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  1. decenda

    Sprouting Grass Moon

    I'm going to be mentally comparing this to A Blade of Grass since that's my favorite BPAL scent In the bottle: The description made me think this was going to be a ... wetter?... grass scent. It smells like dried alfalfa or grass clippings to me. Not in a bad way but I don't smell any pine or snow. Wet: Now I smell more pine trees! In fact, the grass is almost all gone and it smells like pine needles in snow. Dry: It dries back down to a grassier scent, it loses some of the crispness of the pine/snow but it's a very pleasant green scent. If you're obsessed with A Blade of Grass and are wondering if you should try this one out--I'd give it a shot! It's not as juicy as A Blade of Grass but it's a great grass scent.
  2. decenda

    Yule Cat Questions

    Crocheted Granny shawl. Yes or No? Preferred colors? (this one is pressing, I would need to start soon) Yes! But I would feel bad if someone felt rushed to do this BPal wax melts? I have TKO and Red Velvet Cake, Would bundle up a few for you to try of one, or both if you like. I don't have a wax melter so prob not Are there any currently available BPAL scents that you would love a bottle of? I think I've fed my own addiction enough lately 😂 Is there anything you're eyeing from Paintbox Soapworks' winter update? Orange and Yellow and Poinsettia sound good! Would you like anything from Cellar Door (they do soaps and candles)? Holiday Hearth, Krampus Nacht, and White Pine Wonderland sound great! Anything of interest from Luvmilk? (Milky Monday, their version of Black Friday, is on 11/7!) Oh I missed this, sorry Wouldst thou like a microwaveable bowl cozy? Sure! Are you interested in boozy homemade fruitcake? Sure!  How about booze itself, specifically, moonshine whiskey infused with spices and fruits? As long as it isn't dark? You said moonshine which is clear but whiskey which isnt. I like moonshine but not whiskey! haha (I grew up in the moonshine capital of the US 😂) Brown sugar shortbread? "Plain" buttery or flavored? Favorites include lavender and chocolate orange, but I could definitely do a holiday spice or peppermint batch or two. Those all sound delicious! Interested in anything from Odins Daughter? Winter Nights and Wild Apple Cake sound fab! I make infused vodkas! The one I am most proud of right now is a spiced hibiscus liqueur. I make this as a jelly, too. As far as the Liqueur, We have been making an autumn Moscow Mule with it, and the other day I made a Mai Tai! Its yummy! Ummm this all sounds great!  If I can find the recipe, I want to make my grandmas Orange Slice Cake. Its a super yummy cake but a bit difficult to make as far as cutting up all the oranges. If you would like a mini cake IF I make it, lemme know! I'd love to try anything like this--I dont think I've had something like that before  I do molasses gingerbread cookies, as well as hot cocoa cookies, florentines and butterballs. Any of those sound good? OR homemade chocolate fudge? I can do peppermint, coffee or orange additions, with or without nuts. Seriously I would be happy with any food! haha My favorite incense store is Good Earth Mercantile, any interest for an incense from them? I don't burn incense very often Are you a cotton candy fan? Would anything from Chocolate Storybook interest you? I would consume any sugar substance given to me Body Scrubs from CarolinaOrganicsSC are AHHHHMAZING! Any interest? omg those bath bombs are fantastic! All the smells look good to me! House of MetalWorks has super cute and dainty gold-filled stacking rings in my price range! If this interests you, include ring size! Okay so I used to know my ring size but I dont anymore I have gotten fatter What size do you typically wear in sweaters/sweatshirts? I'm a small/medium but I will wear a medium or large in sweaters or sweatshirts because I like to be cozy in them. Several questionnaires mention joy in receiving homemade baked goods. What are your favorite holiday baked goods? Cookies, Cakes, Fudge? Other? I seriously love all desserts. I'm super into this peanut butter cookie recipe that happens to be gluten free and can easily be vegan. I assume if you are allergic to nuts that will be very clear on your survey, but beyond that: Are you into peanut butter cookies? If yes, would you enjoy them with creamy or crunchy PB? Yes! hmmmm I am indifferent towards creamy or crunchy--whichever you think is better! Just curious, so if you had an infused alcohol, you would want it straight? My recipes call for simple syrup added after the infusion to make a liqueur.. But you could certainly skip that and mix it the way you wanted to. I'd like it if the simple syrup was already added because that saves me a step! I am thinking of making flavored sugar. What are flavors you would NOT enjoy out the following:  Lavender Rose Lemon Orange Vanilla Thyme Ginger Spice  I may even combine some of those! That sounds fabulous! I cant mentally combine some of those flavors but I'd be open to trying them Would you like anything from Witch Baby Soap? (Make sure to check the Throwback Thursday section of the website; they bring back a few things every Thursday!) Fairy Lights, Moon Dust, Silver and Gold, Yule Father sound good! Pickety witch has the yule offerings up, including Yule Cat pins (black or white) and ornaments. Which do you love most? The black yule cat is cute! Haus of Gloi's Yule is up, fancy anything? Mama' Porridge, Rosy Cheeked, Tannenbaum, Hearth sound good! Teeturtle has some adorable designs and their t-shirts often go on sale. Any designs that appeal? https://www.teeturtle.com/products/piglets-gift-for-eeyore?variant=19577791489983 https://www.teeturtle.com/products/winter-wonderland?variant=19577791490060 https://www.teeturtle.com/products/frosty-friend?variant=19577791490085 NEW QUESTION: What kind of cat representations do you like? Realistic? Modern/abstract? Cartoony?  I like them all! Maybe not like Disney cartoon representations though? I’m just not a huge Disney person.
  3. decenda

    October 17, 2011

    October 14th Do you like scary books? What's the best/scariest thing you've ever read? Pet Semetary by far! The movie is campy but that book really got to me! (and yes, I like scary books) October 13th Are you interested in anything in the latest round of Lab auctions on eBay? What favorite song(s) would you think would translate into a cool or unique scent? Yeasayer - Wait For The Summer Anyone interested in VApothecary's Halloween update? Pehaps Zombie or Pumpkin Bear? Interested in anything from the Beaver Moon Lunacy update? not really! I sent you with $20 into a drugstore/Walmart (nothing too fancy/imported/expensive, just your average selection), and you are restricted only to the candy aisle. What would you blow it on? Reeses Cups! Those Nerd ropes! ummm Chocolate! Peach O's! October 11th What is your favorite kind of cookie? Chocolate chip never gets old... but for something a bit more exotic... I like the chocolate cookies with the chocolate chips Seriously I like all cookies, though! How many boxes are you hoping for? I don't care! How do you feel about loose leaf tea in baggies? I mean, I have a TON of loose leaf, would it be okay if I send you samples in some zip lock baggies? Or is that something that would squick you out? That would be fine! I've done some tea swaps so I know the routine! How would you feel about getting a custom poster with your favorite quote on it and some cool graphics? I'm an architecture student and can print posters (provided I make them) at pretty much any size using Adobe Illustrator at a low price. Also if you would be interested in this, what quotes would you like? That would be great! There is a huge blank space in my stairwell that is meant for two big poster-sized things. I wouldnt want any quotes persay... maybe a poster representing Sausalito and one representing Lake Tahoe? October 9th Is there anything you would want from NYCC, something you'd like your witch to ask me to pick up? no thanks! But I'd love anything you gave me! The best thing I ever ate...: A steak I had for breakfast at Chateu Morissette. It was all covered in black pepper and delicious. October 6th Do you like liquorice? If so, hard or soft? Sweet or salt? Normally salted or so salt it pulls your face into a fishy shape? And which shapes do you like? Not really... I can munch away at the red vines but black licorice and me do not get along Mac using witchees, what computers do you use? What peripherals/accessories do you have and what would you LIKE to have? What do you use your computer for? I have a PC! Do you like listening to audiobooks? Would you like to receive one, and if you would, what sort of audiobook would you like--or is there a particular audiobook you've been meaning to get? I love audiobooks! I just got a library card so I can rent them for free! I would love any neil gaiman or chuck pahlaniuk books! October 5th Are there any DIY / Crafty / Free / Budget items you'd love to get but haven't noted yet? (Or, maybe you'd just like to emphasize something you may have only noted in passing?) Some precut quilting squares? I love all product samples, too! Or seeds! Do you own a DSLR camera? Are you interested in a minky camera strap like these? What about anything from Photojojo? I WISH I had a DSLR! Is anybody else into film photography? Interested in receiving film, supplies, etc from Lomography? I don't have a film camera Are you musically inclined? Do you play an instrument or sing? If so, what? I sing! Normally second soprano or alto, depending on the song and the balance needed! I so not sing by myself, because I sound HORRRRRIIBBLLLEEEE.
  4. decenda

