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BPAL Madness!

Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

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On 1/7/2021 at 11:00 PM, Madame Mew said:

WOSOTD: TAL Honey Rose v45. I love this one! It lasted for so long. It’s comforting, slightly sweet, perfect rose. I did some yoga with Adrien on YouTube. I needed to take a step back and really stretch and do some good old fashion yoga. The slow burn is real. It was day one of her 30 day thing. A few days late but I’m here for it.

I never had the chance to try any of the v45 TALs -- they sounded wonderful.  I wonderful if they'll go away now that #45 is.  The announcement from the Lab only mentioned the Trump-adjacent BPALs.  Is Adrien's day one video heavy on the downward dogs and vinyasas? If not, I might be able to handle it.


Yesterday I wore Half-Elf, which I had forgotten how much I like, and walked around Green Lake (3.5 miles).  Today I'm wearing Impressions of the Floating World, one of my favorites, walked to a nearby park a mile from my house, and played pingpong with my friend Judy for about 40 minutes, all she was up to today.  We actually had a little sunshine.  It's not supposed to rain tomorrow either.  We'll see. 


My sister and I have signed up for this virtual challenge starting January 18:  https://runwestireland.com/

502 miles, four and a half months, which means I'll have to average about four miles a day.  More if I miss days -- maybe I'll do longer jaunts on weekends.  I've never been to Ireland, though we have family roots there.  It looks so beautiful!

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'Ello, my luvs!   I hope everyone is as well as can be expected, given the shit-show that exploded this week.  


@Lucchesa maybe time to get that shoulder checked out, just to make sure nothing is torn?  :( :hug:


I haven't been as lazy about exercise as my absence would suggest.  Monday I did an abbreviated Tae Bo session.  No idea what I was wearing! 


Tuesday - Thursday I did free weights, crunches, planks, squats and leg work with resistance bands, along with my abs yoga sessions.  I gave Neko her own very light (almost no-) resistance band, which she tried to use as a hula hoop at first.  Anyway, I know for a fact I wore Goblin at least two (maybe all three?) of those days, and layered it with Stekk on one of them.  I lurrrve the freakin' patch in Goblin.  I feel like it's the same patch in Snake Oil?  Deep and chewy and dirty, and just. Sooooo. Goooood.  Ordered a bottle immediately! 


Friday...day off.  My ass hurt from all the squats, and I had to drive Neko back to her mom for the weekend.


Today I did my 4.5 mile treadmill sesh, wore Baby's First Ballista.  My bottle is more oak-heavy than my sugar cookie-leaning decant, but it's also stronger and longer-lasting.  I hope the oak calms down soon, because it has sort of a sour sharpness to it.  If it doesn't cooperate, it may find itself under threat of destash.  


I'll check back in as time permits.  Miss all y'all :grouphug:




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Hi all!


@Lucchesa I actually am not at all sure about those coming down! HRv45 is my first TAL, got it off of the Etsy TAL page and it's still up! Adrien's day one did have a somewhat extended downward dog moment, but it was very mellow. Slow burn, she called it. :) 

@Amazonia you're kicking ass!  Goblin is the freaking best. New love of mine for sure, agree with the sentiment re: patch in SO... same one for me as RR/BB and Grave-Pig? I just love PATCHOULI. I never thought I would , thank the sweet lab. 


WOSOTD: nothing. For shame. I totally forgot! Yoga sculpt with some intense HIIT thrown in, super fun! Then tore apart and cleaned both bathrooms and I don't think it was even this clean when we moved in 2 years back. I am unsure how many hours I was cleaning, but it was a while. I'm chuffed with myself, if you can't tell. LOL. Cleaned my makeup brushes, catered to my many indoor plants and took the dogs on a walk I am whooped. Took a bath, put on Dead Leaves, Pistachio and Marshmallow Cream, which I cannot get enough of.  ❤️ 

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I hope you all are having a lovely weekend!


WOSOTD: Snow at Dusk. I love the snow note in this. Pretty sure it's the same snow from Snow White. This is like goth AF snow white. Notes: Swirled grey and purple in the gloaming: snowdrifts shadowed with opium tar, wild plum, Siamese benzoin, champaca resinoid, muguet, and carnation.


Today's workout was another hour long class, focusing on lower body. So. Many. Lunges. It was a really fun class that I have actually done 3x now, just because I know it really hits the spot for leg/glute day. 

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Hi witchy friends!


I haven't checked in in a bit but I have kept up with Adriene's challenge every day. Will do Day 11 later today, and I'm thinking of trying some belly dancing as well haha, I'll report back! I found a couple of videos on Youtube, we'll see. I was away from home so I haven't worn any particularly exciting smells, just brought a couple of faves with me (Druid and A Night in the French Quarter).


I hope you are all doing well! 💜

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Hi, all! I’ve been walking faithfully when it’s not pouring. Today I wore The Pope, which had hardly any reviews but is really great, and did a four-mile walk. My shoulder is still not happy...

