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BPAL Madness!


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“Many things -- such as loving, going to sleep, or behaving unaffectedly -- are done worst when we try hardest to do them.”


This oil is quite addictive. I'm slightly obsessed.


It's funny, I never cared much for the Dragon's Blood scents from BPAL but was frimped Dragon's Milk in a recent order and fell in love with it. There's a rough/sharp opening to it, but that fades and 15 minutes later it's like a creamy marshmallow Dragon's Blood that smells like pink and red notes swirling through milky white twirls of sweet creamy ambrosia. I've been wearing it to sleep the last couple of weeks and waking up in the morning is heaven with the smell in my bedroom.


TKO seems like a sister scent to Dragon's Milk, just replace Dragon Milk's pink and red with TKO's rich pastel purples of all shades swirling through those same soft milky sweet curls. The opening shares a similar difficult opening too. TKO starts with a fresh lavender note right front and center, and lavender smells great at its heart and base but the top notes of lavender oil smell heavily herbal, like a cacophony of terpene heavy astringent notes that are none too pleasant. But once that initial blast subsides and those volatile top notes dissipate, you get hours upon hours of sweet coumarin-rich tonka hugging up on that gigantic soft pillowy lavender note. It's never too sweet, perfectly balanced. A nice big soft and cozy lavender marshmallow, a very addictive scent. A total companion scent to Dragon's Milk in my book.

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Ohh such a soft, sweet creamy lavender.... spun sugary purply goodness!! TBH I was not expecting this airy goodness though I don't know why. Maybe the assumption in the back of my mind that anything that's overhyped isn't worth it but this is really good.

Also I'm not usually a fan of lavender in perfume but, the lavender that I get from the imp is SO different on direct contact to the skin!

Echoing what others have mentioned many times here; definately getting that lavender marshmallows in here, that's what it morphs into directly and stays pretty much the same until drydown. A little less of a throw. Gonna hold onto this imp for a bit.

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I was really excited to finally grab a bottle of TKO. So many rave reviews, and I LOVE lavender cream/marshmallow/vanilla blends!!


But I think I've been spoiled by some of the LE lavender blends, because TKO didn't really hit the spot for me. It's a lot like Daybreak or other lavender blends that are classic lavender, smooth sweetness, and generally beautiful. But TKO had a sharp medicinal edge in it, that just rubbed me wrong. Reading over reviews I see people mention eculyptus, lemon, and maybe myrtle.


In any case, it makes TKO get knocked out of my favorites due to that green sharp edge. It's enough that it actually wakes me up if I try to sleep with TKO on, so that's a huge huge bummer.


Verdict; Lavender marshmellow clouds, lines with a green tart/medicinal edge.

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TKO is quite strong on me, with good throw (which I rarely get) for the first couple of hours. And it's beautiful -- a creamy sugared herbal lavender. The late drydown is a lovely vanilla, as with many of the sweet creamy floral blends. I don't need it for sleep, and I just don't wear lavender blends, so this is out of my wheelhouse, but I'm finding it oddly addicting. I may need to get a bottle of this one...

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