    October 5th, 2011

    October 3rd Does anyone else like collector Barbies? Not really! My mom has a Madame Alexander doll that I love, and I wish she would send it to me! What small everyday items would you like, that you keep forgetting to get? hmm... those face wash wipes? A good pair of tweezers? Tarot I dont know how to read the cards but I would really like to learn! Tell me about something you like, and why you like it. I like... singing! or does this have to be an object? I like singing because it's fun to harmonize with other people. I also like... quilts/blankets/throws/etc becuase they make a house feel cozy. If you're the MMU type of Witchee, what Geek Chic Cosmetics tickle your fancy? I like purple and blue eyeshadows! And colored eyeliners are fun. Would any witchees be interested in Quinn Popcorn? All three of those sound delicious! Parmesean and Rosemary sounds the best! October 2nd Who likes silly items from Archie McPhee??? That stuff is cute! I'd keep it around my office to entertain my coworkers (and me!) Nocturne Alchemy's NAlloween Pt. 2 update is live here! (And for a few days, last month's update too.) What do you want? these all seem really heavy! all that musk!! I'm not sure I could pull them off! What are you drooling over from the Sock Dreams Halloween stuff? The bloody zombie thigh highs are hilarious, but I dont know how often I woudl wear them! The Russian Imperial Trouser socks are neat! And Heidi Over The Knee! Luck charms? Sure! Like a rabbits foot? I had one of those on my keychain when I was a kid! Does anyone want anything from... here...? is that the cake question? The cake in a jars seem neat but the reviews said they are deceivingly small! For those of you that like candles, do you like stuff from Yankee Candle? And if you had to choose, tarts or candles? I love yankee candle!! Do their tarts work in the scentsy warmers? I have never tested that out! I love their candles, though! Would you be interested in getting a custom necklace fromhere? Is there a movie you want so badly that you don’t own now? Nope! I am embarssingly not a movie buff Is there a song on Itunes that you haven’t downloaded yet? I never got Wolf Parade's new album Is there a rare book you’ve always wanted? Nope! Unless its an older version of The Little Prince! Is there anything you want to buy yourself but have been too embarrassed (R rated or pg)? No Have you seen the Lush holiday update? Do you like the look of anything from there? hjahaha! that jelly soap looks fun! It's Raining Men looks nice too... but... all that stuff is so expensive! if you were my witchee, would you want some of my hot nuts my candied nuts my nuts covered in butter and brown sugar candied walnuts? I like candied nuts! October 1st Is there anything you either didn't like or had never heard of that you're now curious to try thanks to the discussion in this thread? I haven't heard of 75% of the stores/items people are mentioning! I am going to add a lot of shops to my window shopping sprees! that make-your-own-candy-bar thing might get an order from me later! Reveal? Yes please! Would you be interested in the #occupywallstreet scent? The patchouli would be too much for me, I think! Do Paintbox Soapworks' Goat's Milk Hand and Body Creams sound like something you'd like to try? I LOVE to try new lotion! I have liked the slips I've tried of hers.
  5. decenda

    October 4th, 2011

    September 30th Witchee, would you like anything from this particular Haunt update? Hahaha too late for that one, huh? Who's interested in Halloween: Montreal? ahhh! I can't find the notes! You get a package in the mail containing 3 things you have really wanted more than anything else you've mentioned so far in this thread. (they are all reasonably priced of course! ~$20 or less apiece). What are they? ummmmm... honestly I have no idea. I would really love anything that you gave me. Soap, perfume, jewelry, art, games, crafted items, plants, home made food... seriously... anything! how do you feel about hemp? jewelry, soap, etc? I used to LOVE to make hemp jewelry. I love little crafts where I can zone out and focus on whatever I'm doing for a few hours. Tying knots is fun! Back on topic... I haven't worn hemp jewelry in a while but I would if I had some! I also like hemp products! I do not partake in the ganja, though! hehehe September 29th What kind of purse do you prefer? Leather, cloth? over the shoulder or crossbody, or something that can do either? Do you like bold bright prints with fun things, or monochrome, solid colours? I have a cloth one right now and I love it but it absorbs odors like crazy! Of course, I could... wash it... but that would require too much effort! Honestly though, I would love any fabric! I like bold, bright prints, but that might lead to some unintentional clashing due to me being too lazy to change purses with outfits! But I do it right now with my bright blue purse so....... And I like shoulder bags, not cross body ones. I dont like that the strap separates the ladies. julep maven monthly boxes: I think I posted that in thread... I got the boho chic or something. Your favorite restaurant or type of food to eat out. Would you use a restaurant.com voucher? Groupon? okay so I bought myself two restuarunt.com vouchers to one of my favorite local places (Manderes) and I NEVER used them. I get nervous that they restauraunt is going to be all snooty with me when I use it. I have never bought a groupon certificate, either, and I'm worried that might suffer the same fate of the restuaraunt.com vouchers. However, if you gave it to me, I'd make 100% certain that I'd use it! To answer the other part of the question... places I like to eat at are: all of them. I only really don't like thai food but that's because I havent ever tried much of it. My favorite chain is probably Macaroni Grill. I also love Chilis, but that's more of a lunch spot. I do most of my dining out in Folsom, CA if that helps at all. Oh my god there is this restuaraunt called FATS there and it is the best chinese food in the world. nom nom nom. I should have eaten some food before answering this question Like commercial socks? Yeah! What kind of bear is best? Grizzly! Is anyone interested in reading The Night Circus? The Amazon description sounds fabulous! Hershey's Pumpkin Spice kisses? THESE EXIST?!?!?! Yes! I have a not-so-secret love for The Broship of the Rings. Are there any prints from her store you'd like? I dont get the jokes I am not as knowledgable about Lord of the Rings as I should be. Who here likes Stephanie Pui-Min Law's artwork? I like everything but the faeries Do you drink wine? Um... yes! All of it! I work with a bunch of wine snobs who forced me to start drinking it when I moved out here. And the proximity to wineries helped the cause, too! But I am no snob! I'll try any of it! Is it just me who is nervous at revealing herself to her witchee, and finding out who her witch is?! Nervous? No way! I'm more nervous that you are completely sick of reading my answers to these questions! I hate talking about myself! Witches, did you lament NOT getting one of the condom case/imp cases that got released with the courtesan series??? The imp cases on BPTP are freaking sweet. But I do not lament. I recently saw candy corn in non-candy corn flavors like CHOCOLATE and CARAMEL APPLE. It's not a fancy brand, I just saw it in the drugstore, but who here would like something like that? I really dislike candy corn so I'd probably still not try it... September 28th JONES SODA CO has LE soda packs for The Guild, Buffy, D&D, So Cute, etc. Would you be interested in these, Witchee? I love soda!! SUGAR!! It'sBanned Books Week! Are there any books on the list you'd be interested in checking out? I don't have time to peruse the list right now but I can add some books to my amazon if you are curious. Or did I link my goodreads account? I haven't been keeping up with it, though! I am just a list of abandoned projects! haha! I have just been enlightened to THESE. Are these flavors relevant to your interests? I can't see link!!! I like lots of flavors! Except buttered popcorn jelly beans. September 27th What is something people are always surprised to learn about you? If they are meeting me in person... it's that I am engineer. I guess I dont look like one. Or maybe it's the female thing. So who else watched Babylon 5? I did not! If you had to decide what your stripper name was, what would it be? I think I posted that in thread! Sooooo Witchees, have you ever taken that particular personality test? If so, are you an Analytical, a Driver, an Expressive or an Amiable? I was analytical I think! Is anyone else afraid of or creepy out by dummies/puppets/Muppets/etc? Other things you're squicked/freaked by that's best left by the wayside? Live insects! Dead insects can be cool but I dont know what I'd do with one! what level of contact were you hoping for? I posted this in thread--but I'll reiterate that anything that you're comfortable with is fine by me I have had a great time so far! Your favorite restaurant or type of food to eat out. Would you use a restaurant.com voucher? Groupon? Are there any local museums/attractions you keep never getting around to going to? September 26th Is there any kind of international candy you love or would like to try? What is something totally random (yes, that thing that just popped into your head) that hasn't been covered by any previous questions? Is there any cheesy/non-cheesy Canadian stuff you'd be interested in? If you were to go here and create your very own chocolate bar, what might it have in it? Is there anything you're wanting from LPMP? say you stumbled into Camp Half Blood (or whatever the Roman camp ends up being named <bounces in anticipation>), which god claims you?
  6. decenda

