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  1. viciousviolet

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    Have you tried using one of the carrier oils? I cannot wear any of the cinnamon scents without mixing it with some of Beth's jojoba first and my mother just plain likes to dilute everything.
  2. You might also like Cathedral, Shadow, or Anne Bonny.
  3. viciousviolet

    Amber Bottles vs Other Colors

    I think Tygher is right. The amber will give a very apothecaryish feel to the potions!
  4. viciousviolet

    Important info regarding shipping and emails

    I had a horrendous problem with customs recently, Speedqueen. I'd bet the rent that it's them.
  5. viciousviolet

    How much does it cost to ship internationally?

    Thank you for posting this!
  6. viciousviolet

    A Little Lunacy

  7. viciousviolet

    Autumn Scents - recommend the ones you love

    I haven't received my Imp of it yet so I'm not positive that this is true but I do think Scarecrow sounds like it will be very autumn-ee.
  8. viciousviolet

    Black Rose vs. Spellbound?

    Though they seem to have the same ingredients, the two smell nothing alike. If you don't like rose scents, you'll hate Black Rose.
  9. viciousviolet

    Dragon's Eye

    A strange, but very pleasing scent. The resin of the dragon’s blood is not very pronounced, and while I usually find it to be a sweet scent, the florals in Dragon’s Eye sharpen the perfume. It is very multi-faceted and lovely. The gentlest and most elegant of the Dragon’s Blood mixes that I’ve used but still forceful and sexy.
  10. viciousviolet


    Pure chocolate. Pure, milky, sweet, rich, evil, evil chocolate! I usually don’t enjoy foody scents, but Bliss has changed that. It is the most perfect chocolate scent I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing! It’s like a crushed Hershey’s kiss, or the scent wafting off of your fingers when you’re done with a chocolate frenzy at Godiva. I’m not sure if I would wear this as a perfume, but I have been using it nonstop as a room scent. I'm sure many will disagree, but I prefer this to Vice.
  11. viciousviolet

    Before I go...

    Elizabeth, I just wanted to let you know that the perfumes arrived yesterday and YOU HAVE OUTDONE YOURSELF! I am in love with the whole bloody Mad Tea Party. Bliss is positively sinful. Hymn and Seraphim are truly angelic. I think Succubus has to be my new signature scent! I thought you might like to hear some postive news before you go! Have a wonderful time in Las Vegas! Would it be too much to ask that you snap some photos for our voyeuristic pleasure? I've never been, and I'd love to see it someday. Best of luck to Ted in his hockey tournament! I hope you all find the rest, relaxation and FUN that you deserve!
  12. Eclipse is very almondy, as is Black Phoenix. There's also a single note of Sweet Almond. I agree that Vice will probably be the one you're looking for in a dark chocolate scent.
  13. viciousviolet

    Almond and Amaretto

    To me neither of them were very almondy. I like Hellcat but I loooooove Old Port-Au-Prince, so I'll have to vote for that one!
  14. viciousviolet

    First and most important, a thank you.

    No, Elizabeth, thank you. Thank you for your fun emails, your amazing creations, and for giving me a spark of creativity of my own that prompted me to write, paint, and !play! again.
  15. viciousviolet

    Email shennanigans.

    I've been having email problems as well. We had no access whatsoever over the weekend.