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    Notes that I love: vanilla, amber, white musk, honey, berry, apple, peach, cake. Current scent obsessions: CD023, Lady Una, Dorian, and Arcana's Estella.

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  1. astarinel

    The Goat and the Vine

    Sweet apples, backed by wood notes with a touch of green. The apple is strongest while wet, and it fades a bit when it dries to soft vanillic woods.
  2. astarinel

    Jupiter Nourished by the Goat Amalthea

    Fruity honeyed goat's milk. Definitely has a foodie/buttery/baked sort of vibe, like shortbread cookies with fruity jam on top. Very warm, sweet, and almost thick.
  3. astarinel

    It Was Folly to Grieve, or to Think

    Bright, fizzy, fruity-floral champagne. I love the Lab's champagne note, and it's definitely the most prominent note in this blend. The orange blossom is similar to the orange blossom note in Katherina, and the floral-citrus scent keeps the champagne note relatively dry and not overly sweet. This one reminds me a little of Harlequin, but with a strong fizzy champagne note rather than the champagne grape. I like this, but since I have a bottle of Harlequin I'm not sure I need more of it. Good throw and decent lasting power, but once the fizzy champagne fades it settles into a soft orange blossom scent primarily.
  4. astarinel

    Happy and Dauntless and Sagacious

    Very tart juicy red fruit. This is primarily raspberry to my nose, but it does have a touch of something else that makes me think "perfume" rather than just fruit. I have terrible luck with cream/milk scents, although the goats' milk variants tend to be better, and this one fortunately doesn't go weird on my skin. Good throw, fairly long-lasting, but it ends up a little simple when I was hoping for more cream! I've got other raspberry scents that end up more than just SN: Raspberry on my skin.
  5. astarinel

    A Group of Pale Courtiers

    I'm not sure I get any rose, which is surprising because I am a rose-amper and it's killed many blends for me! On my skin, this one skews fairly unisex. It's mostly a musky fougere to my nose, with a little bite of lime and a soft dusting of powder. This is a very soft, polished sort of scent, and it wears fairly close to the skin. I expected it to be a little sharper, but there's barely a hint of lime and the lavender I was expecting in the fougere is very well-blended. Soft, powdery, unisex, inoffensive.
  6. astarinel

    Absurd Origin Story

    Fizzy cola. This is very sweet, and reminds me that I can't even drink regular coke because it's way too sweet for me. I love sugary scents, though, and this is close to too much even for me! It's almost more like a coke float with a bit of a creamy/vanillic aspect to it, which I guess is the "hint of marshmallow." SN: Cola. If that appeals to you, you will probably like this scent. I think I'm happy with just my decant, because I can't see myself reaching for this one often. However, it definitely fills a unique niche because I've never really had a realistic straight-up cola scent like this one before!
  7. astarinel

    King Cake

    I agree: waffles. On and wet, it's very much brown sugar + waffles + maple syrup. I love frosting scents, so I was hoping for some of that here, but this is mostly just breakfast. The sugar has that crunchy/crystalline aspect to it, and it smells delicious, but it's very straightforwardly breakfast. Pretty strong throw, good lasting power.
  8. astarinel


    I like this wet, as there's a good balance between rose and cookie, but unfortunately as it dries my rose-amping skin turns it into all rose and it ends up smelling like most other rose scents do on me: like ROSE. I really wish the cookie scent hung around longer, as it started to remind me of Knave of Hearts (which I love!), but the fruits in Knave balance out the rose better on my skin.
  9. astarinel

    A View of Cascading Cherry Blossoms

    On wet, there's a very nice balance of notes -- I sometimes find that strawberry notes can go candy-sweet (which I don't object to, as a rule), but the note is softer and a little less sugared here. This white musk is one of the ones I really like, round and almost creamy. The cherry blossoms are gentle, pink, and not overwhelmingly floral. Overall, this reminds me of a lotion or moisturizer scent in the best way. It's relatively simple, but it clings to the skin and the notes meld together perfectly. As someone who loves and wears a lot of super-sweet scents, this isn't one of those. It's still relatively sweet and pink, but it's definitely not foody or candy. It's a very pleasant, unobtrusive perfume, light and a bit airy. Good throw and staying power, gets a little softer and sweeter as it dries.
  10. astarinel