    September 26, 2011

    September 26th Is there any kind of international candy you love or would like to try? I don’t know of any! But I would love to try new things! What is something totally random (yes, that thing that just popped into your head) that hasn't been covered by any previous questions? I am a big fan of chicken in a biscuit crackers! Ahhaha! Is there any cheesy/non-cheesy Canadian stuff you'd be interested in? Maple syrup? I don’t know what really counts as Canadian??? If you were to go here and create your very own chocolate bar, what might it have in it? ooooooo! I would make: dark chocolate, lavender, mini marshmallows! Or milk chocolate, peanut butter drops, and cookie dough! September 25th Stuff you've been meaning to do: make a quilt! Buy fabric to make quilt… organize my closet… organize my BPAL into an actual box or semblance of a proper space and not all shoved into a clear plastic bag! Haha! Would you be interested in regional jams, jellies, or other preserves? yes‼ very much so! Do you have any bedtime rituals? Is there any particular product you have to apply or a certain shirt you wear or an act you perform to get you in the "bedtime" mood? Sometimes I like to put on this patchouli sandalwood perfume. It’s so heavy that it makes me sleepy. I wouldn’t wear that type of perfume during the day! Sometimes I put lotion on my scalp because it’s all dry and peely  Are you interested in today's/any recent Tee Fury shirts? I don’t think so! Princess Bride? Yay or nay? yay! What's your favorite classic fairytale, witches I like snow white! September 24th how do you feel about ethical animal fiber, i.e. wool and the like? Wool makes me sort of itchy, but I have no moral issues with stuff like that, if that is what you are asking. I would hate for the poor little creatures to be hot all summer! What about little wee creatures for your desk or mantel? Sure! Look down. What are you wearing, right now? Well I have to have some pictures taken in my choir outfit later… so that is impacting my wardrobe. I have on a long black wrap skirt, a black tank top, and a light yellow ¾ sleeve top. And pearls. My choir outfit is the same except a black ¾ sleeve instead of the yellow… I didn’t want to wear all black to work! Kerchiefs? Yes please! It's the weekend, and you find yourself without a single chore or responsibility for a few hours. Right this very moment, what's the one thing you would do if you could do anything? I’d probably play World of Warcraft… or bake some sweets… September 23rd Is there anything you'd like from the Mütter Museum Store? I’m going to have to say…… probably not. The plush things are cute! But the medical skeletons and things are a bit too much for me  I just noticed that Cocoa Pink has 5 ml Perfume Atomizers. Yay or nay? Scents you would like? Scents you would NOT like? Woah! That’s a long list of scents! I think the pumpkin ones would probably work on me. The only things I really DON’T like are really heavy scents (musk, patchouli, really rich foody smells). what's your favorite kind of pizza? I like Hawaiian pizza! And pepperoni! And supreme! And veggie (although I recently got a case of food poisoning from some veggie pizza so I might not be able to eat it for a while!) who are your style/fashion icons? post pics if you want! I have always kind of dressed in my own way. I just pick things I like from catalogs and hope that everything goes together and doesn’t make me look like I’ve gained 22309483 pounds! Oooooooo but I loooooove all the costumes/clothes from Boardwalk Empire Are there any food items you're craving/aren't able to find around your area? canned pumpkin! Why isnt it out yet?!? September 22nd If you're interested in a handmade pouch/cover for an item you have (phones, tablets, books, keys, kettles...), what would your ideal pouch/cover have? Design, material, additional functionality/features like pockets or lights or secret hidey-holes? maybe a cover for my kindle? It would have no pockets or anything because I’m not sure what I would keep in said pockets. It would be a durable material, but a feminine classy print on it. Any color would work! Would you like a photo collage based around your interests/favorite colors/favorite themes? Sure! If you're crafty, are you interested in spoonfeather? And if so, what things there delight your eyes? I do not know what that is! I tried googling it but I only found a band?? Colors! What are your favorite colors and what colors do you not like? Pictures and links, people! My favorite color is sage green: http://www.katyelliott.com/beta/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/sage-green-rooms-from-martha-stewart.jpg I also really like canary yellow: http://cn1.kaboodle.com/hi/img/2/0/0/df/7/AAAAAngr6ZUAAAAAAN9wEw.jpg?v=1205640012000 I do not like dark yellow: http://creativehomeidea.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/The-room-comes-with-dark-yellow-color-inside.gif What is your favorite word? hello‼‼‼! What are the feelings on arm warmers? Color, style, texture, length? I’ve never put any on! Would they have gloves attached to them! I would definitely give them a shot! Do you like tarts? tealights? jar candles? votives? I have two Scentsy warmers and I love them! I also love all other type of candles. I like oil warmers but I do not own one of those! What's your favorite flavor? Sour, sweet, bitter, salty? I love sweet and I love salty. I love them together and I love them separately! So, are there any online gaming witchees who covet purchasable in-game items or other gamer-y stuff? (yup, geek question) hmmm I would like in-game WoW pets but I’m not addicted to them like some other players  Anyone doing anything cool for Mabon (or the start of fall, if you aren't pagan? Maybe going to the harvest festival at a local farm. I’ll probably be trying to take the boat out a few last times with the boyfriend before it starts raining though… (it rains all winter in California) What is your favorite coffee blend at Starbucks? If you don't have one, what is your favorite roast of coffee? I tried the iced coffee blend and I really liked it! It made great iced coffee! I always get an iced white mocha when I go there! Oooooo and pumpkin spice lattes make me happy.
  7. decenda

    September 22

    September 21st Cthulhu: yay or nay? Can't say I am "in the know" on this subject... Is there something that you wish you could do, but you keep putting it off? Make a quilt! Put your current mp3player (I am the anti-apple, so no ipod ), winamp playlist, what have you, on shuffle, list the first 10 songs: did this in thread! Witchee, have you made (or are you planning to make) any Lab or Trading post orders soon? And if you did (or plan to), you should share what you're getting I was going to order the following bottles: Pumpkin Princess Garden of Death Nothing but Death Do you have any interest in rocks? Not like, polished colorful stones.. but like... rocks. With geologic significance! I like rocks! If your witch were to knit you a scarf/shawl/cowl, which would you prefer, and what features would you want? Would you prefer something light and drape-y or thick and warm? What kind of colors would you prefer? Do you have any fiber allergies or preferences? I would say... shawl! But not if it's too much work! Otherwise, a scarf would be fantastic too! I would prefer something light and drapey simply because it doesn't get that cold here. I really like all colors (except before mentioned puke yellow)... but something neutral would get more use! Or a pastel color? I have a slight allergy to wool but it isn't severe and I wear wool things anyway! I live on the edge!!! If you have a pet, could you please post a photo of it? I really need to see what your pet, if you have one, looks like. did this in thread Do you like/own/wear/want fairy wings or something of the like? I am not sure when I would wear them?? How do you feel about terrariums? That would be awesome!! What's your favorite horror movie? Probably Se7en or The Shining. I don't get to watch many horror movies anymore because my boyfriend is a big scaredy cat If your witch was the practical type and wanted to include one or more of your everyday essentials, what would those include? I'm talking about the bath products, lotions, face lotions, teas, food, etc that you really use every day. Things I use every day: Aveeno unscented daily moisturizer John Freida Brilliant Brunette conditioner (shampoo is bleh) Clear Care Contact Solution (but I have quite a stockpile of this built up) Jane Austen .. Yay or Nay? Haven't really found the time to read it... I put up quotes I love in my office and studio to get me going, They range from goofy to sarcastic to inspirational... Are you interested in a hand painted quote? Do you have one in mind, or a topic in mind? I like the quote "The normal people I know are the people I don't really know" and "You have to make your own sunshine" but I have the latter already cross-stitched and hanging on the wall (well, my aunt made it for me when I was a kid) Do you like period or period-styled paraphernalia? Stuff like postcards, notecards, jewelry, office supplies, what-have-you? Yes! I've been really digging the 20's lately. If you like manga, comics, and/or graphic novels, what is it about them that you like, in general? The story, the art/style, etc? I can't say I've read any. If you could choose a Smack, what would it have in it? I am not sure what would smell good! This is what I'd probaby pick: Sugered Roses Bluegrass Unearthed Does that sound horrible?! if you could have a salon scent made, based on any artwork(s) what would it be? Lady of Shallot Are you scientifically curious and/or process-oriented? Would you like a project-type gift that allowed you do do something like make soap from scratch, take and (nontoxic-ly) develop photographs using a pinhole camera, use plant dyes on yarn or fabric, etc.? Yes! that would be SO FUN!!! What's 'your' song/your theme song? Hahaha... this is embarassing... but my favorite song for the past 10 years has been Smashing Pumpkins - Mayonaise What would be your superpower? I would like to fly! Witchee, would you like a gently used BPAL tshirt? Sure! Do you like homemade snack mixes? I know Puppy Chow was mentioned in a previous question, but what about healthier and more natural type snacks like granola or trail mix? You can put a lot of delicious and fun things into trail mix, yeah? If you say "Sure, I'd love some!" what kinds of things do you like/not like in those kinds of snacks, ie coconut flakes, raisins, certain nuts (allergies??), candy, etc. Give us your list of DO's and DON'Ts! Sure, I'd love some! I would like nuts, dried fruit, candy, etc. I would NOT like coconut flakes! Do you like charm bracelets? If you had a bracelet, what sort of charms would you want on it? Favorite hobbies, symbols, whatever? I would like a charm bracelet but I have a tiny wrist! So I don't know how many charms could fit on it! as for charms... maybe an astrological symbol? A music note? ummm a four leaf clover?! a tiny locket?
  8. decenda

    Ketchup like CRAZY!

