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  1. Ink, white moss, and rose petals. In the bottle Dark, deep moss with something darkly floral. But mostly moss. And definitely an ink note. Wet on skin True to my skin chemistry's form, I get a luscious, red rose note as soon as this touches my skin. But it works beautifully with the moss and inky darkness. This is not a dark scent, per se. It's lovely. Dry on skin after 30 minutes The rose fades a little bit into the background and this smells a lot more like the ink and moss. Not woody, really, but more green and almost like very fine paper and ink with flower petals and greenery. It has a nice throw, and the overall scent has not faded. Thoughts This makes me think of a fancy lady writing a letter with a fountain pen, expensive ink, and expensive paper, then spritzing her finest perfume on everything before sealing the envelope. Unexpected and beautiful. Really glad I went for a full bottle.
  2. thecaitycat

    Suck It

    In the bottle Thick, sweet, and boozy with an ever-so-slight cough syrupy edge. But if you've read a few of my other reviews, you know that I love this kind of thing. Wet on skin It smells like a sugary sweet cherry booze drink. There is something whiskey-ish in here and I love it. Dry on skin after 30 minutes The cough syrup-esque quality disappears as soon as this dries down, and it turns into delicious boozy cherries. Not candy cherries. Boozy cherries. Thoughts Total winner, and a departure from most of my BPAL collection. It's not super complicated, not super complex, just beautiful and fruity and sexy and fun. I could probably wear this to work as long as I wasn't heavy handed.
  3. thecaitycat

    La Calavera Catrina

    In the bottle On first sniff, this is dead leaves and autumn flowers. Gorgeous. Autumnal. My favorite season. Wet on skin Almost immediately on touching my skin, this warms up slightly and I can smell a touch of vanilla along with dead leaves, marigold, some rose, and chrysanthemum. Dry on skin after 30 minutes The florals are more pronounced, the leaves are more of a background note. The wild roses are also a stronger presence after 30 minutes. If I think about it, I can detect a little bit of herbal vanilla, but this is definitely a floral scent and not a vanilla or herbal scent. Thoughts This is what I imagine diving head first into a pile of leaves and roses would be like, or at least in my dreams.
  4. thecaitycat

    Bobbing for Apples

    In the bottle This really honestly smells like biting into an apple. Not sugary, not spicy, not perfume-y, just biting into a juicy apple that's freshly washed. Wet on skin Freshly washed apple, not overly sweet or overly tart. Emphasis on freshly washed, because there *is* a sense that this apple just came out of the water. Dry on skin after 30 minutes Yep. Still freshly washed apples right out of a sink full of cold water. Thoughts Don't let my sparse wording fool you, because this is gorgeous and I love it! It's so pretty and fresh and autumnal and fruity and perfect for my favorite season. This is the apple scent I needed in my life.
  5. thecaitycat

    Fate's Jester

    In the bottle Patchouli, berries, and something vaguely citrusy. Wet on skin This is creamier, sweeter, and a tad sharper when it touches my skin. Unlike other patchouli scents, this also isn't super strongly patchouli. Dry on skin after 30 minutes The sharpness decreases and the sweetness increases as this mixes with my skin chemistry. It also has AMAZING throw. There's a hint of something lemony in there but this is very much currant, buttercream, and patchouli for me. Thoughts This is one of the longest lasting BPAL scents in my collection, along with one of the most sweetly complex. While it has patchouli, it's not patchouli-dominant, it's much deeper than that. I really love it.
  6. thecaitycat

    Dead Leaves, Violet Candy, and Sugar Crystals

    In the bottle Dead leaves, violets, and sugary sweetness. But the dead leaves are at the forefront. Wet on skin This is more violet-forward once this is on my skin. It smells like this candy I bought at a couple of old-fashioned candy stores a long time ago, but with the dead leaves to make it less candy-like and more floral. Dry on skin after 30 minutes As this dries down, this smells more and more like violet candy and the dead leaves note fades, slowly. It really does smell like violet candy! Thoughts So, if anything like this comes back, or if I find this on eBay/Etsy, I'm buying another one, because this is divine and I love it. This isn't as distinctly autumnal as my other Halloweenies, especially once it's dried down for a couple of hours.
  7. thecaitycat

    Hallow-e’en, 1914

    2014 version In the bottle Graveyard dirt, something green (ivy? not pine or cypress to my nose), and dead leaves. It smells loamy and dead without being depressing. This is not sweet at all. Wet on skin Oh yeah, this is dirt, maybe right after it's rained, along with dead leaves and that green ivy note. At least it smells like ivy to me or reminds me of ivy. Dry on skin after 30 minutes Still dirt, greenery, and some dead leaves, but also a little bit of concrete or stone - like a grave stone, maybe? And it's refreshing, not musty. I still don't get any sweetness. Thoughts This one is REALLY strong, so beware. A little goes a long way. But it's a lovely, non-floral, non-fruity autumnal scent, and it's unique within my collection.
  8. thecaitycat

    Magnificent Autumn

    2014 version In the bottle The essence of sticking your nose into a pile of freshly raked leaves, minus the slugs and grime. I'm also getting something distinctly green, like ivy. Wet on skin Not so much fallen leaves as it is ivy, something cold, and maybe apple in the background? Dry on skin after 30 minutes This becomes subtly more floral as it dries down. Autumnal florals along with the ivy, leaves, cold, and apples. It's also sweeter after half an hour. Thoughts I do so love Autumn! It's my favorite season by far, not just because of my birthday in November. This is really lovely, but also pretty strong on my skin. Definitely not a year-round scent, but something perfect for when I need summer to end and I'm craving shorter days, cooler nights, knitted hats and gloves, and soup.
  9. thecaitycat

