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Thick, dark, sluggish and heavy with indolence: vetiver over black myrrh.


In the imp: Exactly what it says on the tin: myrrh and vetiver, with fortunately more myrrh than vetiver.


Wet: I'm getting more vetiver on me than I did in the imp, so now it really is more vetiver than myrrh. Sluggish, indeed!


Dry: The myrrh note increased in strength over time, so now it's mostly dark, powdery myrrh, with some vetiver right behind it.


Verdict: Well, this one certainly fits its description. I'm not a fan of vetiver, and I prefer softer myrrh varieties (like the kind in Bastet), so this one isn't for me, but if you enjoy these two notes, you'll probably Sloth!

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Ooh, a new GC fave as I learn to love vetiver! Wet, this is all spicy, dark, complex vetiver overlaying a rich, dark myrrh. And it's gorgeous. And it's long lasting. Maybe too heavy for work, but sexy and languid -- I can see wearing this for an intimate dinner out or to curl up on a winter day with a Victorian novel. It reminds me a little of Haunted, another of my favorites, another dark languid scent, and again I am astounded by the fact that Beth can work so much magic with just two notes.

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As a vertiver fan I am rather surprised I havent tried this before now. This was frimp from the Lab in my most recent order and after blithely applying to my skin I see why I havent tried it before. The myrrh. It takes over everything. It is really hard to overpower vetiver but this powdery devil still does and softensall the sharp edges I like about vetiver. That being said this is dark and smoky and lovely for certain moods or events. Just not a bottle scent for me.

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