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    Peacock Queen, When Nothing Was, Oya, Dead Leaves/BlackCurrant/TobaccoTar,7WS Lust, Nevar, DC Black Widow, The Forest Reverie, Quatre. Tobacco scents are nice. Spanish moss smells wonderful on me, but tends to overpower. Opium has a pretty good throw on me. Plum has its moments, especially dark plum, and pomegranate is lovely. I am a Rose Lover.

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  1. InaraRedCloak

    The Shadowed Veil

    First sniff off the decant is all pumpkin and leather. This is the pumpkin used in pumpkin spice blends - not buttery and sweet, but herbal and bold. The leather is full bodied but not chemically harsh. On the skin, I get a nose full of pumpkin-leather-patchouli. It has a strong throw right away and is a bit overpowering. After about 30 mins, the pumpkin softens out and blend with the leather. The other notes start melding into the scent. The blending of scents is so intricate that it's difficult to pull a single scent into recognition, but the leather and pumpkin still dominate. As the scent dries down (3+ hours later) it evolves into a Halloween, goth scent. The pumpkin is still there, with the leather making the scent smooth. Towards the end of the maturity of the scent, the heavier scents of leather and pumpkin melt away and leave a haunting pomegranate/patchouli/incense scent behind. To me, this is a Halloween witch. Mature, bold, and unapologetic. I'm not a big fan of pumpkin scents, but I would say this one's a keeper.
  2. InaraRedCloak

    Dead Leaves, Black Amber, and Woodmoss Hair Gloss

    This one is a bit more airy and deeper green than I expected. I'm getting that lovely woodmoss/oakmoss scent that I found in "Consoling Pussy of Horse Faced Mountain". It gives off that dark green fougere style scent. The amber in here is a subtle and resinous sweet scent and not overpowering. I can't handle too much amber/honey in my scents and this amber is deep but not overpowering. It's totally wearable for long periods of time. The dead leaves note is airy and dry without being dusty. I guess you could say this is the more "aquatic" dead leaves note. (personally, I don't consider DL to be aquatic at all) This blend reminds me of the "Dead Leaves, Frankincense, Mossy Soil, Hemp" perfume oil from a previous year. This blend has the same airy and mossy feel but deeper and darker.
  3. InaraRedCloak

    The Empty Coffin

    Date November 30.2019 At first sniff it is a very dry, almost stony rose scent. The rose is very light and delicate and barely there. On skin wet: Wow, this is a very evocative scent. I get the dry stone, dry wood and dust that I can imagine would come from a traditional coffin. There was a moment of powdery rose, but it has mellowed out a bit into dry rose petals. Dry 30+ mins: The powdery notes have died down. I'm still getting that dry, stony scent. This has a tiny bit of sweetness to end of the inhale. It reminds me of Rose Cross, but faint, haunting and old. Almost as if Rose Cross was soaked into the stone and dried after years have gone by. The sandalwood is there at the base of the note. It blends into the scent wonderfully. If you're a fan of sandalwood and all the lab's versions of it, you'll be able to pick it out of the scent. Otherwise, it comes off as a faint resin incense. Worn 3+ hours: The sandalwood scent has faded into my skin leaving behind the wooden oudh and the dry rose scent. There's a tiny bit of sweetness left over from the rose (it reminds me of Zombi when it fades). I'm still getting that dry and dusty impression from the scent. This scent reminds me of an abandoned, dry, stone vault or tomb with a dry wooden coffin holding a desiccated bouquet.
  4. InaraRedCloak

    Euterpe’s Ukulele

    Worn: October 2, 2018 - written from morning application, midday, to early evening. I'm getting a really pure plum note. It's not overtly sweet and not at all powdery. Right away I can get an airy floral note that's a lot like a lily (which I'm guessing is the osmanthus). At first, I don't get a lot of patchouli. This scent is very fairy-like to me, and not "Tinkerbell" but handmaiden to Queen Mab-Unseelie-enticing-Sidhe sort of fairy. Over the day, the patchouli starts to come out. It's a pretty clean patchouli (not at all hippie-like) and it creates a resin base with the shadow oudh. There's almost an aquatic top note, which is probably the osmanthus coming to the forefront. Still a little airy, and the plum is still the reigning star. At the end of the day, the floral note has drifted away. The plum actually got a bit sweeter. The shadow oudh stayed in the base notes and gave the scent a slight "old, dead tree" scent. The patchouli never overpowered and as a result, I have a gentle, wispy plum. It brings to mind a night time forest, in soft dark blues, silvery purple colors and cool night air.
  5. InaraRedCloak