    Nothing But Death

    In the bottle This is... Hard to describe. Without looking at the notes, this smells a little like my beloved cough syrup smell that I love so much (don't judge me). I think it's an effect of the dried fruits and aquatics. A little more analysis, and I definitely smell some violet, a little saltiness, dark fruitiness. Wet on skin A lot like in the bottle, plus some slithering, sinister greenery. But nothing coniferous, more like swampy. It's not gentle. The violet and dark fruitiness is still playing well with everything and the cough syrupiness is dissipating a bit. Dry on skin after 30 minutes This gets drier and spicier as it dries down on my skin without losing that sinister green/purpleness I enjoy in the bottle. I can still smell a hint of violet and fruitiness but the plantiness is more pronounced. It's not a sweet, candy violet. Thoughts This was from a BPAL ebay auction, so this is very well aged. It's also right up my alley. It continues to change slowly as it's on my skin, and it lasts quite a long time with medium-high throw.
  10. thecaitycat

    2003: Cotton Phoenix

    In the bottle Snake Oil and almond candy. Yes! Wet on skin Everything I love about Snake Oil, plus almond and marshmallow. So yeah, Snake Oil and candy. Dry on skin after 30 minutes The best way I can think of to describe the drydown is to say that this matures a bit, in that it goes from Snake Oil/candy to Snake Oil/foodie musk, and the incense notes in the Snake Oil come forward more too. Thoughts I bought a second bottle of Wool Phoenix and I'm kicking myself for not buying a second bottle of this, because I love it almost as much. Yet another winning Snake Oil blend.
  11. thecaitycat

    Thirteen (13): July 2018

    In the bottle Slightly buttery (?) chocolate, with an alcoholic aftertaste/smell. Like liqueur. Whiskey and chocolate. We're really onto something decadent here. Wet on skin As soon as this is on my skin, the butteriness goes away but a lot of other notes make their debut almost instantly. I get coffee bean and vanilla along with a bit of spicy floral. Dry on skin after 30 minutes The carnation and other spices add more complexity while the coffee and vanilla fade a little bit without fading completely. This still smells like something I would drink if I ordered it as a fancy cocktail at a bar. Thoughts This is like that expensive chocolate liqueur I sip a bit at a time when I'm feeling fancy. Decadent. Overall this is a sweet, chocolatey, and something unlike any other cocoa-based scents in my collection.
  12. thecaitycat

    2012: Aluminum Phoenix

    In the bottle I don't even know what I can identify here other than something citrus (must be the mandarin) and something herbal and sharp. It's really strange. Wet on skin This is a lot sweeter once it's on my skin. Dry on skin after 30 minutes This is sweet for a few minutes, then goes through another sharp, soapy stage, then becomes less sharp and a little sweeter again. Thoughts I took a chance on this one. "Bright" is a good descriptor for it. I don't hate it. It's actually nice on certain days. But I'm going to let it age some more and see what happens, because letting it sit in my collection for a few months has helped so far.
  13. thecaitycat

    A Savage Veil, Severe and Strong

    In the bottle Plum and patchouli are the first things to hit my nose. Love. Wet on skin This is plummy without being really fruity, because the patchouli and tobacco make this deeper and darker. Dry on skin after 30 minutes The plum and patchouli remain the strongest notes on my skin. This is a slow, smouldering patchouli and a velvety plum, complemented with tobacco and spices. I don't smell nutmeg specifically, but I do get something spicy along with the plum. Thoughts Severe and strong, indeed. Patchouli and plum are really, really gorgeous together in this blend. It's slightly sweeter than most of my patchouli blends because of the plum, but it also has that familiar throw of a good, strong, BPAL patchouli blend that I've come to know and love.
  14. thecaitycat

    Psalm 82:2-4

    In the bottle Crystalline is right. Vanilla musk crystallized in benzoin. Wet on skin This gets more resinous once it's on my skin. Benzoin is almost always kind of powdery on me, but in a nice, fancy way instead of a gross way. The vanilla and musk keep this sophisticated. Dry on skin after 30 minutes This is more and more musk and benzoin the longer it's on my skin. There's vanilla lingering in my nostrils as I breathe out but this is not a tradionally vanilla-esque scent. Thoughts I think this is the first scent I've ever had that is vanilla husk and not vanilla, so I didn't know whether to expect straight up vanilla or more of a hint of vanilla. Something about this is almost woodsy, perhaps owing to the vanilla husk. It's pretty nice. This starts out sharp and after about an hour, it softens a bit while retaining a lot of throw.
  15. thecaitycat

    Romans 13:8

    In the bottle ALMOND, like sweet almond, not blossomy almond. Candy almond, thanks to the fig and cardamom. Wet on skin True to form, because I amp rose like no one else can, I smell rose as soon as this hits my skin. It's a sweet, full, red rose that blends nicely with the spices and sweets I smelled in the bottle. This is still a bit candy-like, but not a typical sweet shop candy. This is the candy you bring back from a trip abroad. Dry on skin after 30 minutes This gets more rosy the longer it's on my skin, but the rose stays well-blended rather than taking over. The spices and fig keep the rose sweet while the almond kind of fades and becomes a background note instead of the forefront like it is in the bottle. Thoughts This was one of the two Deliver Them From the Hands of the Wicked scents I knew immediately would work when I looked at the notes. Almond, fig, rose petals, and a bit of spice and oudh? Yes please. This is really, really pretty. One of my two favorites from this fundraiser.