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Hey frenz, thought I'd stop in for a bit.  Here comes some word vomit.  Apologies in advance.


I am super scattered right now.  My aunt's boyfriend of 20+ years died Friday night.  Yes, it was Covid.  He had been in ICU since late December.   His condition seemed to be stable and they were getting ready to take him off the vent.  At some point midweek, he had a series of strokes which caused lesions on his brain.  They turned off his life support Friday evening, and he passed very shortly thereafter.  Lots of emotions, running the gamut between sorrow and rage right now.  My aunt is 61, they had finally bought a house together last year...and suddenly she's alone.  He was her best friend and life partner, and now the future they had planned is just gone.  He was in his late 50's, non-smoker, light social drinker, took all the necessary precautions faithfully, and had no underlying health conditions. 

I am so. Fucking. Angry.  We should not be suffering this loss.


I worked out for at least 30 minutes every day last week, with the exception of Sunday and Wednesday.  Lots of weights, Bowflex, abs yoga, T25, and resistence bands.  I'm going to check out PiYo this week and mix things up a bit.  I have finally dropped a pant size (which is probably stress related) and toned up quite a bit.  I'm starting to see some definition in my abs.  I haven't had a six-pack since I was in my early thirties (I was a workout junkie for several years after I had my youngest kid) and I'm really excited to see that again. 


@Kelthara check out Sadie's belly dance workouts.  I have a few of her DVDs and she is amazing!  Not sure if you can find them on YouTube, but it's worth a look!


I know I wore Blackcurrant Pie a lot last week.  It's all cardamom at first, but dries down to such a gorgeous spicy blackcurrant.  It's so good that I ordered a bottle.  Snake Oil, Snake's Kiss '18, and Stekk (MARSHMALLOWS!!! Thanks @Madame Mew!) were all in the rotation.  I can't remember which day I tested  Vampire Tarot: The Fool, but I kinda dig it.  I always smell like sweet sugary confections, so smelling of a hike down a path through a deciduous forest, dotted with wild mint growing here and there along the way, was a nice change.  The Fool may have snuck his way out of the destash box.


@Lucchesa, I saw you wore Impressions of the Floating World last week.  I recently got a decant of IOTFW that I've been meaning to test, but I keep forgetting.  I'll try to throw that one into the mix soon.  


Yesterday I walked on the treadmill for 4.5 miles, while wearing Antique Lace.  I only have one bottle so I rarely wear it, but it seemed like an appropriate time.  


Welp, I gotta get busy so I can go get Neko this afternoon.  I'll drop in if I can get a few minutes free this week.


TT y'all l8r 😙

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@Amazonia I am SO SORRY to hear about your aunt's partner.  You have every right to be filled with the blackest rage.  We should not be here, as a country.  


Good luck with Neko!  I hope you've managed to craft a more workable situation with her mother.  And congratulations on all the hard workouts and the visible results.  


@Kelthara Good job on sticking with the yoga challenge!  I can't wait to do yoga again, but this is the point where I always go back too soon and reinjure myself.  Belly dancing sounds like fun -- let us know if you find something worthwhile.  


@Madame Mew I hope you're getting the same sunshine we are!


I talked with Vetch_Vesper last week -- she's fine, just has a lot of stressful life stuff on her plate right now and hasn't been on the forums much.  I keep walking.  40 minutes today because I had a commitment I had to get ready for.  I forgot to wear perfume, but now I'm wearing Quintessence of Dust and I plan to get in a few more mini-walks as breaks in my work this afternoon.  

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Hi witches!


Sorry I've been so scarce!.I had the meltdown to end all meltdowns this Saturday (so much so that I spent Sunday with a raging headache) and being online so much is just not helping. I'm okay now, I thinking I needed to let go of 10 months worth of frustration of living through these strange and challenging times. But I've been keeping up with the yoga, with only a couple of days where I've had to do two sessions to get caught up. I actually just finished 2 sessions and I'm now up to date with Adriene's challenge. I kind of just spritzed myself with the Vengeance Eternal HG which I just received this Saturday, and I really love it! I've also been falling in love with Personent Hodie and Tombeur, which came in that same order.


Belly dancing did not quite work out for me, but, I will look out for Sadie! I ended up doing some really intense 15 minutes dance workout after belly dancing was a bust that day and half of the effort was me dying laughing at how badly coordinated I am. 😂 So, a fun time overall, and definitely good cardio! 


Sending love to all of you! :heart:

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Hi workout witches! Today I went on a six mile hike in the Columbia gorge with my husband and dogs. Wore my fabled Blue, Bloody Supermoon Lunar Eclipse. A kind would sold me her bottle and I’m so grateful! My man said it smelled like jolly ranchers. I guess the berries are strong once the skin warms up. 
I’ve been working out at least every other day, mixed in barre (Dailey Method) online, CorePower and weekend walks or hikes. Work has been super slamming, so I haven’t had much time to journal my activities since I squeeze the workouts in on my hour long lunch breaks.


great job to everyone out there moving those bods when we can!💕

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