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    *Notes: Spicy, Smokey, Incense, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Cherry Blossom, Gardenia, Rose, Moss, Petrichor, Leather, Cherry, & Pumpkin. *Blends: The Witch/Strega, Bastet, Zombi, Great Vampire Bat, Priestess of Depravity, Shub-Niggurath, Cherry Blossom Vulva, Blood Kiss, & Snake Smut.

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  1. Luna Fatale


    In the Imp: Sweet, fresh linen-like On the Skin: I'm not familiar with any of the notes unfortunately, so I can't pinpoint any. But this smells beautiful, warm, & golden. Vanilla-like sweetness on me even though there's no vanilla, maybe it's the almond & amber? It reminds me of the smell of an hebrario/curandera shop I've been to. I imagine golden statues and red velvet altar cloths I had seen there. I love this & would definitely get a full bottle. ❤ Over time, a note which I think is Egyptian musk is becoming stronger. This is my favorite musk note I've ever smelled. 💕
  2. Luna Fatale

    Jack of Hearts

    In the Bottle: Cherry, more like candy than medicine On the Skin: Initially the same strong cherry candy smell. After a minute, something floral rises (the carnations). After awhile more, the cherry calms down a lot and I make out the carnations the most. It's not a spicy scent, but not super sweet on my skin either. To me it smells like a deep floral, red in color, with a bit of warm sweetness from the black cherry. The honey note is difficult for me to pick out, but I'm sure it's also contributing to the sweetness. I was worried that the cherry note would be cough syrup on me but it definitely isn't. I really love it and like how the carnation is the dominant note on my skin. ❤ After awhile more, it somehow reminds me of Blood Kiss but without the spicy notes. ^.^
  3. Luna Fatale


    In the Imp: Earthiness & dried roses 💕 On the Skin: Earthiness & dried roses again. I LOVE BPAL's rose note. It smells deep and intoxicating like the dried rose petals I have in a jar that I use for magickal workings. So gorgeous! The Spanish moss & oakmoss add a dusty quality to the perfume. It's a beautiful gothic atmospheric kind of smell that paints images of graveyards in my mind. I just adore this. ❤ Such a unique take on rose and a realistic portrayal of moss & petrichor. It's just like when I sniff one of my closed terrariums. I would absolutely buy a full bottle of this & backups! ❤ After a few hours, the smell of dried rose petals remains.
  4. Luna Fatale


    In the Imp: The power of Pine-sol s: but with something deeper & darker. On the Skin: Still a bit of Pine-sol while wet, shall wait for it to dry. Patchouli chimes in thankfully and is the strongest note now. The lime, vanilla, and pine sweeten it. Myrrh, vetiver, and clove add a spicy smoky kick. It becomes a bit earthy after awhile which I love. I like it, it's a very nice unisex smell & I would buy a full bottle of it. ❤ After a few hours, a sweet vanilla remains.
  5. Luna Fatale


    In the Imp: The ginger note is most apparent. It's somehow sweet in the imp. On the Skin: Ah, I see why people call it evil gingerbread/gingersnaps o:! It reminds me of the Gingerbread Hag from Hansel & Gretel. 🖤 It's spicy on the skin, like someone threw a heaping amount of crushed chili pepper into gingerbread batter. Spices and ginger are obviously apparent and I'm guessing the addition of the sweetness from the resins is creating the gingerbread smell. To be honest the ginger is a bit overpowering initially at least while it's wet, but still enjoyable! I shall see how it changes as it dries. The gingers do seem to calm down with drying & I'm loving this scent. It seems perfect for Autumn to Winter. I would absolutely buy a full bottle of this. ❤ After a few hours, the same gingerbread scent (but softened) remains. Side Note: I was fortunate enough to receive a frimp of Shub-Niggurath in two different orders so I decided to use one to scent lotion. I bought Smartly's Fragrance-Free Hand & Body Lotion from Target and squeezed enough of it to fill an emptied Manic Panic hairdye container (4oz). I then mixed the lotion with an imp and it came out so good :D! I can't wait to smell like a Gingerbread witch. 🖤
  6. Luna Fatale

    The Scales of Deprivation

    In the Imp: Something sweet & citrusy. It's light & pleasant. On the Skin: Smells the same as in imp initially. Sweet, soft lemon peel but now the white sage is apparent. It's surprisingly comforting (unlike the description) maybe due to the lavender fougere & sandalwood. It's not super smokey from vetiver on me, instead it's light, airy, and soothing & I'd definitely buy a full bottle. ❤ After a few hours, I can barely smell it. I would put some in a roller-ball for reapplication.
  7. Luna Fatale


