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Ink, white moss, and rose petals.


In the bottle

Dark, deep moss with something darkly floral. But mostly moss. And definitely an ink note.


Wet on skin

True to my skin chemistry's form, I get a luscious, red rose note as soon as this touches my skin. But it works beautifully with the moss and inky darkness. This is not a dark scent, per se. It's lovely.


Dry on skin after 30 minutes

The rose fades a little bit into the background and this smells a lot more like the ink and moss. Not woody, really, but more green and almost like very fine paper and ink with flower petals and greenery. It has a nice throw, and the overall scent has not faded.



This makes me think of a fancy lady writing a letter with a fountain pen, expensive ink, and expensive paper, then spritzing her finest perfume on everything before sealing the envelope. Unexpected and beautiful. Really glad I went for a full bottle.

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The rose and moss note of this reminds me so hard of A Young Woman Appealing to a Witch (Halloween 2015) that, as much as I love those notes, I kept cringing and waiting for the weird bog scent that aged into that one to appear on me.  Fortunately it does not!  And the moss and roses get more beautiful as I wear it, plus the lovely ink note I recognize from The Manuscript (Crimson Peak) emerges.  Love love love love love!!!! 


Of all the Lupers this year, this one was the one that made me immediately have to buy and it did not disappoint.  It's everything I hoped it would be, and i know all of these notes age beautifully.  Totally worth the embarrassing name.

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Ink, deep moss, and a whiff of rose. I get mainly a deep inky blend. It sort of reminds me as a softer more accessible Manus Dei/Typewriter Incident. Medium throw and wear length.

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In the bottle I get the ink very distinctly, dark and smooth and a bit peppery. Like a deep dark resin and the smoothest perfumiest oudh. On my skin the rose comes out, to me it smells like a dried pink rose. The moss is light, fresh.  The whole effect is almost papery, but maybe my mind is thinking of the ink and is going to books. Very soft and romantic. 

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