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The Deep Ones

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#26 Purrsnikety


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Posted 13 December 2007 - 10:21 PM

Black algae, drooping seaweed, salty brine, and crushed coral.

I got frimped! Woo!!

When i first sniffed this one.. I thought how nice it was. I could tell it was an aquatic, but it was so warm and juicy. I saw the notes listed and it threw me for a loop! Brine???

Anyway, this is such a beautiful full rounded salty sweet aquatic. Hip hip for Beth!!

#27 Laurel the Woodfairy

Laurel the Woodfairy

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Posted 21 December 2007 - 05:35 AM

Whoa, is this Teh Evil Grapefruit I smell? Deep Ones is much stronger than I expected, as aquatics tend to be fairly low-key on me. There is a lot going on here besides aquatic though--the strong, sweet grapefruit topnotes, and then some juniper and/or pine. Yet it's not woodsy; the aquatics do make it seem more like underwater greenery, algae and so on. There's also a "dryer sheet" (linen) note. This is so weird and alien that I don't know if I like it or not. It smells like Cthulhu's laundry detergent. Gotta keep those wings and tentacles shiny! :P

#28 ND


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Posted 21 January 2008 - 09:26 PM

Since anyone who has ever talked to me about perfume probably knows I *do not* do aquatics (reference my hatred of junior-high-evocative Walgreens' perfumes) I thought I ought to come give it up for The Deep Ones. This is probably the only aquatic I have ever liked in the history of sniffkind. The citrus is not at all sweet, and doesn't go 'wrong' like on some of the other reviewers.... it is a bright scent-scarf thrashing back and forth on a dark cerulean wind. Awesometastic. even more so because it ALMOST goes into 'perfumeland' but stays firmly on the side I like... the unconventional, unique, I've-never-smelled-anything-like-it, head-turning, 'What *IS* that?' quality that makes BPAL the only perfumerie that can really warm the cockles of my heart.

#29 Gwydion


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Posted 27 January 2008 - 04:58 AM

In bottle: Intense and oddly familiar.. Much sweeter than Id imagined, definitely sea smelling though. It smells disturbingly like sex and candy. Wet: Unsettling. I wish I could place this smell. It is green, yet corrupt. I smells vaguely like shampoo when one is showering off at the beach. It may be too sweet, almost floral, yet there is something alluring about it, like Amber. Dry: It is rather like the sea half of jolly Roger, mixed with something light and green, like embalming fluid. Ill be keeping it.

#30 BlackTauna


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Posted 01 February 2008 - 05:07 AM

Mmm frimp and I'd wanted to try it!

in imp - woof Yuzu!

wet - More YUZU

drydown - the limeyness softens a bit and something maybe a little juniper berry pops in.

Not much throw but it hangs on a bit. Light scent but is very clear on my skin. When a scent does that I know its a keeper.

Delicious! Bottle coming in the queue.

#31 steelxrose


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Posted 04 February 2008 - 02:41 AM

I've had Deep Ones lurking around in my "keep it!" box for a while now. And while I'm generally not an ultra-aquatic person (subtle, yes) this one is quite pretty...even though I'm sure it wasn't meant to be as such. I really do get the effect of growing algae and briny water from The Deep Ones.

#32 slave1


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Posted 04 February 2008 - 09:14 PM


In Bottle: Citrus aquatic

On Skin: I smell something very sour, almost like grapefruit in this scent. Its like a grapefruit squeezed into seltzer water. Hmm kind of like Hansen grapefruit soda, because it isnt sweetened. The algae and seaweed give a very strong and deep aquatic note that is a bit soapy. This scent is a little salty, but Id say it was more sour than salty. Overall Id call this a clean, citrus aquatic. It is very unique, and very much an eye opener. If you find yourself in a perfume rut, try this one because it will stir things up. It has a pretty heavy throw and long wearlength.

#33 voodoocatwoman


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Posted 06 February 2008 - 01:14 PM

In the imp: Sharp grapefruit

Wet: Still sharp, but some saltiness coming through now.

Dry: If I were standing in the ocean, about to take a bite of sugar sprinkled grapefruit, and a wave hit me right as I bit down. The citrus is much tamer and sweeter. There is a briny quality that comes and goes.

This is one of the most interesting scents I have tried so far. I think a bottle is in order.

#34 tziporra


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Posted 11 February 2008 - 05:58 PM

Absolutely lovely if I were a man.

I keep thinking I AM a man when I smell my wrist. But I'm really pregnant, so that seems unlikely.

