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  1. Safyr Drathmir

    Sherlock Holmes

    In the bottle: Sweet, rich Pipe Tobacco. It makes me miss my Peterson Churchwarden. On me: If you've ever been around Violinists, you'll recognise the piney aroma of rosin, and it smells sweet and resinously clean. The Leather is fainter than most blends they make with Leather, and this is a good thing. It adds a subtle complexity that's purely Holmes. If you've read A Study in Scarlet, it might make you think of the intro where Stamford explains Holmes to an incredulous Watson, or of the Leather chair he often sat in, fingers steepled in concentration. There's a pungent, almost turpentine scent of old-world greasepaint. Finally, there's the fragrant presence of the Tobacco he keeps in the toe-end of a Persian slipper. This is glorious, as it captures him quite nicely. On My Son: I must preface this with the statement that my son plays the Violin, and has worn this scent to every performance, and wears it when he's struggling for the right atmosphere to practise in. It has slowly become his confident signature scent when he wants to be taken seriously, and I despair of getting him more, as it's constantly(deservedly so in demand) out of stock. On My Son: It smells like what he imagines 221B Baker Street to smell like, and everything within. It is a well-made Violin(in Holmes time, his Stradivarius was a bonny shiny thing, as it was relatively new), the oils to keep it in proper order(when he can be bothered to clean it), the rosin dust from him energetically(I say maniacally, :p) attacking the strings with his bow. It is his laboratory and the chemicals, it is the makeup from his disguises, which I was told had a distinct scent. It is the leather of the furniture and...(the word he was looking for was timelessness) and just that feeling of being in the presence of greatness. I usually post just his responses and whatever conversation we have about scents, but today I will also post my impression of this on him: On him it transforms him into the great consulting detective. It's the dust of his rosin as he readies his bow for play, the greasepaint of the consummate actor, exotic woods of the furniture, chemicals from his lab, leather from his favoured seat, and tobacco, such wonderful tobacco, from the fresh in the slipper, to curls of fragrant smoke, to the drying dottles on the edge of the fireplace(my DziaDzia used to do that, and I used to read Holmes to him as my Grandmother translated it into Polish for him). Hold your head high my Tiny Human, this is how it should feel.
  2. Safyr Drathmir

    Midnight on the Midway (2015)

    In the Bottle: Incense, Cotton Candy, Summertime flowers. On Me: Creepy. There's this backdrop of creepy here. It's not as Ozone heavy as Stormclouds on the Midway(review to be posted later), but it's faintly present. I get Incense Cotton Candy, and the hothouse florals, but there's this fun bit of creepy in here I can't figure out, but love. On My Son: Ick. Cotton Candy Incense doesn't make a good cover for flower farts.
  3. Safyr Drathmir

    Carnaval Diabolique

    I was asked to start posting our CD reviews here, so I'm modifying our format from my original reviews for here, so let's see if it works. In the bottle: Sweetened Lemon zest with a heavy musk(I almost didnt try it when I smelled the musk, because it rarely works with my chemistry), and a bare whisper of a spicy, floral scent. On me: Sweet Lemon curd with some Vanilla custard and Coconut cream stirred in. On the dry down, the musk and spiced florals combine to get this thick incense blending with the sweet scents. So pretty much Lemon Curd and Incense. This is probably my favourite so far(as I've gone through twelve bottles and headed for 12+1). On My Son: He got a huge spicy blast of Opium that nearly overwhelmed him, but I asked him to wait a few minutes if he could. He soon got Lemon Curd, and a smoky incense-like vibe. He said it was too much for him, and went to soak his wrist.
  4. Safyr Drathmir

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    Beth and Puddin are amazing. I have allergies to Strawberry, Kiwi, and Hemp, and while they are generally made with bouquets, accords, and the like, I still react very badly to them. They are very sweet and do respond whenever they can get a minute when you ask about allergens, so never be afraid to ask.
  5. To my nose, all H&S smells foul, but for close to your description, try Shoggoth, and layer a chocolate note.