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BPAL Madness!

BPTP & BPAL Layering Combos!

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I don't think this belongs in general layering recs and I haven't found a thread for this, but please merge me if I'm wrong. I'm wondering which bath oils, hair glosses and other BPTP products people like to layer with which perfumes?


I find that Nymphes de Pave perfume layers perfectly with The Wars of Venus bath oil, and Yellow Snowballs perfume is delightful with Lightning Storm hair gloss. Unhappily Ever After BO enhances the effervescence of any champagne scent.


I would love to find a hair gloss and bath oil that complement The Girl, suggestions for a more or less neutral hair gloss that goes with everything, and more perfumes to wear with my Sudsy She Wolf bath oil.

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I layer Snow White perfume/bath oil with Silkybat HG and I love the combo. I also layer Silkybat with my Hypnotic Poison (Dior) and find that the vanilla almond/sugar patch combo is divine, it's my signature combo at this point. :lol:


The Other Hot Chocolate, and probably Dia de Los Reyes would be good with Sudsy She Wolf BO and Shiny Furball HG methinks.

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Here are some of the combinations I have used:


Hope and Fear Set Free, Hesiod's Phoenix, or Snake Charmer Res. with Implacable Beautiful Tyrant


Lambs-Wool, Poisoned Apple, or All Hallows' Apple with Caramel Apples and Ancient Oaks and Implacable Beautiful Tyrant or Morocco hair gloss


Snow White with Juniper and White Mint (and pretty much any scent with a snow or mint note... this hair gloss doesn't really interfere with any of my perfumes... it also goes well with scents like Squirting Cucumber)


Summer Lace with Lightning Storm


Sudsy She Wolf with El Dia de los Reyes


Shiny Furball with Tombstone


Snake Oil with any of the Snake Oil plus blends (of course :D )


Fairy Market with White Peach and Incense


Hair Loosened and Soiled in Mid Orgies with O


Dorian in the Pumpkin Patch with Pumpkin Ice Cream and Dorian hair gloss


I am sure I will come up with more later!

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Dorian hair gloss with Capax Infiniti! <3 I think Dorian HG will actually go with a LOT of my collection. It's all sweetness and white musk. I imagine it will pair gloriously with Sonnet D'Automne.

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Kitsune-Yesuki - wrist, wrist, temples, sleeves


Spellbound - A dab On Center of Collar and just a "slash" on wrist of dominate hand.


Feel free to Share your results

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Bourbon vanilla massage oil + Implacable Beautiful Tyrant + Hesiod's Phoenix.


Today wearing Time Does Not Bring Relief, realizing it would've also done nicely with the massage oil, and wishing I had a violet hair gloss. Violet, vanilla and amber omg.

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Shiny Furball HG with Skadi 2013. Shiny Furball also goes great with Silent Forest bath oil as a moisturizer over Black Forest perfume.


Samhain perfume over Luxuria bath oil applied as a moisturizer. I got the idea because on my skin, Witch Dance smells like a heavy red musk version of Samhain. I prefer Amber & Patchoui HG with this combo instead of Silkybat HG but ymmv.

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Got compliments from this one. Implacable Beautiful Tyrant + Devil's Claw. It was a creamy, spicy, warm mix that people actually stopped to compliment about.

Here are my favorite Juniper Mint combos:

Juniper Mint + Manhattan

Juniper Mint + Ded Moroz

Juniper Mint + Arachnina

Juniper Mint + Shanghai Bath Oil + Shanghai perfume

Juniper Mint + Jabberwocky

Juniper Mint + any of the Lick It's I already have

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The combo I'm thinking of trying is House of Unquenchable Fire (lately I've been spraying my clothes the night before) with Hesoid's Phoenix, and Snake Oil Hg.

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I love Silkybat and Bloodbath both with Snake Oil perfume. Very dark and pretty and sugary. Bloodbath also goes well with the Eldritch Dark perfume and I suspect it will also work with rose red. I love the whole Callidora line


But the silkybat especially plays well with others. I like a lot of the vanilla-y, musky scents, as well as some fruity florals and the silkybat is lovely to mix

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I completely agree JasminDreams2010 - Silkybat layers beautifully! So far my favorite pairings are Silkybat with Perversion and Silkybat with Eldritch Dark (wearing this today :) ). Divine!!


Today I'm wearing Silkybat+Wicked Matriarch+Feed Me and Fill me with Pleasure


This sounds amazing.

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I've been wearing SELBSTVERLIEBT bath oil every day as a moisturizer. It goes really nicely with Vain Sorceress, and I've also worn it successfully with The Girl, Peacocks, and Le Serpent Qui Danse. I've mostly complemented it hairwise with Coconut, Vanilla Bean and Tiare, but it's also nice with Mid Orgies.


ETA: Shining Dimple of Love goes nicely with Dorian HG, and any Dorian-based perfume.

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Lithe and Lascivious Regret bath oil + Lady Mcbeth (or Flowers Cleave Apart if you like Jasmine) <- I layer those if I want to smell like a bucket of berries. :yum:

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I would love to hear what people are paring with various hair glosses. I have Morocco and Alice HG so far, and am looking for pairings (besides the obvious). I would love to hear what people are pairing with the other hair glosses as well, as I have every intention of getting more!

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Since it's autumn, I'll start with a few of my favorite autumn pairings (so far :wink: ):

Autumn Leaves & Haitian Patchouli HG with:
Death of Autumn
Hallowe'en 1914
Black Silk
Crypt Queen

Tricksy HG with;
Tricksy (duh)
Womb Furie
The Infernal Lover

Black Clove, Grave Soil, & Tobacco Flower HG with:
Hellgate of Ireland
Gacela of the Dark Death
Night Hag Visiting the Lapland Witches
Crypt Queen

Red Apple HG with::
Fearful Pleasure
Trick or Treat

Pumpkin Spice Everything HG with:
Pumpkin Spice Everything
Pumpkin Lace
Pumpkin IV '09
Pumpkin Princess
Pumpkin Queen

That's just a start :biggrin:

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I keep some notes on my favorite combinations. :blush:


Frosty Silkybat HG with A Lady Tall and White

Sin HG with O Love and Time and Sin

Sin HG with Gingerbread Sin

Implacable Beautiful Tyrant HG with Hal

Winter Lily and Sugarcane HG with Tumultuous Vultures

Eldritch Dark HG with Psychodynamic Discharge

The White Bees Swarming HG with Crib Girls

Shards of Looking-Glass HG with Jacob's Ladder

Red Apple HG with The Gas Lamps' Flare

The White Bees Swarming HG with Womb Furie

Implacable Beautiful Tyrant HG with Hesiod's Phoenix

Silkybat HG with Little Maggie

Dorian HG with Dumb Cake

Boo HG with Boomslang or Little Maggie

Rose Petals and Champa HG with 2, 5, &7

Black Vanilla & Cardamom HG with Furo or Blacker than the Raven Wings of Midnight

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Snake Charmer HG with Smut, Snake Oil, Countess Willie, Boomslang, Bordello, or The Soul of La Traviata.


Eldrich Dark HG with Bordello, The Black Rider, Rivet Goth, Smut, or Midnight Mass.


White Peach and Incense HG with Aristocratic Couple,Venus Obsequens, Sugar Skull, Gypsy Moth, and Sugared Peach Bath Oil.

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