    Caressing the Wild Rabbit

    Fresh, crisp white tea in the decant and wet on skin. Soft floral vanilla and a bit of sweetness in the background. Very springy, slightly sharp. Gets a little softer as it dries. A pleasant skin scent, but I was expecting a little more depth and creaminess from the honeycomb and sandalwood.
  11. astarinel

    Cat Chasing Butterflies

    Very perfume-y, especially wet, and definitely has that overtone of hairspray/chemicals at first that other people mentioned. As it dries that backs off, and it's a creamy musky floral. Definitely peach blossom, not peach -- this is not a fruity scent. I was hoping for more of the almond cream, and I tend to find that my skin amps almond, but it's not really showing up at all in this scent. Perhaps the "almond cream" makes it come across differently on my skin. I was also hoping this would be a bit sweeter, with almond cream and sweet musk, but I actually find it a mildly sweet, musky-creamy white floral. It's soft and very spring-like, but ultimately not for me.
  12. astarinel

    Absurd Suggestive Card Game

    When you need a change of pace from Strip Twister: lemon candies, orange suckers, and strawberry sugar. Super tart citrus candies. In the decant, the lemon has a little bit of a lemon-cleaner aspect that concerns me, but that fortunately disappears when I put it on my skin. This reminds me a lot of Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat, crossed with Bitches Love Unicorns. Immediately, it's sticky tart lemon candy with some other candy flavors. I'm not sure I'd say orange or strawberry, but it's definitely not just straight-up lemon. It has a very melting-hard-candies sort of feel, with the sharp tartness that lemon candies have despite being very sugary. It's a little too similar to Sticky Bat (which I have a bottle of) for me to want more of it, but it's more of a sharper, mixed-flavor candy scent. Sticky Bat has sort of a powdery-sugared aspect that this scent doesn't, although it does soften as it dries and the strawberry candy gets a little stronger. It has pretty good lasting power for a citrus scent and decent throw. In the long drydown, it's almost indistinguishable from Sticky Bat on my skin, as the other candy flavors stay mostly in the background.
  13. astarinel

    Frostbitten Snake Oil

    Very Snake Oil forward wet, and a fresh Snake Oil (which I like, but smells sharper and less sweet than the aged version). I think it's interesting that everyone seems to get the Snow White snow notes from this Frostbitten series, because I absolutely don't. Snow White is absolutely terrible on my skin (really, it smells like burning plastic), and I don't get any of that here. This is less aggressive than Snake Oil itself, and doesn't stain my super-pale skin as much as Snake Oil tends to do. It's Snake Oil padded with soft, fluffy, minty snow. I expected this to be more of a clash than Frostbitten Dorian, which I liked okay (although didn't find it very much like Dorian), but this actually works better on me. The snow note is very soft and a bit sweet, and it blends well with the vanilla tones of Snake Oil. Good throw (although not as much as Snake Oil, which I find to have Epic Throw) and lasting power. I expect this will age very well.
  14. astarinel

    Frostbitten Dorian

    The snow note in this doesn't smell particularly like Snow White to me, which is good, because Snow White is terrible on me. This also doesn't smell particularly like Dorian to me. Maybe I just haven't smelled fresh Dorian in a while, but this mostly smells like vanilla musk with lavender and minty snow. I actually like this, but it doesn't smell anything like what I was envisioning. Definitely gets a bit sweeter as it dries, and wears fairly close to the skin. A cool, soft scent.
  15. astarinel

    Who Would Not Tremble Too?

    Bright, green, fresh. This is the orange blossom note I really like, and it's lovely here. This is definitely a floral, a bit sweet but also tart, and a spring scent for sure: I associate a fresh spring green sort of color with scents like this. Wet, it somehow strikes me as both a delicate scent, and a sharp scent. As it dries, the honey and tea come out and the scent softens a little. Fairly low throw, decent lasting power.