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A midnight scent, evoking images of flickering golden firelight reflecting off the sheen of glistening skin and the jerking shadows of bodies suffused with spiritual ecstasy. A deep, powerful, resonant blend of myrrh, patchouli, vetiver, lime, vanilla, pine, almond and clove.


Someone said that this is the masculine version of Black Phoenix, and I almost agree. I wouldn't call it masculine - to my nose this has no defined sex. It is definitely a relative of Black Phoenix though, having that same Dr. Peppery feel. This just has pine and vanilla in place of Black Phoenix's berries and cherries.

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Wet and in the imp: it smelled really green and floral to me, which is why I avoided it.

Drydown: i began to smell the syrupy quality someone mentioned, but then it kept morphing. It's like it cycled through all the different scents, some overlapping with others. Nothing really standing out over the others. The vetiver is making this smell a bit darker and dirtier than I would have liked. Everything smells great together, but there's one note that makes a hard right-turn for me, and I'm pretty sure it's the vetiver. Could be the pine, but i doubt it.

Dry: The vetiver eventually calms down, but I'm impatient. It does end up smelling sweet and headshop-y. And yeah, Dr. Pepper actually feels kinda close, except without the bubbles. It still doesn't do much for me, though.

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