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  1. teacake

    What's the best coconut blend?

    Okay I haven't bought new Bpal for a couple years now, maybe 18 months. I am on a major coconut binge. Are there any scents released in the last 2 years, GC or LE that feature a big hit of coconut? I am happy to hunt down an LE that has a dominant coconut note! And just offhand did any of the Tiki's have dominant coconut? I am slowly collecting them, only bought Tiki Queen when they came out.. v(ery beautiful scent)
  2. teacake

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    I wish MY pores would all close. I got a frimp of Skuld in my LNM order. Perhaps I will apply it accordingly..
  3. teacake

    The Best Mint Blends

    I'm wearing Juke Joint today. The mint in it dries down to a dried mint leaf scent and then there's the sweetish bourbon background. It's nice, not sure if I'll get a bottle but if I had one I would certainly wear it. I like the dried mint leaf note as it is so different than, say, peppermint oil. I am on a MINT QUEST as a result of my torrid affair with Incubus. I loath menthol though.. Cucumber is one of my least favorite notes--does this mean I might not like Tulzcha? I'd like to try all the BPAL mints. So far I have Tokyo Stomp which I am not wild about though I am wild about the label art and name and will never get rid of it. Incubus of course and will order Lick It Again.
  4. teacake

    The Best Mint Blends

    Incubus Incubus Incubus! A serious mint, not too sweet, with an almost savoury caramel in the top notes. Minted wood is how it feels. If you've been bothered by menthol, too much sweetness or the snow/ozone thing in mint oils than you should try Incubus because it is mint with none of these things! INCUBUS
  5. teacake

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    Speaking of damage all but one of my Lab parcels has had the outer envelope ripped open, sometimes several inches. I can't imagine how this happens as the outer envelope is cardboard-y, albeing thin. It scares me because the box inside has nothing on it to identify either sender or receiver. As to the postage I *ADORE* the Lab's charges because I have lamented for years the costs of living away from the Land of Consumer Heaven when it comes to postal charges. They are very reasonable. I have also ordered 3 bottles at a time (hoarding fever post lunacy order) and I just divide the International postal cost by 3 and add it to the price of the bottles. Would I pay for the bottles if they were that cost initially? Yes, yes I would.. (and so I enable myself..)
  6. teacake

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I personally find Cairo to be almost exactly like Coco. I got a lot of Bulgarian Rose and spice in Coco. I have saved my Cairo imp to send my sister just for this reason (as a Coco-thing, lol). Now I am on my own search.. I want a BPAL that smells like two perfumes that are pretty much identical to each other: Annick Goutal eau de Ciel L'Artisan Extrait de Songe Both of these feature a gorgeous hay note to my nose and that is the note I am looking for in BPAL. To find that wonder-note concentrated into an oil would be heaven.
  7. teacake

    Libra 2007

    I've been disappointed in most BPAL Roses, so often they are cloying and death-by-rose to me. Libra changes all that! This is a delicate and delightful rose blend served on a saucer of crystallized red fruits. Whoever prepared the crystallized fruit swirled some honey through the tart ones which brings out their flavour. This rose is mouthwatering.. and so pretty if it was edible you'd be torn between admiring it and eating it. A lovely, lovely oil.