Just like beautiful expensive after-shave lotion, spiked with citrus. No flowers, but much more pleasant than the listed notes might lead you to believe. I'd definitely find hanging around the guy wearing this to be very pleasant. I think I'll try dousing my husband at some point.



#35 hkhm


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Posted 23 February 2008 - 12:43 AM

imp: a sweet, light grapefruity aquatic. this is far prettier than the notes would ahve led me to believe.

wet: odd. the grapefruit/cirtus scent turns evil on me, an evil citrus aquatic. and while that's a very accurate scent interpretation, it's smells just weird on my skin.

dry: okay, maybe it's a bit less evil once it's dry... still, it smells like a menacing citrus aquatic.

edit: okay, now that it's dried even further, i'm thinking a bottle may be in order. it's changed to malevolent citrus aquatic and i'm loving it.

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#36 jarvenpa


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Posted 02 March 2008 - 07:25 AM

Gosh, do I have a clueless nose.
So this is an aquatic, is it? Never would have guessed.
Dearest oakmoss sent me an imp of The Deep Ones and it has been sitting at my elbow.
Well, not precisely at my elbow. But close. Distracting.

So I slashed the imp wand across my wrists, and then I smelled a bunch of grapefruits falling down all over the place.

But wait...this is a Beth blend, and she's always got those tricks going on, so...the GRAPEFRUIT, which is pretty intense, suddenly transforms to a dark floral. Well, I thought it was a floral. Evening gown of the 30's floral. Not, mind you that I am old enough to recall the 30's, but you know what I mean. Something Anais Nin might wear while scribbling in her diaries.

Softens down to a whisper of sweetness, kind of musky with a citrus overlay. I like this well enough to be considering getting a bottle of it, though I keep going "aquatic, really?"

#37 ymmat


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Posted 04 March 2008 - 06:56 PM

This is one of those that I would have never purchased for myself, but after falling rather unexpectedly in love with R'lyeh, I decided to try the imp I received.

This is a scent that I can't describe as a smell. It doesn't smell quite like anything and the comparisons that others have made with grapefruit puzzle me (particularly since I loathe grapefruit). I don't smell anything acidic or acrid. There is nothing pointed or sharp; it's very fluid and the scent flows right past my efforts to describe it as "a smell."

The Deep Ones evokes visions of the ocean's bottom where the surroundings are just as deadly as they are beautiful. It is the scent of sea nymphs and sirens. It is the scent of Poseidon's gardens deep under the waves. I smell movement, currents, things we glimpse only out of the corners of our eye. It is the mysteries of the ocean that defy our description and our grasp.

It's gorgeous, evocative, and enigmatic. I adore this scent.

#38 SadTomato


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Posted 24 March 2008 - 01:22 AM

i didn't think i'd like this one, the description sounded kind of distrubing.
however, it's a gorgeous scent.
there's a sweetness to it i wasn't expecting.
also the lovely saltiness of the sea and the smell of the breezes coming off the sea.
Reminds me of a northern ocean experience, like i've experienced in maine and alaska.
i'll have to get a bottle of this to hold me over while i'm landlocked in illnois between trips to the cabin is alaska.

#39 savage_rose


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Posted 12 April 2008 - 06:09 PM

Although the description does not sound entirely appealing, the scent of The Deep Ones is lovely. It smells like salty sea, but also like lilies floating on the water, and deep underwater greenery. A delicious summer scent, and despite its aquatic nature, it also smells very "pink". A real winner.

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#40 eatingthesea


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Posted 23 April 2008 - 01:16 AM

this really is a sharp scent at first, but as it dries down, it reminds me of the other aquatic scents i love...especially thalassa. i get a salty note above the deep, blackish turquoise color of the blend. it's almost a little electric. i really like it a lot; however, i need to figure out its appropriateness. i can't see wearing it very often, as a few others reviewers have noted. maybe for sleepytime...would it evoke dreams or nightmares? who knows...that's this kind of scent.

eta: this scent has a lot of lasting power and after awhile turns very beautiful, almost a sparkling, soft aquatic. you do really need to be able to appreciate aquatics to like this one, i think, but it's one of those that once it's been around for awhile, it's less "exotic" and more palatable for those who get turned off by the mention of "algae" or "seaweed."

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#41 Indig0


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Posted 28 May 2008 - 02:16 AM

this was a great frimp, wildly different than anything I would select on my own. I don't know exactly what is meant by aquatic, having been landlocked for most of my life. Our natural aquatics here tend to be more of the sandpit/irrigation ilk... Nevertheless I'll try to do this blend justice, based on my knows and my nose :P

In the imp I get sharp, bright grapefruit and aquamarine. Shocking and vibrant, both of these notes. I know better than to put on more than a teensy dab...