    How do you like your chocolate? For example with nuts, mint, peanut butter, caramel? I like chocolate with just about anything! But mostly peanut butter and mint! Beads! Do you use them? Would you want some? What sorts of beads do you like? I do not use beads---I might if I had string and some clasps, though! Hahaha Anyone here like caramels? Sea salted caramels?!?! I am not a huge fan of caramels unless they are really soft. My boyfriend, on the other hand, is obsessed with caramel. Would you like a hand dyed or hand painted scarf or wrap or other item? If so, what colors/designs/fabrics do you like? YES! That would be awesome! I like all colors (except that pukey jewel toned yellow/gold/orange color). I love all fabrics, too. I have a soft spot in my heart for bright, fun colors but I’d probably get more use out of something that was more neutral. But that is coming from someone who wears a bright blue purse every day! This was a question before, but does anyone here like stones? Just pretty polished stones for use in whatever purposes? I like stones! I make big rocks into little rocks for living, so I’m a fan of anything rock-related. Also, I live with a geologist. He might be more of a purist though, and prefer “real” rocks. But I like pretty things! And another question; anyone like anything in particular from Think Geek? I really love all their office toys and science toys. It reminds me of all the toys my mom would buy for me when I was a child. They used to have this rocking ant farm set I secretly wanted. Pinterest, do you have boards you want to share or are you following anyone with great boards you want to share? I don’t know what that is = ( September 20th Would you like any ecotools makeup brushes? They're kinda one of my favorite things ever, and they're animal-friendly and the handles are bamboo. And to top it all off, they work really well for applying makeup. I would love new makeup brushes! Some of mine are getting pretty crummy! Do you like Legos? Especially mini-fig key chains, Lego block keychains, small Lego sets, etc? hmmmmmm. I dont have a crush on legos or anything, but I could see myself being engrossed in trying to put together one of those sets in an afternoon or weekend. I LOVE puzzles. Since the previous question about "what would you buy from the Lab if you had unlimited funds, etc" left WAY too much to the imagination with no limitations (my answer was pretty much BUY ALL THE THINGS!), what would you do if you found a $50 bill on the ground and a nagging voice in the back of your mind told you that you HAD to spend it on BPAL or else face Death. Also, say they had free shipping (LOL) so don't factor that in. What would you get? And spend it all! Or as close to $50 as you can get. I would get an imp of most of the RPG scents! (not getting the “Alignment” ones… except maybe Lawful) Are there any characters that you love or identify with? I love all the women from the Mists of Avalon book(s) by Marion Zimmer Bradley A question! If you are crafty, what's your personal art style? I'm not talking just about what art you like to look at, but what kind of art do you like creating? Do you have a "process" while you're creating beauty? I’m not terribly crafty. My crafting style is “ooo pretty!” where I see something I think I can make and then I devote time to creating then. Then I probably never pick up the craft again or not for a long time afterwards. I don’t really like anything too grandma, but I love homey things. I don’t craft things that are very “dark”… dragons, skulls, etc. I generally do things that border on bohemian. Are there any Arcana Weenies that you MUST HAVE? Nope! So what say you? IS an "unexpected" visit/in-person witching OK? I am really shy and would probably be a bit uncomfortable! One-on-one first meetings are scary! Also, you wouldn’t be able to get into my neighborhood unless I put you on the list so you’d have to sneak in through my back yard or something! September 19th What strange misc. items would you love to receive that you just haven't gotten for yourself?: ummmmmmmm… I don’t know! I am a pretty impulsive buyer. I think I can never have enough kitchen gadgets or nice bowls or plates. Also never enough jewelry. Or home decorations‼ I could go on forever… How do you feel about franken polish? Are you okay with all chemicals, or would you prefer 3 free? Would you want glitter or holographic glitter? What colors would interest you? I had to google what franken polish is! I would say that I feel just fine about that idea! I had never even thought about that! I love all glitter! But due to working in an office the glitter usually goes on my toes! Dear witchee, how do you feel about lip balm? Favorite style (twist up tube, pot, tube with wand, etc.)? Favorite flavors? Flavors to avoid? Favorite brand? Do you need more right now or are you set? Are you one of those people who could never have enough lip balm even though you have a bowl on your dresser overflowing with them and 10 in your purse and an order for more on the way? I am actually one of those people who don’t use lip balm that often! I have some in my desk drawer and some scattered throughout my makeup box. The one in my desk is getting pretty old, however, and I probably could use a new one…… ? I use tinted lip stuff more often, I would say. Just a natural looking pink or blushy red so my lips arent the same color as the rest of my face! Would you be interested in getting fountain pen inks or art supplies via JetPens and or DickBlick? (I know I have a wishlist on JetPens and just love using fountain pens in my artwork) I don’t do any art with pens, and would just use them at work. Is that an acceptable use? I did go around the office asking anyone for their gel ink pens the other day. My favorite one ran out  -For those interested in watercolors, how would you feel about getting a palette filled with paint from my watercolor tubes but not getting the paint tube itself? (kind of like this but without the covers for the compartments and bigger http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream) I… don’t paint. But I would have fun trying‼ Would be a cool way to get some supplies and play around without committing to full size stuff! -How do you feel about getting art supplies in general? (copic markers, watercolor, brushes, paint, sketchbooks etc.) So my mom is this great artist. There was much of my childhood devoted to me trying to learn how to draw… I don’t have it in me! That gene was unfortunately not passed on to me. I am pretty good with graphic arts and anything that involves a lot of focus/detail (like paper cutout art, or anything paper-related, I guess) -How do you feel about Threadless tshirts? I am indifferent. I don’t really wear T-shirts with stuff printed on them, unless it’s a pretty picture or some sort of pattern. I refuse to wear T-shirts with sayings printed on them, or funny stuff. I know, I am a huge t-shirt snob‼‼‼! If you were turned loose in a basic drug store (CVS, Walgreens - a pharmacy with attached mini-mart, basically!) with a $20 bill, what would you pick up? Sadly, probably contact solution and aveeno lotion. But if I already had a good supply of those things… pretty eyeshadows and fingernail polish! Darling Witchee, would you enjoy farmer's market pickled veggies (green beans, garlic, asparagus, etc) or fresh canned peaches or something of that nature? I live in one of the best areas of the country in terms of having access to locally grown food… since it’s all grown around here anyway. I also am not sure that california is too keen on produce being shipped in from other areas of the country (if you haven’t been here, they have check points at the state line along major highways to make sure you aren’t bringing in produce from other states… bugs and diseases and stuff) That being said, I would LOVE anything canned‼! That’s something I don’t have the ability to do or have access to‼ Do you prefer color or white photographs? Nature or abstract? I like both‼ I would say I probably prefer nature over abstract, but I am not against anything‼ would you be interested in something like this? https://lostcrates.com/how-it-works that seems cool‼‼ Amigurumi, yes or no? I think they are adorable‼ I have a question! What are some of your favorite paintings? (famous or undiscovered?) Feel free to link to examples! Okay so I saw this lady at a local art faire a few years ago and I fell in love with her work. Loretta Armstrong I like her “whimsical” paintings the most… her normal ones are just okay. She does a lot of neat halloween paintings like : http://www.whimsicaltoons.com/catalog.php?item=40&all=yes&ret=catalog.php%3Fpage%3D5%26all%3Dyes Although I have a soft spot for paintings of cow’s faces http://www.whimsicaltoons.com/catalog.php?item=17&catid=2&ret=catalog.php%3Fcategory%3D2 My favorite painting of all time, however, has to be the Lady of Shallot by John William Waterhouse http://charon.sfsu.edu/tennyson/images/shallot.jpg If you could have an image painted for you - sky is the limit - what would it be? hmmmm. I love paintings of farm animals. Especially their faces… I also would love a painting of the quintissential california landscape… rolling hills of golden grass spotted with green heritage oaks like this: http://depositphotos.com/2769556/stock-photo-Smoke-haze-California-foothills.html oooo! Or maybe Lake Powell‼! I go there every summer, it’s a beautiful place. http://www.thankyougiftsbaskets.