roses? I swear that it's the very same fizzy note used and I LOVE IT. Very refreshing and sweet.
  13. sighanne

    Watery &/or Aquatic Florals

    The Lady of Shalott (a GC!) is a beautiful watery gardenia , and the ginger makes it sparkle to me.
  14. sighanne

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    For my enitre life, my dad has worn Guerlain's Imperiale. Top notes are: bergamot, neroli, verbena, lemon, orange. Middle note: lavender, and base notes: cedarwood and tonka bean. If anyone who has smelled Imperiale can think of a similar BPAL (LEs welcome!), or, based on the notes, can come up with a good suggestion, I'd be eternally grateful!
  15. sighanne

    Meadow scents!

    Garden Path With Chickens (green grass), all the way. Also, The Passionate Shepherd To His Love (CLOVER!) and Her Voice (flowery meadow), both from the Lupercalia Love Poems series.