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  1. Woozel

    Plotting to purchase

    Plotting to order 6 new imps: Drink Me Knave of Hearts Queen Alice Cockaigne Voodoo Velvet Forum purchases: Bottle of Snake Oil Bottle of Eat Me
  2. Woozel


    Currently waiting on these scents. BPAL: 13 BPAL Forum Purchases: Bottle of Jack Bottle of Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo Imp of Athens Imp of Antikythera Mechanism Imp of Bliss Imp of Misk U Imp of AC Joy Mojo Imp of Snake Oil Decant of Ivory Vulva Decant of Comparison of Celebrated Beauties
  3. Woozel

    Aristocratic Couple

    Wet: Holy Apricot!! Dry-down: Apricot is not planning to back down anytime soon! It's the star of the show! Final verdict: Still apricot with the slightest hint of cardamom. I get no vanilla from this at all. My chemistry really amps the apricot and that is literally all I can smell. The apricot does smell delicious though. It smells so real it makes thirsty for fruit juice! If you LOVE apricot, get this! If apricot is your thing you will not be disappointed, it is a must have for your BPAL collection. I find the scent doesn't have much throw, it's very soft and close to the skin. It's a delicate, very feminine apricot scent that evokes thoughts of spring and sunshine. Beautiful bottle art! This is such a beautiful scent, but sadly not for me! I am a vanilla lover and I had hoped of course vanilla would be a prominent note(like I do with any scent with vanilla listed lol). I tend to like gourmand vanillas and this is just too fruity for my tastes. This bottle is currently looking for a new, loving home where it will be appreciated!
  4. Woozel

    Venus Genetrix

    Oh Venus Genetrix, the bottle art and the promises of 7 year aged bourbon vanilla.... Bottle & Wet: A very strong, clean and sharp jasmine with a little bourbon peeking around the corner. Dry-Down: Still very strong jasmine that has mellowed slightly. The jasmine note is still very sharp, but vanilla has begun to creep in a little bit. I don't detect black amber at all because the jasmine is such a strong and prominent note. If anyone is familiar with Wylde Ivy and their Black Cat No. 13 scent, this is it's twin sister. They smell SO much alike. Throw: I only wore this on my wrist and I found it had decent throw. I could smell it while I was doing things around the house without having to sniff my wrist every few seconds. Verdict: Venus Genetrix tricked me into buying her with her promises of vanilla and alas there just wasn't enough for me. Jasmine lovers rejoice because this is a must have for you! This is jasmine all day and night. I really wanted to like this one and I think if the vanilla was a more prominent and tempered the jasmine it would have been a keeper for me. She is currently looking for a new home!
  5. Woozel


    2015 Smut This is my first experience with Smut and I absolutely love the scent, but it is definitely a scent that morphs with my chemistry. Bottle & Wet: Smells very boozy and very musky, like Chanel No.5's half sister. This scent wet smells extremely similar to Chanel. Dry-Down: Dry on my skin, this scent has morphed into a sweet smelling vanilla blend that I really love. It smells like a vanilla candle that was blown out recently with the wax still soft and throwing a little scent. There is no smoke scent like a blown out candle only a subtle wax like vanilla scent with a little white wine in the background and the spicy incense smell that I can't really place. I am guessing that must be the remnants of the musk. Throw: I find it has a fairly good throw. When it's wet, it has a really strong throw for about 20-30 minutes that settles down once dry. It is much closer to the skin once it dries down completely. I really like the scent a lot, definitely enjoy the bottle art and highly recommend it!
  6. Woozel

    Love Me

    In the bottle I smell musk and a sweet vanilla almost Snake Oil scent. Wet, It immediately turns into a seriously strong musk! It completely took over the room. Dry, A strong almost burnt smelling musk. Just as strong as wet. This is not a smell Im fond of. I really wish the sweetness would have shown up a little on my skin!
  7. I received an empty of Monsterbait: Underpants in a swap and I'm in love with the scent, like I know many other BPAL lovers are! It seems like anyone who had or has a bottle has swapped it away and I'm not sure if I trust ebay. Has anyone come across a similar scent in the GC or maybe other LE? Thanks for all your help ladies & gents