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Lake-Powell-2.jpg http://www.lakepowellphotography.com/res/Default/gunsight1.jpg Name your 3 favorite scents for candles Pumpkin/Harvest A light, clean floral I really enjoy a crisp grapefruit in the summer Name your 3 favorite types/flavors of tea peppermint Earl grey Jasmine September 18th Do you wear t-shirts? Are there particular things you like on them? Would you like one designed by your Witch? And, if you don't mind saying, what size t-shirt do you wear? I already went into an embarassing T-shirt rant  I would wear T-shirts as long as they didn’t have words or something that was supposed to be ironic or witty on them. Let me find an example of something I would wear…. *runs away* All-over prints are fun: http://www.threadless.com/product/3151/Oldtown/tab,girls/style,tunic And this picture is gorgeous: http://www.threadless.com/product/1160/Birds_Of_A_Feather/tab,girls/style,shirt Oh, and I am a pretty petite person, and smalls usually fit me. How do you feel about pumpkin scented things? Not perfume related, but soap, candles, etc.... love pumpkin‼‼ love it! Has anyone else heard of or does anyone else love Glamourkin? I have not heard of that… thing! If you had an international witch, is there anything you would like from the UK? (Or Australia, Belgium, France any other country we have witches from. Anything that is quintissential to the region! I love goods that represent a certain area/country/lifestyle/whatever! Dear witchee, if you answered 'Mac' to the Mac/PC question previously issued by another participant, please tell me what kind of computer you have, what peripherals you own (like the wireless trackpad, wireless vs/wired keyboard and mouse), and whether you're interested in Apple-related items (stickers, keychains, other things with the logo, etc). I do not own a Mac, except for my iphone. SOCK PREFERENCES? Would you like/wear a pair of these? http://www.ravelry.c...rary/yoga-socks If so, what color? I can’t get the link to work… but I would like all socks, in any color! Is there anyone here who likes toe socks? You know, those socks with a place for each toe? I’ve honestly never tried on a pair! I would definitely give them a shot! September 17th Are you looking for a certain kind of DVDs to spruce up your collection right now? Not that I can think of! Unless maybe a muppet movie?? Does anyone like postcards? Is anyone willing to be a Nacho witch for postcards? I love postcards! Anyone going to see any good concerts this fall? I don’t have any plans… I see bands as they come to play in our neighborhood amphitheatre ( but seeing as I live in a neighborhood full of older people… they are all kind of ummmmmmm…. For old people) I hope to go to see some jazz this fall. I don’t care who plays, I just love to listen to jazz and drink wine! Do you like Star Trek? Original TV series, films, spinoff series, etc? Favorite characters? I’ve caught some episodes but in no way am I a huge fan. Witchee, would you like a framed photograph and of what? Sure! And… surprise me! September 16th Are you more prone to order out or cook at home? Would you be interested in cookbooks, kitchen utensils, and the like? If so, anything specific? I am trying to learn how to cook… so yes! I need help finding good recipes. I always pick out crappy ones (it must not be my fault that my food sucks! It has to be someone else’s!  ) I don’t really live near many restaurants that deliver, either. Just a pizza place and a Chinese place. New question: How do you feel about maple syrup? Love it‼! How do people feel about little pocket shrines, maybe something inspirational/motivational to keep in their purses/backpacks/whatever? (Like these: http://www.art-shrin...cketshrines.htm) sure‼! Do you like Star Wars? Original Trilogy? Prequels? Spin-offs? Favorite characters? I carried a chip on my shoulder about Star Wars for the longest time because I was forced to watch the first movie at least 20 times at my summer daycare center. I don’t even remember what the movie was about, just that I hated watching it over and over. We also had to watch Honey I Shrunk The Kids 800000000 times. Do you like beef jerkey, I know some may be vegatarian, but where I live beef is a staple and beef jerkey abounds. If so do you it really thin, hard and crunchy or thicker and softer. (OK that borders on obscene)- I love beef jerkey‼! I love it when it’s thick and soft! And all flavors! Also do you like or racier ecards from time to time and do you need to be warned if something may be not safe to open at work. I don’t mind racy e-cards but I do need to know if something is not safe for work! Doctor Who? Yay or nay? (please don't make me cry by saying nay) Yay—Although I have only seen a few episodes. I have them all on my instant queue in netflix but I keep forgetting to watch them  I have a couple spare Doctor Who stickers. If my witchee is a fan, would they like a couple Doctor Who stickers in their package? I don’t know if I would be able to appreciate them yet  Anyone love Buffy/Angel? Never really got into that show…. I was more into Dawsons Creek! (omg nerd alert!) How would you feel about gummies? Like, gummy bears? Gummy werewolves? Gummy vampires? Love them‼! How would you feel about a totally original Gela-skin for your laptop/iPod/phone? Stickers? Decals? That would be neat‼ My iphone needs a new case bad! (I have a 3GS, not the new one) Since this is a Halloween round, what's your Creepy threshold? Are you a cartoon bats and smily pumpkins person or a skulls-and-bones the-dead-are-rising kind of person? Are your fairytales dark or Disney? I would say I am more of a cartoony halloween person, but creepy stuff does not bother me! I love dark fairytales, though! And disney ones! Actually, now that I think about it, demon figurines kind of freak me out. Are your ears pierced, Witchee? Do you have any other piercings? Would you like to receive any items of jewelry for these piercings? I do have pierced ears. I would always accept earrings! I used to have some… other…. Piercings but I have since removed them. How do you all feel about Whoopie Pies? Are they like moon pies?! September 15th interested in anything from Lush? Yes! Anything! Do you blog? Would you like a header for your blog, a layout, etc? I do not blog! I am not that interesting! Would you be interested in a handmade bookmark? Well… I use a Kindle to do most of my reading but I still have some unread “real” books! do you like chex puppy chow or muddie buddies (ingredients: semi-sweet chocolate chips, PB, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, chex cereal)? would you want to get some from your witch / nacho witch? yes! Sure! How would you feel about receiving a Groupon deal for something in your local area? If there is anything you WOULDN'T like, mention that also. I’m horrible about using this things… so I’d probably say no  do you like real sugar skulls? Things with sugar skull designs? sure‼ Who here adores meringue? Meh, I think I’ve only had it a few times. I can’t remember what it tastes like! September 14th Can you sum yourself (whether it be personality, life's goals, ethics, whatever) in 10 words or less? Oh god, I dont know! I’ll try: Shy, friendly, independent, equality, affected by absentminded professor syndrome (I parked my car… where?) How about little bottles of booze? Ya wanna? What kind? I like clear booze! And wine! And beer! And cider! (just no whiskey, bourbon, etc and if you gave me scotch my boyfriend would drink it all before I even had a chance to read the label) What are your views on fudge and brownies? (Also, if you live in a warm place, where the fudge might melt, that'd be helpful to know. Or, if you're diabetic and fudge is death, that'd be useful to know, too.) I live in a very warm place. It’ll be in the 90s during the day for a few weeks still. It’s not really that cold when it’s winter, here, either. No diabetes! Also, what about mochi? Love it, hate it, baffled by it? uhhhhh MOCHI IS AMAZING‼! O wait, you dont mean the icecream do you? How would you ever send that? I have never tried the rice cake stuff. Anything from the update ya'll are liking? BPTP UPDATE I would love some samples of the room sprays! Does anyone like kimchi? I just had to google that… it looks scary  Would you be interested in a sample box(from somewhere like Birchbox or loosebutton)? yes‼! You have to place a Lab and Trading Post order. Right fuckin' now. No spending limits. What do you buy? I would buy one of those scent lockets (the queen one!) Paintbox Soapworks - anything you're interested in, in general or from the latest update? Smiling Jack and Indian Summer sound fabulous. I love her lotions, too! Do you guys have any sports that you follow obsessively? How about favorite teams and/or athletes nope! How do you feel about notebooks/journals/stationery? Anything you need or particularly like? I don’t keep a journal, and I steal all my pads of paper from work (DONT TELL!!) but I love pretty things! Does confetti/glitter make you angry or fill you with glee? I always giggle when I open a card full of glitter, but then I get cranky when trying to vacuum it all up! Hahaha Fabulous witches and witchees, perhaps you all could note of you've received MeiLin's goodies? Or if you want? I have not! I might be interested in the cookbook. How do you feel about stuffed animals/plushies/general soft, cuddly things? If you like them, what kind of animals would you be interested in? Sure‼ my dog might steal them, though, as he has recently done with a stuffed otter I got from the Monterey Bay Aquarium  And I love all animals! how interested would you be on somewhat personalized bottle cap labels? Like these that I did? I can’t see picture link! But i would love anything that you made for me, witch! When you're miserably sick (*sniffle, cough!*) what are the things that comfort you the most? soup, showers/baths, booze? Thankfully I don’t get sick too often! What constitutes ultimate luxury to you? (go crazy!) expensive cheese‼! What do you really NOT want? poop! September 13th How would you feel about kitchen towels and other similar household objects, if they are pretty or a souvenir? that would be fabulous! How did you dress up for your last party or compulsory-formal-dress occasion? I think you can find the dress I last wore to a wedding in the “what should I wear” or “Dress me!” thread (I cant remember the title) Do you enjoy puzzles/riddles? (Cryptograms, Sudoku, Crossword, Jigsaw, etc) all of them‼‼‼‼‼‼ I love buying the variety puzzle books. Witchee, would you be interested in having a special tea cup/coffee mug/glass to drink out of? yes! I would use it every morning at work! September 12th Would you like to receive e-books? And if so, in what format? I have a Kindle… and you already gave me an amazon gift card which is going to go to books, so yay‼! If you have kids, would you be interested in getting things for them? And if so, what are they interested and what sizes are the wearing now? I do not have any children. Just animals! Would you be interested in a felted handbag? Do any of these styles appeal to you? http://tinyurl.com/3o2epzl (there's at least one guy-friendly style, too!) 15, 14, 11, 1 Are there are patterns, motifs, etc that you especially like? I love toile! I went through an obsession while I was in college, but it wasn’t very fruitful because noone makes toile stuff. If you're a tea drinker, is there any specific tea you would like to receive, not just the kind/flavor but also the type/packing--i.e., tea bags, loose tea, compressed, etc? I have loose leaf tea as well as tea bags. Tea bags are more convenient but I honestly do not prefer one over the other. I do not know what compressed tea is!
  9. decenda

