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    Notes that I love: vanilla, amber, white musk, honey, berry, apple, peach, cake. Current scent obsessions: CD023, Lady Una, Dorian, and Arcana's Estella.

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  1. astarinel

    Songs of Autumn IV

    Apple is most prominent on wet, with a little of the honeyed apricot right behind it. I wouldn't have said apple peel without looking at the notes, but the apple note is a bit less juicy and fruity than it is elsewhere. As it dries the notes balance a little more and I get some of the oak and mums, a little woody and bitter. Pleasant and autumnal, and not overly sweet.
  2. astarinel

    Les Heures de la Nuit

    This is a very tart and bright scent that reminds me of a sparkly, fruity cocktail, thrown over some over white musk. Good throw, good lasting power even for the lime note, and doesn't change much as it dries.
  3. astarinel

    Blood Squib Snake Oil

    VERY sweet, almond-like cherries over snake oil. Super juicy maraschino cherries! I really like this while wet because the cherry notes is strong and amazing, but as it dries the cherries fade pretty quickly to just a sweet wisp and then it's basically just snake oil. And I like snake oil, but I have a bottle of snake oil if I want to smell like just snake oil.
  4. astarinel


    Very strongly neroli and lemon! This is a bright, fresh, clean citrussy scent. I can see where someone might find this a little like lemon cleaner because it's more towards tart/clean than sugary/gourmand. Good lasting power for a citrus, I think maybe because of the verbena/neroli which tend to stick around a bit longer than the pure citrus fruit notes. A bit more soft ambery-resinous as it dries, but decent lasting power.
  5. astarinel

    Apple Sugar

    Sweet, juicy red apples. This is an incredibly realistic, fresh apple -- like biting into a ripe, bright red apple. The sugar is a bit in the background here, but comes out more as it dries, and I wouldn't call this an overly-sweet or cloying scent at any stage (although I have a pretty high tolerance for sweet tooth scents). Probably my favorite apple scent from this year's batch! Good throw while wet, but fairly short duration.
  6. astarinel

    Apple Butter Rum

    Butterscotch-dipped apples. Very thick, rich, and sweet, with just a touch of spice. The butterscotch is much stronger than the apple, and overall the scent is pretty delicious and extremely gourmand.
  7. astarinel

    Spirit Fingers

    Spicy candy, both very spicy and very sweet! I agree with all the previous reviews saying cinnamon candy, because that was my immediate association as well. It's very sugary to my nose, and definitely gives a strong candy vibe. As it dries, it stays sweet, but the cinnamon/red hots smell turns a bit more clove with warm woody spices.
  8. astarinel

    Big Bertha's Big Molasses Muffins

    Foodie, chewy, spicy molasses cookies. I don't really get any orange, and this reminds me a lot of Gingerbread Poppet. Very delicious, but since I have a bottle of Poppet, I probably don't need another delicious spiced baked goods scent.
  9. astarinel


    This one reminds me of some of the softer, more sugary Lick Its. A very sweet, creamy mint from wet to drydown. I don't get any apple at all, much less any sourness from green apple. I've got a Lick It so I think I'm good; I like mint so I like the way this smells, I was just hoping for some strong apple!
  10. astarinel

    Mincemeat Pie

    Cherry/apple pie with spices. This has a very strong pastry note to my nose, similar to the one in Knave of Hearts. The filling here is mostly apple, though, I think, with a little cherry, with fairly strong warm spices. As it dries, the spices get even stronger and the fruit notes fade a little. Good throw and lasting power.
  11. astarinel

    Blackcurrant Glogg

    Boozy, spicy black currant. This is very dark, purple fruity wine with some gentle spices, fairly sweet but not cloying. I absolutely want to drink this; I'm not sure I want to wear it. Good throw, and doesn't change much on the drydown.
  12. astarinel

    Blueberry Sufganiyot

    Strong, sugary, jammy blueberry. I'm always excited for blueberry scents, and this one actually reminds me a little of the Blue Phoenix prototype I love (although that one has more vanilla and less blueberry, to my nose). I LOVE Strawberry Sufganiyot, and this definitely has a similar feel, although the balance of the notes is different for me. Blueberry is stronger on the fruit/jam, while Strawberry is a bit heavier on the pastry note. The blueberry is very thick and sweet and definitely the star of the show here. Doesn't change much as it dries, which is fine by me. Good throw and lasting power, too!
  13. astarinel

    Sour Pard Alchemy Lab

    Almond, cherry, and spiced red musk. My skin tends to amp red musk, but the other notes are keeping it in check here. It reminds me a bit of Kabuki, but with almond and spice instead of anise. As it dries, the almond fades and the spiced carnation comes a bit more to the forefront. Other than the cherry blast at first, this isn't overly fruity on my skin, it's more about the carnation + tonka + musk.
  14. astarinel

    Smug Yale Alchemy Lab

    Primarily sweet, green grass, with a touch of vanilla. I'm allergic to grass and this is so realistic it's twigging my allergy; I keep expecting to break into a sneezing fit at any moment. As it dries, the grass fades a little and the vanilla comes out more. Very fresh and springlike!
  15. astarinel

    Saddypants Lion Alchemy Lab

    The honey musk is really beautiful in this! I'm only familiar with it from Lady Una, which is a long time favorite of mine. This also has a dry, golden amber note very prominent, with delicious juicy sweet peach. The peach is one of the strongest notes wet, but it backs off as it dries and it settles into amber + honey musk with soft peachy fruitiness. I never really get much almond, but that's fine.