Wet on the skin it changes little, with the citrus becoming more pronounced and the salt and brine lurking somewhere back there. The scent reminds me of something commercial in the fragrance realm, a male cologne I can't pin right now.

Drying down I get fabric softener - specifically, its the blue-green "aromatherapeutic" kind that seems to be so popular right now. This really isn't a scent I would do much with, although I can see it working well on a clean cut, 20 something male. Swapping.

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#42 alicia_stardust


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Posted 12 July 2008 - 12:06 AM

This is an aquatic, but I find it to be warm and dark rather than cool and high-pitched. There's salty seaweed in there, enhanced by citrus, and the black moss really keeps this murky and diffuse. Love this! Strong throw, average wear-length. Nice and creepy and strangely comforting.

#43 Tilby


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Posted 12 July 2008 - 04:32 PM

All I can say is... :P this one isn't one I'd have picked, but I got it as a frimp from the lab. Thank you thank you lab, for I wouldn't have fallen in love if with it if it hadn't been for your genorosity! It is soft, gentle yet strong... It is amazing, sort of a melon-like aquatic on my skin. Yet creamy... I cannot even describe it, because each sniff brings out something different. All I know is I need more of this. Thank you lab!

#44 galahad


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Posted 15 July 2008 - 10:12 AM

In The Bottle
Very salty aquatic

On Application
Cold, salty, bitter

Dry Down
Kind of perfumey but still with the deep, cold brininess. Most of these aquatics I find to be sharp and difficult to wear. I will have to try this in the summer and see where it goes.

Rating (0-5)

#45 Josh


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Posted 16 July 2008 - 09:18 PM

Bitter/sour grapefruit sweetened (just slightly) by an unobtrusive floral. I'm sure I'll wear the imp dry by summer's end.

#46 elinox


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Posted 18 July 2008 - 12:59 PM

First Sniff: Fresh and clean, also crisp.

Wet: Same as the first sniff but with the scent of clean air mixed with water. I also smell some sort of light flower in there, lily maybe?

Dry: It softens a bit as it dried but the smell of air/water is still pleasantly there.

My Reaction: I like it and it definitely reminds me of the ocean. However I do not smell the salt that others have described.

#47 mineralfairy


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Posted 30 July 2008 - 11:32 AM

In the imp: foamy seaweed, lime citrus, sea salt
Wet: a murky floral with a sweeter lime citrus
Dry: citrus tames town, floral becomes more ozone
The wet stage is divine...my impression from this is that of the ocean pushing upwards from the depths, spilling out toward shore, with sweet and salty air. Dessicated sealife from the rumbling ocean currents, a secret underwater garden. Rather unique for an aquatic. Clean, strong throw. The floral could be from the seaweed. It gets a bit stronger after a half hour...long lasting.
Will be refreshing on a hot summer day! :P

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#48 Femme_Fatale


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Posted 07 August 2008 - 06:10 PM

I've been dying to try this one and was so excited when it showed up today. I am not dissapointed. :P

In the bottle and wet I can definitely smell....grapefruit? Very fresh and clean smelling.

I decided to go ahead and try it on my wrist even though I have been having a horrible time with my skin chemistry making things go all wrong.
The sweetness I was starting to pick up has faded and this is a very clean, fresh aquatic...soap. Which I'm really not surprised at because my skin has been making many things go soapy or powdery on me.

But in my locket....it's just gorgeous. It reminds me a bit of Thalassa with grapefruit. The beautiful sweetness (perhaps floral?) is there in the background, along with a saltiness.
It's a wonderfully complex scent and I am soooo happy I have a bottle. I love aqautics and this is definitely one of my favorites.

#49 Delirium1009


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Posted 22 August 2008 - 06:40 PM

In bottle/imp: Very salty and soapy.

Immediately on skin: This smells salty, with lots of ozone and some citrus. Its hard to break down into individual notes, but this smells salty, clean, citrusy (sharp though either grapefruit or lime), and cold.

After a little while: The citrus note I got in this at first quickly faded and left me with a cold, salty aquatic and ozone scent. The saltiness is almost that of seaweed, and this is a very deep, dark scent.

Overall Impressions: This is perfect for the description. Its dark, salty, and watery with a bit of ozone and a very cold, crisp feel. This is a unisex to masculine scent, and reminds me a lot of mens cologne or soap.

#50 djsiberia


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Posted 31 August 2008 - 12:48 PM

wet/in imp: citrus? grapefruit. yuck.

dry: yuck. must wash off now. still smells like salty grapefruit and sour.

note to self: do not like aquatics

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