    Sept 11, 2011

    Woah, I can't keep my eye off the thread for a few days, it appears. Here is my attempt at ketchup: What is your favorite animal? Hmmmm... I love all animals! Especially baby ones! Ones I like in particular I guess: cats, otters, bears, goats, monkeys What are you going to be for Halloween? I haven't even thought about that yet!! Last year I was a witch. The year before that I was a ninja If you could have a piece of oil painting jewelry (pendant, pair of earrings, or ring) with absolutely anything painted on it, what would it be? (If you prefer wall art instead, same question as above.) I have a growing collection of rooster art! I also like anything that would remind me of Hawaii. How do you feel about nick-knacks? I have a couple of spots around the house for knick-knacks, but I'm not sure they would be shown off properly, unless they were sort of big. What traditions (family, holiday, or otherwise) are important to you? Is my cup of coffee in the morning a tradition??? just kidding! I love decorating for Christmas. Do you like going to the movies? I do but I don't go very often! So I guess I don't like it THAT much. I really like getting popcorn and having them put an insane amount of butter on it What are your favorite restaurants? Chains: Macaroni Grill, Chilis (I <3 the honey chipotle chicken crispers), Ruby Tuesday (<3 the salad bar), Charthouse Local (Sacramento): Biba, Taste, Samurai Sushi, Mikunis, Pilot House Do you play any video games? I play World of Warcraft! My char is Rayanne on Galakrond if you play as well. Do you like any anime? I am sure that I would, I just haven't ever really watched any.... Do you have an E-reader/iPad/something similar that you need a cover/case for? I have a Kindle! I have the standard leather case that comes with it, nothing fancy how much do you like jewelry? like, if you were to get a shit ton of it during the round, how excited would you be? I would be pretty excited!!! I love jewelry! I wear the necklace my witch from last round gave me ALL THE TIME How would you like to receive some of your Witch's favorite recipes, tailored to your likes/dietary restrictions? And specific wants? I love recipes! I am slowly learning to be a better cook... any help is appreciated. I think the toughest part is finding good recipes--following the directions is the easy part. Do you need any boxes to store your smellies in? What would you store in said hypothetical box--imps, bottles, supplies, all of the above? Yes!! I would store mostly imps. Muppets: yea or nay? Yea!! I was actually just watching all the muppets youtube videos the other night! Do you have an affinity for Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, The Far Side, and other comic strips? If so, which is your favorite? I love the Far Side. Favorite Mythological Creature?: Dragons are pretty cool. Do you like hair things barrettes, headbands, flowers Expanding on the hair question - does anyone like those flower clips for the hair that are big right now?? I wear headbands and barettes quite frquently. I got one of those flower clips from Hawaii and I lost it... sad I think the new fad of feather clip-ins is pretty cool, but I've never tried it myself. I am not sure I could get away with wearing the flower or feather to work... it's have to be a weekend thing Do you like to burn incense? If so, what are your favorite kinds...sticks? cones? resins? What are your favorite scents? - Harry Potter - a fan? If so, what house are you? I have never read or watched any of the harry potter stuff... - If you were to receive a gift card, what places would you like to get one from? hmmmmm Starbucks or Peets coffee. Target. Amazon for my kindle! Is there a particular myth/folktale/legend/fairytale/godstory that you're drawn to? There isn't one in particular. I love a lot of the greek myths, in particular the stories involving women-- like Echo or Persephone. If you RP, tabletop, forum, or otherwise... Do you have any original characters you'd like to see art of? If so, please give information! Even if it's a link to a web page or a profile or picture! Maybe my WoW character??? http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/galakrond/Rayanne/simple If you could see anything, what would it be? Can be a person, an event, a landmark or monument, an object, etc. And it doesn't have to be on this planet, or in this time period, or in this reality! I would like to be a "fly on the wall" on the oregon trail. The donner party is a really interesting story. When you are having a really rough day, what do you like to do/have to make it a little brighter? Eat comfort food, go shopping, or take a long nap. What are your thoughts on comics? Any you like? Any you have been wanting to try? Favorite characters? Haven't read any. Are you musical? Do you play an instrument, and if so, what? If not, what do you wish you could play or do? I sing in a small choir. I play the piano.... sort of... My main instrument is my voice. I also can play a few songs on the guitar but my hands are too small and I get frustrated easily. I wish I was better at the guitar! Does anyone garden? And if you do, what do you grow? If not, would a starter garden kit be something you'd be interested in? I don't plant anything edible, but I like to grow flowers. I loooooove Dahlias. I would love a starter garden kit, though! Do you decorate for Halloween? Is your decorating taste elegant, kitschy and fun, or scary? I do decorate for Halloween! I would say the style is kitschy and fun! Witchee, do you have any symbols or totems that have special meaning for you? no =/ Is anyone fond of programs like Adopt a Tree/Highway/Library/Manatee/Acre of Rainforest/etc?: I love doing the ADopt a Highway stuff with my work. What #1 actor, director, author and/or musician are you obsessed with? Lately I've really been into Neil Gaiman! Also I will always be a fan of Smashing Pumpkins, even if Billy Corgan has gone of the deep end lately. And I'm mildly obsessed with Bon Iver and Yeasayer! are you interested in anything from the Villainness Bad Apples update? I've honestly never tried any Villainness products. Proscription sounds yummy. If you have a pet, would he/she/they like to receive a treat or a toy as a gift? Does your pet have any dietary restrictions or other preferences w.r.t. said treat? My dog loves the soft plasticy chew toys. The cats dont really play with much besides bugs, leaves, and twigs. They all enjoy treats, though! No dietary restrictions, especially if it's a treat and in moderation What are your top three "I want to try them but I think I'll never get to try them" (or, "I've tried them and I want moar moar moar, but I don't think I'll ever get any") scents/bath oils/sprays? Can't think of any scent in particular. but MOAR ROSES!! Is there a particular artist and piece that you would like a print of? If so, what is your max size that you could spare on your walls? I love all John William Waterhouse. I have tons of wall space so the sky is the limit (but I would be happy with small too!) If you are in to beauty and makeup related stuff, what kind of stuff do you like? What is your skintone and hair color? Are there any beauty products you've wanted to try but just never purchase? I have neutral skin tone with dark brown/red hair. I would love any mascara samples--most mascara seems to either irritate my contacts or give me raccoon eyes 15 minutes after putting it on. I am sure there is one out there that would work..... sigh. Do you like coffee or tea? Would you be interested in trying some different types? I love coffee and tea! and heck yeah I would love to try different types! I love rich, smooth coffee. Kona coffee is my holy grail but OMG it's expensive. I love herbal teas, especially peppermint. Are there any CDs/Albums you've been wanting but haven't bought yet? What format do you prefer? (i.e. mp3, actual cd, record, etc) hmmmmmm the latest Modest Mouse? I would prefer mp3 since I tend to listen to all my music via my iphone. Are you going away for any part of this round? Not for any significant period. I do go on trips for work occasionally, but those may me last minute and I'd be sure to let my witch know Would you like to receive a mix-CD from your Witch? sure! If your witch were going somewhere on a vacation during the round, would you want a little souvenir? I love postcards!!! They make cheap wall art. I buy a cheap frame from Target, and plop in a postcard---voila! Do you enjoy any outdoor activities? Do you have a favorite form of "exercise"? My boyfriend and I bought a boat earlier this summer, and most of my outdoor activities revolve around the water. We like to take it out for day trips--there are so many lakes/reservoirs near us, it's a great excuse to go explore different areas. So we'll take the boat to a new lake, drive around exploring, pull up on a good beach for lunch... maybe take a swim... then go home! We've been camping a few times with the boat as well. I love being able to find a beach away from the crowds where you can truly relax and enjoy your surroundings. Any witchee's with a ravelry account have any favourited patterns that cost money that would be a welcome gift? no ravelry account Do you work/study at a desk and enjoy interesting or cute office supplies? I do work at a desk. I would enjoy interesting office supplies!! Although my work purchases all the stuff I'd need.... but they never buy me good pens! Witchee, are you a fan of musicals? If so, which ones? I like Music Man!! And I have no real good reason why... haha I am fond of the thrift. Do you mind lightly used goods? Please be specific! For instance, I'm a little squicked by used clothing, but I don't mind any other used goods (i.e. books, glassware, games, DVDs, whatever.) I do not mind!! I would be wary of clothing simply becuase I've never found anything cool in a thrift store... except maybe some neat old leather cowboy boots or maybe an old leather jacket? I don't mind books, kitchen stuff, home decor, etc. Do you have an Etsy shop? Do you know of any Etsy shops that are Switch Witch friendly? I do not have an etsy shop. Would a gift or a postcard from Disneyland make you squee with delight or puke into your mail box? Any gift or postcard would make me squee with delight! I love Disneyland/world/whatever. I love postcards what are your favorite types of Halloween candy? ANYTHING BUT CANDY CORN!!! yuck. Or those teeth you are supposed to eat. hahaha. I LOOOOOOVE Reeses Cups. Any chocolate is fabulous, really. My boyfriend is a huge fan of the fruit-inspired candy... like Starburst, Skittles, etc. Do you prefer soap or shower gel? Please give examples of your favorite scents or brands. I use both! I love Naiad Soap Work's etsy shop. Her milk & honey soap is to die for. I would love to try more of her things. Also, I love Philosophy shower gels. I have a myriad of those scents that get cycled in through the different seasons e.g. I have a pumpkin spice that I use durnig the fall and a christas tree scent I use during winter... How do you like your chocolate? For example with nuts, mint, peanut butter, caramel? I like my chocolate with peanut butter. I like my chocolate with mint. I like my chocolate with soft caramel.
  10. decenda

