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  1. evanesce

    Have there ever been any Bee themed Scents?

    I would really love to see a whole set of Honey scents with the money going to an organization that is working with bees to investigate and understand colony collapse and the disappearance of the American Honey Bee. But I have a special love of bees, even if I don't want them near me because I'm allergic to their sting.
  2. evanesce

    Touched Twice

    If I could sit down, with Beth, and work out what a "signature" perfume for me would be.... It would be Touched Twice (Thank the Universe! Saved me some money!). I adore classic scents with rose, lavender, vanilla, etc. And that's what I got. It is very strongly rose in the bottle, but once on my skin it smooths out with a creamy coconut-vanilla musk, a hint of the sandalwood, and of course, the rose absolute. And yes, it becomes powdery -- but I like powder. It's a soft, feminine, comforting scent. I don't get much of a tropical feel, despite the coconut and frangipani. In the end, I adore this scent and have been wearing it constantly.
  3. evanesce

    Bridal BPAL - BPAL for weddings?

    Nia -- You know, I never scented my bouquet (mine was silk flowers with swarovski crystal picks that I made with copper, gold and silver wire, with ribbons, etc). I feel silly now I wore The Library of Alexandria from Violette Market on my wedding day. It's a very autumn scent to me, and it blends into my skin chemistry so well, it's like I was born smelling like it. My husband wore BPAL Galvanic Goggles, which just smells like pure sex on him.
  4. evanesce

    Berry Moon 2011

    (OMG I'm reviewing something!) Berry Moon 2011 In the Bottle -- A big bowl of berries macerated in liquor On, wet -- Berries, hard core. Just absolutely dripping with berries. The scent is red, sweet and heavy On, dry -- The musk finally comes out, but it's still berry explosion on me (I like berries, so I guess my skin knows it!). The thing is, it's such a heavy scent it's not very summery, it's much more suited to fall and cooler months on me. I couldn't wear this on a hot day. And it is slowly but surely morphing into a very strong and "mature" scent on me. Perhaps a bit too mature.
  5. evanesce

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I think it's GC so it should be the "generic" BPAL label.
  6. evanesce

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    halation -- wash it with dawn dish soap like mentioned above. It really does eat oil. And once it's dry it should be fine.. You can see if they have an unscented version too.
  7. evanesce

    How full is full?

    I get that - I was mostly responding to why people would get offended. I understand being... well.. annoyed at the bottle not being "full." It's just really hard with handmade goods to be perfectly precise.
  8. evanesce

    How full is full?

    The bottles have not been filled by hand for years. The reason people get defensive is that, they did nothing at all wrong. They got the bottle that full, didn't touch it, and now someone is basically saying something with an undercurrent of "You're screwing me over." It sucks. Now, the labels I think are put on by hand, which means the height of the label is a completely useless way to measure how much oil is in the bottle. In fact -- Unless you have the time and inclination to actually take the oil out of the bottle and measure it, mL by mL, there is no way to just guess how much is in the bottle by sight. Furthermore, if you have that kind of spare time... well kudos to you. When you purchase handmade and artisan goods - whether it's food, clothing, jewelry, pottery or perfume, there is going to be variances and other issues. That's the whole point. ETA, from Andra's post, again:
  9. evanesce

    How full is full?

    I am of the mind, that if I get a bottle, open it once, then toss it in a box, when I decide to sell it -- it's full. The end.
  10. evanesce

    How full is full?

    lilium: To quote Andrabell: "I swear we've had this discussion before. Each measure of oil that goes into the bottles and vials are calibrated. The imps are 1/32 of an ounce (IIRC). The glass in each bottle/vial can differ, which is you may get bottles that are full into the neck or only up to the shoulders. It is still the same amount of oil. ETA: The viscosity of the oil can also make a difference in the level of fullness." This means that variations in how high or low the oil is when the vials come from the lab is *totally normal*. They all have the same amount of oil in them, but it won't always *look* the same due to oil and glass variations. Hope that helps.
  11. evanesce

    Crypt Queen

    I don't usually do reviews, but being the nature of this one, I thought I'd play too... The moment I opened the bottle it was just FRUIT! Capital letters. And not much different on me wet. It's been drying down for a few minutes now, and honestly its very spicy and bitey on me. The pepper is very strong, the rose is threatening dryer sheets, and the fruit is lost. It smells familiar... I just wish I knew why.. It is definitely dusty, and makes me think of an old grave... Dried roses, and heavy nearly rotting fruit under musk. The coffin is neat and I was shocked at how big the package was! And I too love the label art.
  12. evanesce

    Temperature and BPAL

    I left a pack of imps in my cars glovebox through the summer and they're fine. So, its not reccomended but it's not a garunteed perfume killer
  13. evanesce

    Job Interview Recommendations

    Depends. Use your comfort scent. I wear Valmont to interviews. It makes me feel confident and comfortable. If you're looking to chill out though, I find TAL Peace to be better than Xanax.
  14. evanesce

    Oh no! Tap Water!

    *snort* sometimes, people make me giggle... He's not alone in that sort of paranoia. And what *is* in High Fructose Corn Syrup, anyway???
  15. evanesce

    Traveling with BPAL

    That's a pretty good idea Silvertree. I like that