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Snake Oil, mimosa, neroli, crushed herbs, and star jasmine.


Bright mimosa in the bottle with a hint of spices.


On the skin, this is a swoosh of mimosa petals and neroli.  This reminds me a LOT of Mania, for some reason.  There's not strawberry listed as a note but I get a very edible candy sweetness/floral.  With a bit of time, there's a bit of a uniform greenery, almost like... basil?  or some kind of neutral herb, adding some light leafiness to the floral fruit, then it starts getting closer to an orange / orange blossom aroma.  Hanging in the far back is a whisper of the deep base of Snake Oil, but it's not overpowering.  


With time, it actually even veers a little into lemony-citrus territory, and I wonder if the mimosa is doing some of that.  


Overall very light, youthful, quite unique.  I like it!

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Wet: I can definitely smell the crushed herbs. It's like vanilla and a mish-mash of various herbs. And they are fighting to dominate.


Drydown: I can see the candy sweetness mentioned before. This is very light, a great spring smell that isn't overpowering. Super easy to wear.

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Orange-toned, slightly powdery mimosa and star jasmine.


The herbs and Snek don't really play here for me, and my skin eats the blend before long.

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