    Sept 8, 2011

    Social media? I am only really on facebook : http://www.facebook.com/vipbrj I have a livejournal, but it only has three posts and they're all embarassing and from over 5 years ago From the Weenie Update....what are you most wanting to try? I ordered the following bottles: Pumpkin Princess Garden of Death Nothing But Death And the following decants: Askalaphos Ghosts in Love October 2011 Devils Night 2011 Green Apple of Venus Post Mortem Laureatus I would be willing to try any of the foody or pumpkin ones! the cider one sounded nice! Who's into nail polish? What colors/brands? I only really paint my toes, becuase I cant stand chipped nail polish on my fingers and it always seems like they are chipped within a day of putting it on! I love all colors for my toes, and especially sparkley! No brand preference, but the less coats I can do, the better Is there a quote (or lyric or part of a poem) that really resonates with you or is your favorite? Dream candle? Scent, color, type (tealight, votive, pillar, jar, etc.), throw... A jar that made my house smell like roses. OR like I just made some fabulous dessert. Do you like knitted goodies? If so, what would you like and what colors? I love knitted things! I would love to have a light scarf for winter (it doesnt get TOO cold here in Sacramento...) and if you felt really really really really ambitious, a shawl. Would you be interested in homemade edibles that are NOT sweets? Any specifics? Sure! I would love homemade anything! I love trying new things. My only stipulation is that I am allergic to melons! What GC do you live in mortal terror of the lab discontinuing, but never get around to buying? I don't have one All my favorites seem to be LE Yo, yarnies! Do you Ravelry? If so, who are you over thar? Nope! I knitted a bit in college but I only made scarves Do you have wishlists for non-BPAL e-tailers? And if so, could you provide a link or a list? I posted my amazon one in my questionnaire. My etsy profile isnt really up to date but I'll post it anyway: http://www.etsy.com/people/vipbrj I'll try to update it more often!! Which do you use, a PC or a Mac? I have a PC! Actually, between my boyfriend and I, we have four laptops! aaah!
  11. decenda

    March 25, 2011

    Sorry it's been a while. Not really that many questions to catch up on though, witch! March 25 Are you interested in trying Super Villainess (from Villainess - the birthday scent that was just released tonight!) and if so, which item do you like the most? (Soap, Whipped, Smooch, Extrait, Smack...)If I were to order you a Smack, which four notes would you like? I think the combo of bluegrass (I LOOOOOOOVE grass) and georgia peach sounds delicious . or bluegrass and limeade. Or bluegrass and sugared roses. Seeing a trend here? Super Villianess sounds awesome! Probably in a soap or something, as I don't know if I could wear that smell all day, but it sounds like something I would love smelling in the shower! Would you enjoy receiving a knitted gift from your witch? If so what would you be interested in (scarf, hat, wrist / handwarmers, socks, etc.) and in what colors? I would love anything my witch hand-made for me. That being said, I live in a pretty mild climate! but it does get cold here for a few months and I do love wearing scarves/gloves/etc. Hats kind of look dumb on me because my head is shaped like a basketball! March 23 Easter Candy - do you like it? If so, what types? REESES EGGS MAKE ME HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What scent(s) are you petrified of getting DC'd? My favorite scents all seem to be LE's anyway, but lets see.... Alice? March 22 Violette Market Update is up. Do you covet anything from it? The truffle trade actually sounds pretty repulsive to me. too rich What is your favorite type of wine? Would you be interested in trying something new? In that case, is there anything you really DONT like? Ooooo how about dessert wines? I love wine!!! I love dry wine, I love sweet wine, I love red wine, I love white wine, I love strong tasting wine, I love buttery wine, I love oaky wine, I love wine! But not wine in a box Although the French Rabbit wine that comes in a (picnic-perfect) carton is pretty good!
  12. decenda

