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Selune, the Moon Goddess, fell in love with a beautiful shepherd named Endymion. She appealed to Zeus, asking him to cast Endymion into everlasting slumber so that she could be with him for all eternity. Her wish was granted, and every night the Goddess visited her love as he slept. A sweet, wistful blend of dAnjou pear, Lily of the Valley, bois du rose and white musk.

Age Unknown: Date: November 2016
In the vial: Almost no musk. I can barely scent the pear, the bois du rose ha blended and mixed with the Lily of the Valley. If this is aged, it ages beautifully. Definitely reminds me of clear, cloudless nights walking in moonlight.

Wet on Skin: The white musk in the forefront followed by Lily of the Valley. I'm not getting any of the pear I recognized from the imp. It's a very soft gentle scent. On me, it's not androgynous, it is feminine.

Dry 30+ mins: Everything has faded and mellowed. This is really soft and mellow. To me, it's a nice, but tame scent.

Worn 3+ hours: I think I over compensated and applied too much. It hasn't faded at all. The pear has finally showed up, it is slightly floral. It is a clean and wholesome scent. I get impressions of comfort, femininity, and maturity. It brings to mind visions of light ivory colored, clean kitchen on a clear summer's day, and you reach into the fruit bowl and grab a ripe pear. I don't get any "wetness" from this pear. It's a nice scent but not really my personality, which is just find, I bought it with my (then) 11 year old daughter in mind.
Endymion is like a calm, comfortable summer daylight shining through the leaves of pear trees. Not quite the "night time" scent I was expecting.

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This is one of those perfumes that makes me feel like a kid again, like a little girl sliding around in mom's heels and rummaging through lipstick tubes and perfume bottles. It's the lily: when I was a kid, my mom wore Anais Anais, which was heavy on the lilies, and now anything with a good dose of lily in it takes me back like that.


Endymion has much more than just a good dose of lily in it; the lily's pretty much the only note I can pick out. There's something else lingering on the edges that keeps it from going full baby-wipe-clean on me, I think it might be the pear or the musk, but all I can really make out is that it keeps the lily from getting too out of control. Eventually whichever note was keeping it pretty and perfumey fades out and it goes into the baby-wipe-territory that overly clean white florals tend to go on me. As it dries down further, it gets very soft and powdery.


Although it's definitely not for me, it's a very pretty, feminine scent, all light and fluttery and clean. It smells like the kind of person who hangs watercolor paintings and white lace curtains in their house, who always has an intimidatingly tidy kitchen and fresh cut flowers in a glass vase by the window. They probably wear a nice pinky-brown lipstick and neutral eyeshadow. Prim and proper, without being buttoned-up or prudish.


This is what you would wear when you want to smell like a version of you that's cleaned up and got their shit together; I can't see it being out of place or inappropriate for anything.

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Loooooovely. Soft, magical, mystical. A moon-lit valley filled with white flowers.

Def androgynous on me. Very neutral (in fact, reminds me vaguely of that and elf... but mostly in how neutral and everyday/calm it is).

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Dry, crisp pear overlays a soft white musk, creating a sheer and misty fragrance that's sophisticated and feminine. Unfortunately, lily of the valley tends to go prim and soapy on me, and after a few minutes, it shoves the pear out of the way, taking center stage. 


Ah well, this shepherd's for other ladies. 

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