    Date: April 2018 In the vial: Right away I get dark chocolate powder/incense and deep red rose. As I suspected, it's very similar to The Orchard. To my nose, there is no bitterness, it is all warm, deep rose. Very unisex but bordering on masculine. Smells amazing to me. Wet on Skin: Smells like melted chocolate with a little rose hiding underneath. Like hot chocolate coating a rose and heating up the petals. This is a little sweeter than The Orchard (no woods note) very lovely. Dry 30+ mins: The chocolate s holding steady. The roses are actually a little sweet. This is lovely. I have the cotton swab in the scent locket, and it's almost toasty. Worn 3+ hours: The rose is pure and perfect. Everything is beautifully blended. This is going to age beautifully.
  6. InaraRedCloak

    L'Essence de L'Ardeur Hair Gloss

    The Radiant Glory of Love: Devotion, Understanding, and Unity Centifolia rose absolute, tea rose, bourbon vanilla, bittersweet chocolate, champaca resinoid, myrrh, nutmeg, pomegranate, and benzoin. Date: April 2018 In the vial: I'm getting the champaca almost immediately. There's a resin-like scent, the benzoin probably, and a full, not acrid rose under it all, with a touch of myrrh. A very 'skin' scent here. During application: On my hands, I get nothing but a gentle chocolate. As I apply the champaca comes out and gives me that creamy resin scent I always get with it. After applying, I can smell a slight sweetness to the air, maybe from the pomegranate or rose. Dry 30+ mins: I'm walking in a cloud of champaca, I get hints of chocolate and a deep, dark, mature rose (like Black Rose or Peacock Queen dark) Just walking around, this is a skin, softer, gentler La Roue de Malheur. I'm not getting any spice, or vanilla, and I'm not picking up any sweet/fruitiness. Very nice. Worn 3+ hours: It is a champaca incense, with a chocolate heart and deep rose underscore. This is lovely! Still no heavy spice. Very nice. Update: as my decant has aged, the rose and pomegranate has sweetened the blend. It's sweeter than the first application. I will be saving up for a bottle of this one.
  7. InaraRedCloak


    Date: April 2018 In the vial: soft rose, with a little herbal spice and something that reminds me of glue. Wet on Skin: I get roses and herbs. It's a little dusty, a little tea (like before it's brewed). It is turning into a gentle incense rose. Starting to lighten up and becoming like Rose Cross. Dry 30+ mins: Gentle rose, gentle spice and nothing that really impresses me. Worn 3+ hours: It's all but faded, but a lightly herbal rose. Once again, a nice scent, but not entirely what I'm looking for.
  8. InaraRedCloak


    Date: April 2018 In the vial: A beautiful floral and incense blend. It remind me of the incense shops at Ren Faire. Wet on Skin: There's a high floral that I'm not that into. There are bright, fresh florals. This is a little high on florals and feminine. Dry 30+ mins: I think I can scent lilies and jasmine. There are too many florals and not enough incense for me. Worn 3+ hours: During the dry down, the lily and jasmine come out more. There wasn't enough incense for me to really enjoy this blend. Good for floral lovers though.
  9. InaraRedCloak

    Blacklight-Reactive Poster

    Released April 20, 2018; arrived May 5, 2018 In the vial: Yep, the bottle looks like one of those posters. I get a whiff of earthy incense and then stinky, wet greens. It's almost sickly sweet, then I get that creamy resinous nag champa. This scent is almost off putting in the bottle, but oh so very accurate. Wet on Skin: Not so sickly sweet on the skin. The nag is melting into a cream like blend as it sits in my skin. Now the patchouli is coming out. It's very realistic, turning a little less stinky and more herbal on my skin. I'm loving the nag champa note, which means my husband probably won't like it. Dry 30+ mins: This is becoming a very nag/patchouli blend, more like what I associate with that smoke shop scent. The nag is still very strong. Worn 3+ hours: Everything has mellowed and faded out until I'm left with mellow, creamy herbal resin incense. I really like the dry down. I will definitely give this one a few more tries before I decide to keep it.
  10. InaraRedCloak

