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  1. 51

    15 March 2007 - 10:30 AM

    51 --

    Luminescent, glowing, and otherworldly: green mandarin, neroli, honeydew, white amber, guava, freesia, white and green musks hovering over desert scrub, smashed wood, and the dry, biting scent of night air over the Groom Lake salt flats.

    Enraged Martian Musk?

    51 is quite sweet and reminds me of honeysuckle powder. Once in a while I get a whiff of a bit of citrus fruit but on the whole, these are very dainty and demure little green muskymen.
  2. Aries 2007

    15 March 2007 - 12:04 AM

    Cardinal fire: the essence of identity.
    Black pepper, honeysuckle, opoponax, dragon's blood, and wild ginger.

    I have the revisited version which seems to be heavy on dragon's blood. As a perfume, Aries is rather bitter and resinous. I think the essence of this one's identity could best be realized in an oil burner.
  3. The Agony of Loss

    12 February 2007 - 11:36 PM

    French lavender, cedar, armoise, white sandalwood, awapuhi, and the smoke of burning love letters.

    After writing a parody of "How Doth the Little Crocodile" and dropping a broad hint for "Passion", I found out I "Lost" instead.

    This blend smells of citrus, lavender, and cedar as described, though.

    Not for me.

    I guess I'm just not lucky in love.
  4. Vipralabda

    27 January 2007 - 11:16 PM

    She is tearful and dejected: her lover has broken a promise, and did not arrive for their tryst. She feels that she has been deceived, and her heart is volleyed from misery, to anger, to resentment: benzoin, Greek sage, hay, melaleuca ericifolia, oakmoss, and blue chamomile.

    This is not a happy or pretty scent. Misery, anger, and resentment are bitter herbs.

    Vipralabda is butt-kicking earwax bitter, rather than mopey, wistful, or melancholic. I think the sage predominates, but to my nose the herbs smell like thyme. A good while after drydown, there may be a hint of benzoin - like a tantalizing memory of something sweeter.

    The oil itself is unusual in that it makes an opaque coating on the inside of the bottle and has a layer of something lighter on the top.

    This is a great addition to the Heroines concept. If there are eight faces; each has its time. Bitterness belongs, but is no more the "truth" than anticipation or confidence. I could see myself wearing this on an "all things must pass" day. It will be interesting to see whether the contents of the bottle eventually mix themselves.


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