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  1. anaengel

    A Dense and Frightful Darkness

    On me, this is neither dark not frightful. It is a scent that is sweet, yet powerful. In the beginning, it is a powdery, from the black musk, and floral like scent. The myrrh is trying to come out and add to the powderiness. As it is drying, the myrrh and musk show up more as powder, while the vetiver tries to show up and provide a sweet smoky feel. The tobacco is also adding to the sweetness. Once fully dry, this is a soft and sweet powder. I have to be in the right mood to wear this, but am so glad I have a bottle. It adds to some of my other scents at times too.
  2. This is a review a la the girl Her first hit was of chocolate. Then, she amended it to how a candy store smells as in captain crunch. But, she also keeps getting hits of floral. She is in love with it
  3. anaengel


    This is from an imp from I can't remember when. But it is telling me to review it. It ends up being very calming to me, so that helps a lot. When it starts off, it is very strongly a lily scent to me. But, there is a background of the herbs also. As it dries, I get the powdery myrrh. It is softened by the herbs, which seem to want everything to be grounded. By the time it is completely dry, the myrrh has become a incense scent that is very gentle and almost no throw. Well, I have no complaints over this scent. In fact, it feels like the right scent for the middle of autumn as the weather is getting colder. A transition scent.
  4. anaengel

    Opium Poppy

    I also get a bandaid concept with this. But, it also has a dark feel, almost a plum colored image under it all. I'm also getting a little of the screeching scent which I normally associate with violet. But, it is mainly being beaten back by the dark and bandaid fight. It never seems to morph to anything better as it dries. I keep trying the imp, but really need to admit defeat with it.
  5. My girls started with bpal the same time as me. Both girls have, according to their classmates, signatures. My oldest (started wearing at 9 years) will only wear Drink Me. My youngest (started at 7 years) is the more open to scents. She wears Zombi the most, along with any gingerbread scents. But, she's also liked Fae, Titania, Twinkle twinkle little bat, and all of the snowballs she's tried. I agree that even when young they can have different skin chemistries. My girls can wear the same scent and it smell completely different on each of them. And as puberty is starting, their skin chems are starting to change on them too. A few other light ones id recommend would be baobhan sith and Juliet. Or even lemon scented sticky bat.
  6. anaengel

    The Worst Pillow

    This is the closest to the dream coffee scent I have been looking for. And it lasts for me. In the bottle, I mainly smell the foam. It's really airy and creamy, which had me concerned. In fact, I am worrying it will go curdled like some cream scents can go. Once on, it is all fresh brewed coffee. This is the coming straight into the pot brewing. The cream is nonexistent. As it dries, it goes to heavy caramel espresso. There's a little bit of foam and someone added some cinnamon on top of the foam. It's balanced enough that it lets the coffee still come out. Completely dry, it goes to coffee cake on me. I'm thinking it's the caramel, now thinking some nutmeg or cassia for the spice, and the vanilla blending together. Like I said, it lasts. This lasted about twenty hours before it completely disappeared. I do like it and will keep this in the rotation.
  7. anaengel

    Daphne Honey

    This is a simpler scent for me. I got this one from the Post as a frimp. I'm always looking for work scents but I handed it over to another coworker who it smelled even better on. That said, this comes off on me as a floral honey. It does not morph and did last past me doing dishes at work. It also did not take much to wear at any given time. I will not turn away more frimps of this and would even consider some time in the future getting a bottle.
  8. anaengel

    Erebos Atmosphere Spray

    I use this to add to the lavender perfumes when I'm going to sleep. It lasts a couple of days per spray. I do love the scent of lavender, so this is a little biased. But, I still haven't tried the final version of TKO so I can't compare the two. This starts out as a strong sugary lavender. Pretty soon, the vanilla starts coming out and makes it almost the smell of a lavender marshmallow. In the back are some flowers. I can faintly smell the jasmine, though I wasn't sure that was it until after I read the note list. As it fades over the couple of days, the lavender does soften while the floral aspect makes itself more known. I ended up buying a full sized bottle and don't have to worry when the squirt goes with the girls somewhere and they forget it. I may just buy a backup bottle for if it ever goes out and run out.
  9. anaengel


    I got this as a frimp in a previous order that I've only finally started putting as part of a rotation of scents. I'm actually liking it for work for last days of the work week where I'm getting bored of smelling food so much. This is very foody in a generalized way. This starts off as a coconut cream scent on me. It wants to turn into suntan lotion but just doesn't have the oomph to do it. The cream is the almond, I'm sure, since some other almond scents give me this same scent. After a while, I lose the coconut and get a chewy feel to the cream. I think that's the Sandalwood doing it. Thank goodness it doesn't get stronger on me like sandalwood likes to do. I'm sad that I don't get fig in this, but really enjoy the phases that it goes through. I'm still not sure about a bottle, simply because I only find myself reaching for it when im at the end of a long week. Perhaps if I run out and find myself wanting it I will get one then.
  10. anaengel

