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    Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi, with a generous helping of movie and tv nerddom, a ravenous appetite for physics, and a sprinkling of crafting ability.<br /><br />*translation* I like to knit or paint while watching any of 200+ movies we own, or tv series like Babylon 5, Buffy, Stargate, or Supernatural, that is, if I'm not busy doing my physics homework.
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    Scents: Shub-Niggurath, Satyr, Elegba, Sin, Dorian, Dee, March Hare, Schroedinger's Cat, Belle Epoque, Clio, Aziraphale, Smut, Purple Phoenix, Wulric, Lycaon, Bonfire Night, Sugar Skull, Eshe.... Notes: Amber, herbs, lavender, leather, lime, mandarin, mint, musks, oakmoss, opoponax, patchouli, rosewood, sugar, tea, tonka, apple, benzoin, carnation, cocoa, dragon's blood, frankinscense, ginger, iris, lily, opium, orris, paper, sandalwood, spices, tobacco, boozey notes, dust/dirt....


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    Sun:Cancer Moon: Gemini (I like to think of myself as half cancer and half gemini) Rising: Libra
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  1. fatalbellydance

    Salty scents?

    The only thing I can think of is looking into the scents that say they have a metallic note. The scent you're describing is kinda like oxidized salt water? I think there must be one of the metallics that fits......
  2. fatalbellydance

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    Oh good! I was so worried. The feedback says that the shipping times are REALLY short, any shorter than if ordered from the site???
  3. fatalbellydance

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    Damn it! I was so worried about it being a fake. So the question remains, how are they making any money (it's sold at the same prices), and how are they getting the product? I suppose they could be making cheap imitations, which just fills me with another level of malice. Once we get a definitive answer about this from a labbie or someone, then I say we all go there and post reviews warning people away! It makes me so mad when people take advantage of wonderful people like Beth and Ted.
  4. fatalbellydance

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    Yeah, there's generic information about the lab taken directly from the "About the Lab" page on the main site too. But if it isn't the lab, how are they getting product to the buyers???? I'm almost hoping it is the lab, because I'd hate to see someone masquerade as them like this!!!
  5. fatalbellydance

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    So my friend went to amazon.com and punched in "bpal" and got a bunch of hits. It says they are made by and shipped from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab......but I'm confused, I've been into bpal for over a year now and never once heard that it could be purchased through Amazon. So, my questions are, is this really the lab? is it some illegal vendor? if it is the lab, do shipping times vary? and a load of other questions like that....... I'm all for sharing the madness, but I'm suddenly very scared that I'm gonna start smelling Snake Oil everywhere I go. ETA: I really did search for this on the forum, so if I'm repeating a previous thread please forgive me.
  6. fatalbellydance

    The blown-out candle smell...

    The Hand of Glory is exactly that smell plus leather, it's meant to be a human hand (the leather I guess) dipped in candle wax and lit. Smells like a candle, pure and simple.
  7. fatalbellydance

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    I couldn't think of anything that fit the Batman straightaway, so my mind turned to layering. It'd have to be leathery, but also sweaty, salty, musky. The best I could think of was Odin layered with De Sade. ( Just tried this, and OMG!!!! dark, dangerous, and seductive= Batman)
  8. fatalbellydance

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    In real life I have a slight juniper allergy, but not when it's in an oil. However, I also am allergic to certain tropical and exotic fruits (mango, papaya, kumquat, persimmon, yuzu) and that seemed to carry over to the perfume world too. The first and only time I've tested this was when I tried Tweedledee (kumquat) and as a result swelled up like a balloon in my face and throat. I'm not keen on trying any of the others, but then I don't feel like I'm missing out on much, since I don't like them in real life anyway. My ex-husband had a more severe juniper allergy which made me avoid juniper altogether. But now I can wear it to my hearts content, MMMMM Loup.
  9. fatalbellydance


    I've tried most of the leather scents BPAL has because I'm obsessed with their leather note. Here were my findings: Favorites Wanda - the blend of wine and leather is perfect, and I could wear nothing but this for the rest of my life Krampus - very sexy, masculine, and smells just like my boyfirend, needless to say, I really love this blend De Sade - a wonderful true leather smell, more like shiny new leather than well-worn or dusty leather Western Diamondback - wonderfully musky leather, and oddly a very dusty leather like a well-used coyboy saddle (and the cowboy ) Crowley - love this blend, the leather adds just the right amount of bad boy to a blend that would otherwise be all charm, this is a sexy and dangerous man! Dee - very nice masculine blend, smells like every male librarian should, leather and paper, my two favorite lab notes! Others Perversion - this used to be a favortie of mine, but now I find it cloyingly sweet, also I can't find the leather in it Hand of Glory - this one is interesting, it really smells like a waxed over hand burning, which is rather disturbing, I keep it because I love the pure candle wax smell Casanova - very cologney, but nice also, the leather in this blends really well with the other notes, in fact it's hard to pick out any of the notes besides the anise Loviatar - I like the leather in this, but there's something about it that just creeps me out, don't know why, I really prefer Wanda The Black Tower - I really get only a bit of leather from this, mostly it's wine and smoke for me, I still like it though Tezcatlipoca - the leather in this is a great counterpoint to the cocoa, the rest of the notes I could do without, I keep this for the leather + cocoa Les Infortunes De La Vertu - this is a very interesting blend that immediately gives me the visual of crisp clean white bedlinens, with a splattering of fresh blood across them, while that's very interesting, I couldn't wear it 'cause it kinda scared me Whip - I don't like the way the rose and leather play together, it may just be my skin because it smells good on other people Severin - the bergamot is really the front runner in this blend, then the leather, and the combination is.....bright......that's the only way I can think to describe it, an artificial brightness A Bachelor's Dog - I admit I got this one for the tobacco (another favorite note) and the tobacco really is the most dominant note, nice blend though, very masculine
  10. I was going to search the site, but it seems to be broken. I will update once the search function is active again. Barring that I can recommend The Great Sword of War, very gender-neutral orange(mandarin actually) that blends really well with the musk and herbs, etc...
  11. fatalbellydance

    Hunting for the ultimate _____ blend

    I believe Ozymandias is supposed to go there, I haven't tried it though.
  12. fatalbellydance

    Fur Scents

    I'm definitely a fan of the furry scents too. Coyote, Ivanushka, and Lycaon are faves. If you can get ahold of it The Rat King is great too.
  13. fatalbellydance

    Favorite labdanum blends?

    I definitely recommend Temple Viper! Of the rest I've tried they all had another overwhelming note (cedar in P&T, and lemon peel in Scales). Oblivion may be good for you, but I don't remember how much labdanum I got from it.
  14. fatalbellydance

    When you need something comforting or cheering

    My surefire, happy scents are Iambe, and Thaleia (both are completely against my typical scent nature). For comfort, I turn to Quietude or Baghdad (which reminds me of my grandmother, in a very safe, comforting way).
  15. fatalbellydance

    BPAL Fruit Blends - the many variations

    I want to put in squees for my favorite fruit scents, Verdandi and March Hare. They're both so juicy, and true to the fruit, it kills me.