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    Peacock Queen, When Nothing Was, Oya, Dead Leaves/BlackCurrant/TobaccoTar,7WS Lust, Nevar, DC Black Widow, The Forest Reverie, Quatre. Tobacco scents are nice. Spanish moss smells wonderful on me, but tends to overpower. Opium has a pretty good throw on me. Plum has its moments, especially dark plum, and pomegranate is lovely. I am a Rose Lover.

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  1. InaraRedCloak

    Winter Dusk

    At first sniff I got a light floral that is more reminiscent of Spring rather than Winter. I didn't get any of the oudh. When I applied, I could smell a high note of rose - fresh, clear and bright. This isn't like the Black Rose notes I was expecting, this is more of a clean, red rose scent. It almost smells like there is a lily in here, or some other kind of white flower. This is gentler than I expected. After wearing for a few moments, I'm now getting the wispy, ethereal sort of scent I've gotten from some plum scents: Euterpe's Ukulele comes to mind. There isn't any plum in here, but the black currant creates a light plum effect. There is something clean and bold here, it must be the birch tar. After a few hours I'm starting get some of the oudh to come through. The rose is still bright an clean, with the black currant keeping it as a high note. This definitely evokes the idea of bluish and purple shadows drifting through the sparkling snow while the deep blue of the night starts to creep in. To me, this is a light, fairy like scent that could be that time in winter right before spring. This could be an early spring or late winter scent for me. It's almost too feminine and gentle, but the oudh brings it down just enough that I could see myself reaching for this when I want to smell a little brighter.
  2. InaraRedCloak

    The House

    Date January 12.2020 BNNU At first sniff I get woods and a bit of an incense scent. Almost a bit of plum too, but that could be my imagination. I get a small bit of floral which could be rose coming through. On skin wet dark roses, or more like dried roses in a wooden case. This evokes the images of dark wooden hallways, grey tinted windows, velvet furniture and roses. This is giving me that goth house feel. Dry 30+ mins A lovely darker rose. It has some of the depth of Peacock Queen without the acrid bite. There is a steady wood scent, like hardwood floors. No lacquer or polished notes here. Worn 3+ hours: I'm getting a little of that incense dry down. It's light and the roses seem to be fading into a dried rose scent (like in Zombi). There's a resinous note that clings to my skin. Final Thoughts: I love this scent. It's a mature, dark yet elegant rose. I love the goth element to this rose blend. The rose and incense only became slightly powdery and that is more than 4 hours later. Personally, I would have loved a stronger moss/Spanish moss note. I think this blend is inspired by the House of Usher; it totally brings an old, haunting gothic house to mind. I'm definitely keeping this one.
  3. InaraRedCloak


    Date January 5.2020 At first sniff the oudh is a dry wood scent that almost goes powdery. The moss is a light and airy aquatic scent. This is a dry scent mixed with a green, healthy scent. On skin wet: I can get impressions of actual levels of scent. The blend has a bottom layer of dry stone with a higher layer of fresh, damp green moss. As I breathe deeper, I think I can smell Spanish Moss in this mix. Dry 30+ mins: I swear I'm getting a white sandalwood note in here with some mossy ferns and Spanish Moss. It's not quite what I expected, but still very "grave" like. Worn 3+ hours: This oudh/sandalwood is almost powdery and stony. It's just on that edge of tickling my nose. The Spanish Moss note is not overpowering, which is odd because my skin chemistry almost always brings it out. Overall, this isn't really a green, or stony scent but somewhere in between. Final Thoughts: I've worn this scent for over 5 hours and the elements of the scent are still here. The oudh is giving off a slight incense note. The Spanish Moss has faded and left a fern like green scent. I'm not sure if I like this one enough to keep it. I will definitely have to try it again.
  4. InaraRedCloak


    Date January 4.2020 At first sniff I get a deep earthy plum with that smoky vetiver and spice. It already reminds me of the Black Moths, and A Savage Veil blends. On skin wet: A smooth and slightly spiced patchouli plum. I don't know that this smelled like when it first came out, but this aged bottle is perfect! This vetiver is the burning leaf kind. Right now I'm loving this dark and dirty blend. Dry 30+ mins: The vetiver is that smokey, bonfire type and is deepened with the patchouli to make this a really dark yet sweet scent. The plum keeps everything from being too smokey. This definitely reminds me of Black Moths. Worn 3+ hours: I'm getting an incense like patchouli plum scent. I don't slather one the oils, I'm a dabber and that keeps the scent really close. However, this scent has a nice longevity. I could still smell it on me after 8 hours. The vetiver has behaved nicely and never took a burnt out or BBQ route. The plum never morphed and was that same dark plum scent the whole time. Final Thoughts: I have been wanting to try this scent since I started BPAL. I actually bought this bottle as BNNU from Dark Delicacies. The aging processes brought out a wonderful richness to the patchouli. If you can find this scent, it's a great sister to Black Moths and A Savage Veil.
  5. InaraRedCloak