    Ira Bath Oil

    This is a decant form the team bath oil circle. Mmm, this needs more love. Yeah, it's a good one. Do not be afraid to love vetiver! I do use this as a moisturizer, so that will affect my review. This starts off as a very strong blast of patchouli and vetiver. The orange is not too strong, so it isn't very noticeable. Very quickly, it softens and the two main players mingle and form a soft grassy and herbal mix that lingers in the air. For me, it was more of the vetiver and it lasted throughout the night. Still, I get a soft whiff of vetiver as the patchouli burned out somewhere after five hours. Now, I need to save to get a full bottle for when I run out of the decant, because I see that happening quickly.
  11. anaengel

    In The Forest

    This has aged quite a bit since I first got it. My main memory from when I first got it was that it was screechy chemical leather. That memory kept making me avoid wearing it, but I couldn't even contemplate getting rid of it. I'm so glad I didn't. In the bottle, it still has that chemically component, but it isn't eye-piercing. I almost didn't put it on again, but went past it. Once it came on, it went to a faded/worn dark leather. I was occasionally getting whiffs of lemon also, but it's more the leather and something grounding. It pretty much stays that way the rest of the day. Occasionally, I'll get the oakmoss trying to come out, but it gets knocked back by the leather. Not once do I get any other scents coming out. Unless I sniff really quick multiple times at the same spot. Then, I very faintly get the patchouli hiding VERY close to my skin. This is a long lasting scent that DOES last through soap and dishes. I am very glad I have it after all this time and will finally find times to wear it again, even if it is only behaved during that week and in extreme cold. It's worth the effort for when it is good.
  12. anaengel


    This is a review of a bottle that I've had for a few years. I got it back when I was buying a GC with every order I made. Even with aging, it's still how I remember it, but now lasts longer. This starts off very traditionalish perfume on me The peach adds a brightness, but the musk also is coming out to stake it's claim as almost a day-old sweat . The two are going to battle throughout the wear, so it's the hidden parts that are what make the changes even noticeable. Occasionally, I'll also get a floral hit to freshen up the musk. The bergamot is NOWHERE to be found on me. Occasionally, the oakmoss pulls the peach to less bright moments. But, basically, this is a peach v musk battle. There are no winners in this, but my nose does the real loss I keep wanting this scent to work, but it never does. I'll finish my bottle, but have no plans to replace it. This is sad since I do like peach scents at times.
  13. anaengel

    The Soul of La Traviata

    I got this bottle when it came out and didn't touch it after my first application because of the reaction to the scent the first time trying it. Here goes the second time. This starts off with a fight between Black Musk and Black Plum. On me, it really is the two of them fighting for dominance on my skin. Really, they can just stop it. It reads like a powdery sweet wine fight. No really, it took all I could not to wash it off and grab my darkest vetiver for comfort from this fight on my skin. This does go on for a couple of hours. Later, it settles and the two go off in their corners. Why, Because the black currant has sent them there and is going to be nice to me and lightly sweep over my skin. Oh, look, the orchid is finally not hiding. Every time either the musk or plum starts to try to dominate, the currant points to the corner and they go back. They have figured out that they need their time out because they were not being nice to me. In the end, all come together a bit and make a very close similarity to the more recent Smuts. I'm not sure how I feel about this scent still. It smells much nicer than it did last time. Maybe I'll give it more time.
  14. anaengel

    L’Eau de L’Engouement Bath Oil

    I'm reviewing it after I did an accidental putting it on for moisturizing. I bought it back when it came out and I was still ignoring my allergic reactions. Now, it's for the girl to use. This is pure strawberry with a shot of cotton candy in the background. As it dries, it gets more clingy and sugary, but the strawberry stays at the foreground. I really do wish I could wear it, but not when I have to take two benadryl within minutes of it coming in contact with me. At least, I can still enjoy the scent when it emanates from the girl's skin.
  15. anaengel

    Pumpkin S'mores Bath Oil

    This is used solely as an after bath moisturizer and a winter hand oil. I have super dry skin and it needs all the help it can get. This starts off, on me, as spices and graham cracker. My daughter thought it smelled like gingerbread. Then, she sniffed closer and realised that the spices went in a different direction than the graham cracker. As it soaks in, I start to get a little bit more of the chocolate. It is very faint on me, like someone just rubbed a chocolate spread on the crackers and then scraped it all off. It sticks to the spices more than anything else with me. I don't get actual pumpkin from this or any marshmallow. But, I like it for a spice scent. I"ll keep using this and may look for a backup bottle someday. Maybe.