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BPAL Madness!

Asses Plus Long, Qu’un Siècle Platonique

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A month without you is far longer than a year: opal-gilded white rose petals, vanilla flower, and caramelized benzoin.

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Rose is one of my top favorite notes and I am a sap for the "month without you is far longer than a year" theme so this was an obvious pick from the Lupers for my initial order.


It's a stunning rose. A bit dark, not in a gothy or vampy way but in a velvety, sensual way, with a bit of brightness in the opal. It's a very vivid fragrance and rose definitely dominantes, but this isn't a powdery rose on me. It's very lush and romantic, and has a full bodied feel to it (to steal a wine term)! The vanilla flower and caramelized benzion add a bit of sweetness to it, but this never veers into gourmand territory at all.


Overall, it's super lovely. I don't think it's particularly unique as I've smelt very similar roses amongst niche perfumery and the lab tends to do rose blends very, very well across the board. But it is still a very special blend and a really stunning, romantic, velvety and sensual rose. If you are a fan of rose, I think you'd love this in your collection. I don't personally find it redundant as rose is a note I can never get enough of. And if you are new to rose, or don't own many roses/tend to have more candied roses or roses and cream blends, this is a great place to start your foray into a more sensual and romantic rose. It's safe amongst the world of roses, but still beautiful. This will definitely get used on romantic date nights for me.

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Yes, I do keep calling it Asses Plus in my head, because I’m twelve.


One of three Luper releases I’m lusting after (the other two as yet unpurchased: Nocturnal Palace and Cascading Silks), Asses Plus caught my attention as a relatively simple scent: yes, I love the complexity of things like Medea, becoming a whole fragrant experience on skin, but while learning what I enjoy in a perfume, it’s nice being able to pick some things out and say “yes. that. that is the good shit.”


Or eye warily. Jasmine, I am looking suspiciously at you.


Asses Plus Long opens in the bottle as an indeterminate vague sweetness, pale and enticing. It’s a little frightening to dab on: what if it’s too sweet? What if I actually hate rose as a main note?


There’s no need to fear any of that.


The opal nature of this rose retains the sensuality and clarity of the flower, without becoming overpowering; the most vivid impression I get is of the soft, luxurious texture of white rose petals, silky under stroking fingertips. It remains pale and light as the scent deepens, soft and lush. I agree with romantic as stated above.


Vanilla and benzoin come into play as two ends of a spectrum of light: from moment to moment the undertone on which the white rose petals drift shifts from high clear vanilla to darker, warmer (almost boozy: I love the intoxicating whisper here) caramel benzoin. I am reminded of the play of fire in an actual opal, the way a white bead will suddenly dazzle in the sun, shot through with reds and blues that were hidden up til now. How in the world did Beth capture such a thing in scent? Absolutely magical.


A dynamic scent, but it doesn’t seem inclined to morph into anything else: it just shimmers and shines. Applied on moisturized skin, the scent holds up better than much of what I’ve tried so far.


Gorgeous, crystalline without being cold, bright without being glaring, sensual without being cloying. Asses Plus Long sparkles. I’m very glad to have blind-bottled it: an opal for my little jewelry-chest.  

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This is a sophisticated white rose scent. It never stops being the dominant note on me, but over time, the orchid rises to join it and is almost as strong as the rose itself. (The vanilla flower is orchid -- this contains no vanilla note.) The benzoin resides in the background, adding a light powderiness to the scent.


I was hoping the caramelized benzoin would add a nice sweetness, but this is a refined rose scent. If that's what you're looking for, give this one a try. But if you're hoping for a sweeter rose, go with Cacao and Sugared Roses.

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