    Aristocratic Prostitutes in Languid Repose

    Date: April 2018 In the vial: Fresh, really fresh and clean/airy (reminds me of DL Hemp/MossySoil blend) There's a nice blend of high, slightly floral top notes with a deeper under current. This definitely has layers, it's lke a musical chord with scents. I get a little poppy/opium airy note with beginning of the sniff, then everything blends together. Nicely done. Wet on Skin: Patchouli and plum mix together to almost get a woodsy scent. This is a little ethereal. There's a sensuous note at the bottom of the scent. Very airy and gentle. A summer goth sort of scent. The plum i starting to come out. If the jasmine amps up anymore, it will change the entire mood of the scent. Dry 30+ mins: It's soapy (clean) top notes with a spicy plum undertone, almost a cherry plum. I could do with a little less soap. Worn 3+ hours: Soapy spicy plum. I like it, the husband likes it, but I'd like it a lot better if the poppy/jasmine combo settles down. I'll let it chill for a few day and try again.
  11. InaraRedCloak

    Abduction of Proserpine on a Unicorn

    Date: April 2018 In the vial: It's that dusty almost candy smelling pomegranate. (I prefer the juicy version in Persephone and 7WS Lust) There's sweetness from the black currant. I'm not really getting any sandalwood yet. Wet on Skin: Mostly dusty pomegranate. Starting to get a little sandalwood/resin. This is a fairly faint but fresh scent. It's almost totally feminine. It's nice, but there are other pomegranate scents I prefer. Dry 30+ mins: Pomegranate is turning more into the type I like. The sandalwood is coming out more like a resin wood, but still light and gentle. Worn 3+ hours: This scent stays true to form, it doesn't morph very much. As it fades, the sandalwood comes out more.
  12. InaraRedCloak


    From the Lab, arrived April 2018 In the vial: A little spice, sweet and resinous. I'm getting a lot of florals. This is a warm and comforting scent. Wet on Skin: Almost a citrusy musk and amber. The amber is already a major player in this blend. After re-reading the notes, it must be the almond giving Bastet her sweetness. Instinct is telling me to wash this off before the amber gives me a migraine. Oh well, it started nice.
  13. InaraRedCloak

    Fairy Bites

    Fresh from the Lab, received May 2018 Since I'm allergic to chamomile, I won't be doing a skin test. Here's my "review from the bottle". I'm totally allergic to chamomile and the honey notes seem to go sour and over power on me. I won't be able to even use this one in a scent locket. There's a very gentle, airy yet fuzzy quality to this scent. It totally evokes the idea of the fairies as seen in the film, however, I'm so allergic to the chamomile that a few deep breathes triggered my allergies. However, this is a lovely, soft scent that's reminicscent of fuzzy white puffy hair and iridescent delicate wings with a bite.
  14. InaraRedCloak


    Age Unknown: Date: November 2016 In the vial: beautifully sweet. Since I opened the package, there was a sweet scent mixing with camphor. This is the sweet scent. At first, I smell sweet oranges, and then red rose. I can't recognize the sandalwood here. Wet on Skin: I get a lot of honey and rose and orange blossom. No bitterness other than the heavy rose. At first this one make me sneeze. This one smells like perfume. The scent is bold at first then mellow. It almost disappears in my nose. Dry 30+ mins: Everything blends. The scent has reappeared, but if I breathe it in enough it disappears. All the scents mix together. This is sexy and smooth. If I close my eyes, I can smell sandalwood. This scent is everything I wanted Catherine to be. Worn 3+ hours: Wow! This one has a lot of throw! It's almost overpowering. (the honey notes tend to do that to me) The sandalwood is fading out and the honey and rose is coming out. This is a very syrupy effect to the scent. This is very heady and sensual. To me, this is not an everyday scent. I have to be in a sensual, seductive mood for this one.
  15. InaraRedCloak

    Les Fleurs du Mal

    Age Unknown: Date: November 2016 In the vial: The wisteria comes out first. Then lilac and the rose on deep inhale. I knew I would love this blend based off its components. I was right. Wet on Skin: Everything blends beautifully. The rose and wisteria feel like they are on either end and the lilac ties them together. This is so very floral yet gentle, not a single note overpowers the others. This is surprising because all three are strong. I'm really liking this. Dry 30+ mins: I missed my timing to record this blend. My friend said it smells like "baby powder". Worn 3+ hours: a really mellow, faded wisteria. The rose is still gentle and mellow, the lilac is slightly sweet. This is one of my favorite floral scents. It's lovely. It brings to mind ballroom dresses waltzing in a beautiful twilight garden.