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  1. I miss you lady!! 🤩

    1. VetchVesper


      Aw.  😊 Heya, how ya doin?  I'd be happy to get a p.m.  I'm thinking I might decant the Weenies.  I have to see how my schedule and sanity are looking when they hit.  

  2. XanthVamp

    The Witches

    In the bottle it smells nice, sweet and creamy and I really wanted this to be a win. But for some reason any scent this year with some kind of vanilla in it just turns REALLY powdery on me. So much so that I sadly had to wash this off. Very strange. So I'm going to keep my imp and try again in a year, but for now just an imp it is.
  3. XanthVamp

    Frosted Pumpkin Spice Cookie

    I'm fairly new at reviewing, so please bear with me. This perfume smells HEAVENLY. It's like a perfect cookie. The frosted sugar note is sweet without being too (to me) cloying, and the pumpkin is deliciously foodie. I can smell the spice in the bottle, but when I apply it, the spice seems to wander away. Which is SUPER weird as I used to amp spice, but this isn't the only perfume this holiday season(s) that this happened with. So either my skin chemistry changed or Beth is using a different "spice" oil that I eat instead of amp now. The cookie is still pumpkiny and sweet, but that's it. I loved it enough for a bottle, and for now I wear it with Pumpkin Spice Everything. It's not a perfect answer for the wandering spice, but it'll do for now. Maybe as the bottle ages the spice will wander back?