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    The Eternal Queen
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    Holy Grail: Ecstasy of Passion My current top 10 BPAL scents: Krampus Lace, Streets of Detroit, Bright Red Dildo, Jiaolong, Spooky Action at a Distance, Die Begierde, The Air and The Ether, Shadow (American Gods), Good Morning London, and Eat the StrawberriesBoyfriend's favorite scents: Adam, Dorian, Thomas Sharpe, Moonbathing, Zorya Polunochnaya, Mrs. Valentine, Sacrifice, Insects, The Elevator, Blood Moon Full Lunar EclipseMy top 10 BPTP scents (excluding Ecstasy of Passion): Morocco Hair Gloss/Bath oil, Eldritch Dark Hair Gloss, Pink Wig Spray, Peach-pulped Frankincense Hair Gloss, Recollection Bath Oil, Lady in Black Atmosphere Spray, TKO Atmosphere Spray, Snow White Hair Gloss, Geisha and the Samurai Hair Gloss, and Lucy's Boudoir Atmosphere SprayMy top GC scents: Bliss, Aizen-Myoo, Morocco, Dorian, Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, Water of Notre Dame, Croquet, Scherezade, Tis the Voice of the Lobster, Lust, TKO, WhipI'm obsessed with: red musk, labdanum, rose water, amber, lavender, vanilla (can be picky), tea, fougère, strawberry, marshmallowI love: Honeysuckle, rose water, amber, blood musk, melon, frankincense, patchouli, red musk, myrrh, clove, moss, orange, marshmallow root, coffee, tea notes, lavender!!!!, ambergris, strawberry, pear, peach, leather, beeswax, honeyIffy notes: Vanilla (can turn plasticy), rose, bright florals, jasmine, booze, snake oil, plum, benzoin, coconut, opoponax, lotusDeath notes: Lilac/sharp violet (boyfriend can wear those though), smoke, vetiver, tobacco (boyfriend hates it), pomegranate (not for me but works great on my boyfriend's skin!), ginger, candy notes, lemon, cream (can turn sour on my skin), butter, wine, champagne, berries, cherry, dragon's blood, black currant, scents with lots of cinnamon (burns my skin!)Unfortunately, I cannot do any scents with tobacco, butter, sharp lilac/violet (boyfriend can wear those though), wine, or champagne notes. It triggers headaches.

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    Check out my Etsy store (HysteriaMode)! Link is at the bottom of the page!

    I have been collecting bpal over the past few years and I absolutely love talking and sharing the love of bpal with others!

    Fave time for BPAL: Lupercalia!

    Animal Crossing New Leaf dream address:

    MyAnimeList/Anime-Planet: VioletVorpal

    Twitch/Tumblr: VioletVorpal

    I post aerial silks/lyra/hammock videos and makeup looks on instagram @violetvorpal

    I love being an aerialist. I also enjoy making jewelry for my etsy shop (HysteriaMode), makeup, video games, Moomins, a vegan lifestyle, and gothic fashion.

    Favorite animes: Berserk (1997), Vampire Hunter D, Black Butler, Nana, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Sailor Moon, Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life, Yuri on Ice, Kill la Kill, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Gakuen Handsome, Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto, Noblesse: Awakening

    Favorite video games: Animal Crossing series, Yakuza series, American Mcgee's Alice, Alice Madness Returns, The Curse of Monkey Island

    Favorite music artists: Malice Mizer (Tetsu, Gackt, and Klaha era), Sisters of Mercy, Christian Death (Rozz Williams era), Rozz Williams, De/Vision, London After Midnight, She Past Away, The Faint, Depeche Mode, Billy Idol, The Cure, Blvck Ceiling, Die Antwoord

    Favorite films: Paprika, Only Lovers Left Alive, Heathers, Pump Up the Volume, Crimson Peak, Beetlejuice, Kill Bill, True Romance, everything from Studio Ghibli

    Favorite books/manga: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, The Vampire Chronicles books, Probable Future, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Nana, Black Butler, The Tarot Café


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