    March 21, 2011

    March 21 What three things are you craving right now? Well, I just ate a late lunch/early dinner. so no food. oooo although I could really go for some chocolate. Other than that, I would say... Sunshine, and an organized and cozy bedroom. paper goods, anyone need? including resume paper, and formal stationery as well as casual cards. I could use some colored card stock for crafty things, but other than that, nah! I can get a lot of paper at work What is a scent that you've been trying to find even a sample of for a very long time to no avail? (What bottle would you die to get your hands on - even a partial?) I don't have an answer to this I am a bad BPALer. I want to say that I have been obsessing over Snow White since I got a decant of it. Which is almost gone! Is there anything in your life that you'd like advice or a "selfhelp" book for?: (ie finances, eating healthier, meal planning) I thought that said mine planning and I was like THATS MY JOB! Anyway... I like books about relaxation techniques. I had a book on visualization as a teenager and it really helped me through some tough times. I wonder where it went... March 19 If your Witch lived near you, would you be happy or creeped out to get a "coupon" for a service like cleaning help or babysitting or dogwalking or coffee out with your Witch or something like that? Would you be creeped out if a local minion personally delivered a package to your house from a far-away Witch? Ummmm I am really shy so I would probably be a little nervous. But that doesn't mean I wouldnt go! Just might need to be an outgoing other person to offset my shyness. And RE: personal delivery: my neighborhood has a 24/7 "guarded" gate so they wouldn't be able to get inside the neighborhood unless I put them on the list. That sounds so lame but I promise I am not a cookie cutter boring suburban yuppie. Let's say I have a pair of something you collect, would you like one of them and we have matching things? that sounds so sweet! March 18 Do you like poetry? Yes! I do! I really love weird and dark things. Angry women and nutjobs are my favorite. What types of scents do you like to scent your home? Which do you totally avoid? My home scents are basically the opposite of the scents i wear. I gravitate towards manly (mmm leather) scents or foody scents for my home. I seem to have allergic reactions to a lot of the sweet floral scents when they are in candle/tart form. I also like any 'clean' scents... the yankee candles new laundry scents are pretty awesome I go with the season though. In the spring I will suffer my allergies to have smells of flowers and grass and whatnot in the house. In the summer I will have clean, citrussy smells. In the fall I will go for thanksgivingy stuff (ginger! pumpkin!). Winter is for pine and snow smells! The manlier stuff can be used all year long because they are my boyfriend's favorite. In summary: EVERYTHING BUT CHEAP SMELLING VANILLA What are your thoughts on comics? Any you like? Any you have been wanting to try? Favorite characters? I have never read a comic but I am curious about them! Household/kitchen goods/gadgets? Yes! I recently bought a house, and could probably use almost anything home-related. Still a lot of space to fill. Do you have a favorite fabric? If someone were to make you a fabric item, would you prefer it be out of any fabric? e.g. velvet, satin, silk, cotton, bamboo??? Would this change if it were an article of clothing vs. a bag/pillow/blanket/somethingelse I like velvet a lot, but not for clothing. I have a pair of bamboo PJs and they are awesome. I dont dislike any fabrics.
  13. decenda

    March 18, 2011

    March 17 Pillows? What size/designs/colors would most interest you? I like pillows! I like pillows that are bright and colorful, becuase most of my couches and thinks are boring broooown. Also, I have some quilts on the beds, and I'm sure any pillow you could make would be represented in a color on the quilt. One is a series of blues, one is going to be this one: link 1 And one is this one: link purses? bags? What style/colors? I love purses! I typically go for hobo styles, but I recently purchased a vera bradley bag (I know, so sorority girl and 8 years ago) but I am in love with its shape. It's called the "alice' it has a closure on top and has tons of pockets for my two cell phones and keys and things. I HAVE to have some sort of closure on top becuase I have been known to lose keys from a purse spilling over..... Decorative scarves for hair and/or creative accessorizing? What colors? Sure! I have pretty boring hair so I like to put stuff in it. I like everything but: 80's knockoff prints, sparkley metallic, neon. Would you like anything from Starring Fragrances. They make awesome hair stuff, natural deoderant, and home fragrance (and a ton of other stuff, those are just my favs)? The stuff in the Mythology of Love Collection sounds cool. The other stuff seems a bit too foody or rich. Side note:I have a really sensitive scalp and I react harshly to most any shampoo that doesnt have some sort of medication in it (like, skin sloughing off). So I'd be nervous about someone buying me any kind of shampoo. But I dont have any adverse reactions to conditioners (and do a conditioner only routine every once and a while)... but my hair LOVES 'cones. I know they are bad, but my hair relishes in their glorious sinful delights! I keep trying new conditioners but I keep going back to Brilliant Brunette. Oh my god I'm rambling telling my witch about my hair. Sorry!!!!! Forgive me, beautiful witch!! How do you feel about nail polish? What colors do you like? Sparkles? I love nail polish! I usually keep the brighter (Yellow! orange!) colors for my toes, since I work in an industry dominated by older, conservative, men On my fingers I'll usually either wear nothing or something "normal"... dark red, pink, dark blue... etc Sparkles are good! Ok geek check - what sort of geeky things do you do? Do you read comics/graphic novels? Are you obsessed with something (a TV show maybe?) Do you work in a geeky field? Do you play rpgs like Dungeons and Dragons? Would you like gifts related to any of these? I do not read comics I am not really obsessed with any TV shows. i used to watch Fringe but they moved it to Friday night and I never watch it anymore... I am an engineer, which can be pretty geeky, but i work in a construction/mining company so it's more LETS MOVE DIRT than LETS DO MATH! I do play World of Warcraft, which is really nerdy. I have been playing since... 2008? hmmm, I can't think of gifts relating to any of these.
  14. decenda

    March 17, 2011

    March 17 Would you want an invite to a site that is invite-only ex. Diaspora, Demonoid, etc. If so, what? No thanks! March 16 For those who like lipgloss, lipstick, tinted balms, etc, what colors do you wear (and warm? cool?) and do you prefer something sheer or more opaque? How do you feel about shimmer? I wear lip gloss... I love natural-ish colors. Sheer darkish pinks or cherry reds. Shimmer is okay! Are there any fancy/gourmet/special herbs or spices that you'd love to receive? ie: good quality vanilla or other extracts, vanilla beans, saffron, lavender, etc. not sure I would appreciate their high quality I have just begin cooking and am really not that good at it yet.... maybe if they came with instructions?! What's your favorite animal? Or is there one that's particularly significant to you? I have been diggin' on birds lately. All birds. I just love watching them. I love sitting outside on weekend mornings with my coffee watching the little guys fight over the bird feeder If you were able to get a vintage or prototype bottle from the upcoming West Coast Will Call, which one would you want?no thanks! DVDs, Blu-Ray, both, neither? both! I do have a blu-ray player but wouldnt mind DVDs either. Sock Dreams? What kind? (anklets, footies, etc.?) I need socks! I keep buying them but I keep losing them! I like all socks but the ones that sort of feel like panty-hose. ugh, they catch on my calluses (TMI?!) Since this is a price capped round, would you rather get one "big" thing or lots of "little" things or don't care? Oh, I dont care! I love getting little things... but I dont want to stifle my beautiful witch's creativity! Do you like pirate-related things? I can't say that I have an affinity towards pirate-related items. Soaps? Be specific: if there are BPAL soaps you want to try or are dying for more of, tell all here! Also, any other companies people like or love? Villainess, maybe? Or Lush? What flavors??? hmmm. I love philosophy soaps. I also love handmade stuff on etsy (Naiad is proabbly one of my favorites). As for flavors... I LOVE roses. I also love lavender. OH and the milk and honey naiad soap is to die for . What periods of art do you love most? Like, if someone was going to get you a tapestry or a box or some other item, what period would you want it to most resonate with? the pinks and golds of Rococo? the clean geometry of Art Deco? The romanticism of Art Nouveux? The strange lines of Cubism? Pre-Raphaelite stuff makes me very happy. Would you like caffeinated lollipops?: http://www.lollyphil...cks-caffeinated I am somewhat sensitive to caffine... I can have about one cup of coffee a day and that's my limit. Copied CD's or DVD's? Sure, why not. I'm going to Disneyland in a couple of weeks, is there anything I can get you? hmmm... not that i can think of! If you could package up the smell of the freshly baked chocolate cookies they have wafting around their shops, that would be faboulous!
  15. decenda

    March 14, 2011

    I thought i posted this yesterday surprise! the world has given you the day off. You hear that, no chores, responsibilities, or budget you have to follow. What would you do in those 24 hours? Given real-world contraints (no time travel) and the 24-hour time limit. I would drive from Sacramento down to Sausalito. I would spend the morning wandering around... have lunch by the water. Then I would hop on a ferry and spend the afternoon wandeing around San Francisco. And eat some sushi for dinner! Do you have any blogs you regularly read? not really.... I love smittenkitchen.com though! Do you need another bpal box? If so what would your fantasy one look like? I dont have ANY box. I have a hodge box of small boxes that dont really fit the bottles/imps quite right. I really need something for my imps. I dont have THAT many 5mls, but god how did I collect so many imps??? I would love a box that looks antiquey. Shabby chic? Or honestly, I would love anything that my witchy came up with! Who am I to stifle creativity? Do you enjoy gardening? If so, what kind of stuff do you grow? Vegetables, flowers?I just moved into a new house and haven't really figured out the soil and whatever else yet. But i do enjoy growing flowers. I haven't ever grown vegetables/fruit. Actually--my boyfriend planted two small dwarf citrus trees so I guess I can't say that anymore! But anyway, I like flowers--Dahlias are my favorite, but don't grow that happily in Sacramento. Bulbs would be a fun present though! tis the season!