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Black Julbocken Alchemy Lab

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Our winter mascot! A musky, snow-touched, forest-deep Yuletide blend: shaggy black wool and a slushy tangle of juniper, mistletoe, winter sage, spikenard, white moss, and terebinth.

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On wet, this starts out as single note pine, but black musk starts peeking around the edges right away. Then the cool, minty slush note slides into join the others and the real complexity of this scent begins to come out. There's moss, herbs, green and woodsy notes ... this goat has been around the forest quite a bit and picked up lots of nice-smelling things in his shaggy coat. I'm not getting much of the wool note yet, but this bottle might need some time to settle, I just got the package yesterday.


Black Julbocken is a perfect mascot for the Lab's Yule collection, and this is exactly the chilly forest blend I was hoping to find in this update!


ETA: One of my cats has definite opinions about my perfume choices, and this seems to be his favorite of the Yules I got. He does tend to prefer musky and/or woodsy scents and this one is both. 😻

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Sweet, fuzzy musk with a trail of something not quite pine....miseltoe maybe. It's a gentle complement to the musk. Now I'm getting soft greens, which I'm attributing to the moss or sage

Very light blend, wish there was stronger throw.

A very light musk scent with woods in the background.  Like if you wore your favorite sweater outside in the fresh air.

Hours later becomes a warm skin musk scent. I would've liked the greens to stay longer. Still, this is a really cozy blend.

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