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BPAL Madness!

Sprouting Grass Moon

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Pine, snow, green grass, and something that smells like green bell peppers... or is it alfafa on the drydown? It's a very green sort of smell. And I think its alfafa, not green peppers. 

My skin eats this one up though, and after 30 minutes, its gone.

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In the bottle: lord god this is straight up grass clippings


On the skin: thankfully, this sweetens up pretty quickly! There may be evergreen tinge in the background. The snow note is what I assume is the icy/ozone snow - it’s almost aquatic.


The snow note does veer toward dryer sheet territory after a few minutes, but thankfully the grass keeps it sweet and green, with a freshness that feels more spring day than laundry day. 

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This started off promising, bright green grasses and a cold icy hit of mint, but as it dries there emerges a sickly sweet smell that's clashing awful. I'm not sure what's turning on me here but it smells like rot... like sugary pond scum. A sugared spearmint gumdrop that came back up. It's making my stomach turn, sadly. The waft is okay but once I go in closer its a big nope.

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