    Fall, Leaves, Fall

    Date December 17.2019 Right away I get the airy dry leaves scent that I love from the Dead Leaves Collection. The black currant with the leaves reminds me of one of my favorite DL blends: DL Black Currant Tobacco Tar. On skin wet: Airy, dry, a little floral and a little feminity. I can get the rose scent here. This reminds me a lot of the old Bath & Bodyworks "Joyful Garden: Stolen Moments" which used to be one of my favorite scents in high school. As it starts drying, the maple scent comes out with a resinous sweetness. Dry 30+ mins: The maple leaves and black currant are adding an almost syrupy note to the perfume. It's a lovely, story book type of autumn scent. Worn 3+ hours: All of the scents have come together in a well blended harmony for autumn. This evokes a bright, warm autumn walk through the last flower garden of the season. Final thoughts: This ones a little too perfumey and delicate for my current style. I would have loved this scent when I was in middle school/high school. I would recommend this scent for those that love the warm, golden last warm days of autumn.
  6. InaraRedCloak

    Snow Scene with Cherry Blossoms Beside the Phallus Statue

    In the vial: Gentle cherry blossoms, with a slight creamy note. Almost candy sweet. Pretty, but not as elegant as I hoped. Wet on Skin: Wisteria barely comes out. This is almost fruity. Right now, the cherry blossom is delicate, not overpowering. Dry 30+ mins: Still fairly fruity. It's beginning to smell like "cherry blossom" lotion. Fairly strong on my skin. Worn 3+ hours: The wisteria and ume/plum blossom florals keep this scent from getting candy sweet. This is very youthful and pretty. Very fairy like.
  7. InaraRedCloak

    The Wretched Rose Window

    In the vial: Faded rose and varnished wood. There's a wispy-ness trying to peak through. I think I smell something 'oily' in here. This is definitely an 'old' or 'antique' scent. Wet on Skin: I'm barely getting any dark plum, the blend isn't sweet at all. Actually an airy and oily at the same time. I'm getting the barest hint of rose. The violet is so muted it's almost bitter. Incredibly gentle for a dark fragrance. There is something here that gives the scent a classic old Hollywood scent. Dry 30+ mins: Holy oak Batman! There's a rich, silky oak note here. It's very similar to Fvck You, said the Raven. Nothing else really comes out. This stage is totally oak. Worn 3+ hours: The rose has aged into a nearly resin, soft dark scent. The violets are the sweet note and I swear there has to be an airy opium here. The dark delicious plum only came out for a spell. I love the way this one morphs over the day. The scent locket keeps the florals light and airy. While on the skin it's a silky oak blend.
  8. InaraRedCloak

    Black Putrescence

    Date December 25.2019 In the bottle, I get a dark pomegranate like in Horrid Mysteries and a touch of asphalt oiliness. I don't test out any of the "motor oil" scents. I've only tried out Black Ice before On skin wet: the pomegranate is a bit more sweeter than Horrid Mysteries and isn't so bitter. I get the whiff of roses coming through. The rest of the notes sort of mellow out on my skin and blend into the background. Dry 30+ mins: Everything is blending together and mellowing out. I don't think this scent is going to have a lot of staying power with my skin chemistry. Worn 3+ hours: I mostly have rose and pomegranate left over. It reminds me of Persephone. The other scents never really shined through. They might have faded into my skin chemistry. This was a nice scent, but not impressive enough for a full bottle. Final thoughts: Nice but I have other pom/roses I like better. If you're a fan of Persephone, or had hoped that Horrid Mysteries was less bitter, you might want to try this one.
  9. InaraRedCloak

    Hunter Moon 2019

    Date December 25.2019 In the bottle, I get a deep, woodsy scent that hints at some musk to come later. Right away this comes across as a very masculine scent. On skin wet: the herbals and woods are coming to the forefront with some of that animal musk I got in Faunalia before. There's something in here that is slightly turning my stomach. Dry 30+ mins: I'm getting some really mellow wood scents and a bit of herbals. There's still a scent in there that's turning my stomach. I've endured with this sort of reaction before, and I'm not going to chance a bad reaction. I'm going to have to wash this one off. Worn 3+ hours: Washed off Final thoughts: A great woods, herbs and musk scent. A bit on the masculine side. If you like Faunalia, or even Black Forest, you might want to try this one out.
  10. InaraRedCloak

    Pumpkin Spice Antikythera Mechanism

    Date December 23.2019 In the bottle, it smells like a mild Antikythera Mechanism with a bit of the herbal pumpkin spice just like the PS Snake Oil. On skin wet: Immediately on the skin I get that rich PS scent, like in the pumpkin bars at the bakery. This is really gourmand and delicious smelling. As it dries, the deep vanilla from the Anti-Mech comes out reminding me of the frosting on the pumpkin bars. Dry 30+ mins: everything has mellowed out. The pumpkin, tobacco, vanilla and wood notes have all blended together beautifully. This is a masculine pumpkin spice. I'm really liking this one so far. Worn 3+ hours: The scent has stayed true to the tobacco & vanilla sweet, herbal pumpkin spice with a shadow of teak wood. This one didn't really morph on me and I love that it stayed true to form. Final thoughts: fans of masculine pumpkin scents, fans of Pumpkin Spice Snake Oil and fans of Antikythera Mechanism should give this scent a try.
  11. InaraRedCloak

