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BPAL Madness!

White Chocolate, Mysore Sandalwood, and Lemon Peel

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oh, this is fantastic, the sandalwood here is just lovely! it's like woody, sweet, and perfumey, with an aspect almost like a skin musk.  so good!

the white chocolate in this makes the sandalwood so creamy and sweet.  it's rich and delicious, but perfumey too... not for to be eating!  not chocolatey to me but ymmv etc etc.  the lemon peel gives it some bright lift, i think it's keeping this from being overly rich.  it's not lemony either, though.  when everything settles in together, it's just creamy, sweet, bright, woodsy, perfumey sandalwood. but not cloying!  i think i will really get some mileage out of this one in the spring/early summer. it's really wonderful! 


ETA: wearing this a second day because i love it, and today i get plenty of creamy chocolate when it's first applied! 


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