    In the Imp: Red musk? And something citrusy. It's sweet & spicy. On the Skin: When wet, it smells the same as in the imp. I really like it despite it being called a masculine scent. It smells sweeter on my skin than in the imp. So far it's a winner & I'd get a full bottle ❤! I also must try it on my fiancé o:! After a few hours, it reminds me of a perfume my grandmother wore just a tiny bit. It loses its sex appeal at that stage but I still enjoy the scent. Side note: I was lucky to receive two frimps of Satyr in an order and I decided to make a lotion. I bought Smartly Fragrance-Free Hand & Body Lotion and put enough to fill an old Manic Panic hairdye tub (4 oz) and mixed an imp in. It's soooo good :D!!! The scent in the lotion still transforms the same way the oil does directly on my skin.
  8. Luna Fatale


    In the Imp: Bubble wand soap (like the kind you used to blow bubbles as a child). On the Skin: Initially clean and soapy. White musk is apparent and a little too strong for me. S: It seems like it might give me a migraine because of how strong it is. u_u The sweet frankincense adds to the clean scent of the white musk. Bourbon vanilla begins to appear after a few minutes and the musk calms down a bit, much better! I do smell something reminiscent of leather but no obvious metallic note. Not a bad scent, but not one I would get a full bottle of (Not for myself at least). I must try it on my fiancé o:!
  9. Luna Fatale


    In the Imp: Light incense & a touch of cinnamon (from the cassia) On the Skin: The same but it's warmer on my skin. It smells light, exotic, & reminds me of the desert. It seems like a nice sexy daytime scent & I would definitely buy a full bottle. ❤
  10. Luna Fatale

    Miskatonic University

    In the Imp: Caramel? My fiancé says it smells like vanilla ice cream. On the Skin: A buttery gourmand smell. I definitely smell the Irish coffee and can somewhat smell a woody smell underneath. I like it. I would buy a full bottle. ❤ My kitty Azurah licked my wrist when I wore it. 💕 After a couple of hours it leaves a beautiful vanilla scent on my skin.
  11. Luna Fatale


    In the Imp: Sweet & spicy cloves? On the Skin: Sweet & spicy again. A clove-like scent is apparent (might be the red musk & patchouli). Ylang ylang adds sweetness to the scent & myrrh adds an incensey touch. I do find it sexy and would buy a full bottle. ❤
  12. Luna Fatale

    Le Serpent Qui Danse

    Le Serpent Qui Danse In the Imp: Bubble wand soap (the kind you used to blow bubbles as a child) & something sweet. On the Skin: Deep floral smell (soap's not there at the moment fortunately). A simple scent but the vanilla gives some sweetness and the violet gives some sort of kick to the white gardenia. I like it at this stage! It's very sophisticated. As it dries it's getting sweeter and I like it even more. After awhile I smell the bubble wand soap again s: but then it turns to the most delightful sweet powdery vintage floral smell that I quite like. I'm not sure I'd get a full bottle of this scent because at times I love it and other times it doesn't agree with me. lol Cx
  13. Luna Fatale

    Priestess of Depravity

    In the Bottle: A deep, alluring smell of roses. It reminds me of the dried rose petals I use in magickal love and lust spells. On the Skin: Same as in bottle but there's an almost minty quality in the perfume as well (maybe something in the chloroform?) It's intoxicating just like the description. I'm enjoying it and am feeling glad I impulse bought the bottle off Etsy. ❤ A chemical note then kicks in, it also reminds me of an apothecary. The chemical quality is not bad though. It adds interest to the rose. Somehow the notes smell a bit like something metallic or rust-like to me. A unique perfume that I find mysterious and sexy. It conjures an image of a gothic burlesque dancer performing in a post-apocalyptic club a la Repo! The Genetic Opera. Actually, it reminds me of the scene of Blind Mag singing Chromaggia. I want more bottles of this scent. 🖤
  14. Luna Fatale

    Cheshire Cat

    In the Imp: Grapefruit! On the Skin: Very sour grapefruit, can almost taste it! After awhile it calms down and blends with the dark musk. It's quite nice and after the initial shock of sourness the grapefruit becomes refreshing. I'm not familiar enough with red currant or delphinium to pick them out, but this scent is red and refreshing if that makes sense. It seems like a nice summery scent. There's something sweet and calming about it. I'm guessing that could be due to the Roman chamomile & lavender. It's close to the skin and I'll probably need a roller-ball for reapplication, but I would buy a full bottle. ❤
  15. Luna Fatale


    In the Imp: Sweet resins On the Skin: Just like sweet fancy rocks of incense that would be placed in a censer. Reminds me of the Copal I buy for my magickal workings. 💕 It starts as a clean scent. I don't smell smoke in this. After a bit of drying down, I smell some polished wood. I like it but wish some smokiness was apparent (maybe if I layer it over a smokey CocoaPink body butter it will do it for me!) After awhile, some smoke comes through. Oh, I love that! Now I'm convinced I'd want a full bottle. 🖤 This seems like it would be a great room scent as well.