    The Shadowed Veil

    First sniff off the decant is all pumpkin and leather. This is the pumpkin used in pumpkin spice blends - not buttery and sweet, but herbal and bold. The leather is full bodied but not chemically harsh. On the skin, I get a nose full of pumpkin-leather-patchouli. It has a strong throw right away and is a bit overpowering. After about 30 mins, the pumpkin softens out and blend with the leather. The other notes start melding into the scent. The blending of scents is so intricate that it's difficult to pull a single scent into recognition, but the leather and pumpkin still dominate. As the scent dries down (3+ hours later) it evolves into a Halloween, goth scent. The pumpkin is still there, with the leather making the scent smooth. Towards the end of the maturity of the scent, the heavier scents of leather and pumpkin melt away and leave a haunting pomegranate/patchouli/incense scent behind. To me, this is a Halloween witch. Mature, bold, and unapologetic. I'm not a big fan of pumpkin scents, but I would say this one's a keeper.
  12. InaraRedCloak

    Dead Leaves, Black Amber, and Woodmoss Hair Gloss

    This one is a bit more airy and deeper green than I expected. I'm getting that lovely woodmoss/oakmoss scent that I found in "Consoling Pussy of Horse Faced Mountain". It gives off that dark green fougere style scent. The amber in here is a subtle and resinous sweet scent and not overpowering. I can't handle too much amber/honey in my scents and this amber is deep but not overpowering. It's totally wearable for long periods of time. The dead leaves note is airy and dry without being dusty. I guess you could say this is the more "aquatic" dead leaves note. (personally, I don't consider DL to be aquatic at all) This blend reminds me of the "Dead Leaves, Frankincense, Mossy Soil, Hemp" perfume oil from a previous year. This blend has the same airy and mossy feel but deeper and darker.
  13. InaraRedCloak

    The Empty Coffin

    Date November 30.2019 At first sniff it is a very dry, almost stony rose scent. The rose is very light and delicate and barely there. On skin wet: Wow, this is a very evocative scent. I get the dry stone, dry wood and dust that I can imagine would come from a traditional coffin. There was a moment of powdery rose, but it has mellowed out a bit into dry rose petals. Dry 30+ mins: The powdery notes have died down. I'm still getting that dry, stony scent. This has a tiny bit of sweetness to end of the inhale. It reminds me of Rose Cross, but faint, haunting and old. Almost as if Rose Cross was soaked into the stone and dried after years have gone by. The sandalwood is there at the base of the note. It blends into the scent wonderfully. If you're a fan of sandalwood and all the lab's versions of it, you'll be able to pick it out of the scent. Otherwise, it comes off as a faint resin incense. Worn 3+ hours: The sandalwood scent has faded into my skin leaving behind the wooden oudh and the dry rose scent. There's a tiny bit of sweetness left over from the rose (it reminds me of Zombi when it fades). I'm still getting that dry and dusty impression from the scent. This scent reminds me of an abandoned, dry, stone vault or tomb with a dry wooden coffin holding a desiccated bouquet.
  14. InaraRedCloak

    Euterpe’s Ukulele

    Worn: October 2, 2018 - written from morning application, midday, to early evening. I'm getting a really pure plum note. It's not overtly sweet and not at all powdery. Right away I can get an airy floral note that's a lot like a lily (which I'm guessing is the osmanthus). At first, I don't get a lot of patchouli. This scent is very fairy-like to me, and not "Tinkerbell" but handmaiden to Queen Mab-Unseelie-enticing-Sidhe sort of fairy. Over the day, the patchouli starts to come out. It's a pretty clean patchouli (not at all hippie-like) and it creates a resin base with the shadow oudh. There's almost an aquatic top note, which is probably the osmanthus coming to the forefront. Still a little airy, and the plum is still the reigning star. At the end of the day, the floral note has drifted away. The plum actually got a bit sweeter. The shadow oudh stayed in the base notes and gave the scent a slight "old, dead tree" scent. The patchouli never overpowered and as a result, I have a gentle, wispy plum. It brings to mind a night time forest, in soft dark blues, silvery purple colors and cool night air.
  15. InaraRedCloak


    Date: April 2018 In the vial: Right away I get dark chocolate powder/incense and deep red rose. As I suspected, it's very similar to The Orchard. To my nose, there is no bitterness, it is all warm, deep rose. Very unisex but bordering on masculine. Smells amazing to me. Wet on Skin: Smells like melted chocolate with a little rose hiding underneath. Like hot chocolate coating a rose and heating up the petals. This is a little sweeter than The Orchard (no woods note) very lovely. Dry 30+ mins: The chocolate s holding steady. The roses are actually a little sweet. This is lovely. I have the cotton swab in the scent locket, and it's almost toasty. Worn 3+ hours: The rose is pure and perfect. Everything is beautifully blended. This is going to age beautifully.